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10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman -
10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman
【Trials Go】プラチナクリア 〜グラインドハウス編〜(Platinum Clear @ The Grindhouse) -
【Trials Go】プラチナクリア 〜グラインドハウス編〜(Platinum Clear @ The Grindhouse)
Turns out that ASCII dragon belongs to #BraintreeSF, not ifttt! @ Braintree SF
Oh gawd… it's the revenge of RSS!
This might be the worst Apple error dialog I've seen. (My router is an Airport Extreme!)
I wrote about Community Marks in 2006. @nearyd reminded me of their salience to #Gnome's fight with @Groupon today.
Wow… um, thanks @7x7 for propping my IG account!
RT @arstechnica: Update: Groupon backs down from GNOME over trademark, will change product name
"Everyone's talking about SoLoMo but they should be about HoMo: home/mobile, cell phones used on the couch." —@shingy
8 is the new 6? @OchoVideo launches 16:9 8-second video social network. #hereWeGoAgain
My @Lyft driver has Teslafied his Honda Accord. (Yes, he put a Samsung tablet in his dashboard). #Makers
Solved @Groupon's Gnoma branding problem. Introducing the #GPOOP — Groupon's Point Of Offline Purchase terminal!
Love @CreativeMarket's big sales — like offering $1000+ worth of products for $39 #BlackFridayBeforeBlackFriday
And *poof* @Groupon backs down? "If we can’t come up [a solution], we’ll be glad to look for another name."
~@Gnome (the free software community) has begun a campaign to protect its trademarks vs @groupon /tip @techmeme
RT @themaninblue: Pretty impressive that Barack Obama (or someone close to him) is writing on Medium, advocating for Net Neutrality
RT @zeynep: After Facebook, Google, too, creates a "donate to Ebola" link. Matches up to $7.5 million. Good choice of charities.
RT @benparr: Internet is PISSED that @Groupon is trying to bully @gnome out of its trademark:
RT @marshallk: Roomba's creator on why we need not worry about evil robots for at least a few hundred years. via @pmarca
RT @MarthaStewart: Robbie the robot is at AmericanMade he is very very useful from #robotbutler
RT @smc90: danah @zephoria on loss of interoperability -- one of the core principles of the internet -- consider email example:
Now when I say I'm having car troubles, it's because I can't summon an @Uber or the owner of my @Getaround hasn't returned it yet.
RT @let5ch: How @chrismessina and @jmspool showed up in my feed together. Had to laugh.
RT @jjmccorvey: The most important story I've ever written is live - my feature on @tristanwalker and Silicon Valley's race problem:
RT @NikkiElizDemere: NASA Sounds: Historic sounds from NASA's spaceflights & current missions via @chrismessina
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