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Chris Leonard

Chris Leonard

Open access to peer-reviewed physics research? Yes please.
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Mac. Excel. Can’t just copy filtered cells - copies them all. Any advice?
RT @trouteyes: last night a bidet drenched my wife
RT @RealBobMortimer: Went to Wetherspoons yesterday ...discovered I am Lacoste intolerant
RT @mcvaaey: @Johnkerry says "Israel is under siege by Hamas"... In other news Malaysian Flight MH17 attacked a peaceful ukraine Missile
RT @_youhadonejob: Architect you had one job.
RT @APSphysics: Doha: A Beacon for Science in the Middle East
RT @Aakash_Jay: Here is link to our research on worker recruitment to #Qatar. Proud 2 have worked with @JureidiniRay on this project
RT @GerdDoha: Excellent study+recomms re #Qatar migrant labor by prominent migration scholar Jureidini [helped by GU-Q alumni! :-)]
RT @srp: New Sci minister supports homeopathy; environs is a climate-change-sceptic; equality voted against gay marriage; for-sec is euro-sceptic
RT @dannykellywords: Tour de France weasle. Turns out Alberto Contador rode for 15km yesterday with a broken leg. Then just gave up. #weed #blouse #onlytibia
RT @McDawg: You can now share PubMed content via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ You have @JoBrodie & @McDawg to thank for that.
RT @nat_high: Enjoyed this piece revealing the mysteries of the majlis, by @TheWildQatari for @JustHereQ
RT @joelycett: Life is like a box of chocolates. It doesn't last long if you're fat.
RT @JamesJJung: So Froome tried to ride with 2 broken hands and Contador tried to ride on a broken tibia, but a soccer player gets bit and it's a big deal?
RT @dohanews: QF report: Corrupt process of recruiting workers to Qatar needs reform
RT @markyboyace: ...... I can't believe it, I've never been this far away from home.
RT @lachyab: #مؤسسة_قطر تنشر تقريراً حول توظيف العمالة الوافدة #قطر Migrant Labour Recruitment #Qatar #MLRQatar #QScience @QF
RT @BeardedGenius: Daley Blind takes direction from his father Danny who is a coach for #NED. You could say it's a case of the Blind leading the Blind.
RT @BBCSport: The top 10 fans of the #WorldCup - does this Brazil fan make the cut? Watch here (UK only)
RT @qatarairways: #USA residents - Share an image of your favorite travelling hat and a representation of your desired destination.
RT @pmarca: Why would "peer review" in science not be fatally flawed by bias, groupthink, bad incentives, and logrolling?
RT @SimonNRicketts: Fifa had goal-line technology but didn't show it when it mattered. Ron Vlaar's penalty sat on the line.
RT @NIH_Smallpox: Wow. One Jenny McCarthy crack and my account gets suspended. That was fast.
RT @Gizmodo: Can't find a vintage VW camper van? This retro trailer is the next best thing
Anyone know if long term parking is still free at HIA Doha?
RT @iloveqatar: I think that people should be allowed to eat in public. It's part of the Ramadan test. We shouldn't be making it easier.
Qatar Medical Journal is now indexed in PubMed Central! @HMC_Qatar
RT @CrosbyNicky: Van Gaal has said that he taught Romero how to save penalties when they were both at Alkmaar.Why not give Cillessen the same tuition?Puzzled
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