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Poor little squirrel running in to a door -
Poor little squirrel running in to a door
RT @Meraedith: Mental toughness- Give up something you love for 30 days for no other reason than to challenge yourself and to strengthen your mind #mozcon
RT @Meraedith: On Surveys: Ask questions on a 5-7 point scale. Why? You want to understand the whole picture of your current situation. #mozcon
RT @Meraedith: Global SEO - You Will Get DeIndexed if You Use a Machine to Translate Your Content #mozcon @ZephSnapp
RT @Meraedith: Get Ahead of Google with Insight into Semiotics
RT @Meraedith: Secret to becoming a subject matter expert: Have and know that 20% of knowledge that your audience doesn't know @dr_pete #mozcon
RT @Meraedith: Hanging out with mozzers - a #mozcon attendee perk @Hills4Kev @Nicelleh85
Ian Lurie presents on Dungeons & Dragons, web marketing, and how they fit together. Join #SSNmeetup 4/8/14
Amazing photo! Seattle (from Bellevue) about to get a change in weather
Swedish house mafia wedding dance -
Swedish house mafia wedding dance
Free Search Engine event in Seattle -
Crystal mountain in April -
Crystal mountain in April
Waiting for the Web Analytics day to start @Society_Consult in Bellevue
Putting up the tree (time lapse) -
Putting up the tree (time lapse)
RT @ospaic: Data analysis is now engineering problem - interdependence among statisticians, analysts and engineers @chen_zhao #seattledaa #measure
Here is a white paper describing Oliver's talk about predicting the future #seattledaa
CORRELATION data shows heavier kids read better, however it's the age of the kids that CAUSES them to read better #seattledaa
Distribution and price only affect sales. Ads affect knowledge and feelings about your brand #seattledaa
Adobe alpha demo predicting sentiment, interactions & decay rate of a tweet before it's sent #seattledaa
Adobe session is basically another sponsored session :-( #seattledaa
Adobe site catalyst will soon detect statistical anomalies in web data and send warnings #seattledaa
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