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RT @poniewozik: How does the Aereo case not = broadcasters saying that if too many people receive broadcasts via broadcast, they can't afford to broadcast?
RT @mattsinger: It is sad to see how many trailers for upcoming movies have quotes from critics who are now unemployed and websites that no longer exists.
RT @LenKendall: It’s funny that blog comments and empathy both exist in the same universe.
If you need something to get you through the last part of the day, Keb Mo's "Bluesamerica" record is highly recommended.
RT @nprmonkeysee: I'm just sad Sorkin didn't say, "I apologize for nothing. Well, I apologize for some things. Several things. A Few things." #sportsnight
RT @bmorrissey: explainer/data journalism sites seem like tactics masquerading as strategies.
RT @PortalsOfPrayer: Grant us peace evermore that trusting in the merit of Your Son we may come at last to the perfect peace of heaven. Amen.
If you have to break out "explanatory" as a subset of journalism I'm pretty sure that means you're doing the latter wrong.
RT @ErikDavis: I'm still upset no one created a "Complete Your Own Captain America To-Do List" interactive feature. I wanted to have fun with that
Facebook sure is making a hard sell for brand pages to connect to an Instagram account.
RT @PortalsOfPrayer: Continue to send Your heavenly gifts upon Your people that they may walk in perfect freedom and receive eternal life. Amen.
RT @SamuelAAdams: There’s a new Joss Whedon movie, and you can watch it now:
RT @ryanlawler: Timehop really needs a ‘don’t show me this stupid thing I did a few years ago’ feature.
RT @thelcms: Saturday of Holy Week: grant that we may await with Him the coming of the third day & rise with Him to newness of life #LCMS
RT @PortalsOfPrayer: Preserve in us the spirit of adoption which You have given so that, made alive in body and soul, we may serve You purely. Amen.
RT @shivsingh: Twitter should buy FourSquare now. It's data is extremely valuable especially for Twitter's data direction now #twitter #data
Awesome super-cut of some of the best long-takes in movie history.
RT @henchman21: Key Lime yogurt with granola in it is kind of like pie except horribly, horribly not.
Current Status: Making editorial calendars dance.
Right after they leave the pizza. RT @alexmonney: Whoever brought a full pizza on the plane can go to hell.
RT @porternovelli: What does Facebook's News Feed clean up mean for you? That and more in today's #PNConnect Weekly Reading:
Come on FedEx, come on Fedex, come on Fedex, come on Fedex, come on Fedex, come on Fedex, come on Fedex, come on Fedex, come on Fedex.
A millennia from now, humanoids will sift through our digital photos and assume we worshipped mirrors as gods.
RT @ashleymayer: World War 3 will probably start when one president refuses to take a selfie with another president.
RT @DanDotLewis: If you think about it, Michael Jordan is probably the worst player on his Space Jam team.
You just know Leslie Knope was Joe Biden's first Instagram follower.
Hey, UB40's music has been making my ears bleed for decades and I've never sued anyone.
RT @JackMarshall: US Airways uses common sense, forgives staffer for pornographic tweet.
In fairness to CNN, they may not be able to turn the "Breaking News" graphic off anymore, like a left-turn signal that's broken.
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