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Claudia Koltzenburg

Claudia Koltzenburg

outgoing Managing editor "CellularTherapy and Transplantation", OA Journal and Open Subject Repository
Fwd: MLA: How to cite a Tweet in an academic paper via @christopher @kaveh1000 #altmetrics - (via
can you nest component DOIs, e.g. a figure in the results section (asked Martin Fenner - any answer available yet?
young scientist competition on "Stem cell transplantation: From bench to bedside" - Alexander A. Maximow Award 2011/2012, join phase I on last day today, 15 Oct,
Our upcoming young scientist competition for the "Alexander A. Maximow Award 2011/2012" - this year's focus: "Stem cell transplantation: From bench to bedside" includes a competition question on OA resources
your new home and office :-)
28 May, take to the streets again: 21 cities in DE host anti-nuclear protests
on Greenpeace Germany re #Fukushima fallout Fwd: Radiation Spreads Worlwide. (via
Vandana Shiva on post-fukushima nuclear resistance in India, interviewed by Laura Flanders (via
will be off the web till 15 May, let's test it :-) #nobodywillnotice
credibility cycle: how changes in the governance of academic research shape research practices in different scientific fields (credibility/ practical applications; example: academic chemistry in NL), April 2011, OA:
I had not seen this ywt. Interesting indeed, and just what we recently talked about! This right-hand side of Fig1 is the root of all evil, making the rich richer, and the poor poorer. - Egon Willighagen
I am wondering if we could quantify the resulting scientific divide... I'd guess we are moving a academic caste system... where some fields are strong because they were strong... - Egon Willighagen
(yes, I'm a lousy cheminformatician... all are, that's why the field is almost non-existent) - Egon Willighagen
Which in turns is why it is so damn difficult for me to get funding, which is why cheminformatics will never be big, despite so many people using/doing it... - Egon Willighagen
Q: so if many ppl are using it, why does it not range higher? Does the article answer exactly this for you? and if yes, are we really dealing with a dead-end aristocracy? could open processes help redress the balance in any way? - Claudia Koltzenburg
The circle visualizes nicely what I observe... the interesting question is how to get in that loop... - Egon Willighagen
How to Kill a Patent with Python add a date to the principles?
maybe we need an initiative called "make openly citable" e.g., without having to check other pages to infer a date :-) - Claudia Koltzenburg
additionally, a version indicator might be useful, see or - just in case this applies to PP: "6. Integrity - The license may require as a condition for the work being distributed in modified form that the resulting work carry a different name or version number from the original work." - Claudia Koltzenburg
eResearch definition (J Carver)
wish this was put on a wiki for #collaborative #madwriting - Claudia Koltzenburg
sent a comment saying "thank you for a very useful and wide-ranging definition of eResearch, Julian, I would like to suggest your forum also be more explicit on the HOW, e.g., does not keep questions of openness out of this definition. This is in regard to the following: Openness ranges among “science's most important ethical norms”, writes Resnik (David B. Resnik. Financial Interests... more... - Claudia Koltzenburg
open manythings: table on slide 27 - what would you add today? (Dorothea Salo)
open infrastructure mindmap NEXT NET started by vennessa miemis (via
Linking Development Data, two days of intense online collaboration, workshop Amsterdam 12-13 May 2011, ODDC
protest letter to journals with extra fees for fast-track peer reviewing #peerreview
Interlinking journal and wiki publications through joint citation: Working examples from ZooKeys and Plazi on Species-ID Zookeys 90: 1–12, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.90.1369
2night 1800 hours London: Candlelit vigil for Vittorio Arrigoni at the Italian embassy. 14 Three Kings Yard, Davies Street. lead movement to end division:
Incredible intvw w/ murdered Italian activist #Vittorio #Arrigoni, explaining why he went to Gaza via!... - Claudia Koltzenburg
"an updated perspective ... "writing" (and hence "publishing") should actually consist of collaborative updating." Wikis in scholarly publishing
what's your take about on-demand, arbitrarily-scoped DOIs / generating *component doi* the moment they are needed by readers?
#microcitation is of course one aspect of this - Claudia Koltzenburg
"relevant search moves into apps and away from browsers" predicts Leonard Kish via!...
"tenure committees across academia will need to begin adjusting guidelines to give adequate weight to Wikipedia contributions." LiAnna Davis on Michel Aaij’s tenure based in part on Wikipedia contributions via...
Meshing: a founder convenes pioneers and just moves out of the way
watch the animation of this on the page, half-way down - Claudia Koltzenburg
"As scientists, are we going to be farmers, or miners?"
"I'd just read the methods section and be done with it." - asks for component doi, doesn't it?
Good point about using component DOIs not just for tables and figures. Direct link to methods, discussion, bibliography also important. I don't know yet whether you can nest component DOIs, e.g. a figure in the results section. - Martin Fenner
now, nesting is a *really* good point, CTT will test this, too. Further, I wonder what we could learn from microblogging & Co. here? any ideas? E.g. if I referred to this passage <begin>a figure in the results section<end> from your reply without quoting it in quotation marks but putting a link/pointer behind "nesting" that highlights exactly those 6 words that your example consists of - wouldn't that be cool? where is this done? - Claudia Koltzenburg
would there be any use cases for generating component doi the moment they are needed by readers? sth like on-the-fly? - Claudia Koltzenburg
How would on-the-fly work with DOIs? Aren't they persistent identifiers? - Martin Fenner
yes, wasn't sure how to describe my idea better so said "sth like" but meant only one aspect of "on-the-fly", namely the inception: created when needed (and should then be a persistent identifier)... best of both worlds-like. What do AML geeks say to this? - Jason Priem to the thread, please :-) - Claudia Koltzenburg
I'm here! And I'm useless! Not only am I not an AML geek, I don't even know what it stands for.... But I think the idea of on-demand, arbitrarily-scoped DOIs is interesting (and why just for things smaller than a paper? A collection of papers could have a DOI, too.) On-demand DOIs would be key for annotations, which are ultimately just special cases of papers. - Jason Priem
thanks, & sorry, I meant ALM ;-) can you imagine any use case in this regard - "Article Level" Metrics? - Claudia Koltzenburg
do OJS-based journals allow submissions in HTML or XML or other online format? (from
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