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RT @Joinup_eu: This weekend in Toulouse: Capitole du Libre 2014 covering many 'open' topics read more here: @toulibreorg
RT @buchtan: "Interoperability" is an attempt to undermine European data protection standards" by @bendrath #EUdataP #TTIP #TISA
RT @NicoCharbonneau: Helmut Kohl porte de Brandebourg...25 ans après la chute du mur. Superbe photo via Bild Zeitung #BerlinWall
RT @Independent: The guard who opened the gate on the Berlin Wall - and made history
RT @FascinatingVids: No Son, We Have To Go Home.
RT @uaem: .@buissonnierem: On #Ebola Vaccines - ALL of them have public funding of some sort, and there are #IP claims at all levels #UAEM2014
RT @CuteEmergency: Just get in the car Alice, I'll explain on the way.
RT @mat_johnson: Privilege is born on third base, and thinks it hit a triple. Entitlement is born on third base, and thinks someone stole its home run.
RT @NumaLive: IMPORTANT // @NumaLive rejoint le compte twitter de @numaparis >> + d'event + de news + de communauté. Suivez dès à présent @numaparis !
"@kennwhite: Adium OTR chat defaults to plaintext logging by default & full plaintext to Growl on OSX Wow " @floeff
RT @ioerror: @jbrooks_ I blame Adium: Totally unbelievable and irresponsible.
RT @ecsparrow: GnuPG adds experimental support for Curve25519. RSA, your days are numbered (albeit, a high number).
RT @DefStrategie: RT“@ncaproni: Le rapport Lemoine trace 180 pistes numériques pour transformer l’économie française”
RT @BoingBoing: Creative Commons and Aaronsw's sweet hack
RT @reitschuster: So fährt Putin durch Moskau - wenn das Bild authentisch ist. Was hätte wohl Freud dazu gesagt?
The Document Foundation sets precedents & paves new opportunities for Free Software cc @libreoffice
RT @EarthPix: Sun going down in Barcelona
Pulp Fiction turns 20 years old today. It does not make me feel any younger... cc @PreteMoiParis
Lâcher de phoques veaux marins en baie du Mont Saint Michel. -
Lâcher de phoques veaux marins en baie du Mont Saint Michel.
Reuniting LibreOffice and AOO – a personal take -
Marketing Strategy Workshop 2014: More engagement, better conversations -
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