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Claudia Koltzenburg
new term sought for: open[ly editable for authors] -- PMR in reply to Peter Suber: Open Writing and Scholarly HTML
Open Content? or already taken? Open Remix / Open Rewrite? - Egon Willighagen
I like open remix :-) Heather might, too :-) the acronym OR, however, seems to be widely used for open repositories, so we look for a good O-acronym first, maybe? - Claudia Koltzenburg
Indeed... Open Rewrite, otoh, is not used at all, according to Google... - Egon Willighagen
I'd suggest Openly Writable, Openly Readable, Openly Useable (OW, OR, OU) as they're actually three orthogonal concepts (this is half the problem with the term OA as we know) - Cameron Neylon
can you define 'writable' and 'useable'? they don't sound so orthogonal to me... - Egon Willighagen
Well useable as in to re-use, re-purpose. Didn't want to use "re-useable" because that also started with "R" - Cameron Neylon
I do like Open Remix ;) I think Open Rewrite is the most a priori interpretable of these... though it would strike a priori fear in the heart of many authors. Open Use? As in "We have made this paper available for Open Use" or "Papers in this journal are Open Use" - Heather Piwowar
I agree with Egon, writable and usable sound like the same thing to me. @Cameron, How would you envision Openly Readable being defined? Free? - Heather Piwowar
Another idea: Open Create, or Open Creation. as in, "This draft is available for Open Creation at http://…." Alas Open Creation is already the name of a firm, and has enemies at Amazon: - Heather Piwowar
I like Open Remix, too, and I think it's widely interpretable. There's only so many two letter acronymns one can make.... - Mr. Gunn
maybe we drop 'open' as the first term and invent something new ;-) an animal joke or whatever, pretty difficult to find a name that is not for an object but for a way of doing things, let's see: how about remiks? with "ks" instead of "x" to say this is the special open kind, don't know, sth like this, eh, a bit of remiks... i remik, you remik, everybody remiks... - Claudia Koltzenburg
@Heather yes I was thinking of gratis = readable but perhaps that's just me wanting to make the political point that readability isn't the same as usability :-) - Cameron Neylon