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Expanding the horizons and expanding the parameters.
Just realized this is the 2nd time I messed up my BlackBerry before an intl trip this year.
Just realized this is the 2nd time I messed up my BlackBerry before an intl trip this year.
RT @eurolemur: It takes a lot of devices to cover a #eurovision national final. #mesc2015
RT @eurolemur: It takes a lot of devices to cover a #eurovision national final. #mesc2015
It's a good idea to accidentally delete the thing on your phone that enables you to telework right before you leave on a work trip, right?
Polenta selfie
Polenta selfie
I am pretty good at this (not that it's hard or anything) - Zamms
"Legacy of World War Eye Eye" - text to speech still needs some tweaking.
Aye. - Joe
People of LSW using Primo: what kind of usage reports are you getting? ASKING FOR A FRIEND!
Our Primo admin is out and my login isn't working, so I got nothin'. - Kirsten
Hey, our login isn't working either! We get emailed weekly search stats that just lists "local searches" and "ds searches" which is not really enough detail. - Zamms
Kirsten, if you don't mind me asking, what sort of access do you have? We had a login to a site, which stopped working and Ex Libris seems to have given up on fixing the problem. - Zamms
I've now got the ability to see reports in our Primo instance (and still seem to have access to Summon stats too even though our subscription ended last month). Here is a screenshot of reports available in Primo: One thing that I really don't like is that if you want to scoop up all the search queries used in a given time period, you have to run a series... more... - Stephen Francoeur
Zamms: We've recently switched to hosted (NA01 server, says the URL) but as far as I know there's not been anything wrong with the back-end site itself. Primo admin still on her well-deserved vacation, so I still can't ask her about it. - Kirsten
Thanks, everyone! - Zamms
Love letters to libraries (Starting with AL Kennedy)
Love letters to libraries (Starting with AL Kennedy)
I keep bugging my wife by buying stuff for me even tho Xmas is almost here, but I really needed the entire @AVCXWord archive now.
Also noise-cancelling headphones and a DC United jersey with the VW logo, cos the new sponsor is LAME. - Zamms
My son asked me why everything costs $19.99.
So we can party like it's 19.99, of course. It's part of The Revolution Accords of 1982. - Jennifer Dittrich
I like Jennifer's answer much better than the real answer. (It becomes especially amusing when a high-end amplifier costs $59,999.95. Because 60 Big Ones would be a lot of money.) - Walt Crawford
If Joe Biden starred in Flowers in the Attic.
If Joe Biden starred in Flowers in the Attic.
Christmas decorating.
MORE LIGHTS ACQUIRED - Zamms from iPhone
And Christmas Vacation? - Julian
ON VHS! - Zamms from iPhone
Not enough figure skaters use Zero Mostel songs.
I AGREE. - RepoRat
<exchange of high fives> - Zamms
As an aging librarian with a domain name purchasing addiction, I'm really worried I am becoming a certain someone.
"Get A Clue ! > Maxwell's Silver Hammer > WakeUp ! > Nudge Report > Shift Happens" - Steele Lawman
It makes sense if you read the first post: - Zamms
I must admit that I've never seen The Z and The \M! in the same room together, so can't prove that they're not the same person. - Walt Crawford
Zamms if you're going to more like him, you need to use more slashes, question marks and different colors. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Walt: Actually, I haven't seen me and him in the same room together either, so you might be right! - Zamms
Andrew: Y(_) 0 /\/\@ke @ 600d p0!nt. (Imagine that this font is fuchsia.) - Zamms
So we're following Zamms into the fuchsia? - Walt Crawford
Is that a euphemism? I don't want any Hale-Bopp cult situations here... (Also is available. FOR NOW. But I don't want it.) - Zamms
It was a weak attempt at a verbal pun. Never mind. - Walt Crawford
AH GOT IT! - Zamms
Got some light reading for my upcoming trip. Chapter 5 is Securing Building Rights, so it has to be good, right?
New Journal Post: On a Need to Know Basis (aka Messpunkte sind nicht tot!)
New Journal Post: On a Need to Know Basis (aka Messpunkte sind nicht tot!)
Woke up at 3 am with my mind racing through all the possibilities.
This is unrelated to the Greatest American Hot Dogs place. Surprisingly. - Zamms
Also there's a @GAHDRestaurant 15 minutes from our house & we may eat there every single day now. Anyway we're going back tomorrow probably.
It's a Chicago hot dog place. YOU GUYS, IT'S A CHICAGO HOT DOG PLACE! - Zamms
There's a Crif Dogs near my work now. Danger. - Meg VMeg
Oh man, that fraught with fraughtness. - Zamms
Don't mind me, just rocking hard.
Don't mind me, just rocking hard.
What house are you in again? Slytherin? - Corinne L
^ haha - Mo Kargas
Huffleclaw, I think... - Zamms
"Not my job" doesn't exist.
Me and Joe.
BUT WHO? - Zamms
I put him in my 70s room. For some reason it seemed just right. - Zamms
zamms, you do watch Parks & Recreation, don't you? - holly #ravingfangirl
I don't, but I know he had a cameo recently. Because as VP HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS. - Zamms
Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler's character) worships Joe Biden. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
As she should. - Zamms
You should take him to the ice cream parlor, surely *someone* would buy you ice cream. - Meg VMeg
right? - Meg VMeg
His birthday is tomorrow. You should take him out for cake. - Corinne L
^^^^^^^^^ - Meg VMeg
Ready to justify my existence at work tomorrow. Also ready to justify my existence with really good whiskey tonight.
Actually, it's bourbon because one of my wife's co-workers brought us pralines back from New Orleans. Carry on. - Zamms
Do it - kendrak from Android
So good. Tomorrow's going to be a good day. Unless it's not. Either way, I've got a cute kid, a wonderful wife, Mario Kart 8, and whiskey. It works out no matter what! - Zamms
And amazing friends, you jerk. - Meg VMeg
I think you meant, "Zamms, amazing friends share. (SO SHARE YOUR PRALINES JERK)" - kendrak
TOO LATE I SELFISHLY PUT THEM ALL IN MY BELLY. But I do have some amazing friends who I will buy stuff for. - Zamms
YES THEY CAN (wait did i miss the biden train? wtf!) - kendrak
RT @hansriemer: follow @dataMontgomery for engagement and news about @MontgomeryCoMD #opendata and digital gov
True metal stories: the first thing I ever coded was something to print a MOTÖRHEAD banner on the dot matrix printer.
\m/ - Kristin
He must be a coder who likes to program ... *shades drop into place* close to the metal. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I want Neil Peart to narrate everything.
I can now die happy. - Joe
I know, right? - Zamms
He sampled his own voice to be a drum. - Joe
Oh man, will my hatred of George Thorogood outweigh my desire to drink a beer, a bourbon and a scotch, not necessarily in that order?
I'M SO HAPPY THE LITTLE RED LIGHT ON MY BLACKBERRY IS BLINKING! (That's excitement, not sarcasm. ALL CAPS can be fraught with peril...)
I'm just so impressed you made it back in time to 2007! - laura x from iPhone
What's a "BlackBerry"? - Uli from Android
You guys, I work in DC. YESTERDAY'S TECHNOLOGY TODAY! - Zamms
"Black Barry" =====> - MoTO: #TeamMarina
But are you blinking? (I will accept winking.) - Zamms
Does Joe Biden's Blackberry flash a smile? - Julian
The "mayor for life" of DC is also a "black Barry" (who was also caught with crack on multiple occasions). Many jokes about the "Crack Barry" were made at his expense. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I made several of them. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
I thought my BlackBerry was a little TOO quiet this weekend:
I thought my BlackBerry was a little TOO quiet this weekend:
Still down btw - Zamms from iPhone
Favorite food blogs? I could just go through Meg and Holly's feeds, but I am lazy.
Well, so, the basics for me are Smitten Kitchen, Homesick Texan, and Budget Bytes. But it feels like they may have run out of good stuff at this point (or they're saving it for cookbooks), so I'll watch this post. - Meg VMeg
I mostly read Serious Eats and I Am A Food Blog at this point. - Andrew C (✔)
I love 101cookboos, Cucina Nicolina, and The Stone Soup, in addition to those already mentioned. Or I did years ago when I was still reading food blogs regularly. Also Eggs on Sunday. - laura x from iPhone
Thanks, everyone! Keep 'em coming! - Zamms
i am terrible about checking teh food blogs lately (I think my RSS feeder is gonna 'splode once i open, it's been so long). I mostly look at Serious Eats and the Kitchn since i get emails and follow on twitter. But yes to the ones Meg mentioned earlier. I also refer back to Skinnytaste often. Some of the others off the top of my head (and skimming delicious): Joy the Baker, Two Peas & Their Pod, Ezra Pound Cake, Food52 - holly #ravingfangirl
Feel free to troll through my delicious links (which is more evidence that i look at the Kitchn and Serious Eats the most lately :P): - holly #ravingfangirl
I troll through FoodGawker sometimes, but frequently just pull from what's already been tagged on Pinterest by friends. - Katie
I have achunk - posting do I. remember to come back once I have my reader in front of me. - ellbeecee from Android
Danke danke danke! - Zamms
we need Derrick for this one. - Laura Norvig
i assumed Zamms already had that taken care of. :D - holly #ravingfangirl
ok. chocolate and zucchini, I breathe...I'm hungry (low carb), skinnytaste, not eating out in New York, the 99 cent chef, stonesoup, vegalicious, weeknight gourmet. - ellbeecee
Merci, LBC! - Zamms
Sarah likes I Am A Food Blog. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
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