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RT @dchelimsky: I helped make a thing:
finally managed to put a couple of hours into pet project #1! another year or so of holidays and I might even get past paper sketch stage
. @wmmna uh, thanks for making me realise Neural is still alive! “@wmmna: . @_neural i received the issue this morning. it made my day!”
Bootstrap themes and templates | PrepBootstrap -
oh @ingress I really want to like you, but you’re making it so hard.
The Nature of Code -
RT @Pinboard: Personally, I find programming is a lot like not making stupid sex analogies. Sometimes difficult, requires focus, but ultimately rewarding
RT @stefpos: BRIXTON deskmate wanted: Hang w/ @alantrotter @BenLyle1 & ME in our studio! USPs: £200mo / safe from wolves / 4 walls
RT @plevy: Edgeryders : collective intelligence based on a proper data strategy … via @luiy
first proper day of holidays didn’t feel very holidayish. we’ll do better tomorrow
From zero to fully working CI server in less than 10 minutes with Drone & Docker | Jean-Philippe Boily / @jipiboily -
RT @MikeIsaac: every hipster interior design trend rolled into one god-awful lamp
Microservices - 72 resources - Arkency Blog -
RT @milosgajdos: Because metal… :-)
RT @nicolasnova: "Technologist": a new European magazine about technologies, by epfl et al.
the day when we learn how to fill old cracks in ancient walls
How I Start :: Erlang -
an intro to Erlang - Riccardo Cambiassi
Stuff to Follow Up From EuroClojure 2014 - Coding through the Glen -
notes from euroclojure14 - Riccardo Cambiassi
Music Recommendations at Scale with Spark -
ugh. system failure.
and now we even have the icecream car tune from outside. just waiting from The Man From Another Place to show up.
RT @doctorow: Wayward Manor, Neil Gaiman's highly anticipated, spooky game, has a release date! (fixed link)
how did I ended up in a surreal lunchtime presentation about regulations?
crossing the river. doesn’t happen very often these days.
RT @BananaKarenina: Now whenever I run into 3+ depressing ppl in a row, I figure they were planted by Facebook.
RT @neb: mmm... the History of Cartography series as PDFs! [thanks D]
RT @dogwonder: oh Facebook did something douchey, it's almost as if they started off as a nasty hot or not clone
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