Very jealous--we have a lot of work to do--these stats are available, but...
The News from Ferguson - Live, on Twitter | Library Babel Fish @insidehighered
RT @CodeLiberation: No More Men-Only Panels: a list of dudes who won't be on panels/podcasts/etc that don't include women h/t @ElizSimins
Member of the Week: Paula Dempsey
RT @thedailybeast: From Honduras to Gaza, we're still dealing with the consequences of Reagan's "small wars"
RT @TheAtlantic: A new breed of 'militarized NGO' is redefining what civil society means in unstable regions
RT @sivavaid: This is the sort of addled mind that takes "disruptive innovation" seriously
Jill Lepore: What the Theory of “Disruptive Innovation” Gets Wrong via @NewYorker
RT @pewresearch: Ethnic diversity more important for liberals in a community;faith community more important for conservatives #pewchat
RT @mauraweb: Also can't help but notice that students who are most vulnerable will have predictive analytics applied to them the most. #cunylib2014
RT @skalibrarian: We've exceeded fire hazard capacity in our presentation rooms! Never felt so proud to be a scofflaw! Thanks to all attendees! #cunylib2014
RT @blakedoherty: Hearing a lot, across presentations, about lack of (or bad) signage. #yup #cunylib2014
Librarians need to be visually available - don't hide #cunylib2014
Partnered with anthro students- field studies of the library#cunylib2014
Trinity College- looking at what research means to the students #cunylib2014
The more students you stand in front of is not always the best way#cunylib2014
Libraries driving the outcomes at the institutional level? Nice in theory?#cunylib2014
Libraries part of a greater whole regarding assessment and data sets#cunylib14
Drinks on the terrace with carol and Jim kelliher
RT @mashable: Top 10 Destinations for Memorial Day 2014
RT @GreyLitNet: Academic libraries should favor non-profit and university-based entities... "Crisis, Paralysis, and Progress"
At Cit Lore - wonderful Georgian Yiddish folk music.
Another College Library Moves the Books to Storage. Save Our Stacks! via @slate
RT @lorcanD: No date on this page? > #HathiTrust Research Center Awards Four Prototyping Project Grants.
Un-Hidden Collections:exposing scholarly resources and the question of digitization
RT @enimsakont: Beginner’s glossary to linked data
RT @ssstrom: Innovation: The Government Was Crucial After All by Jeff Madrick | The New York Review of Books via @nybooks
RT @BBCTech: Top 10 Tips for being a game designer
RT @nytimes: Collective-Bargaining Deal Reached With Unions in Detroit
RT @DianeRavitch: Trick: first starve public schools, then offer well-resourced charters to destroy public education.
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