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Chris Leonard

Chris Leonard

Open access to peer-reviewed physics research? Yes please.
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RT @marcusbrig: “@RSCrae: "What’s Whitney Houston’s favorite type of coordination? HAAAAAAAAAND EYEEEEEEEEEE"” Hahaha - best sung VERY VERY loud.
RT @mohamed: Reviewers will find more spelling errors in your writing if they think you're black
RT @JustHereQ: Qatar fails to protect #DomesticWorkers; victims of discriminatory system on the rise–@Amnesty
After Editorially: The Search For Alternative Collaborative Online Writing Tools via @feedly
Everyone on stage now. Launch is imminent! @GeorgetownQatar #messajournal
At launch of new MESSA journal @GeorgetownQatar
RT @GeorgetownMESSA: The Journal of Georgetown University-Qatar Middle Eastern Studies Student Association will be published in partnership with @BQFP
RT @1970RobD: "Benjamin Button who?" "Benjamin Button" "Who's there" Knock, knock.
RT @dohanews: Anyone know what this is about? MT @Baladiya1: An #IMPORTANT message for all. @albaladiya
RT @kerihw: -So, Jesus, are you technically 33 or 0 years old now? -Depends if I'm buying a drink or getting a train lol. -Lol.
RT @mrgunn: I want to know what happened in the product meeting where it was decided "share location" from Google Maps would not share address.
RT @Pundamentalism: Thanks to those who helped me find the English translation of ‘mucho’. It means a lot.
RT @WillyRobo: Ass hole back to normal. Dick be wantin sum. You feel? Nurse be puttin her titties in my face and I be like GOD DAMN!! #getnursedrunk
What is it about striking pairs starting with s? Suarez/sterling, shearer/sutton, Stephens/slaven...
Where can I buy a Fujitsu scansnap scanner in Doha? Anyone?
“Academic citation practices need to be modernized” by Writing For Research
RT @Write4Research: Don't want to redo all your citations? Learn how to modernize scholarly referencing for digital and open access.
RT @Pat_Bren: All of the buildings in Newcastle are done in the Ant Deco style
RT @mrdaveturner: I wouldn't bother trying to email Jesus today.
RT @phingersphil: Still a bit disturbed by the image of Alex Salmond relaxed, feeding a teenage girl a Solero
RT @AcademicsSay: That moment immediately after emailing yourself when you receive a new email and, despite knowing you sent it, must open it immediately.
RT @SCEdmunds: Somebody in Burger King China decided Poo Poo was a good name for a mango slushy
RT @SimonNRicketts: If dogs wrote inspirational quotes:
RT @JojoFantastico: .@WelshIrvine watching #bbcpointless you are a question - you really need to write a novel called Zimbabwe the Great! I'd buy it :)
RT @BethEleri: Sometimes nicknames just stick: via @_youhadonejob
RT @SimonNRicketts: Particularly if you do them all at the same time. RT @Fact: Dancing, singing and masturbating are all proven ways to fight depression.
RT @SimonNRicketts: The game has been significantly raised:
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