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chris morrell

chris morrell

careworking exdrumming artist
Listen up "Dapper" #KendrickLamar this is real brilliant use of "sexist" "Irony" doubt ridden rap over "Who's That Lady" @BBC6MorningShow
#peoplesplaylist "The Bitterest Pill" by The Jam Wellers first "Solo" song?echoes "California Dreaming" Fair lsle jumpers @BBC6MorningShow
Jimmy Cliff had The Thames AND the Wandle to contend with,& of course I Can See Clearly WAS about a woman called Lorraine @BBC6MorningShow
#criminal ly small fines for Banks #newsnight ..but of course it was all Gordon Brown's fault . and WE are paying with #austerity #FECK
RT @jennyeclair: The old man cooked sausages and onions, my downstairs smells like the best fairground in the world p p please please pretty p p p pe pee per please can we have access to this again #BigBankHank #rip @laurenlaverne
RT @DavidDireAuthor: #filmswithonelettermissing Tar Wars - A battle between light and dark for the domination of all the roadworks in the galaxy.
#FilmsWithOneLetterMissing "Mulholland Dive" a Re-Make of "The Swimmer" Burt Lancaster character springboarding his way round Santa Monica
RT @Admiralowen: FIR WALK WITH ME. Explores Laura Palmer's last days as a tree surgeon . Those Douglas firs, quite incredible. #filmswithonelettermissing
RT @NKBTN: The Last Temptation of Chris #filmswithonelettermissing
B-14 for me is "You Were Right" by Badly Drawn Boy @BBC6Music @BBClamacqshow
FYI re F1 music...LAST year saw the end of the V8 engined cars and the "playout" on BBC prog was by Public Service Broadcasting @BBCRadMac
RT @thegridio: A website in 3 minutes? It's possible with The Grid.
When do we get a referendum on War? seems we've always got money for killing brown people
Never mind all the Sunday papers #Miliband bashing. Today at the #CBI @Ed_Miliband looks and sounds a lot more credible than @David_Cameron
Never mind all the Sunday papers #Milibandbashing. Today at the #CBI @Ed_Miliband looks and sounds a lot more credible than @David_Cameron .
RT @Bec_Davies: Nick Frost as Father Christmas is a genius idea! #wellplayed #ChristmasDay #DrWho
RT @lindseykelsall: Cried my eyes out at #drwho
RT @TonyCloughton: #DrWho Amazing episode tonight, #PeterCapaldi
RT @kathrynparry1: Ok. So I shed a tear. Then I saw Nick. That was the best #DrWho episode I have ever seen.
Laughing and Crying at final scene #drwho. What an emotional workout!
#drwho beautiful "Remembrance Sunday" War, Sacrifice inspired story...
unremittingly dark /sad #drwho what i saw as a" Point Break" reference cheered me up a little bit
Cloudbase was Captain Scarlet ..deliberate mistake natch? #drwho
#badmetaphors @maddow Yes just APPALLING "Lynch Mob" sounding drowning poisoning ,"(Mississippi) Burning" metaphors. #GOP #hysteria YUK!
re "Our Sovereignty" #bbcaq Still wouldn't improve the appallingly shallow pool we get Politicians from,and paucity of Non-Neo-Liberal ideas
How about (devil's advocate) putting John Gaunt in charge of #bbcaq for a week ,& see if ANY of the assertions of the callers are challenged
Caller what culture!? Morris Dancing? WTF #bbcaq we've got onto moslems straight away! & NOBODY is "concerned" about the "European Project"
#bbcaq rights of #unbornechild for what happened while in the womb,plays into ideas of #personhood for the zygote in #abortion debate?
#bbcaq the #PM & #Osborne HAVE got "a good #EU deal" ,but it's a "political easing" deal NOT a financial one #eupayment
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