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Chris Saad

Chris Saad

Co-Founder of,, Media 2.0 Workgroup and others. VP Product and Community Strategy @
Stretched hummer tour around golden gate. So nice!
I'm at Vista Point (Sausalito, CA)
RT @voxdotcom: Bitcoin is like the internet in the 80s. Bitcoin explained in 2 minutes:
RT @EchoEnabled: Previews of new versions of Echo Media Gallery, Echo Comments and Echo Live Blogging are now available. Contact us for a sneak peek
Share this with your friends and family and make them watch it #climatecrisis #payattention
The @EchoEnabled website… now featuring puppies
I'm at @HardKnoxCafe (San Francisco, CA) w/ 2 others
Want 3 x 24" monitors? Make me an offer!
Saw the new HTC One today for the first time in person - it's a beautiful piece of hardware
I beat my goal today!
Why can't I change the volume on items/people in my News Feed on FB anymore?
Placing links to OTHER stories in the middle of the text isn't helping readers, it's helpful YOU - get a clue
"We don't need more things in the world… we need things that work better"
Happy Zombie Jesus, Rabbit and Eggs day!
I'm an Unpredictable Lion. (Need to move more!!) Find your activity spirit animal with Breeze
What happened to DVD Extras? Why doesn't iTunes make them available?
If 'terrorists' did this maybe ppl would care? RT @Suntimes: That marks 21 people shot in 24 hours. cc: @alex
Thinking about getting a moderately priced RC Car to play with #bigkid
Orphan Black returns tonight #happy
It's amazing that the mortality rate is 100% &, on geological timescales, none of this really matters. Thank heavens for life's distractions
It's amazing how 'choosing what you have' can change everything about your experience
It's amazing how It takes me about 3-5 years each time, but I usually get exactly what I want - the trick is being clear about what I want
It's amazing how money can't make you happy, but a lack of money can be profoundly painful
It's amazing how some people fear failure, while others fear missed opportunities
It's amazing how some people are great at figuring out what won't/can't/doesn't work and some just do it
It's amazing how big existential questions fade into the background when you're happy
It's amazing how things that one seem essential can actually turn out not mattering very much at all
It's amazing how the answer changes when you change (or even simply reframe) the question #obviousbutnot
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