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Charles Hudson

Charles Hudson

I work on the web - I do lots of stuff in social media and games.
RT @MediaREDEF: Tristan Walker: The Visible Man (@jmccorvey - @FastCompany)
Every time I use photo stream on iOS while out w friends w iPhones I am reminded that the core premise for Color wasn't stupid.
Nobody who gets lots of email intros has ever suggested killing the cc or bcc field in email...
cool profile of @MelodyMcC ! Discouraged in School, Melody McCloskey Thrives as a Tech Entrepreneur
8tracks updates its website with better playlist curation & tools for DJs via @VentureBeat #investor
Congrats to @thanxinc and my colleague @stephpalmeri on the progress and Series A validation:
Add me to the list of people who are thoroughly impressed by the @serial podcast. Constantly refreshing and hoping to get a new episode.
Reflections on 6 Years at Palantir and the Importance of Persistence via @tsp_interviews
iOS8, Mobility and Making Consumer Security Convenient -
congrats to @smithmegan on her new role. i know she will do great things for our country!
Excited to get this going: Announcing The Searchlights Project - follow @tsp_interviews for updates.
I sincerely hope this isn't universally felt - "I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me."
A good article about when to count your chickens in VC by @danprimack
Some day I hope @sandimac explains her "fancy people" theory of @twitter because she gets it 100x better than most people I know.
I don't tweetstorm, but telling companies to go multi-platform sometimes feels like telling them to hire a better salesperson. Not useful.
I carry an Android phone and an iPhone all day every day. The different UI conventions on multi-platform apps makes my head spin every day.
RT @laurawp: I am looking for a right hand wo/man! Know anyone who wants to take @CODE2040 to the next level?
I am so disturbed by everything happening in #Ferguson. I can't make sense of this militarized response to peaceful protest. Please stop.
Old post from 2011 - feels relevant in today's world: Yelp and foursquare are on a Collision Course via @chudson
Getting mentally prepared for tomorrow's #mobiledebaters w @MackFlavelle ! Should be fun.
Getting mentally prepared for tomorrow's #mobiledebaters. Should be fun! cc @MackFlavelle
Early Thoughts on Lyft Line and Ridepooling via @chudson
Early Thoughts on Lyft Line and Ridepooling -
I find the new @foursquare design beautiful but overwhelming. I also get why they split @swarmapp into a separate app. No room in the UI.
congrats to the @sosh team - cool! Sosh Launches Concierge, The Uber Of Restaurant Dining via @techcrunch
good take on big co attempts to launch standalone apps - Why Standalone Apps Are Supposed To Fail by @joshconstine
Nice deck on the On-Demand Economy by @shervin and @sherpa: via @recode
I still don't quite get why @Square threw in the towel on wallet. I still use it a few times per week and find it very useful.
this is a good idea RT @BloombergNews: Google to spin off photo service from Google+ social network:
Valet Parking Startups and Non-Consumption as the Real Competition via @chudson
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