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chris morrell

chris morrell

careworking exdrumming artist
Twitter Live spouting of total delusional bullshit..." aim a bit higher and don't put your boots on the ,,,table" #Obama
RT @bbcnickrobinson: It's now up to the English to have the debate Scotland has had - so says the Scottish Secretary @acarmichaelmp
#Ukraine are NOT in #NATO so how is this ( the Pres speaking at conference) NOT totally provocative of #Russia #NATOSummitUK way down news agenda as usual displaced by all the terror and War THE most pressing issue for all of us #socialcare
#newsnight and what ARE those magenta throw pillows a doin on the green benches pictured behind? Undermining or what?
RT @Tommy_Colc: BBC logic: @KirstyWark on #newsnight asks wat 'compromises' Palestinians in Gaza are willing 2 make. THEY HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO GIVE UP.
Does #newsnight this drop in #inflation mean a freeze ON the #payfreeze for the low paid ... with no rise in prospect?
#BBCNewsNight Can't #Israel see that pathetic #Hamas rockets pre-empting massive lethal force now look justified attempts at fighting back!
"every police officer has the right to defend himself" #Missouri Ludicrous use of disproportionate force take your pick #Ferguson #Gaza
#bbc reports another shooting dead by the police in #Ferguson? guy with a knife unable to be stopped by tanks body armour etc Had to be shot
RT @iamJohnevans350: Theresa May's £224m gift for funding #Israel's 'Iron Dome Interceptors.' Paid by the British taxpayer. #Raytheon
Following the #grandmasterflash6music thought Great,touchingly awkward "home-made" just like a phone vid from now
From the hippest(?) to the nerdyest(?) #bbc6freakzone Prog if only @DJFlash4eva had sampled "Living in the Past" or summat Could've appened
RT @BBC6Music: Who's enjoying @DJFlash4eva mixing LIVE? #NowPlaying it's only a flippin' Barry White / Suzanne Vega mash-up #GrandmasterFlash6music
late arrival "Why" Carly Simon should've got a mention earlier MASSIVE hip-hop toon #grandmasterflash6music @DJFreshSA
More Herbie Hancock would be good " Bring/Down The Birds" "Blow-Up" @DJFlash4eva AKA Dee-Lite Groove inthe Heart #GrandmasterFlash6Music
RT @JesselynRadack: "Obama uses #Espionage Act to throw #reporters & #whistleblowers in jail, but defends #CIA who 'tortured some folks'"
Niche mUSO OVERDOSE #GrandmasterFlash6Music this is sort of thing we saved @BBC6Music FOR @DJFlash4eva National Hipster Service #6music
#GrandmasterFlash6Music "Forget Me Nots" Bass solo esp sounding good last week on @BBC6Music @DJFlash4eva
RT @remapaula: @georgegalloway Israeli woman politician calls for killing mothers of dead Gaza children. And the world is quiet:
RT @ncguk: The best thing Americans could do now would be to campaign for police to carry so many guns that they can no longer move.
"Living iN aMERICA" jAMES bROOOOWN jAMES bROWN" Or "gravity" G R A V I T Y #grandmasterflash6music @DJFlash4eva
"Thes Are The Breaks" Curtis Blow #grandmasterflash6music @DJFlash4eva
"Stuck In the Middle" Stealers Wheel sounds like it should come on #grandmasterflash6music @DJFlash4eva
"Peg" by Steely Dan...or the DeLa Soul track that sampled it #grandmasterflash6music @DJFlash4eva
#grandmasterflash6music "Need To Know" by Incognito @democracynow theme tune @DJFlash4eva "Signs" by Snoop Dogg/Timberlake
#grandmasterflash6music "Burning Down The House" Talking Heads
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