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Chris Reed

Chris Reed

PR pro in the wonderful town of Henderson, Nevada.
My Tweets are worth $1,088.70 . See how much yours are worth @ #freefollowers @
RT @donnabrazile: “@pdicarlocnn: Gov. Perry: "I would veto funding for the Public Integrity Unit again."” wow
Was one of the best. "@SLAMonline: Legendary Referee Dick Bavetta Retires"
RT @amandarykoff: Scheduled program on CNN: "The Sixties." Far too appropriate.
RT @chaplinlives: Damn, by the time this shit is over, EVERY person will be arrested in Ferguson except the cop who executed Mike Brown.
I think we could all use a trip to Disneyland right now.... permanently.
RT @elakdawalla: I write about space exploration to share wonder of worlds beyond Earth & celebrate what humanity can do. Space feels especially far tonight
RT @thedahlimmama: What a coincidence arrested photographer Scott Olson took these photos! #Ferguson" #UniteBlue
"@NewsPolitics: WATCH: Cops Physically Push CNN's @DonLemon During Tense Ferguson Protest #Ferguson"
"@NewsPolitics: WATCH: Cops Physically Push CNN's @DonLemon During Tense Ferguson Protest #Ferguson"
Now #ferguson police have shoved @donlemon on live TV. Yeah that probably won't help their reputation.
"@NadezhdaAle: dear @SenJohnMcCain, is it u and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi #ISIS Leader in one pic?and if yes,why?"
RT @BreakingNews: Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri signs order deploying the National Guard to Ferguson, his office says - @GovJayNixon
And now those awful few have ruined it in #Ferguson.. The national guard is being called in. Peace had a chance for 3 days and it failed.:-(
So awesome. Thanks to @shakaplan for the heads up. George Takei takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge via @youtube
Never seen a politician as caught in the headlights as much as Jay Nixon right now. But citizens are also shaming themselves. #ferguson
RT @Didymath: That's legendary. "@BrotherFlourish: Apparently Dick Gregory is behind me lol #Ferguson"
RT @johnrhancock: Governor Johnson answering questions at news conference right now. #ferguson
RT @PhoebeBeach: #Ferguson Crowd needs to calm down and ask questions like they're civilized. So disrespectful, really embarrassing themselves. dignity now!
RT @JeffersonObama: Hahaha In a few weeks Rick, you'll be indicted on ethics charges. If only you knew!
"@cjzero: Excitement level: low RT @DuranSports Puig. I am your father. #Darth"
RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: How nice of you. RT @sight_on: @DennisCEarl @CaliVeen @ZerlinaMaxwell I think he should've been shot but not killed
RT @srjones66: WANTED: A Republican candidate for President who is NOT under indictment, investigation or facing ethics charges. #2016
RT @GrumpyDem: MT @jsavite: "Throwing 70 mph, THAT's throwing like a girl." - Mo'Ne Davis, first girl to pitch in LL World Series
Not saying it will be Davis but I've said for years there will eventually be a female pitcher in the majors.
Complete game shutout for Mo'Ne Davis. SHE is a heck of a pitcher. #LLWS
Racists out in force now:"@palmaceiahome1: We learned today #Ferguson needs more Cops like Darren Wilson and less THUGS like Michael Brown."
RT @FrankConniff: #Ferguson police say Michael Brown was robbery suspect, which totally explains why he got the death penalty without a trial.
RT @ShaunKing: Pay attention to people who advocate due process & innocence until proven guilty for Darren Wilson but are OK w/ Mike Brown getting neither.
If I was mayor of #ferguson, I'd announce right now that I'm firing the police chief and naming Ron Johnson as the new police chief.
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