Duplass on the virtues and advantages of VOD - https://christhilk.wordpress.com/2015...
Should You Use This Word? It Decreases Your Effectiveness | Psychology Today - https://christhilk.wordpress.com/2015...
Committing fully to corporate blogging is the only way to see its value - https://christhilk.wordpress.com/2015...
WWKKOBD? (What Would Kim Kardashian's Oily Backside Do?)
If you're wordsmithing your Bruce Willis joke this morning, my recommendation is you backspace that shit right up.
RT @chicagotribune: A ship is trying to park on a comet 310M miles away and you can watch it live because that’s the world we live in now http://www.chicagotribune.com/chi-liv...
RT @jchutchins: Marketers have taken such a colossal shit on the words Story and Storyteller, it'll be years until I don't roll my eyes when I hear them.
Penguins of Madagascar. Minions. Seems no one learned the "cute things don't get full length adventures" lesson from The Ewok Adventure.
"Fuck you, we landed a refrigerator on a comet." What I assume will be the first line on all these engineer's LinkedIn profiles tomorrow.
"Posing my Domo Shazam" is NOT a dirty phrase, you sickos.
Kobe Bryant has missed more shots than any player in NBA history http://getpocket.com/s/KI3z (via @Pocket)
Lots of interesting numbers in this study of how B2C companies are using social networks: https://www.linkedin.com/slink...
As @LinBrehmer just said: I'm cool with scientific reasons for landing on a comet. But I would have also been fine with "because we can."
That time you bring a book to read while waiting but instead spend the entire time reading @digg headlines.
An Oral History of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s UHF / The Dissolve http://getpocket.com/s/KIMI (via @Pocket)
"It's (more) cost efficient for brands to put spend on post that would have performed well had…reach never decreased…https://www.linkedin.com/slink...
RT @PortalsOfPrayer: Enable us to wait for the day of Christ's return with our eyes fixed on the kingdom prepared for Your own from the foundation of the world.
RT @sassone: And we've come to the point where everyone is overanalyzing Too Many Cooks, like a giant pop culture mosquito sucking the blood out of it.
RT @markjaquith: “Last mile” net neutrality is the easiest to understand, so it gets disproportionate focus. I want to hear more about the interconnects.
America is ebola free! Everyone celebrate until you remember that we're still plagued by gun violence.
Just used "urbane" in a blog post draft. When do I get my job offer from The New Yorker?
That RSS never caught on and has gone on to be largely neglected is still a big old bummer to me.
I wish fewer rumors were sourced by a person's familiar than a person familiar.
RT @AlbrechtChris: Years later, "Bob Loblaw's law blog" still makes me laugh out loud.
Hansel? Hansel?
.@mathewi makes a good point: Facebook hides too many factors for sentiment analysis to be at all accurate: http://getpocket.com/s/KoSV
Forrester has introduced the App Engagement Index. Pretty interesting set of benchmarks to measure usage: https://www.linkedin.com/slink...
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