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Jeremy Toeman
Obama Knew It Was Coming All Along -
Obama Knew It Was Coming All Along
"We are in a time right now where it's too risky not to change..." - Anthony K. Valley ©
I thought Obama was brilliant for confronting GOP talking points months ago. I can't believe they didn't think to come up with something new. - Shellee
Nathan Chase
You know it's kind of funny how immigration has become a non-issue since financial and foreign matter have come into the limelight - when was the last time you heard anyone from either side talk about it? It was a top issue in the early YouTube primary debates...
Interesting point.. Still seeing it being used on the local level, though.... - Chris Reed
i think part of this is that McCain's history is in support of immigration reform but his 'base' is anti-immigration. it's better for McCain if he doesn't bring it up. And Obama wants to attract independents and leaning GOPers. talking up immigration could lose him votes, too. so they just ignore it. yuk. - MikeAmundsen
@Logical: how many sides are there? - MikeAmundsen
@Logical: i agree. binary thinking will not get us very far. extremes/absolutes do not help. i am anxious to hear leaders talk about this in the same multi-faceted way you mention. - MikeAmundsen
It'll come up again when some people need to scapegoat a group for "taking their jobs." That usually happens during an economic down-turn, when there is more unemployment. I'm sure it will come up again in an ugly way soon in California, unfortunately.. - Cathryn Hrudicka
YouTube - The McCain-Obama Post-Debate "Handshake" -
YouTube - The McCain-Obama Post-Debate "Handshake"
Did McCain try the tap you on the other shoulder trick on Obama? - AJ Kohn
he's like a petulant child. ugh - Cee Bee
i like that this is on youtube *already* :-D - Karim
That was just odd... why tap his shoulder then back away? - Jason Carreira
Good Bakeries in North Hollywood - Los Angeles Area - Chowhound -
I grew up a few blocks from the late Brown's Bakery, and if it were still around no one would ask "Are there any good bakeries in North Hollywood." Best bagels and black and whites ever, and those charming old ladies always gave you a free cookie. - Chris Reed
I have found two bakeries that come the closest to Brown's... but "close" is still "not really close." Delicious Bakery on Reseda and Plummer (Northridge) makes a KILLER bavarian chocolate chip cream cake and their bagels, black and whites, and challah remind me of Browns... Mort's Deli in Tarzana is also palatable. - Rob Reed
Closest black and whites I've had here are the ones at the Treasure Island Canter's .... and it's not even close... - Chris Reed
we went to Sam's Kosher Bakery and then another one right across the street. Sam's was closing in about 45 minutes so most everything was gone. We did get a nice round raisin challah at the other bakery...although they had no apple-cinnamon challah left. :( L'Shana Tova! - edythe
Paul Buchheit
Hulu - Saturday Night Live: Couric / Palin Open -
Hulu - Saturday Night Live: Couric / Palin Open
I love when she goes "pew-pew" near the end -- soooo cute. lufff tina fey - Brandon
I watched the actual Couric/Palin interview second. I was shocked that the actual interview seemed so much like the parody. - Jeremy Hylton
I thought the same thing Jeremy. Here's a site that puts both interviews next to each other for comparison: - Akshay Kapur
You mean, the pic on the left isn't the vice presidential candidate? o_O - Yuvi
Those outside the US can watch here: - Stuart Woodward
@Jody - I think the writers realized there was no way they could write anything crazier or off topic than Palin's own answers. I loved Amy's Couric impression - understated, yet hilarious. - Jennifer Dittrich
Colide81 (James)
I wanted to request that Friend Feed add profiles. there is a discussion about this going on in this thread at the link
A profile is badly needed - Steve Chou
I am happy with no profiles - I see no need for them. I would be OK with a one sentence tag line. - Laura Norvig
Emphasize the “feed” in Friendfeed and consume FOAF, oAuth, and OpenID 2 profiles. This also enables friend discovery, like Friendfeed does with Facebook. OAuth potentially enables private messaging too. I don't want another profile to maintain or another inbox to check, and i would hate to see Friendfeed waste resources duplicating functionality available elsewhere. - John Lam
Disagree, managing profiles is fairly painless and is needed for FF. If you don't want to use it or update it then don't. Simple. :-) I'd be happy with a simple profile. Is there talk of a mailbox? Not sure that's needed. - Kol Tregaskes
Copying and maintaining profiles wastes too much time. I want computers to work for me. I don't want to work for computers (unless i'm paid)! And yes, Collide81 suggested private messaging. - John Lam
Steve Isaacs
meh. Even if Obama sucks, you guys will spin it as if he wiped the floor with McCain. The motto? This debate will change very little. - David Risley
@David but people all over the country and the world will be able to make a side by side comparason and determine for themselves who won the debate. - Nathan Eckenrode
@David: Well if you're a McCain supporter you better hope it does change things. Trends aren't so hot for him right now. - AJ Kohn
I'm tired of Republican supporters with this "You guys just spin everything" attitude... excuse me? What country have you been living in? Is it the one where people's patriotism is questioned if they don't wear a flag pin? The one where people were called traitors if they didn't support the invasion of Iraq? Suck it up. You made your own bed. - Jason Carreira
Jason: Get with it, man. Anybody who pimps a candidate is engaging in spin. It is human and it can't be helped. And, yes, I am a McCain guy, but only because he's the less sucky of the two. Of all the Repubs in the primaries, he was my least favorite. I think both candidates will take us to bad places, just one faster than the other. - David Risley
Seems like Obama is now wearing a flag pin 24/7. Why? Because it is important to some people. - Oldengrey (Jay)
So you're not a fan of any third party candidate? It seems pretty ridiculous to vote for the lesser of two evils (in your eyes). There are candidates out there besides the big two, and the idea that you would be "throwing your vote away" is the very reason none of them are contenders. - Shawn Farner
David: granted anyone who actively promotes a candidate has some spin, however the purpose of the debates is to allow people who are not actively promoting to better make decisions about the candidates. yes the promoters will say So&So won and Such&Such sucked but not everyone listens to the promoters, there are Americans who do like to make up their own minds and debates are the best tool for that process. It is good that McCain has agreed to attend - Nathan Eckenrode
+1 Jason. David - "a McCain guy" Wow - takes balls to be able to stand up for the GOP right about now. The whole ticket is pretty much an embarrassment. - Steve Isaacs
Wow. Steve said balls. - Oldengrey (Jay)
McCain already won the debate... - tehKenny
I think David was simply saying that spin is spin, no matter which side you're on. He's absolutely right. Both sides will spin this their way. That's just politics. And as far as an "embarrassment", the smearing and personal attacks which arguably come more from the left are a good example of the term. - Josh Haley
As are the buttons and posters asking if Obama will rename the White House =/ - FFing Enigma
I did say arguably - Josh Haley
And that's why I argued the point ;-) - FFing Enigma
More from the left? Yeah... 13% of America thinks Obama is Muslim thanks to right-wing spin. Spin me another. - Jason Carreira
Guys - ease up with the whole "spin" thing. Spin is for the media. We are just people talking. These are OPINIONS not SPIN. Opinions are great and honest - spin is a device of a party or media outlet. If someone mops the floor with someone else, it happens. I give credit where credit is due - if Obama stumbles and McCain soars - I'll say so - Just because I care for one candidate doesn't mean I'm blind. - Steve Isaacs
Obama could read the phone book tonight, it won't change my vote. I've not heard one single reason to vote for McCain - not one - and I've been asking for months. - dkb
Nathan: Whatever, dude. FriendFeed is an echo chamber for the left. I don't expect my statements here to be taken any other way than as a joke. And news flash: The Obama camp spins like crazy. Tip: If you only see spin on one side, you're a political shill. - David Risley
If 13% of Americans believed that McCain had been programmed by his North Vietnamese captors a la The Manchurian Candidate then maybe I'd agree that there's equality in the levels and kinds of spin. One side is using the regular political spin, and one is using the ugly Rovian spin that SUPPOSEDLY infuriated McCain when he was on the receiving end in 2000. - Jason Carreira
David, I ask this w/o snark and w/ genuine interest and curiosity (and cos dkb hasn't had a satisfying answer either): can you give us your reasons why you think Obama would take us to bad places faster? (Or why you think McCain is better in this regard?) - Ayşe E.
Post-debate spin might be bad, but declaring you've won before the debate, when you didn't even want to go? Pathetic!!! - Steve Lowe
GOBAMA! - Dana D
G'Nite Kids... I'm off to sleep.
He sleeps like a rock. - Akiva
You're doing it wrong - Josh Haley
Josh++ - Rahsheen
The latest competition for the Craftmatic and Sleep Number beds... - Chris Reed
Andrew Baron
Palin: Living near Russia give me foreign policy experience -
Palin: Living near Russia give me foreign policy experience
THIS IS INSANE! - Andrew Baron
I'm sorry, I'm laughed and threw up a little in my mouth all at the same time. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
You know, I usually like to think I agree with the general platforms of Republican foreign policy (Reagan-style), but we have this video clearly demonstrating Palin BS'ing her way through something when she should simply say, "I am stronger on domestic issues than I am on foreign policy." - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
A 10 year old could do a better interview... Hell, a 10 year old could probably be a better vice-president than her too! - Michael Forian
Where are our usual conservative buddies who ought to be here defending her against our horribly uninformed liberal biases? - iTad
ZOMG :((( - Iain Baker
@Just a Tad, not much that can be said about this one w/o looking even worse. - Andrew Baron
WTF - Rodfather
Ya know, I can almost guarantee 100% that her intended audience is eating this shit UP! I bet they're loving every stupid word out of her mouth. "She's so real! It's so refreshing to hear a real person up there. She sounds just like me or one of my friends." etc etc etc *barf* - iTad
No wonder they don't let her do interviews. Wow, dude. You could have posted this and said it was a clip from SNL featuring Tina Fey and I would not have been able to tell the diff. - Rahsheen
@Tad - hahahahah! So all their friends are ignorant too, huh? - Lindsay
Yeah, probably Lindsay. I'd guess people who never challenge their reality tunnels. - iTad
@Tad actually I don't see much conservative conversation on FF. It tends to be very liberal (and sometimes quite echochambery) at least by the group of people I see. - Berial
i read this an hour ago and LMFAO, and hearing it, just like yesterday is actually dumber than reading it. and i'm willing to bet my house AND kids that when 'putin rears his head' to fly to america, he doesn't stop in fucking anchorage first. - Anika
Brian, we do have our conservative friends, though. They're usually around to defend McCain and were cheering on Palin at the beginning... - iTad
I cannot believe SHE IS ACTUALLY TRYING TO USE THIS AS EXPERIENCE. Like it means something! I'm in close proximity to my Spanish book every single day and I am HORRIBLE at speaking the language. I sit in a class every day where people speak the language and I am still HORRIBLE at it. What a freaking joke. - Shawn Farner
I grew up in Brooklyn, and lived in an apt built on the grounds of the old Ebbets Field. So by this logic, living 27 stories above 3rd base, I should have had a career in the Major leagues! - Lorraine Ball
Man, I could've avoided law school altogether if I just waited til I moved to my current house. I have a courthouse within view. If that's all I needed for the requisite legal experience, I definitely would have skipped law school. - Rob Reed
well, some people don't have maps, like, such as, the Iraq. - Jennifer Boutell
she's a mess - Cee Bee
Again folks, remember - her base eats this shit up. They're the same exact folks that elected W twice. Be afraid. - iTad
OMFG I've figured it out... Finally! Do you know who she reminds me of... the Principle from South Park - Johnny
I lived about 5 blocks from the Pentagon, what does that make *me* qualified for? - AJ Kohn
@Just a Tad.. you are right, her fans think this makes sense, so the message is you better be up early on election day. In Indy last year, we made the mistake of thinking the mayor was a shoe in, since his opponent was an idiot, who never expected to win.. and we all stayed home, and now our mayor is an Idiot, with no plans for the city, because he never expected to win. - Lorraine Ball
based on this and some other clips from that interview I think Palin may actually be dumber than G W. regardless of the border placement, has she ever actually been to Russia or Canada? talked to anyone from either country? - Jon Price
we are totally fncked if people vote republican this November. I watched her Charlie Gibson interview and this Katie Couric interview and I feel like someone is playing a huge joke on us. - Paulo Elias from twhirl
This chick is getting on my nerves bad! Soccer Mom trying to play US Vice President is a complete joke - Susan Beebe
Tad, I'm conservative by many standards, but I vote based on qualifications, not party line. You really can't defend her on this one issue. There are issues I do agree with her on, but there are those I do not. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Let's just admit it that we like drama; this election cycle has been full of it. While it's natural to be worried--especially with the inevitable October surprise--this election will be a landslide victory for Obama. Anything short of a landslide will boil my blood and cast doubts of integrity upon my neighbor. Come to think of it, my neighbor is a blowhead. Crap. - Blake N. Cooper
Dave Winer
Just as hard to watch as yesterday's installment. - Dave Winer from Bookmarklet
Putin has been in her "air space"? Oh dear. - jeneane sessum
What was John McCain thinking? - Shakeel Mahate
Come back, Dan Quayle. All is forgiven. - Steven Perez
Does John McCain even bother with thinking anymore? - Victor Ganata
Oh dear indeed. - Dave Winer
Clearly demonstrates why they have been keeping her away from the media. - Jim McCusker
Worse in print I think: "It's very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where — where do they go? It's Alaska. It's just right over the border. It is — from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. They are right next to ... to our state," she said. - AJ Kohn
Are you sure that isn't Tina Fey in a SNL skit? - mace
I'm curious if her last comment implied potentially sensitive military monitoring that may or may not go on from Alaska? - Jim McCusker
the more she speaks the more McCain sinks - Alberto Escarlate
Palin making Miss South Carolina look like a genius.... - Chris Reed
@ Jim It's rather well known fact - Which doesn't make the episode less painful to watch. - eugenio
Maybe not so much a genius, rather -- concise. - Dave Winer
@Eugene I knew we had a base up there. But talking about surveillance operations isn't exactly something leaders should talk about in public. We've got enough tension with Putin at this point. - Jim McCusker
"Rears his head?" - jeneane sessum
lol AJ, owch. "I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to consider national security issues with, uh, the Russia because, uh, some people in our nation don't, uh, have maps and realize that we must stop the President of Germany, Putin, from threatening the Iraq-Pakistan border, and I believe that they should, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S. or, uh, South Africa and the Iraq and the Asian countries... - Karim that we will be able to stand up to Zapatero and say no to those who are willing to harm the U.S. America, and uh, so that we will be able to drill offshore and build up our future, for our [children]." - Karim
Ryne Nelson
Where Do Satellites Go When They Die? -
A little perspective here, though... It looks bad but space, even in low Earth orbit is pretty big. While on that far away view the specks seem close together, we're actually talking about a pretty decent distance between dots. The equivalent of worrying that a VW in Philadelphia is too close to a bus in New York City. - Chris Reed
Campbell Brown is quickly becoming my hero
Sally Church
Bush now saying country is "in a serious economic crisis" if rescue package isn't approved. Didn't he say the economy was strong before?!
Campbell Brown actually did a good job addressing this... - Chris Reed
Light travels faster than sound This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak
R. Ferguson
FOX News Producer: Restrictions On Palin Access "Unprecedented" -
"FOX News Producer Shushannah Walshe just lashed out at the McCain campaign for denying access to reporters who wanted to witness Sarah Palin's U.N. photo ops earlier today. Walshe said the McCain campaign's restrictions on press coverage were "just unprecedented."" - R. Ferguson from Bookmarklet
R. Ferguson
Roger @ CineVegas
At home watching some new SNL, gotta love Vegas that you can go from the Strip to home in 15 mins flat
Trend for this year's SNL thus far: Great opening skit and great last skit. Fast forward the rest on the DVR..... - Chris Reed
Susan Beebe
Utterli - American Red Cross Social Media Day September 19, 2008 -
Utterli -  American Red Cross Social Media Day September 19, 2008
And they picked Talk Like a Pirate Day.. :-P - Shawn Farner
Who knew?! funny! - Susan Beebe
Arrrgh, if ye be looking fur social media, ye found de place. - Chris Reed
Paul Buchheit
Why Obama's Health Plan Is Better - -
"Sen. McCain, who constantly repeats his no-new-taxes promise on the campaign trail, proposes a big tax hike as the solution to our health-care crisis. His plan would raise taxes on workers who receive health benefits, with the idea of encouraging their employers to drop coverage. A study conducted by University of Michigan economist Tom Buchmueller and colleagues published in the journal Health Affairs suggests that the McCain tax hike will lead employers to drop coverage for over 20 million Americans. What would happen to these people? Mr. McCain will give them a small tax credit, $5,000 for a family and $2,500 for an individual, and tell them to navigate the individual insurance market on their own. For middle- and lower-income people, the credits are way too small. They are less than half the cost of policies today ($12,000 on average for a family), and are far below the 75% that most employers offering coverage contribute. Further, their value would erode over time, as the credit increases less rapi" - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
McCain's plan sounds surprisingly bad. Individual insurance is a disaster for anyone who has any medical issues. Pushing more people into that system is a big mistake. - Paul Buchheit
not that i disagree, but in all fairness, one of the writers is an advisor to the Obama campaign. - Anika
This is the horrible stinking dead elephant in the room that hadn't been discussed. In addition to giving less income tax breaks to middle class taxpayers, he'll tax your medical insurance as compensation, thus continuing the policy of pushing the middle class out of existence started by Dubya. - Jason Carreira
like it or not, it's time the U.S. took the health care burden off the back of businesses. we're lagging so far behind the rest of the 'first-world' nations on this and it's really hurting business development and growth. - MikeAmundsen
Where is it written that the Government is responsible for providing my health care? - Paul W. Swansen
and it's clear individuals cannot afford health care at the levels we expect without assistance. tax breaks are not the answer, either. we need to wise up. - MikeAmundsen
Regardless of who you think should pay for health care, McCain's plan is bad. We need to get more people insured, not less, and his plan will do the opposite. We're not going to let people die on the street, so those uninsured people will go into the emergency room and then not pay their bills, which means that you will pay for their health care anway, but in the dumbest, most inefficient way possible. - Paul Buchheit
Paul Swanson, it isn't. However, many of us think that if the government has the right to tax us, we want the tax money spent to make our country a BETTER country. Part of that could include ensuring that we're all ensured health care. Many of us think that it's immoral and unconscionable to be ABLE to provide health care and refuse to do so. - iTad
A single payer program that disconnects health insurance from employment would go a long way to driving inefficiencies and fraud out of the system. - Jason Carreira
The AARP and other publications targeted toward Seniors and Boomers seem to be endorsing Obama's health plan and ideas about Medicare and Social Security. I do not buy that people over 50 will be more likely to vote for McCain. From what I've been seeing and hearing, they may be more likely to vote for Obama, especially women voters. - Cathryn Hrudicka
I'm shocked. An adviser to the Obama campaign thinks Obama's plan is better. And yes, Jason, that's the Republican's true evil plan, to destroy everyone but the richest Americans. - ComicList
@Charles, yes the WSJ is a bastion of liberal thought. You caught them. - Jason Carreira
@Paul Swanson "Where is it written that the Government is responsible for providing my health care?" Nowhere. It's also not written anywhere that the Government ought to make sure that citizens of this, the richest country in the history of civilization, don't starve to death or wind up homeless either. But some of us still think that a humane and decent vision of society means that even people earning under $120K should be able to afford health care. What do you think? - Nathan Rein
First thought was since this is in WSJ it should be a good, unbiased article. I was wrong. - ChiliMac
@Peter Simard: I guess I was hoping it was going to writen my knowledable people in the fields being discussed, healthcare, insurance and business. My bad for being optomistic I guess. :D - ChiliMac
I'm not sure why Obama isn't highlighting the health careissue, because McCain's plan would be a disaster beyond words. You think it's bad now? Just wait after businesses drop health plans all together. I agree that business should have the burden to provide healthcare, but you remedy that by getting the government to pay for it, not add to the already tough burden on America's families. - Chris Reed
Jason, no where did I say a word about the political leanings of the WSJ. This was a critique of Obama's tax plans written by one of the people advising Obama on tax policy. In effect, it's a free advertisement for Obama. Chris, I enjoy the healthcare plan offered by my workplace, but I had no idea it was their burden, or even the government's. If the government is paying for healthcare, then the burden is on me, since I pay the government. But I have less say in the matter, less choice. - ComicList
@Chris Reed: dude, I work for the government. The last thing I want is them managing the entire healthcare system! Do you have any idea how incompetent and slow the government is at anything? You think it's bad now? Just wait until health insurance companies and health care providers can charge government rates and see how much the "tough burden on America's families" goes up. - Kevin L
@klecu: "dude, i work for the -------, the last thing i want is for them to manage my --------" LOL - MikeAmundsen
@klecu, yeah, the government is almost as incompetent and slow as private corporations, without the incentive to screw people over. - Jason Carreira
OK, so how do you guarantee universal coverage without the government managing it? Privatize it with smart regulations in place? What are people's solutions for doing this? And no, leaving it completely to private providers is NOT the answer, so if that's what you think, bzzzzt, thanks for playing, but come up with a solution that covers EVERYONE, is AFFORDABLE and is EFFECTIVE. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I just want universal healthcare so that my Canadian friends will stop making fun of me for having such a sucky system. - Eric P
klecu, if government control means higher rates, shouldn't we expect healthcare providers to already be fighting each other to see who gets medicare patients? - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
@Bruce Lewis: If it was the consumers buying the insurance I believe it we we would see the healthcare providers to compete for our business. - ChiliMac
ChiliMac, healthcare providers currently compete for employers' business, and larger employers are in a good position to negotiate. Individuals have less leverage, and thus are likely to get a poorer deal. - Bruce Lewis
As someone who has dealt a lot with health insurance (I won't go into details but suffice to say I have experience) you do not want to negotiate on your own. Employer plans are essential to keeping the current (though poor) checks and balances in place. Companies can ensure claims are accepted and paid. As an individual, you'll be personally battling (bogus) denials etc. It's not just the money, it's the time and persistence necessary that many simply don't have - and the insurers count on that. - AJ Kohn
@Bruce Lewis: The problem is large employers are looking at what is good for them bottom line, not what is good for each individual employee. Also, the corporate health care plan ends when the employee leaves. At least with individual plans we can get the plan that fits our needs and we can take it with us. - ChiliMac
Amazing Bridges Around the World -
Amazing Bridges Around the World
Amazing Bridges Around the World
Show all
Look! It's the bridge to nowhere!! - ::Kristen::
For those that don't know the one on the left is the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol - about 30 mins from where I live.... - Andy Davies
now we know where you live! muaaaha muaahaha muaaaahahahaha! - Zee.
i was going to say that didn't look like Connecticut, but google saved me :) - cjmart
The GG Bridge! YAY - Mona Nomura
overrated if you ask me. ;) - Zee.
For those that don't know the bridge on the right is the Golden Gate Bridge that connects San Francisco with Sausalito - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Bob Lee
Could Sarah Pailin run Hewlett-Packard? -
Apparently Carly Fiorina couldn't either... - Jason Carreira
R. Ferguson
Richard Cohen - The Ugly New McCain - -
"Not so. What impressed me most about McCain was the effect he had on his audiences, particularly young people. When he talked about service to a cause greater than oneself, he struck a chord. He expressed his message in words, but he packaged it in the McCain story -- that man, beaten to a pulp, who chose honor over freedom. This had nothing to do with access. It had to do with integrity." - R. Ferguson from Bookmarklet
over the yrs I have heard of McCain and he seemed to be different than your standard Republican, but b/c I was not closely following politics at the time ---- I did not know much about him. The eloquent person Cohen refers to is not the McCain I have seen over the last two months. He did well at last week's forum but now my mind is weighed under my perception of the dishonesty of the campaign. - R. Ferguson
Live4Emma (L4S)
Tivo Alert! CBS Evening News w/Katie Couric Covering Video Games This Week | GamePolitics -
Tivo Alert! CBS Evening News w/Katie Couric Covering Video Games This Week | GamePolitics
can't wait to see how "objective" CBS' version will be... - Live4Emma (L4S) from Bookmarklet
They could just have Couric play video games for a half hour... Would get the same ratings.... On second thought... that might be cool... Would be the closest thing to "Starcade" returning to TV. "Good evening, I'm Katie Couric. Let's see if I can get the high score in Super Mario World tonight!" - Chris Reed
Mona Nomura
Type the Sky: ABC's with Buildings Photographed from Below -
Type the Sky: ABC's with Buildings Photographed from Below
Type the Sky: ABC's with Buildings Photographed from Below
Very clever and creative! - Jeff P. Henderson
FFing Enigma
The grocery store where I shop has scanners you carry around with you, so you can scan and bag your groceries as you go. I love it! What's even better is my husband and I pretend to shoot each other with it while muttering 'pew pew pew!' under our breath.
PEW PEW PEW!!! :) - Lindsay
That's friggin' cute. - ·[▪_▪]·
I like it when tech and humor meet. - Russellreno
Yes Lindsey, it does look a lot like a phaser ;-) - FFing Enigma
we loved those things when we we're registering for our wedding. still, i don't understand why we can use the bluetooth on our phones to do the same thing. such a silly waste of time. - Anika
Faboo, it's just like the scanners for registries, except it totals everything as I go. All I have to do is scan an 'end of trip' sticker at checkout, the system prints a receipt and I pay. I only touch the groceries once and they get bagged the way they're *supposed* to. All kinds of win! - FFing Enigma
dammit with the spit ups - Eric Rice
we totally need that out here to help those twits who want to do the self-checkout, but don't get it and spend 20 min. trying to buy 3 items. - Anika
I'm not from the future, but my grocery store might be. Can't believe no other place offers this... - FFing Enigma
My eyes!!! - Ernie Oporto
Yup, those scanners are way cool, we had them in England last time I lived there, so that was 9-10 years ago. Speeded up the shopping big time! - Sally Church
Albertsons used to have those here in Dallas, but they got rid of them a while back. Not sure why. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Sally, it definitely speeds things up! Plus, no more crushed bread, and all my cold stuff stays together. I'm so easily amused... =D - FFing Enigma
I want that! Tina, what grocery store has that? A major chain? I wonder if it increases theft, though? I could see someone "accidentally" forgetting to scan something before tossing it in the bag. - Rochelle
The thing is, when me and hubby pretend to shoot each other we make a 'pea -owm' sound, with maybe an 'ack-ack' if it involves any sort of machine gun. Just sayin'. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Rochelle, in the UK you were randomly checked every X times through the checkout and boy, it was embarassing to get it wrong! Mind you, it was just as easy to zap the bar code twice if distracted. - Sally Church
Rochelle: it's a local chain called Bloom, and as Sally said there are random audits of people that use the system. I've been audited three times in a year and a half with no issue. - FFing Enigma
i'm still chuckling at 'pew pew pew'! - Marie
It was a great way to get kids involved with the shopping pretending to zap things, "pow!" just like Batman or whatever. - Sally Church
Well, won't these scanners get stolen? I mean, they *do* look cool.... - Yuvi
Yuvi, I don't know. I imagine they've got a device in them that would trigger an alarm if taken through the door... - FFing Enigma
They had them in one supermarket chain in the UK a long time ago but they didn't last, it was way to easy to "forget" to scan an item although they are back in another one as I found out the other day. - Arthur Guy
You should just be able to walk out with whatever you want and the door only works if your payment is accepted. Just sayin - Toby Graham
Carmen, the best part is that he pew'd first =) Toby, I believe there are stores working on that very concept, but it requires all the food items to have a RFID tagging system - FFing Enigma
Wouldnt this get rid of another few jobs? - Colide81 (James)
Not really, James. I still have to go to a cashier to turn in my scanner and make my payment. It could, however, allow the store to have a higher through-put of customers thereby helping the bottom line. - FFing Enigma
ok that's good then. Where I shop in Michigan they have self checkout and talking to the cashiers one told me her hours could be cut back because of the self checkouts. - Colide81 (James)
Steve Isaacs
`SNL' debuts with Fey as Palin : -
`SNL' debuts with Fey as Palin :
"Live from New York ... it's Tina Fey as Gov. Sarah Palin. After wild conjecture over whom would play Sen. John McCain's running mate on "Saturday Night Live," Fey returned to her old show for an opening sketch featuring her and Fey's former "Weekend Update" co-host Amy Poehler as Sen. Hillary Clinton. " - Steve Isaacs from Bookmarklet
I almost thought it was the real Palin - Outsanity
Might as well be. - dkb
"I can see Russia from my house!" Brilliant, in true Tina fashion. - ::Kristen::
funny! uncanny similarity! - Susan Beebe
Bonnie Dean
Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on SNL -
Andrew Baron
Sarah Palin ABC News First Interview with Charlie Gibson **CHARLIE THE UNICORN** -
Sarah Palin ABC News First Interview with Charlie Gibson **CHARLIE THE UNICORN**
Amazing work. It fits perfectly. - Christopher Sacca
OMG thats great! - EricaJoy
Did Michael Jackson do the voice over for this? - Jeff P. Henderson
The original Charlie the Unicorn video is here: That should help with anyone who doesn't understand this reference. - Christopher Sacca
Tim Hoeck
Getting a little frustrated. Google knows how I feel.
Is it true with one "g" : ) Wow - which dictionary GGL use? :D - Erhan Erdoğan
heh a little narrow minded... - Niki Costantini
Kevin Rose
NASA Photo of Hurricane Ike From the Space Station -
awesome picture - David Ward
Such a natural force! and it looks so harmless from a distance - adam
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