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Candace Parker has no idea how to play pick and roll defense.
Wondering if @JLin7 is going to change his Twitter handle now that his number is different.
And now I can say it officially. Happy Momo day, @thejournalista
Push up challenge kicked my ass today.
Another close loss at home for the @LA_Sparks .I blame @misterjt since he's the only person I know who was there.
RT @forumbluegold: So Doc Rivers left a new contract in the ceiling of the locker room at Staples?
Nneka is leaving way too much money on the glass. Missed three easy layups.
Okay @ErickaSimone, you got me. I just added her to my Google Music library. @liannelahavas
Don't you just love it when people to try to correct you when you're right?
Shame @KacyCatanzaro #ANW run was so late. Would have loved for my daughter to see that. Kacy is amazing.
RT @markymarq13: Why aren't more people tweeting about this? Kacy is a hell of a lot more impressive than the World Cup. #ANW #mightykacy
RT @JennBrown: Oh my goodness!! @KacyCatanzaro is amazing!!! #MightyKacy #ANW
Beer floats are a thing. Maybe not my thing. But a thing.
Attempting the push up challenge after half a bottle of wine was not the greatest of ideas.
Where's a mosh pit when you need one? @DavidVShade
Sometimes I give myself the creeps.
Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. - Anika
The joy/elation I get after figuring out programming problems makes me wonder if I'm a masochist.
It occurs to me that free agent decisions for players might be like the fast/good/cheap conundrum.
I was hoping this wine would give me coding clarity. So far, this theory has not panned out.
So the Lakers whiffed on Melo, and decide to overpay Young, Hill, and maybe Bazemore? When did Joe Dumars start running the team?
NBA Red Shirt for high schoolers sounds like a good idea
RT @philivey: 6,683 players entered this @WSOP Main Event with 10 million dollars guaranteed to 1st place.
Okay so he's raised $15k not $45k. But still. For potato salad?
That's what I said when it got to $1200. - Anika
This guy raised $45k in 4 days to make...potato salad? Y'all are crazy.
Wow Taurasi hits a 26 footer to put Mercury up by 4 with 9nsecs left.
This game is awesome. Sparks trying to upset first place Mercury.
RT @harikondabolu: I'm not proud to be American, but am privileged to be one. Especially when so many are without documents & the security that comes with them
. @jillharris took a deeper look at why the Sparks are underperforming. Surprisingly, it starts w/ the stars. @thesequel
RT @jillharris: @chrisofspades @wagesofwins here you go, a little late but up to date!
Reason #178 why I'm not a rapper: I just rhymed asparagus urine with e pluribus unum in my head.
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