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Reuniting LibreOffice and AOO – a personal take -
Marketing Strategy Workshop 2014: More engagement, better conversations -
RT @CyvispaSec: California “Kill Switch” Bill Could Be Used to Disrupt Protests
RT @HistoryInPics: Ava Gardner in "The Killers," 1946
RT @BoingBoing: Police op-ed: 'Do what I tell you,' I may shoot you if you 'threaten to sue me'
RT @slashdot: Ballmer Leaves Microsoft Board
RT @HistoryInPics: Plymouth "VIP" concept, 1965
RT @AncientWisdoms: He who asks the question is a fool for a minute; he who does not is a fool forever. -Chinese Proverbs
RT @DistroWatch: Distribution: 08/15 Mageia 5-alpha2
RT @HistoryInPics: Cigarettes were promoted as being good for health, till early 1950s
RT @PaulRichardet: Open data et démocratie : la réponse d’Henri Verdier, « monsieur Data » du gouvernement - Le nouvel Observateur
RT @JeromeRoussin: RT @lemondefr Amazon lance un lecteur de cartes bancaires #ecommerce
Have the US turned into an oligarchy? via @doctorow
The Most Wanted Man in the World: Edward Snowden in His Own Words
RT @gigaom: CoreOS acquires to give Docker users better control of their data
RT @HistoryInPics: The evolution of Coca-Cola bottles (from left to right: 1899, 1900, 1915, 1916, 1957, 1986).
RT @unhosted: remotestorage.js version 0.10.1 just released:
RT @webmink: OSI and SFC Announce Working Group On US Tax Exemption For Open Source Non-Profits
RT @adrianbriggs: Creationists are primate change deniers.
RT @libreoffice: We don't tweet these services very often but they are essential resources for our community:
RT @mbauwens: a whitepaper on the bio-commons,
RT @securityaffairs: F-Secure discovered Xiaomi handset spying on users'data #securityaffairs #Xiaomi #espionage #mobile
RT @AP: People flee into streets as quake shakes Ecuador's capital area; two deaths reported:
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