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You sure about that? I can handle copious amounts of moxie. - SAM
*burrrrrrp* - Julian
Y'all don't even KNOW! - Zamms from iPhone
Sweet, nourishing internet.
just like slurm. - kendrak
I just googled "slurm". - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
My hatred of people may be a hindrance to a possible career as a publican.
If you can transform it into grumpy disdain, it might still work. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah it could become a thing think "soup nazi" - WarLord
There was a bar in the Haight famous for its mean and intolerant bartender. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Hate boats, love sea shanties. STORY OF MY LIFE.
I rock the mic like I'm in Scandal.
You'll forgive me if this news does not exactly excite me:
I... what. - Jennifer Dittrich
sunderland have issues, but i like them! - kendrak
My Robin Williams memory was standing next to him at a Neil Diamond cover band concert in San Francisco.
It is important that I have The Underdog on my iPhone at all time.
i thought it was going to be this: - holly #ravingfangirl
No, but I do have the Wonder Woman theme. - Zamms
Remember that band Super Heavy? The one with Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart from Eurythmics? I was like, if this were 1989 and not 2011, I'd be kind of excited about this. And this is sort of how I feel about the Simpsons & Family Guy crossover.
Top Tip: When someone asks you how you are, don't say "Fine" before you start describing in detail everything going on in your life that indicates you're not completely fine.
This is why I usually say "hanging in there" instead. *g* - RepoRat
Alex Meixner is the Slayer of Polka.
Freddy Adu is the Alexander Daigle of soccer, isn't he?
My theory is Rick Steves has a tattoo of a map of Europe over his entire back.
gonna be checking any time soon? - RepoRat
I'm waiting for him do his show from Saint-Tropez. - Zamms
I am not ready to have a conversation with my child about sex robots.
I don't think that's a conversation that anyone is ever ready to have to be honest - Sir Shuping is just sir
+1 Andrew... - Ruth Kneale
On our cyber security exam we are required to take, we are warned about the dangers of "Reply All." Surprisingly, the danger is not "You will look like a massive tool to everyone you work with, and they will laugh at you behind your back."
what is the danger then? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Network congestion. - Zamms
from a Reply All? not bloody likely. - RepoRat
Lol - lris
Large attachments? - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
A newbie co-worker of my wife forwarded the Skater Dog video to the entire company on a day when the email server had glitch that caused the Skater Dog email be forwarded to the entire company over and over and over again. I am suggesting this tweak to the exam writers. - Zamms
aw, that reminds me of my mizithra incident here on FF, zamms. *sniff* #goodolddays - holly #ravingfangirl
CORRECTION: The danger is specifically called an "Email Storm" which is also X-Men do a lot. - Zamms
Nah, mostly they text her. - RepoRat
Ooo, they may need to update our security exam, then! - Zamms
Six Tips You Must Use to Telecommute Before You Die -
When you move to China, it's good to be friends with a funny and talented songwriter who will write a song for you about moving to China.
oh my god, please say you're not moving to China - Meg VMeg
Don't. - kendrak
Not me. A friend of mine. And another friend of mine wrote the song. Cos I'm not a talented songwriter. - Zamms
Kendra, never write a song about him going to China. - Meg VMeg
I'll write a song about you moving to China! - kendrak
I'm not moving to China! - Zamms
Did you hear the news? Doo do doo doooooooo Meg put on her traveling shoes! Doo do doo dooooooooo She grabbed her bag and grabbed a piranha, and now they say she's living in China! - kendrak
Fine, we'll keep it closer to home. You'll move to Regina. - kendrak
I'm interested to see the rhyming lyrics in that song. - Uli
What about Salina? - Meg VMeg
Best thread or Best Thread Ever? - Steele Lawman
Nobody's moving to Salina, Meg. :-D - Uli
Salina has a long I sound? - Zamms
Salinas rhymes with Venus. - kendrak from Android
moving to Salinas / gonna make me a lot of rude rhymes / moving to Salinas / gonna make me a lot of rude rhymes - Pete
Salina in Kansas has a long I sound. - ~Courtney F
What Courtney said. I bought some amazing cowboy boots at a thrift store there. Seemed like a nice place. - Meg VMeg from Android
Cowboy Boots from Salinas is a Kinky Friedman song, right? About moving to China? - Zamms
I hate seeing people with newborns or pregnant women cos it means they will have children younger than mine and that makes me feel old.
...instead, I'll just review The Young One TV Tropes page.
"I'm not really foreign, you know. I just do it to appear more sophisticated! I mean, nobody'd buy Evian water if it was called 'Blackburn Water', would they? Nobody'd wear Kicker boots if they were made in Scunthorpe! ABBA? ABBA, Swedish? I knew them when they were a Lancashire clog-dancing trio! Arthur, Betty, Boris and Angela! Solzhenitsyn, Solzhenitsyn — a former pipe-fitter welder from Harrogate!" - Zamms
Kieran made up his own dance to "Word Crimes".
Not twerking? - Steele Lawman
No twerking during Word Crimes. Only during Tacky. - Zamms
Bands that were a waste of a good name. Exhibit A: Shotgun Messiah.
they were such an odd band. some stuff really good, some just... yeah. - holly #ravingfangirl
"Shotgun Messiah" made me think of "Tattooed Beat Messiah" by a band that was a waste of a so-bad-it's-good name, "Zodiac Mindwarp." - Steele Lawman
Oh man, Zodiac Mindwarp, I remember them! Vaguely! They kinda wanted to be Motorhead! - Zamms
To follow up, Kieran is watching "Shout It Out" by Shotgun Messiah and telling me how much he loves it. - Zamms
Me and Kieran need to hang. That's one of the ones I like too! - holly #ravingfangirl
File this whiskey under "Snack"! #countingcalories
I've done the same thing :D - lris
This week, Kieran discovered Weird Al and "Vogue". That is all.
White and nerdy smells like Nirvana. - Joe
And yes, they did have an album called Beyond D'Valley of D'Molls. - Zamms
Me: "A law firm looking for an experienced part-time looseleaf filer." Jen: "Just hold on looseleaf..."
(aka she's a keeper) - holly #ravingfangirl
Oh god, Wednesday are sponsored by AZERBAIJAN LAND OF FIRE this year, are they? Strewth.
Yes. Our new owner is from there. Let the have begin! - kendrak from Android
They're just getting metal, like Def Leppard. - Pete
Fuck Def Leppard. They're Blades. - kendrak from Android
(Old picture, but you get the idea.) - Zamms
BABY!!! - Meg VMeg
What can it do? - Meg VMeg
Right now, not much, cos of the meds. But it jumps and runs and likes to roll around in volcanic due. (WHICH YOU CAN BUY!) - Zamms
Noises? - Meg VMeg
Not many. He has a squeaky toy noise when he's happy and a hiss and a grunt when he wants to attack you. Otherwise, he's pretty quiet. Nocturnal, by the way. - Zamms
Someone needs a live webcam... - Meg VMeg
Is he doing better yet? - Meg VMeg
He's okay. He hates me cos I keep forcing meds down his gullet. But he has surgery tomorrow, so hopefully, he'll get through that okay. - Zamms
Gah! What? - Meg VMeg
Yeah. Here's what happened: he mangled his tail by gnawing on it, so they have to amputate it. O_o - Zamms
:( - Meg VMeg
How's he doing? - Meg VMeg
Good! Surgery successful, tail healing well. He hates me giving him meds, but we only have a few more days before he goes back for a check-up. Happy chinnie. - Zamms
Whew. - Meg VMeg
The three tweets you should retweet before you die!
Kieran watched Weird Al's "Tacky" and wanted to see more. So we showed him "Eat It". Now he's listing all of the things Weird Al ate too much of. "Cantaloupe, watermelon, muffins, chocolate..."
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