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RT @SJSU_ID: There's an #IoT Hackathon in San Jose next week. Check it out! @iOSDevCamp
RT @iOSDevCamp: If you are planning to be a mentor at iOSDevCamp (either development or UI design) rather than do a hack, please contact @ChristopherA
RT @MerlinChauffeur: Convergence, colloboration @iOSDevCamp on-site overnight. Best hackathon ever just got better!
RT @iOSDevCamp: @Hackbright @mbientLab @stripe @goPinoccio Us too! iOS + IoT hackathon @iOSDevCamp wants women, designers, beginners
RT @ThingsExpo: “@MatthewJosef: We'd love to see people hacking #WebRTC for #IoT @iOSDevCamp in 8 days!”
RT @sujamthe: Excited about iOSDevCamp 2014 -next weekend -
RT @dom: Register now for @iOSDevCamp, “hands down the best hackathon” two weeks from today! #hardware #ios #apple #developers
RT @iOSDevCamp: iOSDevCamp - The Best Hackathon Ever! August 22-24 at Ebay: #gamedev #iosdev #mobiledev #apple #iot #wearables
RT @iOSDevCamp: Thanks to @Gimbal sponsor of attendees will get Gimbal Series 10 beacons! Use iBeacon in your app #IoT #iOS8
RT @iOSDevCamp: Sponsor @Silent_Circle is offering a prize for Best #Privacy Enabled App... make your #ios8 apps at #appdev
RT @iOSDevCamp: Sponsor @tapsense has some exciting news and a smart watch giveaway during #InternetOfThings #wearables #iOS8
RT @iOSDevCamp: Hey Designers! @ArtisanMobile is sponsoring the Best User Interface category! Bring your A game to
Registration for iOSDevCamp 2014 (August 22nd-24th) is open now — $75 until August 1st. Atoms, Bits & Collaborators!
Announcing iOSDevCamp 2014 — Hacking Hardware and Software!
unlimited international calls on your cell phone -
@ChristopherA Hi.We're looking for an Angel investor Setup like Skype. With funding could be the next Google buy out - Nigel Dennis (Voicenetwerks) - Christopher Allen
An interesting first day of #sociocracy training workshop, a consent but not consensus based governance process:
At #HubSF for the #CommunityGoneViral conference with Raines, Betsy, and many other famili...
In defense of Facebook | [citation needed] -
Compelling article by Tal Yarkoni in defense of recent FB human subjects research news: (H/T @ChristopherA) - Jeremy Bornstein (jeremybornstein) - Christopher Allen
I've held back a knee-jerk reaction to the #FacebookExperiment w/o more details. I'm glad I did after reading this:
Practice | -
@ChristopherA @lilious you may also want to look at the @Peeragogy patterns for peer learning @JoeCorneli - Helene Finidori (HeleneFinidori) - Christopher Allen
Co-creative events patterns - Google Sheets -
@ChristopherA @HeleneFinidori Btw, here's my working list of putative patterns for co-creative events: - lilian ricaud (lilious) - Christopher Allen
RT @stacylaughs: @zachbraff If Garden State was for 20-somethings and Last Kiss was for 30-somethings, what's in a film for 40-somethings? #WishIWasHere
Underutilized since Almost Famous, actress Kate Hudson in @ZackBraff's #WishIWasHere is a real revelation in her 'young matriarch' role.
In #WishIWasHere @AdamBraff & @ZackBraff succeed in a too rare story trope: a realistic loving family without deep dysfunction & hate.
RT @Yahel: #WishIWasHere @zachbraff: all the movies you watch are molded by focus groups geared at suburbia (except this one)
RT @Kappadonna: I laughed 75 times, cried 25 times and I'm not even sure it's 100 mins long. #wishiwashere @zachbraff
RT @_vantran_: Kickstarter definitely made watching this movie a very dif experience. #worthit #WishIWasHere
Advance screening of @ZachBraff's #WishIWasHere indie was inspiring—a heartfelt story of a family's life changes told with a deep honesty
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