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Chris Reed

Chris Reed

PR pro in the wonderful town of Henderson, Nevada.
RT @P0TUS: Dear Arizona and Oklahoma: "Hi, I'm Rick Perry. Seems you guys have trouble killing people. Might Sean Hannity and I be of assistance?"
Nice job, Arizona: you set new standard for cruel and unusual punishment. Wood may have been scum but did we really need to sink below him?
RT @Snoodit: Fellow geeks: There is a heat wave in San Diego. Please come prepared. #SDCC #ProTip
Funny how the Ukranian rebels are quick to claim credit for shooting down jets when they confirm it wasn't civilians. @RT_com
RT @ArkhamAsylumDoc: Fun moment on the way to Comic-Con: waving at this dude and pointing at my "Arkham" plates. #wefriendsnow
Wonder how 10.3 million will feel if health care is taken away. "@CNBC: BREAKING:10.3 million adults got insurance in Obamacare launch."
"@Planesonearth: 2 Ukraine Su-25 fighter jets shoot down by Pro-Russia rebels this afternoon near #MH17 crash site."
RT @bootcampaign: When you tweet #TurkeyBoots @WildTurkey will donate $1 to @BootCampaign! Please RT! Thx 4 supporting BC & our TROOPS!
"@chompie97:..proud to be a LIBERAL. I wear this label as a badge of honor. #lastword @TheLastWord Thanks @lawrence""
That's a bad typo "@AP: BREAKING: Dutch military plane carrying bodies from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash lands in Eindhoven."
Hey L.A. need drought tips? Vegas has cut water usage 40% in last 20 years by setting mandatory water days, mandating non-grass landscaping.
Do we really need to follow the caravan of #MH17 bodies like it's the freaking OJ chase? @cnn
Just as Fox News ironically calls itself "Fair and Balanced," RT's slogan is "Question More." Both are cut from the same cloth. @RT_com
Just as Fox News ironically calls itself "Fair and Balanced," RT's slogan is "Question More." Both are vut from the same cloth. @RT_com
CNN vs the Bill O'Reilly of Russia. #MH17 "@shaunwalker7: "This is a joke"..."
Yep.... this is right now in a nutshell. via @tomtomorrow
RT @Planesonearth: Confronting protest action against Russia at the Russian Embassy in Berlin #MH17.
Putin had the choice today whether to be a leader or a pariah. He chose pariah. #MH17
I hope this gains momentum. "@GMA: #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies - love is bigger than war:"
RT @astVintageSpace: Aldrin's on his way out: “I want to…partially close...hatch…Making sure not to lock it on my way out.” Armstrong: “Good thought.” #Apollo11
Right now... 45 years ago... One step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. Thanks Neil and Buzz. #NeilArmstrong @TheRealBuzz #Apollo45
RT @astVintageSpace: Armstrong: "Okay. Houston, I'm on the porch.” Collins, meanwhile, is about 1 min from LOS. He’ll miss it! #Apollo11
#apollo45 reminds us that man's greatest accomplishments aren't his wars, but by reaching higher than anyone could have imagined.
RT @TheRealBuzz: #NeilArmstrong took this photo of me saluting our flag on the moon during our #Apollo11 moon walk & it was my proude…
RT @intenseCA: The Panic in Red Square - Good read on the MH17 flight tragedy and Putin's accountability.
RT @astVintageSpace: Just to reiterate: Armstrong and Aldrin will be stepping onto the lunar surface in about three hours! #Apollo11
RT @fangsbites: And the @padres still don't have a no-hitter in its history.
RT @chaplinlives: This is the kind of shit that happens when super powers like the U.S. & Russia give sophisticated weapons to the Three Stooges.
RT @russianredcard: Follow @russianredcard if you think the 2018 World Cup should be moved out of Russia.
My left-wing friends siding w Hamas need to realize that while Israel has a missile defense shield, Hamas uses its own people as shields.
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