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Husband, Dad and oh yeah I am a Recruiter/Sourcer at Google
Stanford's latest iPhone and iPad apps course now free to the world on iTunes U via @sharethis
Boingo Wireless at Denver airport is slower than my tmobile hotspot...what a waste of $5. #slow #wasteOFmoney @boingo
I'd delete my @klout account if any one cared
I'm looking for a Puppet Master & a Gemologist in San Francisco, Ok they're actually a sys arch and a Ruby Dev, but I like the 1st titles It might be easier to just add your keywords to the end of the url. For instance if you wanted to search the...
Sourcing Sourcers locations are San Mateo and San Francisco. At the very least it is turning the tables on them, maybe I'll call a few :)
Town Council locked in a heated debate about the Castle Rock Ice Rink. @castlerocknews
Mayor Aiden Leading the Castle Rock town hall meeting about allowing an ice rink in the city center
Saw this book on the airport...hope it is enlightening.
Saw this book on the airport...hope it is enlightening.
Who's Kevin Clash? Elmo you say? I'm watching the PBS special about Elmo&Sourcing& how strange that I'm tying the correlation between them
How do you automate your sourcing process?
Just scrapped all off the GIAC Cert. people and hoping to automate the rest of the discovery process.But I fear brute force is in my future
A friend in Boulder is looking for a Recruiter for a 6 month contract. If you're interested let me know and I'll get you the details. #jobs
All this spring snow hard on the neighbors tree
All this spring snow hard on the neighbors tree
Just heard about a SugarCRM Admin role in the Boulder area. If you are interested in finding out more let me know. #jobs
Heard about some(13) Business Analyst roles in Denver and Austin today. If you are interested in finding out more let me know. #jobs
If you use Gmail and you aren't using Rapportive you are really missing out.
Great read could this apply to resumes also? Are Horizontal Website Layouts the Wave of the Future? - Technology Review
If you use Twitter or any social media and are looking for a job fill out your profile and make sure you are easy to find and connect with.
I am not a big fan of politics's and drama. Get your shit straight b4 you call and pump me for info
are you a recruiter or sourcer in the Boulkder area? I know of 3 openings. if you are interested email me and I will get you more details.
Sync your files online and across computers with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free!
Found this bookmarklet manager & it has a right click menu:)
Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #palo_alto #engineer #jobs #sourcing #boolean #staffinghack
Super excited to see that @rapportive has integrated Google Contacts
When I check gmail and I get nothing back on #rapportive I become suspicious. I see big things in their future!
#nimble contacts loaded, now trying to figure out search. Anyone online documentation for this and do you use Lucene as the search engine?
Aiden's school project get pictures of Flat Stanley from around the world. info <http://flatsagecanyon.wikispac...>. #stpatricksday
HELP Aiden with his Flat Stanley project His 2nd grade class would like to get pictures of Flat Stanley from around …
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