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RT @gazelle: Apple Watch Release Date Reportedly Moved to Spring 2015
RT @mattmahermusic: help @johnmarkmc raise the $15k worth of gear his band had stolen. That way no one's knee caps have to get broken”
RT @TheNextWeb: Amazon plans Prime Air delivery drone tests in the UK
RT @jjauthor: Reminder - When Obama spoke about transparency, he meant YOUR records would be transparent not HIS! #tcot #Cavuto
RT @BradThor: Say wha..? Howard Dean: #Obamacare Was Created By Elitists Who Don’t Understand the American People via @FreeBeacon
RT @BreakingNews: Live video: European Space Agency attempts landing of Rosetta mission on comet - @NBCNews
RT @WashTimes: #Google ad server goes down, costing businesses millions in revenues -
RT @CNET: AT&T chief: With uncertainty over Net neutrality rules, it's "prudent to pause" our investing
RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: 90% of Afghan War Deaths Under Obama...
RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: BOEHNER: 'Double down on job-crushing policies'...
RT @FoxBusiness: AT&T hits the brakes on fiber investments until #netneutrality rules are finalized: $T
RT @Strzala4Senate: @SharylAttkisson I just finished your book and all I can say is: "where have you been all my life?"
RT @MikeZooLoo: @SharylAttkisson Are you ready for the smear campaign? That's next in the playbook.
RT @JennyAFox4: 2 right lanes of S/B US75 at Plano Pkwy are now open for travel & entire hwy should be open within 30 min. Via @PlanoPoliceDept . @FOX4
RT @FoxBusiness: Macy's cuts outlook amid disappointing sales: $M
RT @BBCNews: A journey along the Central Line in London, showing the most expensive places to rent a flat
RT @CBSNews: Some businesses ban guns inside, others give you a discount for carrying one -
RT @wfaachannel8: 75 shut down in Plano after man hit by vehicles
RT @WashTimes: #Obama mocked for #APEC attire in #China: 'Is this a new 'Star Trek' episode?'
RT @BreakingNews: Detroit gets the OK from federal judge to begin bankruptcy exit plan immediately - @chicagotribune
RT @Heritage: Lame-Duck Congress Must Renew Its Commitment to Missile Defense -
RT @haaretzcom: Iran denies nuclear scientist killed in Syria, IRNA reports
RT @FoxNews: Another tape surfaces of #ObamaCare architect calling American people ‘stupid’:
RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: NATO: Marked Russian troop cross into Ukraine...
RT @FreeBeacon: Veterans Forced to Hold Ceremony at Burger King after School Cancels Event over 21-Gun Salute
RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: Bruce Springsteen jeered for singing anti-war 'screed' for vets...
RT @DineshDSouza: A key architect of Obamacare admits it passed because of "the stupidity of the American people"
RT @FoxNews: Russian defense ministry says bomber patrols will reach Gulf of Mexico:
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