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What you need to know about card skimming -
A Basic Guide to the Different Types of Bank Accounts -
Learn the Basics of Color Theory to Know What Looks Good - Recommends Matching Fonts for Better Design -
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At-Home Cronut Recipe | Dominique Ansel | Recipe - ABC News -
Security is important, @GOGcom. We'd like it if you supported two factor auth. #SupportTwoFactorAuth
Re: Queens Residents Now Fighting Over Chicken Coops, Too -
"That's not forest hills, that's kew gardens! Those chickens belong to the house right behind those chickens I think." - Robin
Re: Chilling NASA Video Shows Polar Vortex Invasion -
"Polar vortex isn't the the quote again especially where it says "the winds loosened". It's the fact that the polar vortex isn't strong enough to keep the cold air in the arctic that's the problem." - Robin
Re: These Were December’s Best-Selling Games In The U.S. -
"Are NPD numbers still relevant with digital stores everywhere? I'm pretty sure Steam sales and the like aren't counted in the numbers. Blizzard probably sells a bunch of their games right from their own store digitally as well and aren't counted. I mean the fact that they don't even show the actual sales numbers anymore are telling. If you look at what Steam lists as their best selling games right now, none of them are even on this list." - Robin
I just entered @videogamedeals Black Friday week contest for a shot at a Halo 4 LE Xbox 360 console bundle:
Penguins at the Montreal Biodome -
Penguins at the Montreal Biodome
RT @greenpeaceusa: Sign the petition and join @LeoDiCaprio to create the world's largest #marine reserve! #antarctic #oceans
Just finished "Sleeping Dogs"...pretty good game! Even got half the achievements.
RT @garywhitta: Now that is a LEGO batcave. “@icespide: @garywhitta oops! here ya go”
How does the iPhone 5 camera compare to previous iPhone cameras? -
How I Got My Digital Life Back Again After An Epic Hacking | Gadget Lab | -
RT @garywhitta: This is the most American thing I have ever seen.
How Nike Made Track Spikes For Oscar Pistorius’s Carbon Fiber Blades | Co.Design: business + innovation + design -
How Dark Sky Works | jackadamblog -
I'm Adam Savage, and This Is How I Work -
RT @om: Dear @nbc Australia and Austria are two different countries. You can look it up on @wikipedia.
Re: TA Plays: 'Jurassic Park Builder' - Watch Us Blow Through Time Sinks with $10 Worth of Dino Bucks -
"JP:OP is also for PC, there's actually a mod community for that game. I really wish someone would remake that game or maybe a sequel. It's not likely though." - Robin
I unlocked 7 PSN trophies in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood!
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