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Advance screening of @BradGraff's #WishIWasHere indie was inspiring—a heartfelt story of a family's life changes told with a deep honesty.
#Kickstarter backer promo poster for #SF advance screening of @BradGraff's #WishIWasHere with cityscape in background
I wish more movie festivals would do this for Q&A after screenings—you get better questions. #WishIWasHere @ZackBraff
I'm at special advance screening for #Kickstarter backers of @BradBraff's new movie #WishIWasHere.
@christophera I really think this is a cause you could get behind for all of humanity. #change #tech #pleaselook -
@christophera I really think this is a cause you could get behind for all of humanity. #change #tech #pleaselook - Michael Hendricks (JudeNewcomb) - Christopher Allen
Intriguing. lets you publish, run queries, and share analysis of data. A github for data?
We are truly in a new golden age of television. Edge of Tomorrow was a good movie, but I'd rather have stayed home to watch Game of Thrones.
cuesta-cis-204 Guidebook - cuesta-cis-204 -
@ChristopherA Not sure if this aligns but these were done by my iOS 2 students over the past 2 years using @Dozuki - Randy Scovil (randyscovil) - Christopher Allen
RT @randyscovil: Freedom from real-time constraints could allow for more variable video lengths + narrower topics. #FlipWWDC @khanacademy
Maybe we can flip #iosDevCamp on August 22nd? Any video editors want to volunteer? I also have a TB of historical footage. #FlipWWDC
RT @brennanMKE: @ChristopherA Videos could also be 5 to 20 minutes long with a useful index with supporting docs & code. #FlipWWDC
If @KhanAcademy can flip the classroom, why can't Apple #FlipWWDC? Produce & release all videos a week before, then only have labs at #WWDC!
OK, I admit it, I'm a Star Wars fan: #wwdc
"Dare to be great, dare to be dopey, don't be afraid." @Dave_Filoni quoting lesson from George Lucas at #WWDC #starwarsrebels
I like the nice touch of the imperial storm troopers guarding the stage before the #WWDC #StarWars lunch talk.
Freedom to Fail & Freakonomics podcast "Failure is Your Friend" -
QOTD: "The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it." — Henry David Thoreau /rt @99u /via @BonnieJWallace
Google reports 65% email out is encrypted in transit, 50% in. I got flack for reserving those SSL ports—glad I did!
RT @reveal_app: Thoughts on Apple’s entry in to runtime view hierarchy inspection.
Save August 22nd - 24th in San Jose for our next #iOSDevCamp #hackathon!
RT @cdespinosa: Holy crap, TWELVE HOURS after we introduced a brand new language, somebody reimplemented Flappy Birds in it #Swift
QOTD: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."—Maya Angelou
I saw this at #VatorSpash — basically a scaffold that makes it easier to integrate solar panels into roofs. As an...
Know any #twitter employee selling stock to buy a house as #lockout expires? My house is only H bus away from SF:
RT @PinchotBGI: Curious about improving meetings? Introduction to Group Works and the Group Pattern Language w/@ChristopherA | 5/10,
I am selling my beautiful home that I designed in Berkeley: — I have some regrets, but it is time to right size.
"The Really Big Questions" Podcast Asks "Why Do We Share?" -
Is the Sharing Economy Changing Our Culture of Trust? -
Used #TrustedTraveller card—fast line, kept on clothes, didn't unpack liquids or computer. Convenience over #Privacy.
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