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chris morrell

chris morrell

careworking exdrumming artist
Twitter contender for all time perfect pop song and his newest stuff is just as good. The perennially marvellous #BillNelson
#womanshour Radio 4 surely?see you can't properly hashtag a name with an apostrophe VERY beautiful sounds from Jenny Murray etc #roundtable
Mink Deville on geetar #roundtable quite nice ...ah not surprised it's one of the Walkmen @BBC6Music 6 out of 10
80's? is it an 808? ask Lauren? mid-morning daytime FM #roundtable Not bad @BBC6Music 5 out of ten
#roundtable @BBC6Music @Sinkane undemanding More radio 2 than 6 but ok ... 6 out of 10 part 2 of thought provoking interview pours scorn on quoting Meir on "they are making us kill their children" line
RT @mehdirhasan: "In this surreal,, it almost seems as if it is the Israelis who are occupied by the Palestinians"
Gaza crisis: Stop the arms, stop the killing #Gaza
#Israel avoid liability to #WarCrimes charges via #ICC as #Likud do not recognise #palestine just like #hamas re them
#antisemetism being expressed hmmmm bit like the rabid non-sensical #islamaphobia that's been rife since 9/11 doncha think? #wato
RT @jonsnowC4: After Israel bombs the UjN school despite being given it's co-ordinaries 17 times.. Will UK summon Israeli Ambassador? Don't hold yr breath
RT @rizmc: Excellent leaked document in @Independent about Israeli official spokes ppl's language and what it deliberately masks
Had enough of the "Indoor League" Off out on me bike soon..."i'll see Thee" @BBCRadMac
no @BBCRadMac all the i-player #glastonbury stuff has JUST gone away,i know because i spent ALL weekend "re-living" it #StVincent esp good
Cameron wants to change the law to allow fracking under homes without permission.Say NO NUMFR not under my front room
#newsnight #pesto who'da thunk it @Peston an excellent presenter,note to dir when he speaks "normally" NOT oodles of time for Camera moves
#KST that's "Known Or Suspected Terrorist" (also an Eastern time zone? ) using the #metadata gathered by #NSA #GCHQ for mass intimidation
Are we ALL #KST 's for RTing @ggreenwald @jeremyscahill or going on the @wikileaks web-sites? Even without a beard #US is FUCKING the World
#GazaUnderAttack Mowing The Lawn a disgusting phrase,along with peddling the"we are forced to kill the children" shit
RT @Anand_Gopal_: "The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger."
RT @sharifkouddous: A war in search of an objective - by @glcarlstrom #Gaza
RT @AndrewCollins: Some careful thoughts about fracking in the UK: Areas Of Outstanding Booty http://wherediditallgorightblo...
funny how Cherie Booth/#Blair called it right on #GazaUnderAttack then had to take it all back apologise, cash in etc
An American with a flawless english accent #anhonourablewoman brilliant An english actor with a flawless American accent #Homeland rubbish
#wato never mind the politics think of the #science ! #fracking is disasterous route to go down It puts OFF investment in sustainables
#wato total "black is white" stuff coming out as usual plus "inverse" IRA argument...difference being UK didnt send the RAF in to Belfast
RT @couragesnowden: Two MPs to sue UK government over data law 'stitch-up' more:
Awkward! Tea Party congressman's epic fail via @allinwithchris what a complete cunt
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