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RT @PreteMoiParis: Care for a spot of tea? Here are two spots where I get my tea fix in Paris!
RT @PaulRichardet: Projet ARA : 12 questions pour tout savoir sur le smartphone modulaire de Google
RT @torrentfreak: MPAA and RIAA Members Uploaded Over 2,000 Gigabytes to Megaupload
RT @Defense_gouv: ce soir, à 23h10, sur France 3 diffusion du documentaire "Nos soldats perdus en Indochine"
RT @glynmoody: .@Tresorit opens its end-to-end #encrypted file-sharing service to the public - a replacement for @Dropbox?
RT @webAgencyFAIL: [CP] — Elle est à quel étage l’imprimante PDF ? (via @voulf)
Plant Breeders Release 'Open Source Seeds' @slashdot cc @PreteMoiParis
RT @NeelieKroesEU: #UberIsWelcome everywhere in Europe. #Berlin too. A "poor but sexy" start-up city is an obvious place for taxi choices. Don't you agree?
RIP Gabriel Garcia Márquez :-(
RT @CyvispaSec: Heartbleed disclosure timeline: who knew what and when #infosec
RT @Path2Enlighten: Conservatism through the centuries [pic]:
RT @Techinnov: « J’ai téléchargé mon fauteuil »
RT @FastCoDesign: "Everyone can be a maker, and we want to spread that joy and celebrate that."
RT @NicolasBard: La French Tech veut séduire New York
RT @Sjig: RT UK's CESG: "We love open standards, they make life easier."
Any good tip on using #GPG on Android welcome. @Kaiten only handles inline encrypted messages. Thanks!
RT @meadrus: @doctorow @wilw Thanks to freedom from DRM, I easily converted my purchased audiobook to my preferred format.
"@CuteEmergency: ready for battle."
RT @libreoffice: Guess what: the release candidate for #LibreOffice 4.1.6 is available. You can test it & see if it's good to go:
RT @opensourceway: Open education resources combat high textbook prices, by @steven_ovadia: #OER
RT @ICIMontreuil: Une imprimante 3D low cost â 300 $ bientôt chez vous : #3Dprinting #makers
RT @mashable: Obvious lesson of the day: Don't make jokes about terrorism on Twitter
RT @axellelemaire: "C'est l'économie numérique qui est devenue la première économie génératrice de croissance" #cap-e-xport
RT @snips: Using #OpenStreetMap to predict sun exposure of Paris cafés! #sunTherapy cc @mael_p @OSM_FR @RatZillaS @corradio
RT @LaFrenchTech: Rappel: Il y a une labellisation "Métropole FrenchTech" mais pas de "label FrenchTech" Tout l'écosystème est invité à s'afficher #FrenchTech
RT @libreoffice: You too can help improving the quality of #LibreOffice . Test our development and beta versions today! #QA #tests
RT @slashdot: Private Keys Stolen Within Hours From Heartbleed OpenSSL Site
Brendan Eich, the bigots, and Software Freedom #SoftwareFreedom
RT @glynmoody: Does the Heartbleed bug refute Linus’s Law? - ESR explains why it doesn't, obviously... #opensource #closedsource
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