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Drinks and Cocktails discussions
Barina Craft
The Classic Brandy Sidecar Cocktail is still popular after 100 years. Drink recipes w/ variations.
Ben Hanten
Ben Hanten
My friend really wanted me to check out his new house and liquor selection. He had me at liquor selection.
My favorites (besides the obvious bourbons) were Templeton Rye, Glenlivet 18-year, Johnny Walker Green, and Glenmorangie - Ben Hanten
my favorites :)) - Niranjan
He's into the details -- like the best bitters, vermouths, and everything else most people take for granted. - Ben Hanten
How was the JW Green? Dave's a fan of the black but hasn't tried green yet. - FFing Enigma
Oh green is great. In order it's Red, Black, Gold, Green, Blue. I love Gold & Green. Blue is the best, but over-priced. I just don't want to spend $200 - $250 for a bottle of Scotch - Ben Hanten
My dad used to love Glenmorangie. Also the liquer Glayva. - Ordinarybug Heather
Glenmorangie is extremely difficult to find in the U.S. these days - Ben Hanten
Ben Hanten
Bartenders, amateur mixologists, and cocktail enthusiasts ---- Do you use simple syrup or just plain sugar? And why?
When I first learned to bartend, I was told that sugar is the same thing as simple syrup, which it obviously is not. Do you find you get the sweetness you want in your drinks? I always use sugar when anything needs to be muddled... but I'm starting to wonder if simple syrup is the key to taking a drink to another level. - Ben Hanten
Fwd: Twitter gets his cocktails: here the recipe of Fail Whale Martini and Fail Whale Iced Tea. - (via
Fwd: Twitter gets his cocktails: here the recipe of Fail Whale Martini and Fail Whale Iced Tea. - (via
Ben Hanten
Since it's Sunday morning, it's time to think about the Bloody Mary. Mix it up with bourbon?
um, no. - Laura Norvig
You like bourbon that much? - Anika
<whispers> doesn't like bloody mary's </whispers> -----> - Derrick
Derrick, I've always stated that Bloody Marry's are just steak marinade on ice. - Anika
I love bourbon, and I think the Intoxicologist makes a strong case that the flavors should work well together. - Ben Hanten
theoretically it does seem like that *could* work ... but I really like the flavors in a bloody mary, so I'll stick with vodka because it doesn't have much of it's own flavor. - Laura Norvig
For me, the Boddy Mary need to be heavy on the spice. - Eric - ill subliminal
me too, Eric. Worcesteshire, horseradish, tabasco, black pepper ... sometimes I throw in a little juice from the jar of something vinegary, like pepperoncinis. - Laura Norvig
If you want to step up the spice in your bloody, try using Absolut Peppar. - Ben Hanten
You say Bloody Mary and I think Igor's in Nawlins for the WIN! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
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