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chris morrell

chris morrell

careworking exdrumming artist
#newsnight #twitch #google deal the new "American Dream" ultimately disposable wasteful life denyingly useless bollox
#Twitch billion dollar deal with #Google ...THIS IS the new "American Dream" ultimately unproductive wasteful and selfish sapping bollox
WTF was that last bit from #Osborne about #Russia "shooting a plane out the air" No they didn't! Reaction to #MH17 is like Dr Strangelove
#newsnight yes let's have policies that we need FOR THE MAJORITY @Ed_Miliband can obviously intellectually do the job of PM
J Hunt: Remove all copies of this poster and stop victim blaming via @UKChange as bad as the anti-migrant mobiles "which leads to a sort of be-bop turnaround" veeery interesting @laurenlaverne that's it surely ..can the "Moral Maze" purport to be serious programme after this shit? #MoralMaze Moral Maze remit totally trounced and made redundant by not listening to the speaker defining "humanity" PA thetic!
RT @Markgatiss: "'Summer Wine' and 'Ab Fab' actress dies." Jesus, BBC News. Come on. #RIPDoraBryan
RT @thewritertype: Worst Crufts ever. #Commonwealthgames
never mind the French (cheese eating arms selling monkeys) the freakin Brits ,as usual are STILL exporting arms to #Putin @maddow
So this "totally unecassary conflict" leaves #Gaza possibly "uninhabitable" by 2020?. Laughably ignorant war-mongering #wato
hypocritical bollox about @BBCWorldatOne #arms supply as usual...and if supply of weapons equals culpability #US and #UK resp for ALL #War
#MH17 context East Ukraine has been under fire from #Kiev Govt just like #GazaUnderAttack ... Reported even less AND as assymetrically
#MH17 media have reminded us of previous shoot-downs of airliners by military Did we have this outrage when US shot down the Iranian jet? … Hilarious 1st in series inc"keeping your kids safe" By R Harris & the posthumously published "Celibacy" by J Savile Hilarious First in series inc "keeping your kids safe" By Rolf Harris & posthumously published "Celbacy" by J Savile
"support" from a Western politician for #GazaUnderAttack de-legitamises ALL of US UK etc "foreign policy"War on Terror Military spending etc check out "Five Broken Cameras" for some real information about WHY #Hamas exist #GazaUnderAttack
we keep hearing about the "tunnels" #GazaUnderAttack doesn't that not speak volumes It's their only way out #Gaza is a big #prison
RT @jonsnowC4: Were any other country on Earth doing what is being done in Gaza, there would be worldwide uproar
re "The #Pips " Gladys Knight's backing singers have a WAY higher profile anyway #bbcpm @BBCRadio4 #thepips #pm @eddiemair
#thepips @BBCRadio4 #pm "The Pips" whatever they sound like are POINTLESS anyway what with all the digital switching..Are the #FM ones best?
As usual an Israeli soldier is "kidnapped" or "taken hostage" by militants. If it's a War then isn't he a "prisoner of War"? #GazaUnderFire hands up who saw THIS coming? Seems odd somehow
#BRAvsNED ere we go again!
#roundtable @BBClamacqshow Mozza his voice ,much better..i guess i agree with his politics. Album musically playful Full track Scott Walker and now extremists in Israel ( ie nearly ALL the Govt) are inciting "genocidal" retribution on Gaza Horribly ironic
#meadowlark WASN'T over-produced Lana Del Ray IS over-produced AND Overhyped... @BBC6Music #roundtable
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