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Chris Reed

Chris Reed

PR pro in the wonderful town of Henderson, Nevada.
RT @reneejulene: MT: Rule of law means nothing to these crazos! "@Hendems: Please Tweet this Important Information!”
Here's how to clear a park full of parents and kids on a nice spring break day? Have your autistic son have a major meltdown. #autism
Let's get these playoffs started... Go Kings Go! #gkg @LAKings
RT @AndyMarlette: New cartoon: Jews forced to register in Eastern #Ukraine #sayfie @USATODAY
If true, we have more reason to stop Putin. / Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine via @usatoday
What happens when your son is on spring break and you happen to have some free time and some dry ice? This.
What happens when your son is on spring break and you happen to have some free time and some dry ice? This.
Ironic on the Titanic anniversary to see this morning about all the missing off the ship sinking off South Korea. Frigid waters too.
RT @BadAstronomer: If you were standing on the Moon right now, the Earth would be dark, surrounded by a red ring - all the sunsets and sunrises seen at once.
I'll see you again, when the stars fall from the sky... and the Moon has turned red over one tree hill. @U2 #u2lyrics #BloodMoonEclipse
No good pics w the phone unfortunately. #BloodMoonEclipse
Had a wonderful time sitting in the back with my son watching the Moon turn red. #BloodMoonEclipse
RT @SuperPRGuy: Well it's a marvelous night for a moon dance ...
Here in Vegas, the Moon will be blood red around midnight.. Spooky! #BloodMoonEclipse
I just entered to win @8NewsNow's #TaxDayGiveaway for a chance to win up to $25,000! Have you?:
As I wish u all a happy Passover, remembering as a kid how I thought passover involved musical chairs with food. Took pass over literally.
In honor of the #BloodMoonEclipse, I'm going to dress like Blade and ask for my serum for the rest of the night.
RT @BuhByeGOP: Insight into the #BundyRanch protester mindset. Using women as human shields
US Airways Just Tweeted Out One Of The Most Graphic Things You’ve Ever Seen A Brand Tweet via @ryanpbroderick
A newbie to Game of Thrones but I've learned: do not hold a wedding ceremony. Just get a quickie in Vegaswood or just get the paper.
If a guy shoots up a Jewish center and yells "Heil Hitler," why does CNN have a graphic saying "Was it a hate crime?" Really?
RT @EricWolfson: "A Great Democracy Doesn't Make It Harder To Vote Than To Buy An Assault Weapon." — Bill #Clinton #CivilRightsSummit
RT @barkbox: These were Michael Vick's fighting dogs. Where they are now is beautiful.
RT @WyomingWaldorf: #BundyRanch Lesson of the day: Education is your friend....Stay in School!
I am embarrassed that Hillary had a shoew thrown at her here in Vegas. Least we could do is throw her some chips so she could play.
RT @EricWolfson: #GOP: "#Obamacare Won't Pass…" 2010: "…Congress!" 2011: "…SCOTUS!" 2012: "…Election!" 2013: "…Shutdown!" 2014: "…7 Million!" NOW: "…Fuck."
Driving through the middle of Nevada is like taking the Delorean back to 1955. So no surprise there's a controversy over cows there.
Mostly offline lately because I'm mostly off.
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