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RT @reveal_app: Thoughts on Apple’s entry in to runtime view hierarchy inspection.
Save August 22nd - 24th in San Jose for our next #iOSDevCamp #hackathon!
RT @cdespinosa: Holy crap, TWELVE HOURS after we introduced a brand new language, somebody reimplemented Flappy Birds in it #Swift
QOTD: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."—Maya Angelou
I saw this at #VatorSpash — basically a scaffold that makes it easier to integrate solar panels into roofs. As an...
Know any #twitter employee selling stock to buy a house as #lockout expires? My house is only H bus away from SF:
RT @PinchotBGI: Curious about improving meetings? Introduction to Group Works and the Group Pattern Language w/@ChristopherA | 5/10,
"Look Up" Your Strong Ties, Connect to Your Weak Ties -
I am selling my beautiful home that I designed in Berkeley: — I have some regrets, but it is time to right size.
Playshop 5/10: Introduction to Group Works and the Group Pattern Language -
"The Really Big Questions" Podcast Asks "Why Do We Share?" -
Is the Sharing Economy Changing Our Culture of Trust? -
"Harmonic" on Pantheon Steel XXD Halo Hand Pan at BGIedu Intensive -
Some History of SSL Security Reviews -
Trusted Traveler: Convenience over Privacy <sigh> -
Used #TrustedTraveller card—fast line, kept on clothes, didn't unpack liquids or computer. Convenience over #Privacy.
Advice to SysAdmins & Managers about Heartbleed Bug in SSL -
General Advice about the Heartbleed Bug in SSL -
To be persuasive, you need to understand "Identity Protective Cognition" -
danah boyd asks "Is Oculis Rift Sexist"? -
The free Experiment Board looks interesting. Reminds me of Business Model Generation Canvas. via @Lean #LeanStartup
Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Christopher Allen and Shannon Appelcline At Skotos Tech Are Saving Up To Buy A Prius, I Guess -
@ChristopherA This matter apparently still requires your attention, Mr Allen... – Zak Smith (ZakSmithSabbath) - Christopher Allen
iOS App Review Sites – 146 Sites For iPhone And iPad App Reviews -
Welcome to another update to the iPhone and iPad app review sites listing in iOS development about three years ago, I made the first posting of the iPhone app review sites list, and it’s been over a year since the last update. via Pocket - Christopher Allen
Why everything geeks think they know about Kickstarter is wrong – Quartz -
Kickstarter has been described as the Home Shopping Network for geeks—picture an online version of the Sharper Image catalog and an investment platform for tech startups having a baby. via Pocket - Christopher Allen
Twitter / pcrampton: @ChristopherA sharing the ... -
@ChristopherA sharing the community magic at #iOSDevCamp – Perrine V. Crampton (pcrampton) - Christopher Allen
29 social networks that have at least one million visitors per day -
Although Facebook is by far the largest social network out there, the social network sphere is large and has a ton of players. We were curious about which of them are the most active. To find these sites, we decided to focus on the number of daily visitors to each site. via Pocket - Christopher Allen
How to Create Content Readers Want to Engage With -
The most effective way to create content readers want to engage with is to create content that activate the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex, the curious and problem solving part of the brain. Readers should always respond or ask questions after they read your content. via Pocket - Christopher Allen
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