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Classic Novel Challenge

Classic Novel Challenge

Ever wanted to read a classic novel from start to finish? Don't remember any of the books you read in high school but want to try reading them again? Join this room and grab a book, we'll be reading and posting our questions and commentary.
Michael Sweeney
Gale jones
Gale jones
Gale jones
Michael Sweeney
Gale jones
Michael Sweeney
My Best Friend, My Blanket(Peanuts) by Charles Schulz is a beautiful comic for kids and adults. In this comic there is character Linus who managed to put down his beloved security blanket for good.
My Best Friend My Blanket.jpg
Michael Sweeney
My Best Friend, My Blanket(Peanuts) by Charles Schulz is a beautiful comic for kids and adults. In this comic there is character Linus who managed to put down his beloved security blanket for good.
Michael Sweeney
Mayo Clinic Guide to Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis eBook helps to keeping your bone healthy and strong to reduce your risk of fracture.
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My current read. Everyone familiar with Gaskell has raved about this tale, and its corresponding BBC adaptation, so I am going to read this and finally watch the miniseries when I'm done.
I actually already own the miniseries; it came in a Gaskell collection I got for my birthday last year. I have just refused to watch it until I could read the book. I am SO thrilled to be reading something for fun again! - Jenthemum
I have not stayed up late reading in so very long.... but I'm loving this novel. There is romance involved in this plot, but I definitely wouldn't label it a romance. Strangely, it is a look at the relationship between company and worker, and the balance that has to be struck between them. And the relative usefulness of unions. - Jenthemum
DONE. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. - Jenthemum
Sophocles' Antigone on the menu now. Technically it's a play, but hey, I think that still counts...
Scarlet Letter. I have to read it NAOW. #GoogleBooks is definitely my best friend currently.
Now that I've made it through Chapter 5, I'm actually interested. Those first couple of chapters are SLOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW. - Jenthemum
Somewhere between chapters 5 and 10 I realized I have no idea what this book is about. I am familiar with the main character, and the opprobrium she suffers for her adulterous behavior.... but that is only the setup of the story. The real story is developing now that I'm halfway through. Firstly, the subtitle of the novel is "A Romance." I would not have thought it would be considered... more... - Jenthemum
Nearing the end. I don't know what's going to happen, but I don't think it will be them sailing off into the sunrise toward Ye Olde England. - Jenthemum
It's an excellent story. One of the themes of course the bond of relationship by vow and how it affects the order of things. In a similar way, there is some connective tissue between that story and Hamlet. You see both a village disordered and a kingdom. - Melanie Reed
Just finished. What I mainly see is the unhelpfulness of continuing to make someone an outcast after they are demonstrably repentant, and also the effect of hiding sin/guilt on a person's soul and body. Each character made choices at various points to defend what they felt was important (a lover, a reputation, revenge), but when they chose not to love the truth first, it ripped them apart. Very interesting as a character/situation study. - Jenthemum
Hawthorne does an excellent job of maintaining why Christianity holds to the tenets that it does while at the same time demonstrating what did happen when the puritans got a hold of a denominational aspect. They were very good at grasping the point of sin disordering the world and its affects coinciding with redemption rather than disappearing altogether, but they failed to see how forgiveness reorders the world - Melanie Reed
For an enlightened view of that time of thinking, The Bruised Reed is an excellent book. - Melanie Reed
It also, I think, demonstrates why politics and religion are not precisely the same thing. They had to implement laws based on their ideals, but they were so attached to how they had chosen to administer justice that they failed to allow room for the grace of God on an individual level. Obviously, a government cannot govern with grace the way God can, being imperfect and run by imperfect men; but when the church is trying to be both lawmaker and household of faith it runs into these kinds of conflicts. - Jenthemum
Although there is what Paul brings out (which I think is where the rub comes) of "...not taking each other to court...knowing it is altogether a defeat for you." He then goes on to ask why they are not judging these things for themselves with the reminder "..or do you not know you will judge angels". So there is in that sense, again, trying to establish God's arrangement of order as an earthly government...which as you bring out, because of grace and holy spirit, it is not. - Melanie Reed
Sorry,. meant Paul. Correcting now. ;) - Melanie Reed
Briefly, the Puritans had no problems with "cheap grace". They went in the opposite direction. And interestingly, look at where we are now. - Melanie Reed
The serious backlash at the Puritanical order? And I don't think Paul was prescribing the setting up of earthly governances for the church, but rather giving them a reminder to judge based on the forgiveness they had received, the emphasis being on "Why not rather be wronged?" They had a higher standard that went beyond what an earthly government could justly require. - Jenthemum
I will look into The Bruised Reed. Sounds interesting. - Jenthemum
No, I'm referring to the idea that church should extend its governance politically (as some have actually done) so that Christians are involved in the legislative and judicial law making and enforcement for the country. That is not God's purpose for a Christian (although He may place a few Mordacai's and Esthers for whatever purpose). I am referring to that keeping of the congregation... more... - Melanie Reed
Ha- I'm teaching English now, so I have to read some stuff I've either never read, or haven't touched in a very long time. Good for my brain, I think....
A Separate Peace by John Knowles - Jenthemum
Treasure Island by Stevenson (which I luckily just read in September!) - Jenthemum
Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan - Jenthemum
Next up... Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.... only one of my favorite novels of all time! - Jenthemum
Yeah, the kids totally hated Jane Eyre. They're enjoying Jekyll and Hyde, though... - Jenthemum
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Not exactly a novel, but a classic nonetheless. Just finished it, and I can see why it has been reinterpreted so many times. There's a lot of material to mine in there, that's for sure.
Fwd: According to the Mary Pope Osborne version of the Odyssey, everyone Odysseus left behind is pretty much useless with grief and inaction when he returns. Is this how the original went? (I barely remember reading the original- just that I didn't care for it much) (via
It just occurred to me that I should have posted this in Classic Novel Challenge :-) - Jenthemum
I've been meaning to read Treasure Island for a very long time, and I finally did it! It actually didn't take very long and was really good. It was interesting to compare it to all the different film adaptations I've seen.
I could pretty much understand the kinds of liberties that a screenwriter would need to take with some of the elements; however, I was reminded how much better my imagination is than any movie :-) - Jenthemum
Awesome, I picked up Dr. Dolittle from the $1 bin at Target for Jake and I to read. - Just Mrs. V
hadia nasir
R.L.Stine's series are quiet interesting,,,,ain't they??
I read them a lot as a kid. My mom kinda gave in because I was reading like 2 or 3 a week - Just Mrs. V
hadia nasir
hey ppl m new here.....
Welcome! - Just Mrs. V
hadia nasir
a few weeks ago i read Matilda from Roald Dahl....its funny and interestin too!!
Just Mrs. V
You can also read it online - Just Mrs. V
Dang blast, I missed it. My daughter and I are reading it now. - Trish Haley
I'm still reading it though. I'm slow... - Just Mrs. V
Oh, good. We've just started so we'll have something to talk about. Maybe. - Trish Haley
:o) Yeah, I think I'm in Chapter 4. It would be easy enough to read if Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone series wasn't so distracting. I eat those up like candy... - Just Mrs. V
Crying because of the story in a book makes you a hero to me, Anna. It means you have heart. - Trish Haley
I finished!!!! - Just Mrs. V
So..... has anyone finished Brothers Karamazov, because thus far I have failed miserably in finding time to read it.
Yeah, don't think I'm going to make it through that one. - Just Mrs. V
I think this has died out hasn't it?
Just Mrs. V
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Will Slay You - LAist -
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Will Slay You - LAist
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Will Slay You - LAist
"Los Angeles author Seth Grahame-Smith’s follow-up to his New York Times best seller, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, bears an equally strange and amusing title. One would expect B movie style exploitation or a "Tales from the Crypt" horrorfest. Instead, written in the style of renowned biographer David McCullough, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter works remarkably well as a parody of historical biographies. Any student who has had to slog through thick and dusty tomes will appreciate the comic subtlety of the fabricated photographs and footnotes." - Just Mrs. V from Bookmarklet
This is next in my stack. Can't wait to start it! - Mary Carmen
After reading this little blurb about, sounds great! - Just Mrs. V
Like the cover. - Ayşe E.
Just Mrs. V
LibraryThing: Local Books iPhone app [this looks a bit like Foursquare for book lovers] ~ taking over Good Reads (via
LibraryThing: Local Books iPhone app [this looks a bit like Foursquare for book lovers] ~ taking over Good Reads (via
LibraryThing: Local Books iPhone app [this looks a bit like Foursquare for book lovers] ~ taking over Good Reads (via
LibraryThing: Local Books iPhone app [this looks a bit like Foursquare for book lovers] ~ taking over Good Reads (via
My husband thinks there must be something wrong with me for loving Dostoyevsky the way I do. He is astounded that I could be laughing while reading The Brothers Karamazov, but I find character sketches amusing, and D does that very well. Plus, "ill-natured buffoon" is funny to read in any case.
I tried it by audio book but that ain't happening. I may pick it up from the library and give it a go but i have a feeling this isn't going to get read. I cna't even get through Catch 22 :o( - Just Mrs. V
It's slow-going, mainly because I just don't have a whole lot of time to sit and read right now, and when I do have free time (i.e., kids asleep) I either have work to finish up, or I want to do something with my husband. I did get a little farther last night, because Jer was playing around on FF and I didn't have anything else pressing I could get done so late at night. His commentary on socialism, atheism, and theo-political discussions are fascinating to me. - Jenthemum
Just Mrs. V
Hear ye, hear ye. Our next novel has been chosen: The Brothers Karamazov
The Brothers Karamazov is a passionate philosophical novel that explores deep into the ethical debates of God, free will, and morality. It is a spiritual drama of moral struggles concerning faith, doubt, reason, and modern Russia. Dostoyevsky composed much of the novel in Staraya Russa, which is also the main setting of the novel. Since its publication, it has been acclaimed all over the world by thinkers as diverse as Sigmund Freud[2], Albert Einstein,[3] and Pope Benedict XVI[4] as one of the supreme achievements in literature. - Just Mrs. V
I have a bad feeling about this one, I struggled through Passage To India and that was an English author....yikes - Just Mrs. V
:0 - tehKenny
I listened to this on tape about 10 years ago. I'm game for trying to read it again. Dostoyevsky is one of my favorite writers. Crime and Punishment is wonderful- but much shorter than Brothers. - Jenthemum
It's also offered for reading online - Just Mrs. V
Finally cracking BK. Thanks for the online link! I'm starting there until I remember to get a copy from the library. - Jenthemum
It's nice to have an online source to read. That's how I've been moving through Frankenstein. On slow days, I open the page and read a bit then I can also read the book when I'm not working. - Just Mrs. V
British Library to offer MORE than 65,000 free ebooks for free downloads to Amazon Kindle owners ~ sponsored by Microsoft :P trying to head off the iPad I'm guessing for sure -
British Library to offer MORE than 65,000 free ebooks for free downloads to Amazon Kindle owners ~ sponsored by Microsoft :P trying to head off the iPad I'm guessing for sure
Show all
"MORE than 65,000 19th-century works of fiction from the British Library’s collection are to be made available for free downloads by the public from this spring. Owners of the Amazon Kindle, an ebook reader device, will be able to view well known works by writers such as Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy, as well as works by thousands of less famous authors. The library’s ebook publishing project, funded by Microsoft, the computer giant, is the latest move in the mounting online battle over the future of books. While some other services, such as Google Books, offer out-of-copyright works to be downloaded for free, users of the British Library service will be able to read from pages in the original books in the library’s collection. Most downloadable books on the Kindle are by contemporary authors because they are the most profitable for publishers. Many companies have not yet decided what to charge for older, out-of-copyright books. While the British Library books — which... more... - sofarsoShawn
That is super cool; I'm reading Sense and Sensibility right now. I so wish they'd give away print copies for free;) - Lis
that's HUGE, how fast do you think you could read through 65,000 books? :) You'd never have to buy one again! - sofarsoShawn
@Lis you can get your own printed copy on-demand: but it costs the equivalent of a paperback. - MohanArun
Where can I get a .LIT or .PDF that's compatible with all the non-kindle e-readers? - Joseph(PhotoJoe)
"35%-40% of the library’s 19th-century printed books — now all digitized[spelling fixed] — are inaccessible in other public libraries and are difficult to find in second-hand or internet bookshops. The library hopes to extend the digitization[spelling fixed] scheme by scanning books out of copyright dating from the early 20th century." -- Google is doing the same thing, and will allow... more... - Joseph(PhotoJoe)
If you want a fine example of a failure to copy and distribute please see the Library of Alexandria and all that was lost there in the 7th century ( -- By not creating copies we risk loosing treasures to a single point of failure. - Joseph(PhotoJoe)
Exactly probably the worst of the worst, the censorship, persecution, & EN MASSE book burnings of the Catholic church (best example of course the Copernican Affair) starting pretty much from it's creation & continuing to this day where they still maintain a "Banned Book LIst". In fact probably their favourite one is on my reading list that I proudly teach. (I'm going to hell) - sofarsoShawn
Is anyone reading anything right now?
I'm stuck in Catch 22, Passage Into India, and 100 Years of Solitude. I've started them all and can't seem to finish any of them - Just Mrs. V
Ah, the trouble with classics. It always sounds like such a good idea to read them, but the follow-through.... I've been intending to reread Don Quixote and can't seem to get started. It's collecting dust on my end table. I thought this group might help motivate me to actually open it. - Jenthemum
Catch 22 I'm just over. Passage into India ain't so bad but it's just not flowing. Now 100 Years is f*cked up but I seem to keep reading it. - Just Mrs. V
I'm about halfway through Brave New World right now, and then I'll head into Catch 22. I find that I have to have a brain-break book in between (or while) reading 'heavier' books, so I'll also cram a good Terry Pratchett book in there somewhere. - Jennifer Dittrich
Jennifer: I call those "fluffy books". Books that don't require much brain power. I like reading Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone series for a break. - Just Mrs. V
Have any of you read The Time Traveler's Wife? I was kind of underwhelmed, but am curious to see what others thought of it. - Jenthemum
Ok....I'm one of the readers that LOVED that book. As in, I wish I could forget it so I could reread it like it was new. - Just Mrs. V
I liked the concept, I just felt like she gave too many things away too early, so I knew what was coming, which made it feel like there wasn't really a plot besides, "Hey this guy time travels and it's weird." - Jenthemum
I caught on to the gist but never the details. It opened up for me as I read and loved it. - Just Mrs. V
I loved Time Traveler's Wife. Anyone read Niffenegger's new one yet? Her Fearful Symmetry? I've been slacking of big-time on reading anything lately. I just started Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, about 1970s New Hollywood filmmaking, and Frank Herbert's Dune. And I'm kind of reading Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone on my phone. - Jandy
No classics. Finishing the last H.Potter book. Reading an anthology of historical essays on pivotal events in history titled What If. I'm very slowing making my way through Second Glance by Picoult. So many books so little time. - Joseph(PhotoJoe)
There's an actual book with the title "So Many Books So Little Time" and I went through it once and made a list of all the books she mentioned. I got a few at the library and was going to read everything on the list that I hadn't already read. I should get back to it. Currently, I'm reading Frankenstein with my teenager and the latest Ray Bradbury. - Trish Haley
YAY for Bradbury! He's my fave author. Have two books signed by him. I'm reading F for Fugitive and Frankenstein. Given up on Catch 22. - Just Mrs. V
I'm reading Sense and Sensibility. I LOVED Time Traveler's Wife. I think I want to reread it now and I rarely reread. - Lis
Just Mrs. V
Ok, reading Frankenstein ( and on Chapter 8. Anyone walk away from this novel and like Victor Frankenstein?
No, not really. He is, more or less, the villain of the piece. - Jennifer Dittrich
But a wimpy one.... - Just Mrs. V
Oh, yeah. If anything (not to give anything away), Victor's inability to live with the consequences of his actions is the reason he's such a bad person. He's definitely a small "v" villain. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yah, you kinda hate him for being a pussy but then feel pity for his lack of backbone. - Just Mrs. V
I'm realizing I know very little of the *actual* Frankenstein story. And, to be honest, I've never watched a Frankenstein movie either. - Just Mrs. V
None of the main characters is really likeable. The monster, while he starts out as an innocent, is warped by society's response to him and becomes . . . a real monster. Victor can't follow through on his plan to appease the monster, and because of his lack of spine is as responsible for all that befalls him at the hands of the monster. It's only some of the peripheral characters that are free of major flaws. - Joseph(PhotoJoe)
As for movies, the Kenneth Branagh) version, with its flaws, does actually come pretty close to the book. - Jennifer Dittrich
I think the book I'm reading has pictures from that particular movie. - Just Mrs. V
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