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Understand who you are dealing with and prey on my insecurities accordingly.
Global Entry-ed up.
SLA members! Time to nominate candidates for @SLAhq Leadership Positions!
SLA members! Time to nominate candidates for @SLAhq Leadership Positions!
It's amazing how fast-paced this baseball game seems now that I've spent a month watching cricket.
If Kansas City wins the World Series, I'll celebrate with a KC Bloody Mary: replace tomato juice with Arthur Bryant's BBQ sauce.
that sounds... awful. - RepoRat
Yeah, I may just do it as a shot. - Zamms
after that hit-with-a-pitch, a Bloody Mary seems just about right somehow. - RepoRat
The makers of Old Style and the makers of Lemonheads need to get together to make a beverage called Candy Shandy.
Salty Dog put the basic in basic chord progressions.
confession: still kind of love this song. - holly #ravingfangirl
It is delightful and awful all at the same time. - Zamms
Working on a post about usage statistics. My conclusion: "I have a lot of information that ultimately means very little." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Paraphrased from a vendor admin site: "A session concludes when a browser closes or the website has been idle for five minutes." That might be why the vendor session total is 4x the total we came up with. - Zamms
If there was one word to describe me right now, it would be heavily hyphenated to make it one word.
or German - RepoRat
As a side note, I always thought that this would make a good German word: schrecklichschrecklichnicht gutsehrschlechtentag. - Zamms
My day is more like: esgibtsovielnochzutunhabeichschonsovielgetan. - Zamms
"Brought my mouth to the next level." Someone wrote that. Someone okayed that to be used in a commercial. NEITHER OF THEM WERE WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS.
I am bringing my mouth to another level right now! With whiskey! - Zamms
I JUST SAW THIS AD AGAIN. The premise: my daughter is in dental school and she told me about mouth wash. SHE HAS BEEN BOUGHT OUT BY BIG DENTAL. - Zamms
So, it's for mouthwash and not some sex technique clinic? - Pete : Team Marina
That makes the commercial instantly better. - Zamms
Me: "Do you know where the Statue of Liberty is?" K: "On the back of the coin I got from the Tooth Fairy."
New Journal Post: Another In a Long Series of Misadventures
New Journal Post: Another In a Long Series of Misadventures
DO YOU? - RepoRat
I DO! - Zamms
is it the news i think it is? - kendrak
are you becoming president?? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Kendra: It's not the news you think it is. Andrew: No, no, no, they're not THAT crazy! - Zamms
No? Why not?? It would be awesome! You could appoint Kendra and Jennifer as the first co-cabinets of Soccer Ministry! - Sir Shuping is just sir
I am building this up way too much... - Zamms
At this point you'd better have invented a flying car or something - lris from Android
wait wait Zamms invented a flying car?! WELL DANG, THAT SURE IS NEWS. - RepoRat
BREAKING NEWS: Flying car invented by FF regular. Film at 11! - Catherine Pellegrino
*runs over to Wikipedia to edit Zamms's page* - RepoRat
*posts it to Twitter* - Catherine Pellegrino
*starts a rumor that the car will have limited release, with ff receiving first purchase option* - Marie
Better be a hybrid. - Joe
*goes to remove flying car reference from Wikipedia page* *realize I don't have a Wikipedia page* *sighs* - Zamms
*goes to create Zamms's's's Wikipedia page* - bentley
*creates a website for zamms's flying car business* - Sir Shuping is just sir
So you have news? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Maybe... - Zamms
So .... ? - Mary B: #TeamMonique
(do you have ebola?) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
where is the news?? we must know! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Is this all just some big Huey Lewis joke? - Steele Lawman
Still waiting to hear if I can announce my minor, non-ebola-flying-car-related, still pretty cool news. PROTOCOLS TO BE OBSERVED. - Zamms
did u get IRB? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Paging Dr. Zamms...? - Julian
Julian: Ha, no! We only need one doctor in my house! Stephanie: No, the International Rugby Board has shut me out again. - Zamms
I GOT IT! You are going to have a beer with Joe Biden. - Julian
Nah. Biden would never have *a* beer. - David Lounsbury from iPhone
Drawback to having work & personal Google accounts: forgetting to log out of work account before searching for Return of the Mack lyrics.
Please note: not actually a drawback. - Zamms
I have this problem with the auto-recommend feature in Amazon. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
ICYMI (Redfoo's new band)- @etches & @walkingpaper list of Library Websites Worth Looking At:
ICYMI (Redfoo's new band)- @etches & @walkingpaper list of Library Websites Worth Looking At:
Trying to find a description of a resource that doesn't just parrot the vendor's description is surprisingly hard.
I spent about 18 months rewriting all the database descriptions for the UConn UConn databases. Some of my writing is still there - at - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Cool, thanks! I'll take a look. - Zamms
my guidelines: start with a verb or word that students know (i.e., Find or Articles). One - 2 sentences, with dates as a third & final phrase. It's HARD work - but vendor's descriptions are one o' my pet peeves. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I rewrite a lot of our A-Z descriptions when I include them in a class guide, so I can focus on why that class should use that database. I'm glad I don;t have to write the generics though... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Skyped with a group of librarians in Afghanistan. Obviously, K made a cameo.
Took a pumpkin. Stuffed it. Baking it. NO PUMPKIN SPICES.
Stuffed it with...? - Julian
Bread, Jarlsberg cheese, bacon, green onions, thyme, garlic, cream, and salt & pepper. - Zamms from iPhone
I stuffed me with beer. - Zamms from iPhone
Doing it right. - Julian
You might need more salt. - Meg VMeg from Android
Maybe... - Zamms from iPhone
Plenty of salt. Needed more cream. NOTES WILL BE MADE. - Zamms
Post the final proportions? I've had bad luck. - Meg VMeg
Here's the recipe. Our note is to pour the cream into the stuffing before shoving it into the pumpkin. We would go with a half cup next time. - Zamms
Okay, maybe I just don't like stuffed pumpkin then. - Meg VMeg
You and Kieran both! - Zamms
I miss Wonka Dino-Sour Eggs.
I cannot wait til bedtime when I can slather my face in zit cream. I am 42 years old, by the way. #foreveryoung
*fist bump* - Corinne L
Bumping cos I redesigned my website. - Zamms
Jenn is totally getting an extra hour in the U.K.
Have I mentioned the restaurant near me that has a waffle obsession?
Also: Alsatian tarte flambe. - Zamms
The Mike Flowers Pops Velvet Underground Medley. You're welcome.
The Mike Flowers Pops Velvet Underground Medley. You're welcome.
I am tired and I am weary and I could sleep for a thousand years... - Zamms
This needs to be heard. Right now. - Zamms
By me, I mean. - Zamms
Medieval Times is eveything I thought it would be. That is all.
The tournament part of the experience is still better than dinner, right? - Julian
I remember dinner being greasy and without utensils. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
In Anaheim there's another dinner show down the street from Medieval Times and it's also surprisingly good - it's pirate themed. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Julian: yes. So salty... Christina: they had the largest wet naps I have ever seen. Micah: we need to do that. - Zamms from iPhone
Cable Guy reference here. - Eric - It's My Thing from iPhone
K has asked when we are going back. - Zamms
FriendFeed spam accounts are just the cutest thing ever! Like, even cuter than Google+ ones!
there are friendfeed spam accounts?? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Reinventing how I handle email on a whim. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?
Well that didn't work. TIME TO REINVENT IT AGAIN! - Zamms
Spree candy gives me hope. And sugar. Mostly sugar. But also hope.
chewy spree was once a regular fixture in my life. But no more. It's a cruel mistress. - ellbeecee
I can't eat them all the time, but once a year maybe, they are DELIGHTFUL. - Zamms
My crepe truck buddies profiled on French TV:
Yes, I realize all my posts now are about crepes and Falco. - Zamms
you have a type. - kendrak
I am beginning to think that the problem with librarians is we read too much.
It's better than most things! - Zamms
J: "I win!" K: "Dammit. OOO SORRY!"
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