afc wins... keep on shorting
that should be an incomplete pass...
RT @digg_technews "BART signs 20-year deal for Wi-Fi" - ... now expand and link with caltrans on 4th street
wow. holding
capping pay for any industry is a terrible idea. putting pay in line with the lifetime and npv of deals they make is much sounder
RT @dom: How Twitter was born.
did the times get played? i think yes
great time at the ball field with my little bro
#lost the girl that takes faraday to the bomb is likely eloise hawkins... who is likely his mom.
Doug Glanville in the NY Times on personal success - from @bpcmember11
"Never feel stupid asking a simple question" - Michael Lewis on life and finance
"Never feel stupid asking a simple question" - Michael Lewis on life and finance
Perfect is the enemy of good enough
RT @CMEGroup Very good info here on infrastructure and stimulus
The innovation system in America has been damaged by adhering to an economic model which rewards profits before substance-
@californiana very very cool demo.
some thoughts on economic recovery
RT @JOHNABYRNE Sunday reading: "The Talented Mr. Madoff" is a fascinating profile of the alleged swindler.
"one of the most valuable things about history is that it teaches us how things do not happen"
wow try the rose and crown
At the crown rose catching up
Or the crown and rose whatever
taleb/chanos/tinfoil hat inspired speculative thought: google is enron
"But in the short run, the firms seem to feel that the fees are worth sacrificing their reputations and balance sheets"
What are you reading? Tag it, #breviewfri - I'm reading "Do Economists Make Markets?" edited by Donald Mackenzie
everyone gets pwn3d by hoax:
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