Sonny Gill
Q2: November 13, 2009 - With some businesses slowly shifting their internal culture and how they run their biz towards the way of this social web (re: P2P social business:, how will CMs have to adjust to these shifts? Where will their skills/roles evolve to with this change in how businesses function?
And here I thought we *were* the change! - Arié Moyal
Ooo, me, me! Kidding ;) I think one of the biggest changes will be internal community management. I feel like there will be a bigger push to expand the community inside the walls of business. Connecting more people, creating more bridges. - Teresa Basich
Ha - we are but there's an even bigger change happening that we and social media heads alike, will play a huge role in. - Sonny Gill
@T - most definitely. Connecting not just more people, but the entire org. in what the business is trying to accomplish. For everyone to understand goals, have resources at hand, open doors and open-communication on what's happening within the biz. - Sonny Gill
The Canadian government has an internal social network aimed at making things run more efficiently Of course its closed :) - Arié Moyal
I guess for me the answer is does out job really change or does our public change - Arié Moyal
(Ok that was a question not an answer...) - Arié Moyal
Arie - good question and I agree w/Sue that we're already doing this - so In essence, our role may not change all that much. But in most cases, we'll be dealing with our internal community more than we ever have in the past. - Sonny Gill
@Sue Neener neener neener! ;) - Arié Moyal
Q3 is up! - Sonny Gill
@Sonny The internal shift needs to happen - Outside people just want more ways to connect with their brands - Arié Moyal
Right Sue. We need to be vocal and be sure we're helping lead the charge. To us, it's a no-brainer, but the organization will be looking for that leadership still to help in this shift. - Sonny Gill