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André Luís Lopes
Alguém sabe de uma forma de fazer os microposts das pessoas que eu sigo no Twitter aparecerem no meu feed do FriendFeed ?
Aparentemente, somente os microposts das pessoas que você segue no Twitter e tem conta no FriendFeed podem ser vistos. - André Luís Lopes
Andre, vc pode criar "imaginary friends" no FriendFeed: e tambem aqui - Carlos M. Gomes
Hmm, acho que a funcionalidade de "Imaginary Friends" ficou na interface antiga do FF. Checando os artigos que você me indicou e comparando com o que tenho disponível no FF hoje, essa opção não existe. Saberia confirmar se seria isso mesmo ? - André Luís Lopes
hmmm, verdade mesmo. o novo FF nao suporta mais os "imaginary friends"... :-( - Carlos M. Gomes
Somente para complementar : agora o Imaginary Friends está de volta. - André Luís Lopes
Mike Bracco
I'm 27 and not looking to have children anytime soon. However if I was, I would definitely make sure that the domain was available first before I settled on a name. I think it would be kind of cruel to not secure the domain for your child...haha - Am I crazy or have peoples' decisions on what they name their kid come down to domain availability?
our son has (and has since 1996 or so) - so not crazy. - iTad
I got my lastname as a domain, so I'm covered. I can give him/her firstname.lastname.tld - Daniel Sims
Daniel: good point, that is kind of an easy way to figure it all out :) - Mike Bracco
I like Daniel's idea. - Robert Freeze
Daniel: What about daughters that will marry? - James Rishabh Mishra
I thought about getting domains for my kids but felt that things will change a lot in the next few years - it may not be relevant when my kids get old enough. - Robert Freeze
Rishabh, hopefully she heeds her father's advice and marries someone with an available domain. Then I'll set up a 301 redirect :) - Daniel Sims
Daniel: In this day an age, would a 307 temporary redirect be more appropriate - just in case? haha - Mike Bracco
all this personally identifiable info on the web... will lead to trouble i tell ya... you wanna use handle's/avtars anyway... so find one you like.. - simran
simran: I understand your opinion but I gave up the whole online privacy thing a while ago. I used to be worried about it but just think about celebrities and public figures - there is a lot more info on them out there - so when I put it in that perspective I feel better. In addition, when interacting in an online conversation - like here - I think the value is increased when people claim their true identity. I think it becomes a more real/human conversation. Just my opinion :) - Mike Bracco
I don't think personal domains will matter so much, but it will matter to anchor your web identity somewhere - so i think facebook or Google profiles are more important. But it is an interesting question as for future generations it will be more and more difficult to find a unique name unless names are will be recycled at some point. - Oliver Bouchard
Oliver: I agree. At the same time though I am a little scared about investing so much time on "other websites" (not my personal site). It's not like Facebook or Twitter is going to fold tomorrow but they are outside of your control - they could go out of business or they could change their strategy and become less appealing to you. I think the important thing is that your social graph... more... - Mike Bracco
I put my thoughts on this topic in a comment here: - Micah
No worries. MikeJr20152335 is a catchy name for a kid. - Todd Hoff - "Did you really name your son Robert') DROP TABLE Students; --?" :-) - Carlos M. Gomes
Carlos, that comic strip was awesome - still laughing. - Robert Freeze
Mike, how do you know there even will be domains when your yet-to-be-unborn child reaches the age that (currently) might be considered an asset in the schoolyard? - ianf ⌘
I've registered domain names and gmail accounts for both my children. WIll they use them? Not sure but it's relatively easy to do so why not. - Gabe Diaz
**hopefully she heeds her father's advice and marries someone with an available domain. Then I'll set up a 301 redirect** HAH... best.. answer.. ever! Thanks for the laugh, Daniel :P - Tim Hoeck
I've registered all of my kids names ..., and someday they may need it. - David Parmet
Donald Wilson
LIFE COVER: IRAN ERUPTS! Tehran-based photojournalist is now missing
LIFE COVER: IRAN ERUPTS! Tehran-based photojournalist is now missing
I was afraid of this. - Robert Scoble
So upsetting. How do you know he's missing? - Myrna
"like"ing this seems inappropriate but I'm interested in what may happen now to certain folks we've been following. I'm reflecting this weekend (among other things) on the power of sources, symbols, and true names. - Carlos M. Gomes
"like" on FriendFeed means that this post is interesting, you want to track it. Like in life is not equal to Like in FriendFeed. - AJ Batac
Myrna, see the comments here for reports from Life and his best friend that he's missing: - Robert Scoble
Robert, it was actually announced on CNN that he was missing with several journalists and bloggers. - Myrna
Like should be "interested" as well if they gave that option. As I am interested in this. - Ron George
Robert Scoble
There is a video being passed around of a woman dying after being shot in the streets of Iran. You know how to find it. I won't post it. It's just too horrific. My thoughts with her family and those who struggle to be heard.
ya just saw it :/ - sean percival
saw that. :/ - vijay
that's the one Milad was talking about :|||||| - Shandiz
What the hell can we do instead of just agreeing that real time is awesome ! - sami
It's interesting that journalists always struggle to show just how much to show. It's a tough one. Sami: if you aren't in Iran you can't do much other than to declare your solidarity. - Robert Scoble
horrific. - Carlos Ayala
I agree with you (I didn't post it). then italian television showed it at 8pm... they suck... - ezekiel
The only reason a video like that exists, is because people are morbid enough to go watch it. These people are like real life trolls. We should just ignore them, maybe they'll go away. Yea, don't judge me, I mean, we have never tried that, have we? For all we know, it might work. - Javier Altman
Andrew sullivan live blogging what he is hearing from Iran - Teri Gidwitz
Javier: I don't agree with that. Sometimes you need to show other people the truth of life and death. Here they are showing what really is happening on the streets. On the Internet you can choose which truth you want to pay attention to. - Robert Scoble
Has anyone stopped to think that maybe passing these types of vids around could be further inflaming an already violent situation on the break of something much worse?? I am all for transparency but, when do we in social media draw a line and say that its not our place to interfere in other countries politics?? - Joe Hall
Maybe can we all decide for a worldwide gathering on a certain date to push our governments to do anything to help. - sami
the most important channel of italian public tv decided to show the video, at 8 pm, during the news, when a lot of people is watching... i'm glad here on ff we have this attitude, and WE THINK before posting... - Ivana
sami: the worst thing for the US government to do would be to get involved. That will allow the Iranian government to turn the protesters into villians. - Robert Scoble
Not if governments where pushed into involvement by their citizens, Rwanda, Darfour, Bosnia, This has to stop, you know well that our governments will do nothing if no money is involved - sami
This is when clicking 'like' is not really appropriate. I've seen some horrid videos on the internet over the years, no matter where the 'line' is drawn it will always be broken. Sad but true. - Chris Marshall
The Supreme leader chap called Britain (my country) the most evil nation on earth which I thought was a bit harsh. - David Lloyd
Robert: I don't disagree with the dissemination of information. I think we all have a responsibility to know what is really going on in the world. All I'm saying is that media can be morbid because the media knows that blood, gore and icky stuff grabs peoples attention. It's very sad, but it's very true. And all I tried to say was, maybe the only reason why this crap happens is because... more... - Javier Altman
I was so shocked when I saw that. But in a way it illustrates what is keeping everyone glued to the topic: ghoulish bloodlust, electronically sanitised for the mass market. Meanwhile I'll keep tweeting to encourage a donation to to pay for an independant exit poll - the only practical suggestion I have come across for those outside of Iran to do something affirmative to try and help this dreadful situation. - Anita Hunt
this is not interfering joe/ we need your help / we need you all to reflect these films and photos / we need to be heard - Shandiz
Just watched the video: what a world. - David Lloyd
Or we do something know to help them now, or our governments will go to war because of the Nuclear threat - Our choice ! - sami
we know iranian gov. is killing people... that would justify not a 'us' intervention, but for sure a UN intervention... - Ivana from email
Anita: That is exactly my point. Because people consume it, it exists. Maybe if we stopped consuming it, it'd stop existing (or at least become rare). It's just a thought. It'll never happen though, human beings are way too drawn to blood and gore. - Javier Altman
@Javier I don't agree with you. I was just having this discussion with someone. The media in the U.S. censors tons of stuff because they think it's too much for the American audience. On the other hand, other countries don't censor their media. I know that in Latin America, they show everything because they feel people should understand what is exactly going on. I am not sure if this... more... - Shevonne
The protesters have already been labeled villans. I watched this yesterday when it was broadcast on CSPAN. The crowd chanted "death to America" and "death to Britain". Sadly this clip on CSPAN only has been viewed 104 times according to the counter on the site. - Robert Kenney
i just watched the video..and i feel that such videos should be shown so that the world gets to know the real situation in Iran . we cant just continue to be armchair activists ...something needs to be done ..NOW !! - Ray
Shevonne: Please understand that I'm coming from a different background, as I was born, raised and still live in Latin America (Argentina and Chile, to be precise). If you saw some of the footage they show on TV here, dismembered bodies after a car wreck for no other effect but to keep people watching, you'd be disgusted. I have not watched this video either. I don't need to watch it to... more... - Javier Altman
@Javier I guess it depends as to the person's motive why he/she is posting it. I think the majority of the people (not going to say everyone cause you never know) are forwarding it so people can see that there is more to the story. The first time I saw the video on here was a Persian FFer, and I don't think she posted it for the shock factor. I think it's so everyone can understand what is going on. - Shevonne
Javier: I think the importance of this video is to help us conceive of the horror on an individual level. It's so easy to say Iran, Iranians, Iranian Government - to coalesce these ideas into an oversimplified whole. Those oversimplifications allow concepts like "Axis of Evil" to exist. When you are confronted with the harsh reality on a personal level, it's harder to ignore that these are individuals like us with families and friends, who are suffering at this moment. - Chip Ramsey
Shevonne makes a good point; there is so much disinformation flying around people post pics and vids as 'proof' to the outside world of their actual situation. For example: several hours ago there were reports of a bomb at the tomb of the last Ayatollah but not one pic or vid. - Anita Hunt
Shevonne: True, I'm not saying people posting it are all doing it out of a morbid sense of entertainment. I just think it's redundant. Maybe I'm too much of an optimist, but I want to believe that people don't need to be shown this kind of horror to understand it. Then again, that's just me. - Javier Altman
Chip: I'd hate to think that people need to be shown this horror on a personal level to understand how it works, what it is and what implications it has. I don't have to show you a video of me killing your dog so that you'll understand how much you'll suffer if I actually go and kill your dog. Aren't we smarter than that? Oversimplifications do exist and they suck, I'm not going to... more... - Javier Altman
+1 Javier. Just because I can see it, does not mean I need to. Just give me the overview so I can understand the gravity of it without all the gory details. The same reason I have refused to watch the beheading videos from the radicals. I understand what i means to be shot, beheaded, blown up, and have seen enough of this footage unintentionally to be satisfied that I have a grasp of what it means. I get it. - Robert Kenney
so sad and horrifying may her death and all those involved not be in vain. - Kim Landwehr
It is a difficult clip to watch - it makes me feel helpless. I pray for those in Iran fighting for their freedom. - Robert Freeze
we need something more than pray :| - Shandiz
Javier: I understand your point and wish that were the case. Let me put it this way, I will be going over to a friend's house in an hour or so. Most of the people there will not be talking about Iran, nor will they care to talk about Iran. 1) because they have negative preconceptions of the region and 2) because they don't want to talk about anything that makes them uncomfortable. This has been going on for me at work as well. My experience has been that very few people are really paying attention. - Chip Ramsey
@Chris: we need to be heard as much as possible throughout the world. we can't just rely on BBC/ CCN or other news networks! - Shandiz
Chip: But that's life, for the most part. People generally don't care about things that don't affect them directly. Showing a video won't change that, it'll only make them want to stay away even more -- if they are uncomfortable talking about it, be jumping of joy at the idea of watching a video of something like this, don't you think? - Javier Altman
Javier: My point is you can't ignore the video. You can't shake the video. But, you can easily ignore my desire to talk about the situation at a party. You can easily ignore Anderson Cooper on CNN running a 5 minute news story about Iran tucked between stories about legalizing marijuana and a celebrity couple getting a divorce. - Chip Ramsey
just saw the video, may her soul rest in peace and her death not be in vain. I really feel for all the poeple in iran, that there rights to choose for a president are being ignored, and their protests being beaten down.. shame to you ahmejinejad.. excuse my spelling - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Chip: It's true, you can't shake the video that easily, and I suppose the rest of your argument holds water as well. One thing though, even if you make these people who obviously don't want to get involved at least be aware of the situation, what do we gain? These people are not the ones who are going to go out of their way to complain, to participate, to make an effort from their own... more... - Javier Altman
The video has been published on Facebook with a brief description of the incident that ends with the words, "The film is shot by my friend who was standing beside me. Please let the world know." Initially I was against such footage being shown but if such a video makes the world take notice then so be it. - Chris Marshall
Chip: maybe you could wear green to the party ;) - Anita Hunt
Javier: It becomes a matter of peer pressure. An exercise in social psychology. We see it happen every day with politicians and religious leaders. Once a story gets promoted to a certain level, even the people on the sidelines get involved. Anita: Good idea, but that may clash with what my wife is wearing. (joke) - Chip Ramsey
Chip: It usually happens when it affects that person's own community or country at most. It's rare that the people in the sidelines get involved with something that is so foreign to them. Still, I honestly hope you are right. - Javier Altman
Saw it almost immediately. Was considering tweeting it, but I have to agree with Robert here. All those interested will find it on their own. I would, however, appreciate it if someone would point me in the direction of the facebook post that tells the story behind the vid. May she and all those who have ever lost their lives standing up for the right to speak or as collateral in any power struggle - rest in peace. Lest we forget... - Danica Radisic
And so once again the media (real-time this time) is busy weaving and plotting justification to invade another country, demonize another nation (Obama 'world is watching'. Similar warning from then president, Bush, before Iraq invasion). I'm glad I know enough technologists are transforming the world for the better instead of fueling an already inflamed situation. Those who are claiming... more... - Moushumi Kabir
There are those who watch a video for the morbidity of it, there are those who watch because they need to see truth, and there are those (like me) who watch a video because they care about the subject (and had no idea the content would be what it was) There is nothing inherently wrong in posting, showing, or viewing a video. Only the intention behind the action is right or wrong. Many... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob, I agree, intention is important. Sadly, given our history/record, I can't help but sense a hidden agenda, more when emotions seem to be selective for the same crime based on nation/religion/ethnicity/color, etc.. If not, why are there no tears for fellow Americans: Katrina survivors, homeless, unemployed, etc.?! We all know the agenda is to instill a gov of our choosing. What... more... - Moushumi Kabir
I hope (among other things) to know her name... someday... - Carlos M. Gomes
carlos, I've heard her name was Neda? - motownmutt
it is not horrific, it is beautiful and tragic--she is the face of the revolution - Eleanor Wynn
speachless and sad - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Moushumi: I agree with you about the desire to interfere (by politicians/military) when we have plenty of issues at home. However, the people here have the desire for the people of Iran to have the same freedoms and voice that we have here. It is our duty to stand with them, and encourage them. Hopefully in doing so, we all succeed, and there is no need or reason for bombing or... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I've only seen the Techcrunch picture of that scene. Horrific is right. - George Hall (Australia)
Thank you so much, Robert: 'Free speech' means spreading infos 'wisely' and respectfully too.. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Rob: let me quote a fellow American who articulated it best "....It's a sensitive issue in the US, given the ongoing threats of "humanitarian" invasion, whether it be by our military or Israel's. The 24/7 news coverage we're getting is obviously aligned with the perpetual pre-war propaganda effort and an anti-Iran bias that has much more to do with oil, Islam, and the 1979 revolution... more... - Moushumi Kabir
What was I complaining about again? This vid is unspeakable even though I'm failing to be objective about it. - dhamza
Moushimi: What I would like to see come out of all that goes on this week, is sufficient change that any and all threat of western military action in Iran is removed, once and for all. What is sufficient to do that? I don't know. These protests, if /un/successful at changing the mode of leadership in Iran, will likely lead to intervention. However, if the protests change make some... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: why is it our business whom the people of another nation chooses to elect? Our allegiance should be with our constitution, not with any foreign nation. In some countries it's considered treason and rightfully so. Singapore is a prime example: 0 political disturbance and 0 interference in internal politics of other nations. Nothing personal but just to clear my point: Would Robert... more... - Moushumi Kabir
Maryam told me that the name Neda means beautiful voice. I keep thinking of her dad who was one of the ones holding her as she died. It is my worst nightmare to watch one of my children dying. A beautiful voice has been silenced. - Robert Scoble
The allegiance is not with any foreign nation. It is with /people/ who wish to be heard. People transcend the borders of any nation. My allegiance is for the right of the people to express themselves without being silenced. (cutting off all communications infrastructure silences them!) And as a nation who has suffered the /very same thing/ recently, when one of our own /stole/ an... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
That is terrible - Dan Schawbel
Robert: It is when I saw that video that I decided I could not just stand idly by. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: bottom line, there is an agenda behind 'supporting' Iranians. I want my government to focus on domestic issues, plain and simple. I want my fellow Americans to channel their energies in solving domestic crisis, health coverage for ALL Americans, jobs created for the rising unemployed. I want solidarity with these issues not the internal politics of a nation I've absolutely no right over. It's that simple. - Moushumi Kabir
Want or not, your government is going to continue to worry about international issues. Want or not, your country is on the brink of military incursion into Iran. Would you rather that? Would you prefer us to be completely isolationist? No nation is going to fix all of its own internal ills. If there is any agenda behind supporting Iranians, it seems that it would be a CIA sponsored... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: on his day, I'm honoring my dad and following his teachings: cleaning up my own backyard and staying away from hypocrisy/double standards. It really is very simple, try it sometime! :-) - Moushumi Kabir
I don't feel that I'm engaging in hypocrisy or double standards. I would do the same as they are in my own country. And, if I happened to be in their country right now, I know where I would be. I'm not sure what you think is hypocritical about that. It is every person's right to be heard. I feel it is my duty and obligation to support people who choose to exercise that right, whether or... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
This is the first time I have been so conscious of Iranian women, defiantly beautiful, with perfect make-up, a shock of hair showing out from under the hijab, they remind me of the Tianamen Lady Liberty and our own Lady of the Harbor. - Phil Boiarski
Rob: allow me to share my Iranian friend's sentiment and message, "Friends: As a conscientious citizen of the world, I am very disturbed by the events that are taking shape in Iran, the country of my birth. As I have been telling some people in my recent discussions over the situation in Iran -- we all have to be very careful as to what we claim to oppose and what we choose to support... more... - Moushumi Kabir
Moushumi: well said. That's why I totally disagree with USA Republicans who are pushing Obama to do more. He has been perfect on this issue and should stay as quiet as possible. Iranians need to do the hard work here and it needs to continue to be seen as an Iranian issue. My wife still remembers being bombed by Iraq with USA made bombs. Lets not continue to make mistakes as Americans and I hope it all works out for Iranian citizens. - Robert Scoble
Russ, I will. And I pray for all the fathers who have lost children either through death or divorce. May they be reunited, if not here in restoration then in the Resurrection. May they be granted comfort and peace and hope. - Melanie Reed
I have to agree with Robert - The LAST thing I want to see in this is US military involvement. Whether that is to step in and be "peacekeepers" or to step in to overthrow the current regime, I don't think that these are admirable or desirable goals. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
And Moushumi, I don't understand why you think that supporting the people's right to be heard is hypocritical, or objectionable. I do not advocate violence, and I do not advocate military conflicts. Peaceful deomonstration is the proper means to change minds permanently. Why should I not support the people's right to do that. Go back and look through my tweets, and see what I think.... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert, Rob, I agree with you. As we got nearly the same problem in Madagascar: US, South Africa, other Africans, France (?) military involvement and so on! Believe me, pple just wanna live in -peace-, and those kind of unhealthy buzzes and wishes are simply inadmissible! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
The Iranian people don't need me to speak for them. But I am happy to help them have the means, and carry their message further. They don't need a "twitter revolution" but if there is revolution, the news of it won't be on CNN, and it won't be in the New York Times, or even on al Jazeera - at least not the news of it happening while it happens. That news will be on twitter, and on FriendFeed. I support people delivering the news. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Also: I truly believe that thought and words carry the ultimate power. If we all sit here and think about, and talk about violence as a solution, it will come to that. If we all sit and think about, and talk about the power of speech over the power of guns, that is what will come to be. Support speech with me. And remember Moushimi, supporting speech is not the same as taking sides. I would support both sides' rights to speak. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert I respectfully disagree. The us is the home And beacon of freedom loving people everywhere. It seems to me that most of the protestors want a strong show of support from the us administration. The eu has been much for forceful in their condemnation of the regimes behavior. I am a proud republican and want Obama to so much much more than he has. Like it or not we are accused of meddling anyway so we may as well truly meddle. - Zachary Adam Cohen
Rob, you said it all! US and European governments can't continue to 'ignore' facts and truths spread on the Internet when their own people are buzzing about them. That's why too many unfair infos can lead to horrible 'mistakes'. Horrible but sometimes wanted or even provoked mistakes! We are talking about billions $$$, but about billions of lifes too! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
"Gandhi contrasted satyagraha (holding on to truth) with “duragraha” (holding on by force), as in protest meant more to harass than enlighten opponents. He wrote: “There must be no impatience, no barbarity, no insolence, no undue pressure. If we want to cultivate a true spirit of democracy, we cannot afford to be intolerant. Intolerance betrays want of faith in one's cause." [] - MikeAmundsen
Zachary, talking about 'home and beacon of freedom', once again I'll try to talk about nothing but just what I know: Madagascar, as an example. Believe me or not, but we in Madagascar have 'notions' of freedom too! We too have deep culture of 'how to protect peace' etc.. We too are Human, we too love our country as you love yours. We have brains (yes we do!) and can recognize it when... more... - Thierry R. Andriamirado
the best running commentary on the US foreign policy (among other things) is done by one Fred, at - Michael Bravo
There is a world outside US and Twitter. It doesn't reside in 'color' and has a mind of its own. It's called Asia - Will Obama walk the walk as he talked the talk in Egypt? He should know Asia/Arab/Muslim world are watching him too. - Moushumi Kabir
Robert Scoble
My Iranian brother in law: "I've never seen anything like this, CNN is nothing but Iran all day."
this is's a world revolution - blackysky
See what happens when people complain for 2 days straight? :). #CNNFail really affected them. - Grant Gochnauer
Well, world revolution is a little far fetched. Possibly the start to a Middle Eastern revolution! - Ian Holton
They're doing a good job making up for last wkend's non-coverage. And they're supposedly having Amanpour on at midnight, instead of Larry King interviewing the Jonas Brothers' parakeet. - DB
Robert - can you confirm rumor of tanks rolling in at Azadi Square tonight? I know you said you are connected with some in Iran right now. Trying to confirm for @BreakingTweets - Breaking Tweets
Breaking Tweets: I haven't heard that, but my family is expecting this government to do something like that. They say this regime is brutal and won't allow these protests to continue. - Robert Scoble
the army and Revolutionary Guard(and therefore their tanks) are not in the streets yet, they are riot police and Basiji militias beating and killing our brothers and sisters - A.J.
Robert, thanks for your reply. If you hear anything more, please let us know @BreakingTweets. We have heard the same about the regime and how they won't let protests continue. - Breaking Tweets
Breaking Tweets: I have seen many more tweets that suggest confirmation of tanks than tweets saying this in unconfirmed. (not much to go on but...) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
It should be Iran all day.... something revolutionary is happening. I'm very excited. Go Iran! - Kevin A. Burton
Funny, CNN is doing a money show right now. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, I turned on and checked CNN and their sister station (the old Headline News) and neither is covering this now.... - Steve de Mena
I'm afraid it's going to end just like China's student revolution, big tv coverage, then big death at tianamen, then we all forgot about it and nothing changed except a growing debt to China. - Steve C, Team Marina
@Steve C. I have the same fear about these events fading into anonymous history. We still don't fully know who was the student in front of the tank line in Tianemen... or what happened to him :-( - Carlos M. Gomes
June 2009 is the 20 year anniversary of Tank Man, or the Unknown Rebel, the nickname of an anonymous man who became internationally famous when he was videotaped and photographed during the Tiananmen Square protests on 5 June 1989. TIME included the “Unknown Rebel” in its 100 most influential people of the 20th century. - sherry reynolds
where in the heck is MSNBC--crap programming--the world is changing and we have next to nothing on TV - Eleanor Wynn
@Eleanor Wynn - You do have a remote control or a channel knob, don't you? - Guess Who
Carlos M. Gomes
RT @cnnbrk At least 19 people died in unrest Saturday in Tehran, sources at one hospital said. Unconfirmed reports put the death toll at 150
Very sad. - phil baumann
According to Fox news, People were disappearing from Hospitals and police were taking down names of Injured arriving at Hospitals from engaging in unrest. - Brent - Yes I am
Most significant report of the day claims that some militia members refused to take actions against protesters. If opposition groups will manage to pull them out, into their side, we have a new end game. - Nir Ben Yona
@Brent. I've also read from other online sources that injured and casualties in at least one hospital were taken away but security police against the objections of the medical staff. - Carlos M. Gomes
@Nir Ben Yona. One can hope that brothers will not continue to raise arms against their brothers and sisters.... - Carlos M. Gomes
I have heard a report of Revolutionary Guard discretely releasing arrested protesters. unconfirmed. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
These killers are animals, This is the end - Enghelab
Robert Scoble
My wife is Iranian and she can't get through to her family in Tehran. More details on what she saw today here:
She was watching Iranian TV this afternoon with her family. Friendfeed and Twitter had more information. Far far far more. - Robert Scoble
CNN? NOTHING. - Robert Scoble
WOW this is like a live stream now. - The Dude Dean
We got most of our news from Facebook, Twitter, friendfeed, Google News, Memeorandum. - Robert Scoble
Does she ever call herself Persian? (Pesky Greek asking) - The Dude Dean
Twitter was the only social network that supposedly stayed up in Tehran. - Robert Scoble
Bunches of people were saying that the cell network there is down for the day - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Brian: she's asleep. If you post some URLs here, I'll get her to translate in the morning. - Robert Scoble
I know Iran blocked Orkut long ago. - The Dude Dean
What do majority of locals in Iran have to say about the elections Robert? Did your wife get any idea by talking with her friends/relatives? - Amit Nangare
Despots aren't nearly unpopular among tradtional news agencies. Odd, but they seem to embrace them. - Jason Nunnelley
She said that she's hearing that Tehran closed SMS and lots of Web traffic today. That the protests are widespread and not just in Tehran. - Robert Scoble
There were a few people who were able to get on FF from the universities - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Oh, lucky Twitter wasn't blocked, I know some other services were. - Ryan - @magicofpi
As a farsi speaker I can say that none of the things reported here on FF is being reflected on the english side of the media. And it's a shame - Khosrow
Mohammad here was saying that cell voice calls were blocked too - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Amit: not enough info yet to give an accurate answer. Our family is nervous because we know that the clergy is in charge in that country and the people are not. The potential for a disaster like Tianenmen is very high. - Robert Scoble
Khosrow: I'm so ashamed of USA media right now. It's horrid coverage, and that's if we get any coverage at all. - Robert Scoble
Extremely high for this to go down like a zimbabwe - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Khosrow: I really wonder why the USA media is so lame on this coverage. You'd think that they'd be covering it 24/7 because it has a big chance to have a deep impact on our relationship and the stability of the Middle East. - Robert Scoble
Robert, this conversation in real time is so much more useful than on twitter. I hope all goes well with you and your loved ones. Peace! - Rohit
I can say that this morning we were glued to BBC persian service and their reporting has been the best so far... I'm not sure how that has been reflected in their english service. - Khosrow
you'd think they'd realize the chance that the US government is going to have (and take) because of this event - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Yeah, it's nowhere near featured on CNN's page. - Ryan - @magicofpi
There is a danger that any real info coming out of Iran will be lost in a sea of shouts of support and endless retweets,whilst it's important at this time to support prodemocracy movement in Iran,we will learn more by listening. - Paul Downing
Khosrow: I need to follow BBC more closely. I didn't have it on the TVs I had access to today. - Robert Scoble
Robert, scary times - my thoughts are with you and your wife and her family - Jesse Stay
that's just unbelievable - glad I own computers and not TVs - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert: I was watching BBC online, they're live show is at 12:30 GMT - Khosrow
Search here for "iran" (friendfeed's search is best for real time) with a filter for displaying only items with one like or more: - Robert Scoble
I will post a few of the videos that have been making the rounds shortly. Please check my account for the vids. - Khosrow has a pretty good selection of blogs and mainstream news. - Robert Scoble good blog post with pics and video from today - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Google News on Iran (10,000+ articles): - Robert Scoble
Rob: there's a ton on that blog that should win the Pulitzer Prize. Glad to see photojournalism is not dead. - Robert Scoble
That guy did an awesome job. Glad I ran across that. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The shots of the protesters with the cop captured are intense. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The Huffington Post has a lot of videos, pictures, and information on their page: - Ryan - @magicofpi
US media in general has historically been very bad at covering anything outside of the USA. As an English person travelling in the US it's very very noticeable how little foreign news you guys get to see. It's almost as if they have decided the rest of the world is not interesting enough for you. And also a possible contributor to many US citizens appalling knowledge of world geography. Hopefully the freely available world news via the internet will force them to change. - Gilbert Harding
Fascinating Robert, keep up the tweets, etc. :) - Doug
Gilbert, the thing that's offensive about it is how intimately connected our foreign policies are to this event. It's a very big deal that Iranian citizens are in conflict with their government. We hear something about Iran's efforts to seek nuclear weapons nearly every day. This is a huge news event in that context. - Jason Nunnelley
It's a wonderous thing as an American to watch and read the news in several different languages and see how much the average American is missing out on - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Gilbert: I doubt that the mainstream news media will change. Most Americans just don't care. That's the real problem here. But more and more will realize what they are missing out on thanks to Twitter, Facebook, friendfeed, blogs, and will just switch. Check out this video report:... more... - Robert Scoble
Couldn't agree more Jason. What must not happen is foreign intervention. Change has to come from within the country. This is a first class example of why politics and religion are not the best bedfellows. - Gilbert Harding
guruvan, looks like an interesting blog. - Amit Morson
Robert, this is a real shame. I have been following the news closely on the BBC. Keeping your wife's family in my thoughts & prayers. Hang in there. - Ryan Merket
Robert: Maybe many Americans don't care, but is that because they haven't been given the chance to care because of ignorance of world events? - Gilbert Harding
wow. The collection of image/videos on the shooresh1917 blog (Rob linked it above) - what you see is astounding. - Micah
Amit: that was a very interesting page. good comments, videos, pics...the works for the day - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert, I don't think it's fair to continue with the idea that "most Americans don't care." I think most of us don't care to be lied to, scammed, conned, and continuously let down by our leaders. One reason the newspaper industry is in freefall is Americans are consuming their news elswhere. It's not primarily CNN, Fox News, or anything else traditional. The revolution in news isn't about cheap or fast or entertaining. It's about truth. - Jason Nunnelley
Well said, Jason! - Rohit
Jason: Your point about the hugeness of this event in the light of our foreign policy towards Iran is right on. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
When you care about something, you seek it out. You at least gravitate to it. - Micah
What is the exact name of the iPhone app mentioned as "BBC World News" above? - David Damore
My prayers are with the Iranian people. - Jason Nunnelley
Mine too - and with the folks around the world who have family there (Like Robert & his Wife) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Jason: Traditional media is in freefall because of lack of money via advertising mainly. And that is a direct result of dwindling circulation figures for the newspapers and magazines. You can't charge multi million circulation ad rates if you don't have multi million readers anymore. TV and radio advertising has been suffering at the hands of on-line advertising for a number of years... more... - Gilbert Harding
Jason: I agree with you a bit. But then I meet people in planes who are just so ignorant. Makes me very sad. And they don't care that they are ignorant. But the thinking people have DEFINITELY moved on, totally agree. Someone tonight was making fun of the newspaper industry and parroting John Stewart: "how do you like your 'aged' news?" - Robert Scoble
Seems like the new day in Iran started quietly. - Amit Morson
mamoot: what are you seeing, hearing, what aren't we learning about? - Robert Scoble
twazzup has a great mashup for the events in Iran : - Carlos M. Gomes
Mamoot we need words and pictures the traditional media isn't getting. - Gilbert Harding
mamoot: is it true that friendfeed is blocked for most people in Iran? If so, how are you getting through? Are you on a university network? - Robert Scoble
You could tell us what you see out your windows - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Mamoot: what are you seeing reported on your local media? What is the government reporting to the people? - Robert Scoble
For those of you who were looking to translate Farsi, someone on Twitter just suggested this site. I haven't tried it yet but looks legit: - AllisonWagda
ماموت I'm glad you're involved in the conversation. Who in Iran is blogging, talking online and sharing things you know to be true. - Jason Nunnelley
Gilbert, you're correct. One of the reasons for newspaper failure was their own refusal to adapt to a new market. However, the edge blogs and new media in general have over traditional media is more about the quality of the information. Secretly we all distrust traditional sources and believe individuals who are just sharing their personal stories. That genie is out of the bottle and won't ever be put back. It's too easy to get news directly from real people in real time. - Jason Nunnelley
Robert: CNN was weak but NYT was not and The Atlantic's chief blogger, Andrew Sullivan, delivered superb coverage on the reports out of Iran today. Easily identifiable reporters and cameramen were threatened - one camerman from the UK's Channel 4 News was arrested when capturing the protests earlier today. He has since been released. OTOH, there were journalists Twittering events from Iran too. - Debi Jones
Robert, you're right. Many people are willfully ignorant. Just don't encourage them to vote ;) - Jason Nunnelley
Please give Maryam a big hug for me and tell her that I am thinking about her and her family. - Teresa Valdez Klein
Apologies, translator site doesn't appear to work for me, but might for some others. - AllisonWagda
Mamoot is there any real confirmation of arrests? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
and of the leaders being arrested? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
mamoot: Who are you? - Debi Jones
Mousavi is under house arrest... - Khosrow
Khosrow: these were the reports in the west last night, I was hoping to get more local confirmation of them now - those reports were not 100% confirmed yet - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The freedom of information given by access to the internet and satellite TV services is proving a headache for governments trying to keep populations under control. The first instances of this resulted in the downfall of the Soviet Empire and the crumbling of the wall. It will continue to happen as citizens in those countries realise the freedom they apparently enjoy is not really freedom at all. - Gilbert Harding
@Rob Nelson: I'm in the west as well, so I'm only relaying what I've heard and read in the persian FF, twitter and blogs.. - Khosrow
Mamoot: Thanks. It would appear likely then they have been arrested - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Gilbert: Right you are. It's hard to control an informed population - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Khosrow: If you're reading Persian you're one up on me ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
mamoot" BBC news here in the UK showed footage of the riot police randomly beating prople with truncheons. One seemd to be trying to beat a protesters car to death and succeeded in knocking off a wing mirror before being hauled off by the mob. - Gilbert Harding
Just wanted to suggest this twitterstream app: a good way to track the Iranian unrest. - Orli Yakuel
But for now - all I can do is sleep and pray - it's 04:30 here. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Hi Robert...You know About Iran president Election... The Government Cheet in Vote of People and they Changed Vote for Ahmadinezhad - RokhSaare
I'm hearing some rumors on twitter now that foreign reporters are being asked (forced?) to leave... but I'm sure Iranians will continue broadcasting information. - Ryan - @magicofpi
Usually a coup refers to the opposition taking over the government - not the government retaining control (confusing how this used today) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
mamoot: reports from the media covering protests has seen the unrest spreading to other cities and towns outside of Tehran. It must be difficult to get that sort of news if you are in Tehran with the communications limits imposed. - Debi Jones
People Come Out From Their House and went to the Streetsss for Get Their Vote..Government Restrict all Of Phone Lines and Sms Services..And Most of sites are filtering by Telecomunication Organization....Yesterday and Last NIght most of people couldn't have a relation with another persoan - RokhSaare
Rob: Maybe they mean coup as in "a successful move," although that's still a bad word choice. - Ryan - @magicofpi
Rob, I think the way they used the word "coup" was to indicate it was a use of force and not law. - Jason Nunnelley
it seems somewhat appropriate - as they were stealing power - but Khameni (sp?) was suggested to be in charge of the coup - and he is the supreme leader ... so yes. odd choice of words - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
agreed Jason - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Damn, I'm getting worried. Iran, North Korea, and we've over the last years have alienated our most important ally to help us with this, Russia - Stephen Pickering
ماموت Those in power never give up control without a fight. Allowing the election was a mistake if they didn't intend to allow elections to effect change. Now the people have a moral ground. They were given a vote. They believe the government has defrauded them. The people will have to choose what they are willing to do now, whether to use their moral authority to deal with the rulers as though they are criminals. - Jason Nunnelley
Stephen: This event makes it much more unlikely that Russia can oppose US-European interests as relate to Iran. This will be a huge turning point in Iran's relationship with the world - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Agreed, it would just be a whole lot smoother without the Georgia thing and the missles in Poland. - Stephen Pickering
Huge problem for countries ruled by religious fanatics. Fortunately we got rid of that in the west centuries ago. You cannot have a country ruled by a religious order because they think they cannot do anything wrong. They are the word of God and God will not let them do so. Of course there is no logic to that and no evidence to prove they themselves actually believe that. But they are... more... - Gilbert Harding
true Stephen, but this is something that even Russia is not going to be able to defend. Especially if the arrests of the reformist is true. That's the sure sign of undemocratic practice, and unfair elections. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Gilbert, very true - Amit Morson
Gilbert? I think we have plenty of religious extremists trying to (and succeeding) running this country. (not quite as extreme as in Iran, but extreme nonetheless) We have not yet in 200+ years put this to rest. The church being the ruler is put to rest, yes. But, plenty of fundamental extremists hold office. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Stay safe ماموت - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob that's true and evedent to us outside the US. But it's the same everywhere, the Government doesn't want to upset the voters and if a major proportion of voters are religious nuts you go along with it. - Gilbert Harding
Dear robert reporting from tehran : phones are back but we have a big problem in out internet backbone ..they banned most of the sites and droped most of the stm16 lines in lct - جـوان ایرانی
There is no doubt we are living in interesting times. I just hope the true meaning of that old Chinese saying doesn't prevail. - Gilbert Harding
Robert must have gone to sleep I think.. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Brian: Seconded. - Gilbert Harding
Jannifer: nah, just doing a lot of reading and thinking about the events of the past few hours. Thank you to all my friends in Iran. I hope to get there someday and hope you all are safe. - Robert Scoble
Friendfeed in Farsi. Amazing bit of far-sightedness on some ones part. - Gilbert Harding
Here's some more photos from the streets: - Ryan - @magicofpi
Gilbert: for some reason friendfeed got a lot of overseas fans. The friendfeed team noticed this and has added features for these groups (Iran, Turkey are two I remember). It is indeed very smart, but Silicon Valley has thousands of Iranians, so it's a brilliant way to have your service spread from Silicon Valley to other countries. - Robert Scoble
Robert: What we need now is a universal translator. I'm sure some of these guys are being very interesting. It's a shame we in the West can't read them. But yes a smart move on the part of the Iranian community in Silicon Valley. My point was that in the light of current events it was also a fortuitous move. - Gilbert Harding
Is Flickr still available in Iran? I know it's blocked in the UAE, but that's because of the availability of images of women showing a tad too much flesh. Hypocrisy gone bloody mad. - Gilbert Harding
Mousavi has stated that he is under housarrest: - Peter van Teeseling
M♥hammad, how about Jaiku? - Amit Morson
M♥hammad, how about GTalk? - Amit Morson
How about posting from Gtalk to friednfeed? :-) - Amit Morson
Those in charge in Iran would do well to remember what happened to Ceauşescu in Romania. - Gilbert Harding
Gilbert, I think they prefer the Tiananmen Square events. - Amit Morson
ماموت, for the middle east and everyone's sake, I hope you make it. - Amit Morson
Amit, they may prefer that scenario but will they get it? As I said earlier, the change has to come from within. There must be no intervention from outside Iran. Least of all from the US. - Gilbert Harding
Agreed with Gilbert. - "That's why Iran's most prominent reformers, including Nobel-laureate Shirin Ebadi, have said the best thing the U.S. can do is step back and let Iran's indigenous human rights movement progress on its own, without overt involvement from the U.S-however well intentioned." (from - Ryan - @magicofpi
Ryan agreed. Well I'm happy to say it's a fine day here in the UK and I'm taking my wife out for a walk. So thanks for the interesting conversation chaps. Have a nice day. Night, Evening, wherever you are and stay safe. - Gilbert Harding
Iran sees second day of clashes as anger rises over elections, - Amit Morson
Huffington Posts live blog is exceptional. - Jamie
They have a live blog? - Amit Morson
just watched Aljazera on the Iran situation, just woke up - Kim Landwehr
That's why in case of 'troubles' in a Country, whatever the reason why, the Internet 'd never be interrupted, and Bloggers & FriendFeeders/Twitterers/Facebookers "protected'/non-insolated/'wise'". My encouragements to your wife, Robert. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Uh..of all the news I saw on Iran today, CNN had the most. ALL cable networks pretty much dropped the ball. - geoff hines
CNNi is pretty much the only one I'm seeing with any coverage today. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
This whole event must be extremely difficult for Maryam, you and your entire family. I hope this ends peacefully, but I am thinking the country is at a major tipping pint (i.e. revolution) - Susan Beebe
Al Jazeera TV is on, they also have Iranian TV, but looks like that is blocked now. - Michael Bazzoni
How a meme starts in real life. Guy gets people dancing single-handedly. (video)
Picture 12.png
people you have gotta watch this! seriously... - Zee.
it's simply amazing how quick it went from being awkward if you we're dancing, to awkward if you were NOT! the transition happened in less than 10 seconds. - coffee
it's great when that happens in live music events including event's w/ DJs/turntablists in a nightclub. the audience finally understands that they are part of the show/event :-) - Carlos M. Gomes
Alright, it looks good. And it tells a sort of a story. But everybody can see that it's planned to happen. It's just staged. I'm sorry to spoil everyone's dream. ;-) - Ton Zijp
@Ton It could be,- but how are you sure? - Zee.
In other words, the old adage "one fool makes many" still works today - LANjackal
That is awesome! LOL - Adam Turetzky
Because suddenly everybody is running towards the same spot, while normally people will stand up & start dancing at the place they are standing. Besides that: it looks just fake. But... still very funny! :-) - Ton Zijp
Who was your first email account with? Moi. Hotmail...God, that was/is awful.
karoo for me. - alphaxion
WebTV. - Rochelle or, both about the same time. - Tsali - A dude man
Local ISP, until I realized the value of webmail. Then yup, it was Hotmail. - Brad @ The Next Web, back when Windows 95 was so money it didn't even know it. - Tyler Hayes
First e-mail account was with Sprynet when it was CompuServe's Web-only ISP -- before the AOL buyout! - Jared Smith - Dave Winer - Beebo Wallace
Prodigy. - Oliver Ortega Chua - yagami
i don't even remember i think it was planet something or i dunno something like that no wait i don't know why i'm thinking i don't know i'm probably wrong lol - Cardeen Risen
crikey, i've never even heard of some of these... - Zee.
A BBS in Morgan Hill. - Rodfather
1st public internet email was via ... my own domain via ISP I started in 1993. 1st corporate email was 1978 ish internal on our private global DECNET, connected to public Internet in about 1984. - Don Strickland
A shell account in '92, I forget with who. Was BBS'ing for years before that, and they sort of had email. - Bob Morris (polizeros)
wow, very impressive Jason...and Don! - Zee.
Hotmail was my first email provider. - Andrew Trinh Alternative back than was only hotmail (I think, can't remember about yahoo) which totally sucked. I think is extinct now, but they used to have multiple domains. And I had about 5 different accounts. 4, 5, or 6MB, can't really remember exactly. Wow, the days... This is one example (of many) where I'm very happy we are where we are today. - Vlad Bobleanta
I can't remember. Possibly Yahoo, but I think Yahoo may have come later... - Rahsheen
Hotmail, way back in 1998 (although before that I had an ISP email through Frontier) - B.J. Mendelson, 1989 - Dave Roth
Toronto FreeNet. - Chris Charabaruk
Michigan State University - Steve Lowe
Yahoo mail. Still have it but its been so spamefied I hardly use it anymore. - TkFromWestSide
My employer - Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue - circa 1984. - Gary Walter (gwalter)
Hotmail - Tim Keneipp
Prodigy in 1991, followed shortly thereafter by AOL 1.0 for the Mac, then Compuserve. And finally a POP internet dialup with Chicago's Interaccess in about 1992 after getting Adam Engst's Internet starter kit book that came with a copy of the Mac/TCP control panel on a 3 1/2" floppy. - Adam Turetzky
Prodigy, then AOL - Robert Kenney
AOL - Derrick
My first was at work. -- no joke. Then I had an alumna account with Virginia Wesleyan, and then I think I picked up a yahoo account. My first web site was on geocities, and it was so kewl for its time, too. :-) - Ordinarybug Heather
<- AOL - Costa Walcott
AOL then Juno - Violet Mae Lim and compuserve - Peter Ghosh
Technically, my first email address was on an internal mail service for a large corporation back in 1991, but it was possible to email other people on the internet with a byzantine series of pipes, slashes, gateways and hostnames. My first personal email on the internet proper was with a regional dialup service called in 1992. - dthree - Trish Haley
I forget the exact name, but it was local and called Charlotte's Web. I live in Charlotte, NC. - Matthew
75106,3139 - Leo Laporte
I want to say Compuserve - Basenet InterMedia
whats 75106,3139? - Zee.
Those are Compuserve addresses Zee - Adam Turetzky
AOL - Gabe Diaz
Prodigy - Nick Smith
Oof. CompuServe! - Akiva
ah, interesting - thanks Adam - Zee.
My first was a VAX server at but I quickly shifted to an Ultrix machine also at So, - Akiva
Yay Nation Hahn! - Rochelle
76020,702 lol, had to look mine up! - Adam Turetzky
I had in 1986 way before there ever was such a thing as spam. Now there's probably not a single spammer's list out there that doesn't have that address. I still log in there occasionally. - Bruce Lewis
netcom - Scott Slade
A tiny, local ISP here in Vermont call Kingdom Connection. I was one of the first 25 subscribers I think, and I still have my original e-mail address. Scary. - Bob M. Montgomery
Mine was AOL. Man that was a long time ago.. - David van Sunder from Nambu
Hotmail for me as well. Recalling this alone makes me nauseous. ;-) - Dan Dashnaw
I had a Hotmail account as well. Never again. - Diego Espinoza V. - Morton Fox
geez... I can't even remember. - Jim #teamFFrank - Ken Sheppardson
Prodigy. Then AOL. Then followed by,,, and then (Also in there, GMail, Excite, Netscape, and work accounts, etc.) - Louis Gray
Hotmail - Sometime in 1997 I think. My first email account for work was in 1998. - David Yarnell
AOL. I was so excited to get Hotmail because at the time, it was cooler than AOL. Heh. Then Yahoo and now Gmail. And that's it, not counting work/school accounts. - Jandy
Prodigy. - Anika
crap whatever we had at college before the internet had pictures or an internet. :) We could send messages between colleges though - Steve C, Team Marina
Probably Mindspring. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Mine was AOL over my 2400 baud modem. - Allen Blair
<student id>@<sydney university undergrad domain), then something at which was the Sydney University dial up provider then good ol I thought that would be my non service provider bound email address, till they decided to charge for it. Thank god for gmail. - Tom Horn
Compuserve was my first Internet email address. - Gary Walter (gwalter) from fftogo - Alex Scrivener
Hotmail I'm ashamed to say. - Daniel Drysdale from Nambu
web mail? Gmail. Otherwise Carleton U - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Hotmail as well :( - Drew Lucas
Genie - Randy Caldwell
yahoo - oooh forgot about Juno! - BEX
My math prof gave me an account on a NeXT box. - Hiro Asari
ISP provider,, I then upgraded to Hotmail. lol - Sharon McPherson
Compuserve was my first "email" (not internet) and nassau community college was my first internet email address - Sean Reiser
A local ISP called Jetlink. - Stan Augustyniewicz
Alta Vista - Brent - Yes I am
My first email address that I used, but didn't control was gmail. My primary address and everyone I've had has been in my own house. - Dustin Sallings
Hotmail. 2MB. Remember that? - David Damore
Mississippi State University. 1990 or 1991... (might have been 89) - iTad - James Beake
AOL - Kim Landwehr from BuddyFeed - Paola Bonomo
aol - David Dudley
My employer, Microsoft. 1983 - Rod Bauer from twhirl
my very first was in the early 1980s at Uof Penn, my first online email was hotmail - Monique
Hotmail. - Steven Perez
University in '94. didn't know what email was before that. - mikepk
Back in Romania, when the whole Internet thing was just showing up there (1993?), a VAX/VMS machine (, also ROEARN on Bitnet) - Tudor Bosman, a local SCO box. still have the account: - coffee
AOL of course - Keith - @tsudo
Well my first email was hotmail in like 2004, but before that, our family account was yahoo which was around 94/95 (which i think it was better UI then vs today) now i use gmail for everything! - Bryce Campbell
yep hotmail - Dobromir Hadzhiev - pb:
The University of Leeds in 1997, closely followed by Yahoo Mail in the same week. I still have the Yahoo account but only use it to log into Flickr. - Martin Bryant
Compuserve...over and over again with those 30 day trials :) - Mark Krynsky (netaddres) - Toni @ NavinoT
On the WWW it was but I was on BBS before then and the address was something like - Kol Tregaskes
Back at my college (ISU) in the early 90's. Used Pine on a Unix server. - Ward Seward
Hotmail for me too. Amazing that it's still so popular - Gee Ranasinha
Two at same time, for work and hotmail for personal, I actually still use that hotmail acct. - Brytne from Nambu
Why is everyone hating on Hotmail? Oh yeah, I know, it's cool to bash MS. It was and is one of the better webmails out there. My first was - Matt Hall
not for sure but i am guessing hotmail maybe yahoo - (jeff)isageek
AOL. - tehKenny - DGentry - l.m.orchard from twhirl
Actually, I lie, was my second - some funky FidoNet address leading to a BBS was the first. - l.m.orchard from twhirl
erols out of Maryland then hotmail then gmail with an occasional visit to yahoo mail cause they made me have a yahoo mail account for yahoo IM and other Yahoo properties (flickr). - Dan owns
AOL, then freeserve! *1998 face* - Iain Baker
Internal mail in my high school in 94, using Pegasus. Signed up for Hotmail in 95 I think. - FFing Enigma
I think it was yahoo or - Shamir Ramjan
worldnet (does not exist anymore, french provider) - Olivier
CompuServe (72740,114) c. 1989, c. 1993 - Michael McKean
Mine was with Hotmail too. :-/ - Ben LaMothe
Compuserve, then Demon and - Fraser Smith
It was "" <- clever name for an email for that time :) abandoded them after some other guys has offered pop3 for free. History long gone. - Dušan Šimonovič
Local ISP and then Hotmail. - Kevin Bondelli
OMG am I as old as Leo Laporte? LOL no, but I had an email account at Rutgers Univ that was numbers (I don't remember what it was though) & then Prodigy was my first - PCChick. funny I'm a mac girl now. - Lynette Young
Local ISP then Hotmail and Yahoo! mail. - Ninh Nguyen
Hotmail, at the time it was good compated to everyone else, then went down the toilet fast, it's better these days but I prefer my Gmail account thank you. - Eric Fisher
Compuserve. I AM NOT A NUMBER! - John Craft
yahoo...still use it, but hate its non-existent spam is still the best at spam cleaning...i have hotmail for msn, but recently they've improved the mail feature, so i use more often now - brainno722 (Peter)
Compuserve (73000,673 if memory serves me right)... and some other obscure usenet type account through a local BBS. - Carlos Granier-Phelps
CompuServe in 1979 (70040,104). - George Brickner
BTW, the CompuServe addresses were known as PPNs (Project Programmer Number). - George Brickner
Hotmail - Damond Nollan
prodigy, if I remember correctly - Chieze Okoye
yep, I was on prodigy too for a couple of months, then Rjcc @aol and i've been using that nick for 13~ years now - Richard Lawler
Promenade aka AOL, probably. But I've had Hotmail for 10 years -- I got an email celebrating my decade with Hotmail a few weeks ago. - Tamar Weinberg
AOL - Just Mrs. V
Hotmail :( - Mitra_s, then finally got my address about a year after school and have had that ever since. :) - felix
mine was hotmail too. - Thom Allen
Used excite for a long time, until yahoo and google started theirs up and actually offered some sort of spam protection. - Matt Thompson from fftogo
Juno - Martha
TSO, which started out as but eventually became - Wirehead
UUCP email account at Bell Labs, reached via something like ucbvax!ihnp4!...!fcy Then an account at, a Chicago area ISP. - Fred Yankowski I don't know if they're even still around. - James Ferguson
I can't remember if I did juno or hotmail first. I think juno.... - EricaJoy
Mine was with because they offered toll-free dial-up access in the Spring of 1995 - Michael K Pate
My first email was at my job at Sybase in 1993. - Lisha Sterling from twhirl
aol when I was in 5th grade. Username: hawaiiman2. Cuz hawaii is like cool and stuff. - Daniel Morgan
cix UK - John Francis - Piaw Na
I guess my first e-mail account was with my ISP, but the first web based e-mail account was good ol' hotmail. - Jeremy
AOL *facepalm* - Mike Lewis
I think it was AOL or Compuserve - Shevonne
My first public email account was with MCI Mail (in the eon of X.25). My first email on a TCP/IP network was with Netcom. - Lorin Olsen
not sure, or - Gökmen Karasu
The US government. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Hotmail, not msn hotmail. just "Hotmail" - İrfan -- I was a beta tester for the MSN network during it's Windows 95 Launch. I had FREE dialup access during the extended beta testing period. - Anthony K. Valley ©
AOL - I HAD MAIL! - Mona Nomura
Mine was a free email account from a local ISP ( - Beau Liening, then hotmail. - Arlan K.
UUCP email on unix .. circa 86 - Peter Dawson - i thought it was funny. - mike - yeah, that was back in middle school. LOL - Mike Templeton - Darrell Bell from twhirl - Josh Haley
Aol huuuh - Marie Jubin from Nambu
Admittedly - AOL. - AJ Kohn - Carlos M. Gomes
AOL > Compuserve > Burntmail - Kevin Pruett
first email account was & first webmail was with lycos! - Maciej Matyjas from fftogo
Prodigy! Oh wow. That was a long time ago. I remember I had some 25 cents an e-mail plan. I used to get in trouble from my parents when I went over my allotted amount. I can't imagine paying 25 cents an e-mail today. - Jennifer Mitchell haha. - David Chartier from BuddyFeed
Compuserve - Bryan R. Adams
Penn State University - Ernie Oporto
My graduate school, University of Kentucky. It was on VMS. - MiniMage
hotmail - Dane Findley
angelfire - Rachel Lea Fox
Hotmail, but they closed it due to inactivity. I wish I still had it, though. It's impossible to get my name anywhere now. - Michael Fidler
Local ISP, Connect2 I think was the name. Haha. Didn't even have 56K internet speed yet at the time. First web based email was Hotmail before Microsoft acquired it. - Rolf Schewe
Other than my Bell Labs account? Delphi. Fun-ky... - John Blossom
AOL and then Hotmail....two real winners.....not! - Bonnie Foster
hotmail 1995 - MugeCerman *shrug* XD - Franc, a rememberer
AOL -> Yahoo -> gmail - imabonehead
Hotmail for me. I haven't used it in 3 years. - Michael Forian
My first emailaddress was at my own designstudio: (meaning 'chief of police') And brought me my nickname Hoof (or Hoof99). - Ruud van Wijngaarden
hotmail - Bill Hice, my university in 1996? - Phillip Stewart
Messaging on the Univac in late 70s probably, at the college. BITNET, HEPNET, ARPANET in late 1980s. (Ignoring the BBS phenom of 80s.) EDU & GOV 1989+ My own domain I hosted around 1994. NEVER AOL or that fake-Internet stuff of the mid-90s. Ewww! After years of GOV, moved to COM at work in 1999. Started using GMAIL for all my personal mail when that was in Beta. I now have about 20 domains forward to GMAIL. - John Johnson
not counting university and school, or BBSes? My first email account would then have been (back the first time when IBM did internet services) - they were one of the few to have reasonable dial up plans with a multi-country presence - and I was using OS/2 a lot then too. After it got bought by ATT and they changed the address, I decided that I would always have my own domain for email, so I would never lose people because I lose an email. Hosted it myself for years, now it's all with fastmail - Iphigenie
Yahoo. God bless Gmail! - Özgür Akman
"pipeline". anachronistic friend still has email account with them. - Marg Uerite
it was either aol or nyonline - Lynne d Johnson
AOL for me... horrible. - Michelle
Yeah, hotmail. Not great is it... - Rich
yahoo, broke before I could use it then got a Hotmail - Yant
Picture 10.png
lol - Cee Bee
that says "zee should write about cloudcontacts" HA - Allen Stern
someone went really overboard. :D - Parth Awasthi
Please say there was an accessible, recorded version to mitigate that! - Kathy Fitch
LOL... Seriously! As in ROFLMFAO... :D - Grey Drane
it's the shadow of a 4th dimensional captcha projected onto a 3D plane then photographed for the use in web security. we're just not advanced enough to be able to use them... :-P - Carlos M. Gomes
that's the computer to computer captcha. It's meant to keep humans out! Skynet is forming! - Adam Turetzky
I had two of those last weekend when buying concert tickets, I was in a panic by the second one as I only had 3 chances before i had to get back in line. Luckily the third one was decipherable. Or at least it took pitty on my guess. - Steve C, Team Marina
Looks like the captchas seen on Orkut. - Andrew C (✔)
chkzkmvxv? - Christoph Studer
(at least that's what my newest captcha recognition algorithm yields) - Christoph Studer
I think Chris has it! - Kathy Fitch
I usually spend at least 4 tries on these things on every site - Michael
Robert Scoble
I want to get 's layout and choices with interactivity and ranking. What do you think?
I love AllTop, but it feels cold. Hacker News has user ratings, which make it feel warmer. I sure wish they could hook up all their headlines to friendfeed's liking engine. Sort of like Feedly does. Hmmm. - Robert Scoble
What do you think? Or do you just hang out on TechMeme and friendfeed for your tech news? - Robert Scoble
Feedly is my choice. It is cold too but a bettr choice. FF for Techmeme would be altimate. - ThinkEzy
Brian: you know, the thing that generates these headlines: :-) - Robert Scoble
I only ever look here now for tech -> - Nick Halstead
Nick: thanks for reminding me about Tweetmeme. - Robert Scoble
I also visit Kosmix once in a while and Google News once in a while. - Robert Scoble
For tech news i have 86 rss feeds tagged as "headline" on Google Reader (TechMeme is one of them).. then i use FriendFeed to find discussions about what i find interesting.. however i have some filters also on friendfeed that i use for "live searches" - CantorJF
i could knock it up in less than a day - Darren Stuart
I also use feedly to make my greader experience more social. if you like but want more interaction/socialization you may like popurls ( ymmv. - Carlos M. Gomes
Carlos M. Gomes
"testing disqus comments" - Carlos M. Gomes
Carlos M. Gomes
Re: testing disqus connector -
"testing disqus comments" - Carlos M. Gomes
Carlos M. Gomes
"testing disqus comments" - Carlos M. Gomes
Dave Winer
Farhad wants you to kill your RSS Reader. I agree, but the problem isn't with RSS, it's with the software.
Farhad should try feedly ( I generally use GReader to browse but when I want to experience more of the design behind certain sites I hit them via feedly. - Carlos M. Gomes
Egon Willighagen
BIG NEWS: From YouTube (Lessig Blog) -
YouTube goes CC. - Egon Willighagen
Awesome! - Mr. Gunn
great news! - Carlos M. Gomes
Carlos M. Gomes
xkcd - A Webcomic - Security -
xkcd - A Webcomic - Security
funny (and sad) but also ultimately true... :-) - Carlos M. Gomes from Bookmarklet
Carlos M. Gomes
Intel’s Mark Bohr: Look to biology for the future of computing » VentureBeat -
Includes references to Jeff Hawkins, Palm co-founder, and his discussion on similar advances in computing. - Carlos M. Gomes from Bookmarklet
Kodak moment! Awww…a little gadget fan. (A Kodak M893, to be exact.) -
Kodak moment!
Awww…a little gadget fan.
(A Kodak M893, to be exact.)
I wonder if she has a Flickr or similar account :-P - Carlos M. Gomes
Yeah, I'm betting these pics/vids she takes won't end up on any MySpace page we know about (at least for another four-to-eight years) - Glenn Batuyong
That little girl's world just got completely turned upside down...bless her little heart! I hope everyone continues to be nice to her as she moves into her teens! - Rebecca Boston
Carlos M. Gomes
The NYT project looks promising and the blog/post includes good references to related government mashup sites - Carlos M. Gomes from Bookmarklet
Carlos M. Gomes
invisiblethings' blog: Attacking Intel® Trusted Execution Technology -
fun times... - Carlos M. Gomes from Bookmarklet
Jeff Moriarty
The Big Picture's 3-part "year in photographs" collection is mandatory viewing. Amazing, heart wrenching, powerful.
"Amazing, heart wrenching, powerful" indeed. very good share. - Carlos M. Gomes
Carlos M. Gomes
Detailed, hyperlinked refernces to windows commandline - Carlos M. Gomes
Carlos M. Gomes
Detailed, hyperlinked refernces to windows commandline - Carlos M. Gomes
Jeff Moriarty
If anyone else wants wants to participate in the Hundred Pushup challenge with @tysoncrosbie, @luzbonita, and others, yell!
Hey Jeff, count me in. This will provide a good balance to my hiking and biking. - Carlos M. Gomes
Carlos M. Gomes
Good summary of penetration testing webcasts using Core products or sponsored by Core. - Carlos M. Gomes
Carlos M. Gomes
Good summary of penetration testing webcasts using Core products or sponsored by Core. - Carlos M. Gomes
Carlos M. Gomes
KLR650 Oil and Filter Change -
detailed description of oil change on KLR650 - Carlos M. Gomes
Carlos M. Gomes
Aggregator of security lists - Carlos M. Gomes
Carlos M. Gomes
Leigh's Blitherings: Have We Crossed The Chasm? -
Nice summary of Geoffrey Moore's Crossing the Chasm with a refresh for today's connected world. - Carlos M. Gomes
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