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What the hell @TWC? Why isn't my ESPN working?
RT @peoplescourtfm: Episode 154 – Organizational Miscues
RT @HPbasketball: I would like to say that watching Phoenix has been one of the true joys this season.
Suns have choked away a ton of double digit leads now. Bad look. Great game, though.
RT @thesequel: Before I forget, my mother went with me and @chrisofspades to an Outkast/Lauryn Hill concert. She was cooler than you
RT @peoplescourtfm: After a 2 week absence, TPC is back at 11:30 -
I need to tell women more often that they're beautiful.
Announcers really need to learn the rules of their sport.
So much swag.
Haha - Rodfather from Android
It would say, "it's time to wake up, time to be happy, brush your teeth and make it snappy!"
I used to have a He-man alarm clock. Remember that, @thesequel?
All of these I'm old tweets are making me feel young tonight.
Pac 12 is having a rough day so far, and Arizona is in a dog fight.
These Lowe's commercials crack me up. Throwing ceiling fans out the window and shit.
Psych is over. Ah well. It had a good run.
RT @peoplescourtfm: Episode 152 – Unconcious Bias
RT @LakersReporter: The Lakers scored 51 points in the 3rd Q. They lead 101-73.
Court is about to start. Join us live to escape the Madness.
I should have known better though.
I was tricked! Fuck a headshot.
Love all the way "@ArashMarkazi: Question: Would you rather have a top five pick in this year's draft or Kevin Love next season?"
RT @ArashMarkazi: Question: Would you rather have a top five pick in this year's draft or Kevin Love next season?
Raise your hand if you're not filling out a bracket this year. Not even for a "chance" at a billion dollars.
*raises hand* - Tamara J. B.
I don't come around here anymore, but hearing about the outage third hand made me sad. Glad to see things are back in order again.
D'Antoni's stubborn ass keeps making up reasons to keep Hill on the bench, yet Hill ALWAO produces in the scant minutes he gets.
It's amazing how often Jamal Crawford gets four point play opportunities.
What the hell was Shawne Williams doing?
If it has not already been said, Nash is done. I don't think he has anything left.
Whoever thought Wesley Johnson could shoot threes is a damn lie.
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