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Louis Gray
For those who are curious... today is going to be the day. The "Schwag Magnet" twins are coming. Don't expect minute by minute...
Congrats Louis! - Ross Miller
I love the Schwaggin Waggon - Eric Schlissel from twhirl
Awesome! Can't wait to meet your two new kids and hope everything goes as well as possible. - Robert Scoble
When Maryam had Milan we were actually able to use our iPhones in between contractions. (Milan was born at Stanford, just like Louis' kids are -- great wifi there). Maryam didn't want any video, so we did photos and audio. Just be prepared to put down the iPhone IMMEDIATELY when your wife needs you. Otherwise the consequences are harsh. :-) - Robert Scoble
Mazel Tov and may all go as seamlessly as possible. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Wi-Fi at Lucille Packard is great, BTW. :-) - Louis Gray
Congrats! Don't worry about us and take some time offline! - Xavier Bartholome
Louis: I told you it rocks. So, is your wife admitted already? Or did they tell her to take a walk and come back in three hours like they told Maryam? (We went to Jack in the Box, and later, even back home cause, while Maryam was having contractions, she wasn't dialated enough to give birth for nearly 12 hours after we first went to Lucille Packard (Stanford's hospital for children). - Robert Scoble
Oh, and if you know Thomas Hawk, do anything you can to get him to come by and make photos. He took the most spectacular photos of Milan (and my family) that I really treasure to this day. - Robert Scoble
Matthew- Seamless birth , hmm. Kind of counter-intuitive. Louis-all the best to you,wife and twins. - Mark Forman
Congrats! - Yuvi
Good Luck Louis! Stay positive. - Jon-Paul Bussoli
I'm going to sleep hoping we hear great news when I wake up. Just remember, photos, we want photos!!! - Robert Scoble
We are admitted. Contractions are 4-5 minutes apart. We'll be here for a while. - Louis Gray
Cool. Any bets on the time? I'll bet that they are here by noon. Ahh, long night for Louis ahead! Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! :-) - Robert Scoble
I don't dare bet on a time. That's bad luck. But I'm not going anywhere, and she's not either. Duncan Scoble Gray and Cyndy Corvida Gray might debut in the morning. - Louis Gray
now you are ego pandering! Well I am off to bed. Our house is childproofed now and is awaiting the arrival. Milan is looking forward to having a couple of new friends to share toys with. Thinking good thoughts for you both. - Robert Scoble
Be interesting to see how many posts a week you're going to be able to manage now... :-) - Andy Davies
And no, those won't be their real names. :-) - Louis Gray
Congrats man! Get ready for the wild ride. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Best of luck throughout the night Louis. Hopefully when I wake up the two new Grays will be ready to blog. - MG Siegler
In case you guys wanted to know where you rate, we haven't told any family on either side that we're here. Didn't want to wake anybody up. Once we get close to 7 a.m. PDT, depending where we are then, maybe we'll let them know. Thanks for the notes. (Is this the first FriendFeed "live" birth?) - Louis Gray
Wooo, awesome! Congrats in advance. :) - Don MacAskill
Congrats and good luck! And they'll share a birthday with @crazybob's #2! - Cyndy
Contractions are 2-3 minutes apart now. Both of them hanging out, and both of us, hanging in... - Louis Gray
I do like the names you've chosen, though. Although you haven't managed to tack FriendFeed or Disqus in there. Maybe two middle names would work. I did that with #4 so she could be named after three family members. - Cyndy
Best wishes! - Mark Dykeman
Congrats!! :) - Paula Hawk
My daughter was born in a different age (1991). I couldn't provide updates to the world on an iPhone. Heck, all I could have done (I didn't) would have been to drive home, fire up the Mac Plus and my 2400bps modem, and posted text updates to the Deep Thoughts and Grotto BBSes. - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
@Ontario My last was born in 2005, and I couldn't even update THEN... they ban all cell usage and WiFi is still a pipe dream. They are still going with the "cell phones mess with equipment" airline story. - Cyndy
And regarding could work "Obama" and "McCain" in there somehow...Duncan Scoble FriendFeed Obama Gray? :) - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
first photos better be with the cn stickers :) - Allen Stern
Congrats Louis! am excited for you. - Nick Halstead
Good luck to all four of you! - Chris Nixon
Congratulations Louis! Life as you know it has now changed. Good luck to all of you. - Rob Diana
Allen: CN stickers are in my hand _right now_. Kid you not. You might get lucky. - Louis Gray
Very exciting. Good luck! - Dave Stanley
Omg! How exciting! Congratulations!!!! - Sarah Perez
Congratulations and enjoy every minute! - RyanEs
WOOT!! Good luck to you and your wife at the hospital today Daddy Grey. - Mike Fruchter
You'er not streaming the whole event? ;-) No I agree some things are sacred. Unless you're scoble. I bet mrs scoble is happy that qik wasn't released when she gave birth... - Gez
Congratulations LG. God Bless - Keith - @tsudo from twhirl
I'll add my congratulations! I'll enjoy taking a rest from your articles :P - Tim Hoeck
Good luck. - James Rishabh Mishra
Congrats Louis! I know what raising twins is like, so I'll wish you good luck as well :) - Shey
Gez: there were certainly video options when Milan was born. She made it very clear that video wasn't to be used. - Robert Scoble
This will be up there as one of if not your BEST day - Christian Anderson
Agree wholeheartedly with Christian.... - Chris Reed
CONGRATULATIONS DADDY!!!!!!!!! - Susan Beebe
Congrats! - Dave Peck
I too will add congratulations! - Andy Tinkham from twhirl
Congratulations Louis! I can only imagine how excited you must be right now. - Caleb Elston
Waiting..waiting...waiting.... ;-) - Hutch Carpenter
Only 8 hours gone by. Our first was 37 hours. The second was like 2 - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Back at Hutch: Waiting...waiting...waiting... - Louis Gray
Congratulations! - Steve Lynch
Ten hours now. Cigars at the ready. - Russellreno
Wishing the best for all four (!) members of the family!!! - Dustin Harris
CONGRATS LOUIS! Glad I get to be in the names :D Can't wait for pictures though. I need to get "shegeeks" and "hegeeks" schwag over there asap! - Corvida
I hope you got plenty of Coffee and brought your laptop battery plug. It's going to be a loooooooong day/night. Hey at least you got FF to kill the time :-) - Mike Fruchter
Update: Things are obviously not the fastest I've ever seen, but progress is progress. We're at six cm. I didn't want to do a cm by cm update, but here we are! Nurses seem excited, so I'll pretend I am. - Louis Gray
This is one occasion when comments really need timestamps... - Andy Davies
This just in..... LG still waiting as of 5 minutes ago. Now in hour 13. - Russellreno
I am jealous. The arrival of one was a joy. Two would have blown my mind! - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Turning to superstition a bit, I got out of my A's shirt, which I've been wearing since we got here. Let's see if wearing the DISQUS shirt I got from Daniel Ha does the trick. :-) - Louis Gray
All in good time. Heck, I would be excited as hell. :) - Mathew A. Koeneker
For those watching this thread, obviously things have taken longer than we expected. Dilation has been slow, and the doctors are talking C-Section. We're trying to avoid. Babies are doing great. - Louis Gray
C-Section imminent, as labor stalled (you might have noticed). Hopefully, back with good news soon. - Louis Gray
Well, this is the sixth thread goin' on the twins, so (1) Louis we're hangin' with ya buddy and (2) get on with it already ... I want to go to sleep :) Seriously, positive, warm and happy thoughts ... and coffee. - Charlie Anzman
at this rate, i think Scoble's gonna have to change his bet from noon Friday to noon on Saturday! - Susan Beebe
Baby Grays are here! The boy clocked in at 9:01 at 5 pounds, and the girl weighed in at 4 pounds, 3 oz at 9:02. Both healthy. - Louis Gray
YEAH!!! Congratulations!!! This is wonderful news - both healthy!!, what are their NAMES?? - Susan Beebe
bump for the oldest thread i've ever found on ff, post-congrads, :) - chaz2b
Matthew and Sarah are now five years old. Happy birthday, twins! - Louis Gray
Chris Nixon
Is Nike Taking Us ‘Back To The Future’? -
If these things have self-tying laces and an LED display I am SO on board! (via @Linz_Smith and @mcaulay) - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
Ridley Scott Ready To Direct New Version Of Seminal Sci-Fi Film 'Blade Runner' -
Oh. Not so sure. Excitement and dread: Ridley Scott Ready To Direct New Version Of Seminal Sci-Fi Film 'Blade Runner' - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
The BBC’s fundamental misunderstanding of copyright -
The BBC’s fundamental misunderstanding of copyright as it uses photographers' work without credit. - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
Paul Daniels injured in Sooty pizza-throwing accident -
Is it possible this is the most important media story this year? Paul Daniels injured in Sooty pizza-throwing accident - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
Startup Seeks to Be Online Destination for World’s Best Photography -
Startup @500px Seeks to Be Online Destination for World’s Best Photography - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
How to Migrate Your Facebook Account and Data to Google+ -
How to Migrate Your Facebook Account and Data to Google+ (via @Glinner) - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
Michael W. May
I have heartbreaking news. I've been asked to relay that the amazing person we know here as carlotta fancypants aka extra super cutie passed away in her sleep in the early morning of Friday, July 23, 2010. I do not have many details to pass along. I can say she was not physically well for some time. I do know this world lost something and grew a...
through rain.jpg
and grew a little darker today. My heart and soul grieve. duplicated on her last post here: - Michael W. May
Wow. Rest in peace, fancypants. - Derrick
Wow :( - Rodfather
So sorry to hear this. :( - Rochelle
:( My condolences. - Anne Bouey
Oh no! :-( - John (bird whisperer)
Oh my god. I had no idea she was ill - RAPatton
Very sad to hear that. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
I'm sorry for your loss Michael, and her family's, and sorry for the loss of such an amazing artist. - Alix May
Oh my god. So sorry! :( - Jonathan Hardesty
this is so sad. my heart goes out to all her loved ones. - Starmama
Oh my God. :( - Jenny
This is terrible news. So sad to hear this. - Juan Pablo González
How very sad. I'm sorry, Michael. My condolences to you and her family. - Trish R
I am so very sorry for your loss. As Trish said, my condolences to you and her family. - Maria Niles
So very sorry to learn of this. But thank you for communicating with us, Michael. Wow. - Micah
Wow, just wow, I'm so sorry. - Eric - Let Me Know from iPhone
:( - Shey
Wow...that is so sad. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Damn. She was a real sweetheart. - Derek Coward
That's awful. I'm so sorry. - Kisha from FreshFeed
How awful. I always thought she had the best name on FriendFeed ever. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Wow... Such sad news. Thoughts & prayers going out to you and her family... - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
Oh my God... :( I don't even know what to say. My condolences. - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPod
I am so sorry…. My most heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. We were the most casual of acquaintances, but I always knew she'd make for a best friend. She was a lovely person and will be sorely missed. Farewell, Carlotta. - Absentee
this sucks :( - chrisofspades
Oh no. No no no no no. :-( - Half Pint
:( - Wirehead
.................................................... :( - Johnny
Very sad. - Mark H
Damn. RIP Carlotta :( - Mo Kargas
wow. I'm stunned. truly stunned. thank you for letting us know. - Karoli
:( - Cheryl Jones from iPhone
fuck..... - Toby Graham
:-( Let light perpetual shine upon her. - Ordinarybug Heather
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. Love and prayers to her family and friends. - Prairie & I Know It
That is indeed dreadful news. - Brian Sullivan
dang. sad. - Comics Forge
I had no idea... - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Terrible news. May she rest in peace. My heart goes out to her friends and family. - Bryan R. Adams
That's awful. I'm really sorry :( - giuseppe c. | markgreene
RIP :( - LANjackal
How sad. - Steve Lowe
So terribly sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. - rowlikeagirl
:( Rest in peace. - iTad
:-( - Ashish
My condolences... - Thomas from FFHound!
Wow! So Sorry. Tis a dark day. - Brent - Yes I am
What?! Stunned ... saddened. All my best to Carlotta (where ever you are) and to her family. - AJ Kohn
So sad. I will miss you dearly goblin - Benton
Oh, no. No, no, no. So young. Such a great photographer and photo titler. Oh, god, I am so sorry, mwm. :(( - edythe from iPhone
Wow... - Rob H.
I was just looking at her flickr pics. She looks like she was a lovely person. I'm sad I didn't get to know her other than a few threads I remember seeing her reply to. RIP :( - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Stunned. - Mona Nomura
may she rip! :( - Halil
:( - chaz2b
Such sad news, I had no idea. The world is missing such a talented person. - Andrew Trinh from iPhone
She's with the angels now. Rest in peace. - .LAG liked that
:((( - Andrew David
She obviously touched so many people here. I sent her husband a link to this thread. She will be missed. - Thomas Hawk
oh my God. - Yolanda
stunned beyond words... - Live4Emma (L4S)
I often wonder what would (actually *will*, since death is inevitable) happen to my social network profiles if I go. - LANjackal
I did not know Carlotta very well, but this is truly shocking, and very sad. :( - Bonnie Foster
I'm completely shocked. Heartbreaking news. - Chris Nixon
mmm.... :( - Mitchell Tsai
:( - Imabug
one year. I miss you and I love you, fancypants - Michael W. May
:( and *bro-hug* - Johnny
Damn. Michael. All I can offer you is this four letter word: damn. - Akiva
I'm sorry, MWM. <3 - Kristin
:( I'm so sorry - Soup in a TARDIS
:( - Me
We're here with you, Michael. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Can't believe it's been a year. *hugs MWM* :( - Lola Bean (Penguin)
*hugs* Seems like such a short time ago. :-( - John (bird whisperer)
@}-,-`------ I lay this here for you, sweetness. Always remembered, never forgotten. - Absentee
Heartfelt condolences to her family. - Ciro Villa
Chris Nixon
Space Shuttle Atlantis Re-entering the Atmosphere for the Last Time -
What a cool shot! Space Shuttle Atlantis Re-entering the Atmosphere for the Last Time (via @dexography) - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
500px / Photo "Solar transit of ISS" by Levin Dieterle -
500px / Photo "Solar transit of ISS" by Levin Dieterle - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
The Definition of ‘Photographer’ According to Urban Dictionary -
The Definition of ‘Photographer’ According to Urban Dictionary (via @AlmondD) - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
Using data to protect people from malware -
Google using data to protect people from malware - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
The Most Incredible Thing Fox News Has Ever Done - James Fallows - National (via Summify) -
The Most Incredible Thing Fox News Has Ever Done - James Fallows - National (from james brown) - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
Google+: The Complete Guide -
I worry that Google+ seems to need to many guides. - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
Phone hacking: A scandal that has diminished Britain -
The spotlight of the phone hacking scandal seems to have turned on Cameron. - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
FUD Over Google+’s Terms of Service -
Scott Bourne shows himself up as a pretty untrustworthy source. He should stick to taking photographs. - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
News International papers targeted Gordon Brown -
Can News International ever come back from this? The Sunday Times and The Sun hacked the Prime Minister: - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
News of the World staff stow parting barbs in final edition's crosswords | Media -
News of the World staff stow parting barbs in final edition's crosswords - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
BBC News - Murdoch says chief Rebekah Brooks is his top priority -
Rebekah Brooks must have some real dirt on Murdoch! - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
Murdoch and politicians: a relationship that has only ever worked one way | Marina Hyde -
Murdoch and politicians: a relationship that has only ever worked one way - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
Photographs of Urban Landscapes with All Traces of Text Removed (via Summify) -
Photographs of Urban Landscapes with All Traces of Text Removed (from Almond Butterscotch, Alex B, and 1 other) - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
Phone hacking: David Cameron is not out of the sewer yet -
Phone hacking: David Cameron is not out of the sewer yet - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
Phone hacking: Police probe suspected deletion of emails by NI executive (via Summify) -
Phone hacking: Police probe suspected deletion of emails by NI executive (from Charlie Brooker) - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
What children’s skulls look like as they prepare to lose their baby teeth -
I think this will haunt me for the rest of the day! - Chris Nixon
Chris Nixon
New Upload to -
Posted via email from Chris Nixon Mini Blog - Chris Nixon from Posterous
Brian Sullivan
News > Ecclestone denies paying $50m bribe to F1 banker - -
"Bernie Ecclestone has denied paying a bribe to a German banker arrested last week for corruption. Gerhard Gribkowsky, once representing former F1 owner Bayerische Landesbank, is charged with accepting $50 million amid the sale of the sport's commercial rights to its current owners CVC five years ago." - Brian Sullivan from Bookmarklet
Corruption in F1? Surely not! - Chris Nixon from Cadmus
Chris Nixon
I'm looking back in on FF. Who's still here? Give me a shout out.
What up Alex! Long time. - Chris Nixon from FFHound!
Hey, Chris, not much...dealing with a sinus/chest cold thing and just got back from vacation. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Yo. - SAM from iPhone
*raises hand* - imabonehead
I am and still love it - Thomas Power
Hey guys. Good to see you! - Chris Nixon from FFHound!
What's up with you? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Been a mad year. Kinda glad it's over. Still taking photos, and being a dad and husband. - Chris Nixon from FFHound!
Greetings, Chris. - Dave Roth
Vas ist das? - Eric - Let Me Know
What time is it? Where am I? Who the eff are you guys? - Kristin from Android
Not daily, but still here - Richard Holas
Present - Ashish
m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Today I TOOK MY LAST DOSE OF FEMARA. After 5 straight years of faithfully taking one pill a day and numerous checkups and mammograms and sonograms and bone scans I NOW DECLARE THAT MY BREAST CANCER IS OVER.
Congrats, m9m! - Derrick
They say you are never "cured" but I say Oh Yes I Am. Wonder if I'll see any change now that 5 years of side effects will end. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Now *THIS* is good news! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Wonderful! m9m. - Micah
Way to go! - Chris Nixon from FFHound!
this makes me smile each time it pops up - Michael W. May
Superb! - SAM
That's great news, m9m! - Anika
Congrats! That is fantastic - kendrak
That's wonderful! Congratulations, m9m! - Half Pint
Reading this just brightened my day. Congratulations to you! - rowlikeagirl
Yay! What a wonderful post! - Prairie & I Know It
Yes! - Yolanda
Hell yeah, m9m!! - Lola Bean (Penguin) from fftogo
Grats! - Heather
Woohoo! - Shevonne from Android
Yay!! - Spidra Webster
Congrats, m9m! - Jenny
Yay! That's wonderful! Happy New Year! - Anne Bouey
:-) :-; - Mitchell Tsai
\(^_^)/ - Eivind
Best news I've heard all year. Congratulations! - chrisofspades from YouFeed
coolness congrats be well - WarLord
Excellent news! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
HELL YEAH! - Melly
Louis Gray
Back me up: Re "Does anyone still use Friendfeed? Why?"
:) - Louis Gray
FriendFeed is still very unique....and it is were some East coast insomniacs comment on Louis Gray's posts... - Ciro Villa
Sleep is a waste of time and unproductive, Ciro. ;) - NOT THE CRICKET
@Jimminy - Very true!...sometimes... - Ciro Villa
Sleep is a ... d'oh! - Louis Gray
Louis, stop snoozing on the job. ;) - NOT THE CRICKET
Sorry. I was logged in as Cristo at the time. - Louis Gray
This thread has been officially Nixon Taped. - NOT THE CRICKET
Voted up. Though I have strayed... ok I admit it, I'm seeing other sites now. - DGentry
it remains the best feed on the web - Thomas Power
This question got me to look in again. - Chris Nixon from FFHound!
We're all the Ghost of Friendfeed Past. - That's So CAJ!
(posted to Quora as well) When comparing the the once unique features of Friendfeed to these other platforms, Friendfeed largely still has the edge. The rich, dynamic, customizable nature of Friendfeed is still untouched by the me-too enhancements of other social platforms. Plus, the people, oh the people. They continue to be the BEST user community you can find. - Eric - Let Me Know
(posted to Quora) Friendfeed is the one network where the features are powerful without overpowering interaction with too many options or settings. It's easy to get up to speed, filter by user or keyword & manage threaded private & public conversations. Friendfeed is self-policed, nearly spam-free and reliant on natural selection - i.e. the good stuff floats to the top. I can't think of another social network that fits this description (anymore) - Liza + = ?
Yes, of course, sure.. - Ozgur Demir
I can "like" something in Friendfeed without having to compromise my security. - Jack&Cleo
I almost went the security route, but remember who "big papa" is.... - Liza + = ?
If I back up the bus, is that the backing up you're lookin' for? Done! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
What's amusing is that even with out ANY development for over a year and a half, Friendfeed still beats most of the alternatives hands down for features and usability. - Jeff P. Henderson
Jeff is right. - Louis Gray
Indeed. - Spidra Webster
For attention addicts like myself, FriendFeed is somewhat better than it was a year ago. Last year, I could post all week and not get any notice. Anyway, I can still find interesting conversations here, and it just works better than anything else. - MiniMage
2011. Still here. Still rocks. - Mike Nencetti from Android
Still here as well. Not as often as I used to be admittedly, but always enjoy it when I am and agree on the great set of features. - Patrick Jordan
done. - Jim #teamFFrank
all the time cause I love it - VALZONE#NEWHIP
I'm like Willow Smith's hair. I whip back and forth from here and other sites. - Outsanity
I think this issue may vary from place to place, depending and based on the local terms. For example; When European, and especially hot blooded Mediterranean people find it more fun and easy to use, it might not fit in the same cool way to American people or for the countries who have more and better alternatives for such an on-line service. I think also the purpose of usage is very decisive too... - Ozan Cılga
+2 for Ozan Cılga - Murat Guzel
I'm going to try to register so I can add my two cents. The bottom line, for me, is the fact that no other service I've found so far does as nice of a job of aggregating the varied services that Friendfeed handles. A lot of the services I've tried don't aggregate them together, they just offer you the ability to post to various sources from one place. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Leaving Friendfeed? Why? Where's the alternative? - DAL
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