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I'm watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, Vow of Silence (S8EP5) #CurbYourEnthusiasm @intonow
Tape recorder, that’s me…
It's like watching my life on tv!
I'm watching Louie, Daddy's Girlfriend #Louie @intonow
I'm watching Breaking Bad, Say My Name (S5EP7) #BreakingBad @BreakingBad_AMC @intonow
I'm watching Breaking Bad, Gliding Over All (S5EP8) #BreakingBad @BreakingBad_AMC @intonow
RT @TheClingyGF: Let's not get crazy! We don't need personal space, we have couple's space!
The methlamine flows no matter what, we’re just getting started! #breakingbad
Iron clad way to switch to night shift: adult beverage(s), ribeye and Breaking Bad Marathon to stay up all night!
IRT iPad Mini and pundits concern abt icon size/usability. Apple engineers have a good track record of elegant solutions. #apple
Hmmm...I don't think the beanie should be that visible!
Hmmm...I don't think the beanie should be that visible!
“@Mike_FTW: Hey guys, play it cool. You want Romney to change his mind?”
RT @mrgan: 6'6" guy gliding down the street in a beautiful, long dress, mouth-popping an impressive rendition of the Super Mario Bros 2 theme #portland
I'm watching Parks and Recreation, Dave Returns (S4EP15) #parksandrecreation @parksandrecnbc @intonow
RT @Alyssa_Milano: Wow. 18 years after Spencer Tracy died, Katharine Hepburn wrote him a letter: /via @LettersOfNote
RT @Tobolowsky: Had sushi with other son, the chemist. Shared saki. You figure you did something right if you drink a bottle of saki with your child.
RT @Tobolowsky: You figure you had to have done something right if your child doesn't want to be seen with you.
IRT 7” iPad pricing vs. iPod touch. Re: the original iPod mini: $249 4gb vs. $299 15gb iPod? Result: mini sold very well #apple
Sunday night, homemade steak night and Breaking Bad equals a good night. Long Island Iced teas don’t hurt either! thank you for bringing a little of America to the Middle East! #MLB
If you like rock and play guitar or ever wanted to, this is a great riff sample from the 50's-today!
I'm watching Breaking Bad, Live Free or Die (S5EP1) #BreakingBad @BreakingBad_AMC @intonow
What about an iPad Touch? 7.85 tablet focused on gaming, AirPlay, and reading? #apple
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