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Kevin Fox
If you were the inventor of FriendFeed you would have invented FriendFeed.
That's most likely true. - Josh Haley
If only. - Stephen Mack
If memory serves, I did invent Friendfeed. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
I don't know what that means, but I like it. - Bruce Lewis
Exactly. - Laura Norvig from iPod
If you lived here, you'd be home now. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
Would this mean that I'd now be working for Facebook? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
This is a reboot of Three Card Monte, right. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I don't know about that. I did many things I never would've done. - Morton Fox
1=1 right? - Ciro Villa
Somehow your statement reminds me of Fight Club. :P - imabonehead
I see what you did there, clever guy :) - Scott. Cat Herder.
And if you weren't the inventor of the friend feed responsible for your company's stratospheric rise, you would buy the inventors of the friend feed responsible for your company's stratospheric rise. - Christopher Galtenberg
Reading resumes? - DGentry
Logex: the first rule of the fight club is the first rule of the fight club? For fear of knocking the FF founding fathers off their pedestals, i decline to answer your question, sir. ;) - Roberto Bonini
Thats Why Its Got Invented By Some One Else ................ Cause M Not A Inventor ........ - Hotkar's
FriendFeed wasn't invented, it was discovered. - Jim Norris
FriendFeed wasn't invented. It sprang fully armored from the forehead of Zeus. - DGentry
Paul Buchheit
Steve Gillmor interviews me about FriendFeed and Facebook: (partial summary at
Steve Gillmor interviews me about FriendFeed and Facebook: (partial summary at
Thanks for your time Paul., sharing what we know may help others achieve their goals and ambitions. - frank burns
This is a really really good interview thank you for sharing - Thomas Power
John E. Bredehoft
Ken Morley
iPad Adoption Rate Fastest Ever, Passing DVD Player -
iPad Adoption Rate Fastest Ever, Passing DVD Player
"At this current rate, the iPad will pass gaming hardware and the cellular phone to become the 4th biggest consumer electronics category with estimated sales of more than $9 billion in the U.S. next year" - Ken Morley from Bookmarklet
Science can explain our need of story-telling, but can't replace the intense emotional experience ... via @davefenton
Paul Buchheit
Google Making Extraordinary Counteroffers To Stop Flow Of Employees To Facebook -
Google Making Extraordinary Counteroffers To Stop Flow Of Employees To Facebook
"One recent Googler, we’ve confirmed, was recently offered a counter offer he couldn’t refuse (except he did). He was offered a 15% raise on his $150,000 mid level developer salary, quadruple the stock benefits and…wait for it…a $500,000 cash bonus to stay for a year. He took the Facebook offer anyway." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Google can hire me any day..... - Roberto Bonini
Yes, it is. Many people at Google use Facebook offers in order to get a big raise. - Paul Buchheit
It's the same story here in Italy, but for players of soccer... - @zaps
and a big number of ex-Googlers transferred to Facebook. - Ozgur Demir
It's no different than what MSFT and Yahoo! employees did in that past. At these time the destination was Google. The important metric would be their persistency in their next destination (if they made the switch) or the mean time between their "i'm leaving" bluffs. - Berk D. Demir
seek no persistency Berk... that flow is consistent. - Ozgur Demir
There's no way 150k is a mid level salary (without bonus). I looked at the disclosures for 2008 Google supported H-1B visas and 120k is the highest just 2 years ago. - Doug Brooks
Doug, $150k is not uncommon for an experienced engineer in SV. - Paul Buchheit
I think that the story is basically true, but that the numbers are somewhat exaggerated (or misinterpreted by TechCrunch), especially the $500k cash bonus. - Tudor Bosman
I have some real numbers from recent such events, and while it's not cash, the number of GSUs being handed out are pretty astonishing. There's a serious bidding war going on. - Piaw Na
You'd think Google could figure out the reasons people want to switch and use the money to fix the discrepancy. If you pay someone half a million dollars to stay for a year, they'll only stay for a year (and probably not be as productive in the interim). - Kevin Fox
And I thought I did good with my 1 year stay bonus :P - Juan Pablo González
interesting, I thought the conventional advice was to never take counter offers for fear they will just drop you at a more opportune time, but maybe if they're offering up that kind of cash, they are genuinely interested in keeping, not just blocking the exit of, the employees. also, funny how this is the exact opposite of the zappos pay people to leave approach - Karl Rosaen
Unbelievable... - Jonathan Beckett
Maybe I should turn back to Software Development.. - mak100 from BuddyFeed
"if you get 1/10 of 1%, that’s $100 million in stock." Uhh... There are only so many percents to go around... - Brian Johns
@Kevin: Google is not stupid. They don't hand out cash. Retention packages are all in GSUs that vest over 4 years. Now, one statistic that I heard is that even people who receive the massive packages on average only stay for 2 years. - Piaw Na
wowowowow amazing #braindrain - Susan Beebe
Just realized that a "mid level developer" at Google makes MUCH more than a "high level program manager" at a multi-billion dollar international. Wild guess that FB would have no interest in making me an offer (and that my company would laugh at me if I presented a FB offer to them expecting a counter). Ah, Silly Valley, you're still silly! - Ryan Kaisoglus
I still call bs. I'm in silicon valley too :) Here's some H-1B data to support my skepticism. BTW I'm not saying that engineers aren't making this, just that it's not the mid/entry level guys. - Doug Brooks
Google isn't the only company being poached from by FB. - Mr. Gunn
Doug, there are several ex-Googlers commenting here, and none appear to disagree enough with the reported salary to point it out. Besides, the report said "mid-level" (not "entry level") which covers a wide range. There are some (non-senior staff) software engineers on your list that earn comparable amounts: e.g.: I-07330-3751869 147,000; I-08023-3822031 140,000; I-07352-3779209 139,000. - Simon
I wonder if Google HR is desperate or trying to bluff Facebook into overpaying for folks. - John Piscitello
That would be a very expensive bluff. - Tudor Bosman
It's amusing that there is so much disbelief in these comments. - Paul Buchheit
I don't think most people realize how much of a hockey curve the compensation for engineers is. It isn't something companies generally advertise. - Joe Beda from iPhone
hockey curve? - A. T.
@lelapin Well, all those underpaid brilliant engineers better start coming out of the woodwork. :-) - Piaw Na
Perhaps instead of Big Money, Google should be offering increased autonomy and more chances to change the world. From the outside, and far away, I'd suspect the project coolness factor may matter as much as the bigger payout. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
A.T, here's a graph showing a hockey stick pattern: (it's a tough subject to google because you get flooded with ice hockey or climate controversy results) - Micah
Also... and this is Monday morning quarterbacking, I realize that... Google should've put a hole or two in the scams FB used to rely a lot on for revenue. With a multi-pronged approach: technical and PR and political lobbying. (obviously it wouldn't have been framed as anti-FB, but pro-user, anti-scam.) - Andrew C (✔) from Android
A.T. — sorry for not being clear. The axis for the imaginary graph I'm thinking about would be compensation on the Y axis and seniority/quality on the X axis. - Joe Beda from iPhone
Andrew C: Google already offers plenty of autonomy and chances to change the world. The people who are leaving/getting massive retention packages aren't leaving because FB changes the world more. Many of them wanted to leave because they were consistently under-valued at Google. - Piaw Na
With all that talent, I wish FB deployed even a tiny portion of it to maintain Friendfeed - Paola Bonomo
Why do people think 150k is over the top? $150k would be high here (Australia), but not crazy-high, and we don't have as much competition. If you include contract engineers I know quite a few people making that pretty easily. +15% + 4x stock benefits + 500K is nice though! - Nick Lothian
Nick, I don't think $150k is over the top for Google. I think that $150k plus all the variable comp is over the top. Further, I think that outside of the small world of Google, FB, Twitter, etc, $150k for a mid-level developer is very high. Point of comparison: I work for a Fortune 5 company that also happens to be one of the 15 largest producers of software in the world (though... more... - Ryan Kaisoglus
@Ryan: - that's the java job market for Australia. Over 1200 jobs paying over $120K (multiple that by 1.1 to convert to US $) - and that's only including jobs where they advertise the pay. Edit: It's actually a lot more than that - a lot of the ads are for multiple positions (eg: we require 11 developers) - Nick Lothian
Andy McIlwain
This is how I shop for computer stuff: 1. Go to, read reviews. 2. Go to, spend money. Rinse+repeat. :D
Caudill Miller
Google Notebook was awesome. I wish they would have kept developing it #reminiscing
Anibal M. Astobiza
Richard Dawkins talks to Craig Venter, Julian Savulescu, and other leading scientists...
joshua schachter
AJ Batac
ffAplications - Union of FriendFeed Applications and Tools -
ffAplications - Union of FriendFeed Applications and Tools
ffAplications - Union of FriendFeed Applications and Tools
Show all
"We're a small community of useful FriendFeed applications and tools." - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
What's with FFBlockr, still beta... - Zu from AOD
3 out of 6 dead - Vezquex
seems like all are DEAD now except FFholic. :( - AJ Batac
Paul Buchheit
'David After Dentist's Family Made $150,000 Off Their Viral Video -
'David After Dentist's Family Made $150,000 Off Their Viral Video
""I'd say about $100,000 of that (is from YouTube)," the elder David DeVore tells us over the phone. "The rest is licensing and merchandise." While they weren't too creative with the title of the video, "David After Dentist," the DeVores have been innovative in turning their once-in-a-lifetime viral video into a money-machine. Initially, the video was meant to be shared amongst friends and family. At the time, however, YouTube's only alternative to sharing a video with the world was to share it with just 25 people. So, instead of setting "David After Dentist" as "Private," the video went "Public" for everyone to see. The one seemingly minor decision to make the video available all over the Internet set off a whirlwind of changes for the DeVore family. Within just four days, "David After Dentist" received 3 million views on YouTube and the younger David quickly became an Internet celebrity. His father quit his job in residential real estate (did we mention they live in Florida?), and... more... - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Sorry to take a lawyerly viewpoint, but showing a child in a very private stupored state after surgery, because that what dentistry is, may involve a degree of abuse or exploitation of the childs rights. I am fairly sure that there are very strict child exploitation laws, that protect children from being used as money making vehicles for their parents and or their benefit, unless the... more... - Bravid Valour
Bravid: Have you ever seen America's Funniest Home Videos? Half of it is kids doing something stupid in private! - Gabe
Hey Paul, - Priscilla
I think "David After Dentist" is an inspired title! - Laura Norvig
Bret Taylor
If Games Had Super-Easy Mode - CollegeHumor video -
If Games Had Super-Easy Mode - CollegeHumor video
Excellent. So glad they included Battletoads - Louis Gray
Agreed. Battletoads was so frickin' hard, especially with 2 players. :) - Dan Hsiao
FUn Game - Srinu
LOL - Andrew David - alghinnah nu'man
we come in peace :))))))))))) - Circle
Phillip Gibb
Tron Legacy Proofed by Pixar Heads, Got New Reshoots in June « -
RT @fsnewsfeed Tron Legacy Proofed by Pixar's Best, Then Had Reshoots in June « - Phillip Gibb
Why Changing Somebody’s Mind, or Yours, is Hard to Do. | Psychology Today -
Why Changing Somebody’s Mind, or Yours, is Hard to Do. | Psychology Today
"There are a lot of psychological terms for the fact that people don't like to change their minds; "motivated reasoning", "confirmation bias", "cognitive dissonance". But you don't need academic semantics to know that trying to get somebody to see things your way is tough if they go into the argument with another point of view. You argue the facts, as thoughtfully and non-confrontationally as you can, but the facts don't seem to get you anywhere. The wall of the other person's opinion doesn't move. They don't seem to WANT it to move." - Lit from Bookmarklet
"What's going on there? Why do people so tenaciously stick to the views they've already formed? Shouldn't a cognitive mind be open to the reason? Well, that's hopeful but naïve, and ignores a vast amount of social science evidence that has shown that facts, by themselves, are meaningless. They are ones and zeroes to your mental computer, raw blank data that only... more... - Lit
This is why I don't attempt it unless it's something really important - LANjackal
Yeah, agreed. I typically don't get in discussion where topics are close to value systems and personal beliefs, unless participants are asking directly about and appear open to consider other ideas. - Lit
joshua schachter
Reddit what are THE essential programs to have on your computer? : AskReddit -
joshua schachter
Smoking Hot Mac Interface Design: 30 Stunning Apps | Mac.AppStorm -
Dominique Rodier
RT @spaikin: toronto star's antonia zerbisias (@AntoniaZ)'s piece on the power of twitter during the G20: #cnpoli
Jonathan Bailey
RT @SebastienPage: Plagiarism is one of the few times that you will get in trouble for something you really didn't do.
joshua schachter
what was on the ground in the Jetsons? -
what was on the ground in the Jetsons?
This Week In Google
YouTube to Support, Host '4K'-Format Videos | News & Opinion | -
Google's YouTube on Friday announced support for so-called "4K" video, a format four times the size of today's 1080p HDTVs. Although the number of videos provided by YouTube in the new format will undoubtedly be fairly small, YouTube said that the company wanted to support films with the highest video quality available.
'Doomsday Ark' to be Housed on the Moon -A Remote Access Toolkit to Rebuild the Human Race -
'Doomsday Ark' to be Housed on the Moon -A Remote Access Toolkit to Rebuild the Human Race
"If the human species should be destroyed on Earth, our future may reside on the Moon if plans.being drawn up for a “Doomsday ark” on the moon by the European Space Agency are carried through. The Ark will contain the essentials of life and human civilization, to be activated in the event of earth being devastated by a giant asteroid or nuclear war. The construction of a lunar information bank, discussed at a conference in Strasbourg last month, would provide survivors on Earth with a remote-access toolkit to rebuild the human race. A basic version of the ark would contain hard discs holding information such as DNA sequences and instructions for metal smelting or planting crops. It would be buried in a vault just under the lunar surface and transmitters would send the data to heavily protected receivers on earth. if no receivers survived, the ark would continue transmitting the information until new ones could be built. The vault could later be extended to include natural material... more... - Wildcat from Bookmarklet
Day might not be too far off where we want to start storing everyone's genome who dies for future reference ? - futureseek from email
if we manage to read and store your memories. Then we recreate a copy of you from your genome, and x how, put restore your memories, are you you again, or something different? i know a little off topic... - futureseek from email
Discovering Why the Human Mind Needs Nature. Attention Restoration Theory By Eric Jaffe | aps -
Discovering Why the Human Mind Needs Nature. Attention Restoration Theory By Eric Jaffe | aps
"Attention Restoration Theory (ART) asserts that people can concentrate better after spending time in nature, or even looking at scenes of nature. Natural environments abound with “soft fascinations” which a person can reflect upon in “effortless attention”, such as clouds moving across the sky, leaves rustling in a breeze or water bubbling over rocks in a stream. (...) “The way I think of it is that our ancestors evolved in a nature-filled environment,” says Kaplan. “[Such places] should feel more comfortable, more relaxed, more like home. It’s not a big leap between that and being more competent, less distracted. (…) Andrea Taylor found a relationship between exposure to nature and self-control. (…) The former group scored higher on tests of concentration, inhibited impulsivity, and ability to delay gratification. (…)”" - Amira from Bookmarklet
James E.'s Review of The Black Bull - Toronto (4/5) on Yelp -
Steve Jobs Suggests Blu-ray Not Coming to Mac Anytime Soon -
Steve Jobs Suggests Blu-ray Not Coming to Mac Anytime Soon
"Amongst the emails that Steve Jobs has been responding to, he also responded to an inquiry by a MacRumors reader Siva about future of Blu-ray on the Mac. While Blu-ray has been a long requested feature for Macs, Apple has described Blu-ray licensing as bag of hurt and hasn't made any moves to incorporate the drives into their desktop Macs. That seems unlikely to change in the near future if Steve Jobs' recent email replies are any guide. Siva emailed Jobs about being disappointed that the recently revised Mac mini didn't include a Blu-ray drive." - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
If this is the case, does that mean Hollywood Blu-Rays are authored on PCs? Because if that's the case Apple may be ceding the entertainment production market to MS ... - LANjackal
This doesn't mean Blu-ray drives can't be connected to the mac - Toast has supported blu-ray for a long time this is just about playback, native support, etc. - Richard Lawler
So is there any support whatsoever for Blu-Ray playback on the Mac? Just wanna clarify - LANjackal
commercial blu-ray movies? afaik, no. - Richard Lawler
joshua schachter
ScraperWiki is all the tools you need for Screen Scraping & Data Mining. - joshua schachter
there's this one as well - Tzury Bar Yochay
Ah, no Perl ? - Space Cowboy
"You won't even need to buy a fancy new cable to use it. According to the HDBaseT specification chart, you can "use existing network wiring" with a standard Cat5e/6 LAN cable and an RJ-45 connector ... In terms of benefits over other connectors, HDBaseT currently boasts a maximum cable length of 100m, compared with just a few metres with some HDMI cables and 15m for a DisplayPort cable. Impressively, it can also carry up to 100W of charging power, which the alliance says is enough to power an entire TV from another device." - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
Excuse me? 1080p on Blu-Ray maxes out at 50Mbps. DTS Lossless = 1.5Mbps, so your bandwidth demand is going to max out at ~52Mbps. Cat5e+ supports 1Gbps. *scratches head* Am I missing something? Exactly how do you need 2 Cat6? - LANjackal
OK, I just don't understand how a 50Mbps bitstream blows up to 1+ Gbps, unless the converters are decompressing everything in real time and recompressing it on the other end ... I believe your story, I'm just wondering about the "why" behind it - LANjackal
O ok - LANjackal
iPhone in Canada Blog
New Blog Post: Apple Announces 1.7 Million iPhone 4 Units Sold In 3 Days
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