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RT @swannodette: new ClojureScript release, greatly improved static analysis, code gen, transducers and more
Advanced Processor Technologies (School of Computer Science - The University of Manchester) -
a novel computer architecture inspired by the working of the human brain. - Riccardo Cambiassi
RT @liviacolare: Stasera alle 20:30 sono in diretta su @HuffPostLive per parlare di come vive la comunità LGBTQ in Italia nel segment QueerView.
C/C Development Environment for Emacs -
The Feynman Lectures on Physics -
RT @xeni: #Ferguson “@yesthatkarim: @trevortimm @xeni that image gives me a sense of Dredd”
RT @monicakatz: Thomas Pynchon in 1966: "A Journey Into The Mind of Watts"
RT @obensource: @kenichi_pdx @bru @babele_dunnit why don’t I let Herbie tell you about it.
RT @kenichi_pdx: @bru @babele_dunnit tell me more about this!
RT @JyrkiVainio: @EuromaidanPress Here's the original cartoon with English captions. #cartoon #Ukraine #Russia
RT @openp2pdesign: Video: A Visual Guide To Pandas #python #data #pandas
masterchef double decker in covent garden
staring at a boot failed amazon locker
RT @bldgblog: An incredible 19th-century marine fortress in the Thames Estuary is for sale: | via @subbrit
yes please! “@iotwatch: even if there is no hope, i still dream of @overheardatmoo nfc cards #iot”
RT @BridgetHillyer: Clojure Beginner Tip #5: Clojure from the ground up:
“Close (To The Edit)” by Art of Noise is my new jam. Listen:
RT @swannodette: Om 0.7.0 released and we're now back in sync with React 0.11.1! Feedback welcome and have fun!
RT @manovich: to learn how to use social media to communicate ideas, study tactics of Italian Futurists from 1910s.
RT @pezholio: I’ve done a visualisation of all the beer I’ve drunk since 2012 using my data from @untappd because why not?
happy 2nd birthday to my little company, still proudly free of any web and social media presence
Must-Read Software Developer Books - Wunderlist -
Must-Read Software Developer Books - Riccardo Cambiassi
RT @irini_mirena: Artists virtually gatecrash Google's DevArt Barbican exhibit
RT @dchelimsky: I helped make a thing:
finally managed to put a couple of hours into pet project #1! another year or so of holidays and I might even get past paper sketch stage
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