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Charles Hudson

Charles Hudson

I work on the web - I do lots of stuff in social media and games.
The Great Facebook Unbundling" via @om
Re: Vertical Marketplaces and the Durability of Craigslist -
"I just love that CL stands out as a very public symbol of the danger of buying into too much of the orthodoxy around mobile-first / high design in lieu of core utility and simplicity. I think others will gradually chip away at them in some specific verticals, but it will be a slow process." - Charles Hudson
Pretty simple template for portfolio company updates: Update My VC cc @RRE
[new post] Vertical Marketplaces and the Durability of Craigslist
RT @DisneyAccel: Application deadline for the Disney Accelerator is TOMORROW! Is yours in yet? Come dream with us and apply today:
Creating a financing deck forces clarity around story and market opp. If you're struggling with your deck, it might be a sign.
"Seed is not the first round of financing any more." gr8 post: The New Venture Landscape by @ManuKumar"
Continued change around venture round nomenclature / size making it hard for startups to figure out when to approach which VC firm.
Smart - MT Twitter Acquires Android Lockscreen App Cover, Moves Deeper Into Mobile Services by @ingridlunden"
RT @balanced: The Balanced Quarterly Update - We're processing over half a billion dollars a year!
Say what you will about the Craigslist UI and design. It still rocks when you want to sell stuff in SF. #liquidityrules
RT @johnfazzolari: Yes- @SwellApp is now available for Android in Beta. Good to see @gramkumar continue to build an awesome product
Re: Making City Living Better as an Investment Theme -
"I think Lyft and Uber are special because transportation is an everyday need. I would not say the same is true of all of the categories I listed above - when you have a frequency habit and density, it's a potentially killer combo. But I do think cities are great labs for testing out services that require some level of route / consumer density to make the math on acquisition and fulfillment work." - Charles Hudson
[new post] Making City Living Better as an Investment Theme: by @chudson
RT @semil: [announcement] Swell (@SwellApp) For Android, Now In Beta! Sign up here:
I'm listening to @BenedictEvans on @a16z a16z Podcast: The Rise of Full Stack Startups on @swellapp. Listen here
Not sure whether I am stalking @jkwade or he's stalking me. I see that guy everywhere!
RT @TechCrunch: Lemnos Labs Raises $20M, Opens 8,000 Sq․ Ft․ Warehouse To Support Early-Stage Hardware Startups by @ryanlawler
fun interview with @peterdelevett: Meet Charles Hudson, who's bringing a new perspective to venture capital.
RT @nabeel: The unique lessons of Oculus - The news broke today that Oculus is joining Facebook for $2 billion, and I...
whoa! grats @nabeel MT $FB To Buy Oculus VR, Maker Of The Rift Headset, For Around $2B In Cash And Stock | TechCrunch
grats 2 my friend @fassetthound - Intel Completes Purchase Of Basis Science: via @techcrunch
RT @DJVentureWire: Hired Handed $15M Series A to Expand in New York
“You can’t sustainably grow something that sucks.” good read by @dankaplan via @techcrunch
Yesterday I learned that it's pretty fun to use @delectable in real time with a friend across the table. Thanks @satyap #notinvestor
Gr8 news from friend @mattrwilsey - Found cause of Grace’s condition & a new disease . #raredisease #pediatrics
I really like @MagicRecs. My gut says that if FB offered it, I'd dislike it. Can't explain why, it just feels natively good on Twitter.
Re: On-Demand Music Streaming is Winner-Take-All, Right? -
"Tim, I think you're right. The labels certainly benefit from having multiple players. I think the tension is that it might make sense to do an exclusive deal with a distribution partner that has a commanding market share. But in a world where four services have 25% market share each, doing an exclusive deal with one provider deprives 75% of consumers of that content. In the end, I suspect the labels would be better off distributing to all players. And there are some things about the nature of catalog licenses that would make it hard (and dangerous from a regulatory standpoint) to be too cute on that front." - Charles Hudson
On-Demand Music Streaming is Winner-Take-All, Right? via @chudson
Re: On-Demand Music Streaming is Winner-Take-All, Right? -
"Euwyn, I guess I just feel that Google and Amazon can afford to subsidize on-demand streaming costs for their users for a really long time, regardless of whether that business makes sense on a standalone basis. That doesn't mean that customers will gravitate toward those services just because they are available, though. As for smaller on-demand providers, I don't think that they will be able to afford the customer acquisition spend required to build a brand and acquire customers. Or to do pre-load / install deals with carriers and handset manufacturers that will get them distribution. So can I see some small providers hanging on and making money? Sure, but similar to the ISP business, many people have ended up on the pipes with the best combination of access and market presence. I am an investor in 8tracks and I think that the companies you mentioned at the end of your comment are the ones that have a chance for success - they're doing something other than competing on marketing..." - Charles Hudson
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