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Stuff you can google - Stuff I can google - Stuff you can't google, but I can help you find -- All the Stuff. [EDIT: by Karl G. Siewert]
how should one attribute this image? - maʀtha
Unfortunately, I don't remember where I got it. I thought it was on FF, but I couldn't find it. And I might've renamed it when I saved it, which makes things even more complicated. - bentley
Found it! (That's not where I got it, but this one does have attribution) - bentley
Thank you so much, I was trying to remember this! - Meg VMeg
Be careful - the name is misspelled in the notes. It's Karl G. Siewert, not Siewern. - Christa
Why can I google more than you? - Steele Lawman
Because "I" am more experienced at searches and syntax and The Google. - bentley
Or as Donald Rumsfeld might say, the googled Google, the ungoogled Google, and the ungoogled Ungoogle. - Greg GuitarBuster
Oh wow, I love that. The ungoogled Ungoogle. Maybe pertinent: latest Pew report says "Millennials’ lives are full of technology, but they are more likely than their elders to say that important information is not available on the internet": - Regular Amanda
Mary Carmen
Lunch time poll topic: do you pronounce the words Mary, merry and marry differently?
oui - jambina
Mary and merry are the same. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Yes, all different. - Mark H
Si - Mair-y, meh-ry and mah-ry - Marina's Godmother :-)
Close enough to the same to not be noticeable. - Jennifer Dittrich
What Jen said. - Spidra Webster
Two out of three (Mary and marry are indistinguishable). - Walt Crawford
All the same for me. - Stephen Mack
Ditto to Jennifer. - Hedgehog
All the same. - Ken Morley
Pretty much all the same. - Christa
exactly the damn same. like pin and pen - ellbeecee from Android
All the same. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Differently - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
Mary is Meh-re, Merry is Mer-re and Marry is Ma-ree - Johnny from iPhone
Mm, Mary and marry about the same. Merry is different. Marie is different as well. - rönin
you are a Long Islander you know how WE pronounce it...the right way ;) - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
I didn't realize there were different ways to pronounce any of them. - Michael W. May from FFHound(roid)!
They'll all sound the same coming out of my mouth. - Jenny H. from Android
All differently. - April Russo
In my head I do .. Not so sure about my mouth. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Mary Carmen
Now that Mariella is mobile, I find myself saying lots of things I never thought I would say. A small sample:
"Take the wire out of your mouth!" - Mary Carmen
"We do not eat cat food." - Mary Carmen
"Please don't empty the water bowl." - Mary Carmen
"Leave the cat alone." - Mary Carmen
"Can you get out of there by yourself?" - Mary Carmen
"Stay away from the oven!" - Mary Carmen
"Don't chew on my shoe, it's dirty!" - Mary Carmen
"Where did you come from?" - Mary Carmen
"Yes, you spit up. Please stop sitting in it." - Mary Carmen
"You can't have that." - Mary Carmen
I think this answers your previous question. - Christa
"You can't have that." - Mary Carmen
"You can't have that." - Mary Carmen
I think you're right, Christa! - Mary Carmen
Damn kids. :) - Christa
It is pretty adorable when I call her name and tell her to come over to me and she does. - Mary Carmen
"WHEN I'M MOBILE! BEEP BEEP!" - Big Joe Silence
"@avantgame: ...every single "quote" by me is a made up paraphrase.PLEASE DONT USE QUOTES IF I DIDNT SAY IT? "" #alaac14
Hmm, link not working? - Hedgehog
sorry about that. it got all squished up in Twitter. fixed now. thanks for letting me know! - Christa
Laura Norvig
What am I supposed to do with this old Google poster that explains all of the "nifty modifiers" that they no longer support?
Modify it so it only has current modifiers, or modify it to add new modifiers, or modify it to be for a different service besides Google that has similar modifiers. - NOT THE CRICKET
Most of them are still supported. - NOT THE CRICKET
Send it to the computer museum. - Joe
Hand cross - out the ones that are no longer supported? - Aaron the Librarian from Android
And write RIP on the ones you liked. - kaijsa
And then write: "Everything changes. Ask what's new at the Library!" at the bottom. - Rebecca Hedreen
Which aren't supported any more, anyway? I think I've used most of these recently. - Rebecca Hedreen
"Google is a growing organism" ? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
actually, it's the + that no longer works. RIP + xxxx also, RIP "quotation marks" - I miss those suckers Every Day. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I still use quotes, to good effect, in google searches. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Seconding Rebecca - is there a good list somewhere of what tricks Google ostensibly no longer supports? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
You should still use it - there's nothing wrong with that poster. All of those modifiers do still work in Google: and Where did you hear that they weren't supported any more? - Christa
+ doesn't work anymore, for appending terms to a single query, and ~ no longer works. But otherwise it all still works. Also AND and OR aren't as good as they used to be. - NOT THE CRICKET
ah, my bad, yes, one of the items on that poster doesn't work anymore: the ~ . sorry about that. but all of the others do work. - Christa
actually, it's the + that no longer works. RIP + - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Verbatim, hidden under Search Tools / All Results is sort of like the + as it requires All of your search terms be included, exactly as you typed them. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
wow, yes, very hidden there - maʀtha
I think the ~ is now the default. Whether you want it to be or not. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
See Phil Bradley's site for updates that happened at the time. Two weeks before I was due to teach students the relevant Google modifiers. Mid 2011 I think. My notes for students have details of the exact changes if anyone wants me to flick them to them. Quotes behave differently now(eg. Do " around longish search string u know exists in a page & see what is retrieved) - Kathryn is a free elf
It's a breach of trust. I never feel like I have control over my own searches anymore. I'm pining for the fjords. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
I wonder how much of this applies to Google Scholar. - aaron
Pining... like for email? Old Skool - Aaron the Librarian
hmm, nope, not pining for Pine, although I did use it long ago! - Laura Norvig
Nobody elms for the fjords. - Amit Patel
I voted for Carhenge - Alliance, Neb. as the Best Quirky Landmark @10Best. #10BestChoice
I voted for Carhenge - Alliance, Neb. as the Best Quirky Landmark @10Best. #10BestChoice
And that's NOT Carhenge. Sigh. This is - - Christa
I was thinking that was more colorful than my recollection! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Saw Capt America last night. STUNNED that 3/4 of the theater left as the end credits started. why would you leave before the movie is over?
You would think that by now people would get a clue about how Marvel does movies. - Katie
Exactly! It's been like 10 years that they've been doing this. How out of touch can you be? - Christa
I left early once, but that was because I'd seen the preview when they didn't have the post-credits bit even filmed yet & had missed that they'd added it in. - Katie from iPhone
Don't jump on every social media bandwagon! Be a Savvy Social Media User -
Don't jump on every social media bandwagon! Be a Savvy Social Media User -
This is why I only use Google+ - kendrak
*snort* :) - Christa
Anybody heard of a group team-building process called "Tuscan Circle"? Paul Signorelli used it once at a NEKLS event and we can't find anything about it online - cod signal time!!
That looks good!! Thanks, Christa! - WebGoddess
That is exactly it - Patti Poe sends you her thanks, too - it was exactly what she needed! - WebGoddess
You're both very welcome. :) - Christa
Looks like a branch just missed falling on my car today. :O #LNK
Looks like a branch just missed falling on my car today. :O #LNK
Well that's a break you deserve! - Stephen Francoeur
The wind was CRAZY here yesterday! I think I walked around my car at least 3 times making sure there really was no damage. - Christa
Walt Crawford
Honest and ignorant question (coming up). Just read an article about "trade shows," explicitly for librarians and "information professionals," that seems to posit that such shows are basically exhibit halls with a few fringes around them, and that most people visiting the exhibits are decision-making buyers.
My question: Are there library "trade shows" for which this is a fair assessment? Surely not ALA, Midwinter, state conferences, etc., etc. These are conferences that have exhibit spaces--not trade shows with a few meetings (mostly run by exhibitors) tacked on. What am I missing? - Walt Crawford
That sounds much more like the bookstore trade shows I attended while still in that field, rather than any library-oriented event I've heard of. But since I don't have a travel budget, I'll freely admit to not looking very hard at much of the national offerings. - Kirsten
got linky? - RepoRat
RR: Print magazine; no linky. Sorry. Kirsten: Yes, it strikes me as more typical of bookstore trade shows, CES, all sorts of actual trade shows. I just can't think of any such creatures in the library field, or at least not any I'm aware of. - Walt Crawford
Hm, okay. I guess I think a fair few people may EXPERIENCE the big conferences as essentially trade shows? Most obviously e.g. those with exhibit-only passes. I've been thinking about this as part of going back to do another chunk of the reskilling book; at least some so-called "professional developoment" isn't. - RepoRat
Walt, we're librarians. Give us a citation and we can look it up. We need the context from the article you're describing in order to answer the question. - Catherine Pellegrino
Grumble grumble grumble. You're asking me to get off my big fat duff and actually do a little work. Why, if I was a proper affluent white male tech pundit, my ignorant opinion would trump any facts, but... (sorry: I've been working on a "Library Futurism" piece and was dealing with TechCrunch just now.) Anyway: - Walt Crawford
"Making the Most of Trade Shows" by Michael Gruenberg, Online Searcher 38:1, January/February 2014, pp. 58-61. - Walt Crawford
How is it that I read Online Searcher? Because I used to have a column there and ITI's kept sending it to me. I've learned not to let BQ raise my blood pressure; it's tougher not to let Steve PrivatizeLibrariesNow not do so, but at least he's not in every issue. - Walt Crawford
I've heard ALA called a trade show. Certainly the assessments that used to happen post conference focused on the exhibit hall as trade show. The exhibit hall is the closest this profession has to a trade show.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yeah, the exhibit hall could certainly be considered a trade show from the discussion of it in the article, but I'm not aware of anything for librarians that doesn't also have professional development programs in addition to the exhibit hall.... - ~Courtney F
Can we just step back here for a moment and contemplate the irony of a print magazine called Online Searcher? - laura x
totally - maʀtha
Well, noting that it's the union of Online and Searcher--two different magazines--and that it's in its 28th year, yes, I suppose there's irony. Or history. Maybe the two are the same? (Yes, I've heard ALA called a trade show--e.g., by marketing folk at MFPOW. The idea that most folks in the exhibit hall have agendas, have planned their route, are buyers, etc...struck me as simply wrong for ALA, state conferences and the like.) - Walt Crawford
Fundamentally, I see no more irony in a magazine called Online than I do in a magazine called Conde Nast Traveler or a magazine called TV Guide. Or, for that matter, a magazine called Bon Appetit that isn't edible. - Walt Crawford
some of the articles are online, like the one that you're talking about: - Christa
In my previous work life, I went to trade shows for the commercial horticulture industry. There were vendors who had booths where you could walk up and learn about the latest widget they were selling. You can do the same with most library conferences. Also, people gave talks about current horticulture trends, practices, and whatnot. If I was to try to put my thumb down on the... more... - Andy
I wonder if they would classify corporate conferences such as Digipalooza as trade shows, too. - Katy S
Andy: To me, the reason I wouldn't call ALA a trade show is because it's not a handful of talks scattered around a big exhibit, it's an enormous number of meetings and programs that also has a medium-sized exhibit. If I was only an exhibitor, on the other hand, I probably would call ALA a trade show and wonder why all these folks who aren't buyers were showing up. - Walt Crawford
From ALA's perspective, it's a trade show. Except, we would never show up for a trade show, so the only way they convince vendors to provide the bulk of the annual operating cost for the organization is to surround it with things that *do* get us to show up, and also visit the floor. (note: there's some exaggeration in here - but not much) (this comment brought to you by a decade's... more... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
laura x
The Old Reader wants to start charging me money. What are my other RSS options these days?
I like Feedly... - ~Courtney F
I've been using the Digg Reader successfully for a while. - WebGoddess
I've been using Newsblur quite happily. - lris
I'm using Netvibes. It's ok. They've been around long enough that I don't think they'll disappear, start charging, etc. - JffKrlsn from Android
I use Feedly too - works great. - Christa
Newsblur has been working well for me, but I think I chose it specifically because it cost money. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
I use feedly. I gave them money because I get a lot of value from it and they have been developing new things but the free was very useful. - Hedgehog from Android
Do I remember right that you're hosted with Blake? Maybe he could help you get TinyRSS set up on your site. - RepoRat
Feedly's been fine, even if it does make too easy to skip over most stories. (That's my problem, I think, not Feedly's.) - Walt Crawford
Another vote for Feedly. - Jason P
Been using Newsblur since Reader's announced demise. Has all the same features as google's reader did. I also am a paid subscriber as well as I want it to stick around. - Me
I use Fresh Milk Pro - Soup in a TARDIS
I went to (and paid for) Newsblur and like it very well. - ellbeecee
I tried TinyRSS, Feedspot, InoReader, CommaFeed, The Old Reader, Blogtrottr (RSS-to-email, which I still use for high-priority feeds), and several iOS apps, before settling on Digg. Digg has a decent web site, decent apps, and plenty of sharing options to get links out to other places. Business model is still mysterious, so I don't connect it to anything real-name (not that I would anyway). - Tinfoil 2.0
Who reads feeds anymore? Blogs are dead! Just kidding, I use feedly. - Marie
feedly for me, too - Rachel Walden
digg reader - kristin buxton
i like feedly. i'm one of the original handful who bought a lifetime on feedly because i want them to stick around. i tried fever (you have to self-host it) and it works kinda ok .. i quit the old reader because they were unreliable (and then they were going to shut down, and then not, and then ... ) and i don't have time for this nonsense. feedly works on every platform i use (and i use them all), and if i didn't like the feedly client there are others that will work with the feedly platform. - henry
i used netvibes for a while and it worked well ... and the price was right ... but there were a few ui quirks that annoyed me. - henry
As a front-end reader on Android devices I use, and really like, FeedR (it uses Feedly for syncing). - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Oh, my morning email reminds me that i keep getting spammed by feedspot as well. If you'd like to try them - Hedgehog
I read feeds once or twice a month. Old Reader says I have too many subscriptions. I exported my opml file from there (bottom of the Settings page) and will decide later. :-/ - Amit Patel
Feedly is quite nice for Google Reader style access. Reliable and fast, even with many hundreds of subscriptions. - Todd Hoff
For Google Reader-style I tried CommaFeed, which was good but a bit slow to load, and have now settled on Inoreader, which is great. - Deborah Fitchett
I use Digg reader. It has a very clean interface and is easy to setup - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Are you on the cooking competition tv show Chopped? Congratulations. DO NOT make lentils, rice, or bread pudding. There. Is. Not. Enough. Time.
Shoot. Now what? - Holly's favorite Anna
However, DO make ice cream. the judges freaking LOVE that. - Christa
♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
Le Signal du Cod: So, anyone have anything to easily create infographics?
this is what I've heard of: no personal experience - Christina Pikas
my infographics students. #NotHelpful - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I've just begun experimenting with Gliffy, although I have an institutional account to work with. I'll let you know if it ends up being miraculous. - Lily
I've tested out,, and Piktochart: They're all pretty easy, just depends on what you need to do. - Christa
OH: "Boston and Oregon are two of the best states to go running in."
I went to college with someone who thought Cape Cod was a state. She was from Cape Cod. - Zamms
One of the first-year writing porfolios I once read contained reference to both "Michael Bloomberg, the governor of New York" and then later to "the mayor of a state." - Catherine Pellegrino
you people are making me sad. - MoTO: Team Marina
i went to college in Binghamton NY with multiple people from Long Island who didn't know that Albany was the capitol of their own state. they thought it was NYC. - Christa
Cape Cod is the Capital of Boston, right? - Joe
Ha! It's more like Vatican City. - Zamms
very, very sad - MoTO: Team Marina
To be fair, Boston is like 1/4 of the state and the Cape is nothing like the rest of the state. They could probably be independent if they wanted to. - Heather
falmouth would take umbridge (sp?) - Christina Pikas
Don't forget the great state of New England - I always forget whether the capital is Boston or Cape Cod. - Laura Norvig
The Target 1-800 numbers are busy. Can't even get through. Figured this might be a problem.
oh no, were you affected by the recent breach? - Marie
I called and had a long conversation with my credit union about how they monitor accounts, the struggles of replacing the debit card at the holidays right now (and the delay that would occur, during which I would have no debit card/ATM access) - and I decided to keep my current card for now, while watching my account at least twice a day for odd charges. I'll probably call after the first of the year for a replacement, but I can't be without at the moment. - ellbeecee
that's my problem too, LBC. Keeping an eye on my bank account until after the holidays. damn criminals need a hot french fry to the eye. - Christa
I've noticed that Chase and LLBean Visa both have top-placed text basically saying "We're monitoring. You're not responsible for unauthorized use. Remain calm." and verified that the REDCard terms *explicitly* say you're not liable for unauthorized use. So, for now, not replacing cards. NOTE: All credit cards, not debit cards (we never use debit cards for purchases). - Walt Crawford
My credit union has already started issuing replacements for cards, I should see mine in the next week or so. Once it gets here, I'll just call to do a cutover. I have the option of cancelling my card now, or waiting until the new one gets here. - Jennifer Dittrich
I've heard that most people who used their Red Card in that 2 week span had their numbers taken, and we probably used it 3-5 times. I checked the account, and there are no strange purchases, but I wanted to see if they are going to be sending out new cards with new numbers or what. So, things are ok for now. - Joe
I'd be surprised if Target isn't automatically flagging purchases from outside the area a card is normally used in, which would be a huge first step in reducing *Target's* potential losses. (Since they're the only ones at risk on Redcards.) - Walt Crawford
Sucked in by another Google Doodle.
It remembers where you left off! - Julian
really? damn. would have been nice to know that. i kept going till i finished. :) - Christa
I think I finished. What's it supposed to do when you're done? - Laura
A pop up gives you your time - how long it took you and lets you share it on FB, Twitter. - Christa
Hmm. So I must have gotten something wrong...aha, got it. Thanks. :) - Laura
laura x
Usage I have only ever seen online:
Adjective ___ is adjective. - laura x
Because reasons. - laura x
Interwebs/intertubes - laura x
So doge. Wow. Many solecism. Much weird. - RepoRat
i've heard the first two used by the teenaged children of friends. - Big Joe Silence
I saw all of those FIRST online, but I've heard them, or said them myself, out loud many times now. - Christa
Do all the things. - Joe
"Teh" instead of "the." - Stephen Francoeur
1337speak. - RepoRat
i've heard "Teh". - Big Joe Silence
for the lulz! - RepoRat
Does what it says on the tin! Twenty bucks, same as in town. Surely this. I for one, welcome our new _____________ overlords. What is this I don't even. - Meg VMeg
Mixing in 1 and other characters with a string of exclamation marks. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
DO ANYBODY NO - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
____ haz all the feels - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
I would have guessed 'does what it says on the tin' was a much oldr Britishism, but only dates to 1994 and was birthed as an ad slogan. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
(I associate "DO ANYBODY NO" with FF specifically.) - LB put a spell on you. from Android
(LB, I wondered about that. Likewise, I associate "does what it say on the tin" with Metafilter.) - Catherine Pellegrino
How is Babby formed? But, I know that is a Yahoo question. - Joe
I remembered being really weirded out the first time I saw the word "slashdotted" on dead-tree print. - Victor Ganata
I feel like I have seen / heard all of these offline, but it's probably mostly due to the fact that I don't really distinguish enough between offline and online and because my entire immediate family speaks meme. - Steele Lawman
I never thought about the distinction much until recently, when I realized that I speak Internet and the rest of the library management does not. - laura x from BuddyFeed
(Can I *like* this thread again?) - bentley
for great justice! - RepoRat
all your X are belong to us. (originally "base") - RepoRat
I have to confess: I've used "because reasons" in normal conversation. A lot. Mom and I use "babby" and "parp" all the time. And the partner-in-crime has been known to shout "ALL THE FEELS" about random things ("They're really making more Star Wars movies? SO MANY FEELS! ALL THE FEELS!") - Nine DataAngel Ferdinand
Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
One day sale: ThinkGeek: free US Economy shipping to lower 48, no minimum (!), code: APPARATE. Free int'l express shipping for 150+ order, code: ALOHOMORA. Geek!
hmm. Not sure where you got this, but it doesn't work for me. - ellbeecee
Actually, that code was for yesterday - i used it to order something for my Mom. Today it's saying no code needed. Look at the very top of the website. EDIT: oh crap, but today you have to order $40 minimum. - Christa
Yeah. I can get it up to $40, so no worries :) - ellbeecee
holly #ravingfangirl
i am an admitted email packrat, but i did just get my Deleted Items folder down from somewhere over 30K emails to just over 7K.
Your doing "deleted items" wrong. - DJF from Android
The key is to delete nothing. - Eric - It's My Thing
i can't tell you how many times this practice has saved my bacon. i delete stuff from mailing lists and the like, but keep most internal emails. - holly #ravingfangirl
i'm with you Holly. there have been MANY times at MPOW that I've been the only one that kept an email that someone else deleted. and not even old stuff. important emails that were sometimes only a month old. the need to maintain historical records is completely lost on some people. - Christa
Mary Carmen
How you can tell that my husband is not from NY in 5 seconds: he does not understand the garlic bagel.
Be fair, it's talking French - Pete : Team Marina
O_O What is there to not understand? Garlic, good. Bagel, good. Garlic bagel, awesome. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
He just thinks it is gross. I am at a loss. Garlic bagel, toasted with butter = heaven. - Mary Carmen
He will learn right. - Julian
Dude. Well, more for us... - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
i miss good NY egg bagels. - Christa
Justin does not believe in everything bagels. Blasphemer. - Jenica
More for US. Except blueberry. That is beyond gross. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
To be fair, I refuse to believe in the existence of blueberry bagels. - Mary Carmen
And cinnamon raisin bagels have a time and a place. - Mary Carmen
Gasp! and you married him anyway? you're a saint, Jenica. i have a bag of everything bagels at my house right now. - Christa
This part of Cali is all about sourdough bagels. They are good for sandwiches. - Mary Carmen
the thing about Garlic bagels is that you need your partner to also eat a garlic bagel at the same time ;) - Mr. The Jason Fleming
true, or you brush your teeth immediately. - Mary Carmen
or onion. John likes onion or garlic bagels. - Christa
that should be your friend dividing line. Are you ok with me breathing garlic on you as appropriate or not? - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
My entire being is devoted to the spinach bagels (toasted, with butter) from Middlebury Bagel. My. Entire. Being. - Julie Kane
people need to understand that there are rules. certain bagels require cream cheese and others require butter. and never the twain shall meet. - Mary Carmen
spinach? oooo! - Christa
I would try a spinach bagel. - Mary Carmen
"certain bagels require cream cheese and others require butter. and never the twain shall meet." Word. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
And there really is a standard set of bagels. It drives me crazy when I go to a bagel shop and there are like 30 varieties to choose from. Standard NY Variety: plain, salt, egg, pumpernickel, sesame, poppy, garlic, onion, everything, cinnamon raisin, and rye. I do not wanna hear about blueberry, cranberry, asiago, oive oil, pizza, jalapeno, cinnamon swirl.....i may give sunflower seeds a pass. - Mary Carmen
*hides my bag of french toast bagels from MC* - holly #ravingfangirl
i can't even begin to comprehend what those taste like. okay, aside from cinnamon....what else? - Mary Carmen
@MC - *nods in NY agreement* - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
nothing can beat a true NYC bagel...of any flavor. - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
Now I want a garlic bagel. - Gabrielle
they're mostly sort of a cinnamon swirl bagel, with just a touch of maple flavoring in the swirly part. - holly #ravingfangirl
I prefer onion bagels to garlic bagels, but they're both good. Onion bagel is my default bagel, topped with butter and salt. My local bagel shop has a lot of varieties. In addition to the onion bagels, I like their french toast and chocolate chip bagels; they're good with butter or peanut butter. Texture makes a huge difference, even more so than the flavors. - John (bird whisperer)
Not a fan of the garlic bagel. Egg bagels, on the other hand, are a blessing from God. And garlic bread? OM NOM NOM NOM. - Vampire Hunter DYSP
I will just paste from fb cause I'm too lazy to re-type on phone : "Heh, the problem is I actually like garlic bagels, what I said was no one should ever put garlic bagels and cinnamon raisin bagels in the same bag - that my friends is not a tasty combination." - Scott. Cat Herder. from iPhone
Garlic bagel with egg salad. Damn it MC, now I'm hungry - Hedgehog
I am a state bordering NY, I completely understand the garlic bagel! - Janet from FFHound!
I concur with this, Scott. I do not want garlic on my cinnamon raisin bagels. - Laura
Bagel Segregation. So that every bagel does not become an everything bagel. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
My family abides by the bagel segregation principle, as they all think my everything bagels are the product of demonspawn. - Jenica from iPhone
since my son moved to Pitts. the first thing he does when he hits the LIE is get off in Queens and gets bagels. They have them hot. - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
My wife likes savory bagels (onion, everything, sesame), while I prefer sweet (yes, blueberry, cranberry, cinnamon/raisin) - definitely get two bags when we get a 1/2 dozen! - Ken Gidley
The simplicity of the salt bagel is divine. Garlic is a very close second. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Fragels. I haven't had one in a too long. Must remedy this. "Fragels are a 30 year Ann Arbor tradition and MD Bagel Fragel is the only place left you can purchase one. A Fragel is raisin packed dough, fried golden brown and coated in cinnamon sugar." - bentley
I miss good glutentastic bagels. The GF ones are okay, but just not the same. And yes, bagel segregation is necessary. Some flavors should never merge with others. - Corinne L
Jason P
Just gutted to hear about Lou Reed's death. My favorite musician for 30 years.
Yep. - Meg VMeg
:( - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yes--and I thought of you, Jason, the moment I heard. - laura x
The album I often listen to when someone important to me has died is his Magic & Loss, which I'll listen to this week -- but I'm finding myself with an earworm of Rock & Roll as I wait for my ref desk shift to finish up. I think that's the song I'll listen to on the way home. -- Despite all the amputations, we can still dance to a rock and roll station. - Jason P
Yup. I actually cried this morning. Berlin is one of my favorite albums (for so many reasons). My dad used to play it all the time for my sister and I. But, yeah, Rock n Roll has been in my head all day....also Perfect Day. Which just makes me cry. - Mary Carmen
Sweet Jane. :( - Christa
Holly's favorite Anna
Candy corn M&Ms are a thing. There goes my willpower.
Those things are Pure Evil. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
my sister told me last weekend that you can now buy candy corn + peanuts pre-mixed. - ~Courtney F
Yeah, I saw that at Target, Courtney. I refuse to buy that misbegotten combination. Candy corn OR peanuts, not candy corn AND peanuts. #respecttheboolean - ellbeecee
LBC Candy Corn and peanuts are a special salty sweet treat. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
with peanuts is the ONLY way I'll eat candy corn. But I'm better off with just the peanuts, so... - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
every fall a large glass pumpkin bowl appears on a table at MPOW. someone keeps it filled with candy corn and peanuts all season. they even put a measuring scoop in there, so you can get a nice BIG handful out each time you visit it. the proportions are perfect, i always end up with more candy corn than peanuts. :) - Christa
What is this? I have never had this special mix! OMG. NEED. - Julie Kane
Julie, it tastes like a Payday candy bar. - Holly's favorite Anna from Android
I really like it.totally like a payday, and I was very skeptical going in to it - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
This is something I should not try. But I really, really want to! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
in protest I bought some pure, unadulterated candy corn today. just the way the FSM intended. - ellbeecee
Candy corn Oreos are also a thing. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
I've never had a Payday candy bar. Why have I been living under a rock? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? - Julie Kane
dammit, you had to say it tastes like a Payday. now i have to try it. - holly #ravingfangirl
If you live in the American South, the taste is like that of a Stuckey's pecan log roll. Sooooooooo good. - LB put a spell on you. from Android
I love PayDays but they have to be fresh. Nothing worse than a stale PayDay. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
does anybody know anything about PrimaSoft? a library asked me about it and I don't have a clue.
New toilet paper? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
hee. :) yeah, i asked around at MPOW too and no one here knew anything about it either. they said another library in the state is using it, so i'm just going to tell them to talk to that library. - Christa
Khaaaaaaannnnnn! - maʀtha
hee. yeah, i need to try to refrain from doing that in my preso tomorrow. - Christa
Mary Carmen
Scott is trying to teach at least one of the cats to say, "hello," (I know, humor him), so he walks around the house all morning saying, "Hello" to them over and over. Then he leaves for work and I am left with the foulest ear worm of all time. #isitmeyourelookingfor
my mom accidentally taught one of our cats to say what really sounded like 'melon'. she and the cat would eat cantaloupe together - weird, i know, but the cat loved it. every time she was cutting it up, she would talk to the cat "you want some melon?" eventually, the cat developed a special meow, only used when mom was cutting up melon, that sounded like a mix of meow and melon. i heard it often. the cat was trying really hard to copy what my mom was saying. it was freaky. :) - Christa
One of my dad's cats loved cantaloupe and corn. Scott saw a video of cats saying, "hello." That is what prompted this. I've never had a cat who sounds anything like real words, but I know they exist. My cats definitely have specific meows for different's all so manipulative...proving once again, that cats are evil geniuses. - Mary Carmen
Runza for dinner = books for kids!
Runza for dinner = books for kids!
15% of all sales today are donated to local libraries, schools & literacy organizations. - Christa
Holly's favorite Anna
Are pumpkin spice lattes the new cupcakes? I've never noticed them being such a big deal before this year.
Oh, I've had friends who have been ALL ABOUT them for years. I think they're gross. - ellbeecee
ell, I also think they're gross. I thought I was the only one. blech. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
PSL for life! - Christa
otoh, the pumpkin spice Hershey© kisses are TDF!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Steele Lawman
I just now got the double joke in Prezi's name.
there are jokes? - lris
OMG. - laura x
*is dense* - Kirsten
I got "prezzie" -- what's the other joke? - RepoRat
present and presentation, I assume - laura x
I was figuring it had elements of "presentation" and "easy" but those don't seem like jokes. - lris
I...still don't get it. - Meg VMeg
It took me a while to get the "EZ" part of the joke. So long, in fact, that it definitely is trying too hard. - Catherine Pellegrino
i thought it was a mix of presentation and dizzi. i mean, dizzy. - jambina
^^^ yup. - Christa
Précis and prezzie. (But I like "dizzy," too.) - Steele Lawman
laura x
One of my coworkers just told me she's never had eggplant.
Good for her. I've never willingly had eggplant after the first time or two. (Fortunately, my wife feels the same way about eggplant that I do.) - Walt Crawford
Yeah, I'd pay good money to change places with your coworker. - Catherine Pellegrino
Yeah, I'm with them. ^^ - lris
Welcome to it. My father loved the fact that I despise olives and pickles: More for him! - Walt Crawford
i love my mom's eggplant parmesan. i'm sensing that i will be making it soon. thanks Laura! - Christa
I had eggplant once. Never again. - DJF
Eggplant parm! - Mary Carmen
I have no problem with not liking foods (I also dislike pickles). It's not trying them I find sort of baffling. - laura x
Hi fives DJF. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
I've never had eggplant (nor do I plan to) - Soup in a TARDIS
Laura: Ah. I see the distinction. On the other hand, there are some "foods" that are sufficiently unappetizing that "give it a try" doesn't work. Escargot is one such for me. - Walt Crawford
Well, I'm not rushing out to sample insects. But I'd probably try one if it showed up. - laura x
Eggplant seems like such a strange thing to not like--like not liking potatoes. But there are so many things I don't like, I shouldn't talk. - Steele Lawman
i have an uncle who doesn't like chicken. i have no idea what he eats. i don't know if i've ever had eggplant. i think i have. - ~Courtney F
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