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Amazing! There's still people in here and still people I remember! :)
Oh Hai, Zee! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Hey there - 4 years since i last posted in here :) - Zee.
Yo Zee, yo! - imabonehead
Hi! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I see you on Twitter all the time, yo. - Akiva
Hey, Zee. It's all about the long game. :) - Micah
*whistles Cheers theme song* - Rodfather
you can't @mention in comments on here?? So 2009. - Zee.
Whining is not permitted on a dead social network. - Eric - Final Countdown
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!~!!!!!~!~!!~!!!1 - Akiva
Four years is nothing. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
*waves* - Mary Carmen
Hi Zee! - Louis Gray
Hello! - LB needs a hero! from Android
Hey Zee - Mo Kargas
Hey Zee, it's the first time I've been back here in years too. If it's always like this, I might have to start stopping by more often. Missed it :) - Michael Fidler
Was I even here then? - Melly
Hey, Zee! - vicster.
HI Zeeeee !! - Peter Dawson
Hey, Zee - MoTO Boychick Devil
Hi Zee! - Mahdi
Hiya! I can't believe how fantastic The Next Web is doing - I heard about it here first and now I read it all the time. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Hi, Zee. Funny how this place still kicks ass even in its neglected state. - Jim #teamFFrank
What's new < What works :) - Johnny
Mike Fruchter
Mark Krynsky
I present to you the 8-bit Hip Hop medley for your your Friday auditory pleasure via @revrev
Check out the page to download the MP3 here via - Mark Krynsky
That was... super annoying, but I couldn't stop listening. I have a soft spot in my cold dead heart for 8-bit synth. Happy Friday to you Mark. - Adrian
Annoying yet cool at the same time...yea, I know. - Mark Krynsky
Great... now the kids are *fake-breakdancing* to it. Want to hear it again. Thanks a lot... MARK!! - Adrian
Got any more? - Adrian
Nope...this is it. Perhaps other FF'ers can indulge you. - Mark Krynsky
Oh no… someone dug it up again… - Remo
Remo, you HOLDING OUT on me, brah? - Adrian
Hahaha! We need to see video of the kids dancing, Adrian. - Spidra Webster
It’s for you’re own best interest. - Remo
Robert Scoble
Talk about Facebook buying FriendFeed here (on FriendFeed, of course):
I'm not sure what it means, but I hope the goodness of Friendfeed stays intact. - Tom Landini
About time! - Rob H. from iPhone
I guess Facebook just got real time search engine! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
What do facebook get out of it? - Ruchit Garg
Fact or fiction? - Jason Cronkhite from iPhone
I haven't seen likes and comments stream real-time this fast before. - ydfeed
it could work. if Friendfeed completely replaces Facebook - Edgar Rodríguez
I think it's a brilliant move, although bringing this into the Facebook walled garden would ruin it. - Derek Shanahan
how much for? - Ruchit Garg
BAD 'n SAD :(( - sid 【ツ】
Great match to take on the Twitter machine. - Ryan Cummins
what is next..facebook killing twitter integration...SCORE....?? - Denis
++Edgar - Ryan
Good for Facebook, BAD for us. NOOOOOOOOOOOO - Nir Ben Yona
Presumably a technology acquisition then, Facebook is buying the team and the tech. - DGentry
I don't like it - Jason Hargrove
Just because Facebook bought Friendfeed, doesn't necessarily mean they will do anything with the service. At least maybe not right away. People need to chill out. - Alex Knight
hope it doesn't mess w/ twitter integration - Ken Seto
makes a lot of sense - f.b. now has a power house of real-time all-stars. fixes many of the feature 'wish' lists for f.b. - actually a major positive sign for innovation. congrats to the F.F. team. - michael sean wright
How can i shut down my ff account? - Fotis Alexandrou
I need a few hours and possibly large amounts of chocolate - Bwana ☠
If you are right, that "Facebook just got real time search engine", that is good - as FB really, really needed it for a long time. - Bora Zivkovic
:( - Sinem Co
There goes your data. - Jason Hargrove
This will probably be bad. like all purchases, it will be an "afterthought" and never be fully allowed to develop and flourish. - Ryan Jones
It almost seemed inevitable since Facebook has been copying so much of Friendfeed in recent months. It's good for the founders of FF and may benefit those of us who use both on a regular basis. Maybe they'll just leave FF alone? - Kenley Neufeld
Funny thing is, if you posted about this on Facebook, 99.9999% of it's users would go "huh, what's FriendFeed anyway?" - Richard Matthias
someone tell me what they will do with it? Nothing maybe? Kill it, maybe? - Francine Hardaway
Buy as is use it's IP and close it down or run as separate business? Either way, didn't see that coming. - Keith Bennett from BuddyFeed
It was bound to go down. Like we used to say on the block shootin' dice "Big Bank Take Little Bank" - professor daddyo
I do, however, wish tha tmore sites would implement this commenting engine. - Ryan Jones
Fotis: haha, wait too long, and you'll never be able to close your FF account ;) - Jason Hargrove
not believing it until another source confirms... - Benton
Congrats to the friendfeed team. Worried about the future though. - Andy Roth
Whats FriendFeed anyways? - Marco Horta
so that Facebook can maybe copyright the "Like" button? lol - Than R
How are we going to abbreviate it now? FBFF? FFFB? F^3B ? - Harry Wolff
I receive the breaking news via BNO News at this moment: Facebook acquires FriedFeed... - Torsten Eckert
haha you're right Richard - Ken Seto
I am stuck in Texas and have not confirmed myself. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Wow - Rodfather
OMG. - Nathan Chase
It looks like a defensive move. I think it's better fro FB to acquire FF than incorporating twitter functionalities in their status feature. - Pablo Paniagua
maybe they can implement threads? - Jeremy Toeman
Friendbook? Facefeed? - Jeff Harbert
If it's true, I suspect FriendFeed as we know it will be gone, but Facebook will be greatly improved. - Costa Walcott
bah. i will go do something else. this news isn't helping - Edgar Rodríguez
trying to look on the bright side - maybe we'll get those iPhone/Blackberry apps for better access to FriendFeed - Stuart Miniman
But if it isn't true we would have heard by now. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
apprehensive about this - Liz Polay-Wettengel
I want to hear the $$$ number - moo yu
Congrats to ff team...but how does this work? I have 2 different accounts...and I like it that way...I don't want to share/spam my friends on facebook with what I have here... - brainno722 (Peter)
@robert no we wouldnt have - Jeremy Toeman
Originally posted this to your other FF/FB post before you astarted this one: I don't see the point of Facebook acquiring FriendFeed. They are pretty much identical services (well, FF represents just the News Feed portion of Facebook) I don't see how they can incorporate FriendFeed into Facebook. If they really did buy it, then I see this as them going for programming talent more so... more... - Christopher A. Wichura
I'm hoping this improves Facebook (just like everyone else). Facebook has gotten horrible stale for me of late. - Harry Wolff
What's looking shiny and new now? :-) - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
I've been needing a reason to get re-interested in Facebook, this could be it. - JonSupermurray
Friend management will need to be enhanced/overhauled. Otherwise, the noise will make the combined product unusable. - Peter Ghosh
Seriously, how can i shut it down? - Fotis Alexandrou
We'll have to wait for more details to see exactly what Facebook is planning to do with FF. - Antoniu
Bodes badly for FriendFeed. --rj - Roger Jennings
I think this is more of a "send the friendfeed traffic to facebook" than any kind of technical leverage. My biggest concern here: in order to exchange dialogue with people on facebook I need to be friends with them vs. being able to do it on friendfeed without having to friend them up. I find this valuable as there may be a topic or 5 that I want to engage with user "X" on, but I don't... more... - Erik Boles
I am disappointed by this news... I don't like Facebook at all... And I'm afraid they will just kill FriendFeed with their awful cluttered interface... - Lindsay
It depends on how they integrate it. Did they buy it for the search engine, or did they buy it as a potential for extending the reach of Facebook into real time conversations? It's all about the life stream now right? So probably Facebook's attempt to stake a claim there. - Tony "Frosty" Welch
bad days are coming - Ahmet Soyata
Fotis, why do you want to shut down our FF account? - Alex Knight
Bad bad bad bad bad bad ::runs screaming down the hall:: - mary hodder
First of all, I love the name "Facefeed." ROFL Second, this is business boys. Happens all the time. Why do you think innovation keeps happening. FB will integrate or kill off FF, and something else will happen. It's a natural cycle. - Francine Hardaway
Nir Ben Yona +1 - MugeCerman
wondering if i should continue aggregating all my online activity in frienfeed now that facebook owns it!! - Gtp19
I can't begin to process this right now. Too much work to focus on. Later when I read this 10,000 mile long thread and have a glass of Cab in hand. - Michele Lorito-Chase
Geeks and fb not a good mach - thomas elton from iPhone
Not feeling real good about this, hope fully Facebook will do right by the FF community, but I'm not holding my breath. Glad for the FF team though - Kim Landwehr
Twitter dissed again. - JonSupermurray
So FB failed to buy Twitter, - so they buy FF which is just a UI for twitter.. - Nick Halstead
if you look closely at FF the large majority of FF posts are twitter posts, so there was not that much original content on FF in the first place... - Ingmar
Makes a lot of sense for Facebook. And we find this very healthy ^^ - twitscoop
People need to stop freaking out. The Facebook/Friendfeed buy out was just announced. Wait for details people. - Alex Knight
It could be bad, it could be good. As long as Facebook doesn't try to port their functionality over, I'm fine with it being a financial acquisition. - Adam Reyher
Crap, its official ! - Peter Dawson
This is really bad... a wonderful tool based on killer technology will go over into this mass market teeny poking culture. Bah! - Markus Tressl
then again it is great for linking FB, TW, flickr and so on - Ingmar
Here is the FF post on the acquisition: - Mrinal Desai
Great, why did I bother creating an account here? I could have held out. - desinole
if this is true, for the love of god, please don't Facebook go and mess up FriendFeed as they have their own system, Facebook is a mess these days, Friendfeed is one of the 2.0 sites that actually has concentrated on doing a few things well, complete opposite to Facebook. - Carl Grint
Cuz we all know that facebook doesn't respect user's privacy and you've got basically everything on ff, youtube, twitter, digg whatever you do - Fotis Alexandrou
Paul Buckheit will now be a house husband:-) - Francine Hardaway
Smart for Facebook but I prefer Friendfeed the way it is.What, we'll be throwing rabbits next? - Janet Fouts
FriendFeed listens to the community. Facebook doesn't. Not to mention they're ENTIRELY different communities. - Adam Reyher
If they keep FriendFeed as a separate site, and still upgrade regularly, this is fine. If FriendFeed winds up in the dead pool, then it sucks. - Steve Sill
If true, congrats to the FF Founders! - Jason Cronkhite from iPhone
I was just thinking how Friendfeed had stayed out of recent takeovers, mergers and hence cyber attacks. Will Friendfeed now be taken over by celebs and spammers too? - Nils Geylen
Not sure why this news makes me nervous. Please tell me it's going to be ok Scoble... - Lucas
it's true damn!!!! - Edgar Rodríguez
How can I spam on this thread please ? Any idea ? - Toucouleur
Facebook has ZERO respect for users' wishes... Friendfeed is incompatible with that. Friendfeed will be going away. :( Their blog post says as much: " will continue to operate normally **for the time being**. We're still figuring out our longer-term plans for the product" - tollie williams
Ideally, FB will leave FF to do the sweet innovating they are doing and just take the awesome features and put them into FB - Ryan
This is the first time I've used Friendfeed in a year. Good move on their part. - chantelle
How Much ? $$$ ;-) - Jacopo Gio
So, where do we migrate to now? - Byron McCollum
FriendFeed functionality on Facebook would be nice. The reverse, not so much. They're trying to address two entirely separate purposes and as such, need to remain completely separate. - Adam Reyher
back to the twitter - emresezgin
I want numbers. how much did facebook pay? - Zac Bowling
Hum...let's see what happens. - Chip Hanna
Stay here until FB does something dumb with FF - Ryan
The rhetoric seems a bit too "Facebook will do what they want with us" and not "we will remain FF and continue forward". Seems as if FB went for the tech and we could lose FF as a seperate entity. Boo. - Derek Shanahan
confirmed by facebook press release. - Zac Bowling
Love 'em or hate 'em....Facebook made a phenomenal purchase. - Kevin Pruett
I see a ton of Wall Spam. Facebook users just don't get it when you port your twitter updates over. There is too much for them to wrap their heads around. This will be a hard transition. - Ryan Cummins
And I was REALLY getting fond of FriendFeed. From now on only downhill applicationwise? - Bart
Not happy about this. I use Facebook, but don't like it. It reminds me of AOL from 10 years ago. - David Sharpe
I agree that I don't want FB to mess up FF, but this will also give FF a higher profile and bring in many more users...which we may or may not like, judging by what happened on Twitter. I hope FF doesn't die off like Jaiku because I really think FF offers a more valuable and useful interface. - Cathryn Hrudicka
One thing to consider is this: If we have "trusted" the FriendFeed people not to screw things up, hopefully we can trust them to make sure they're still in control in the terms of the acquisition. - Adam Reyher
Its going to be called Facebook. - DGentry
I hope this is a joke.. Damn it, I dont like Facebook now there is nowhere to go... F*** - Jacque
I am trying to imagine how this will be a good thing for existing FF users. It feels so right and so wrong all at once!...Maybe at least my kids and wife will finally get what I've been ignoring them for over the past year. - Thom Kennon
Is that means we're going to see more extremist groups around, now that FB has acquired FF? - Nir Ben Yona
so where do all the cool kids go now? we need another startup, stat! - h1ro
I am afraid... what johnny2009 have said can really be the future... soon friendfeed will = Jaiku - Ahmed Mubbashir Khan
Damn,I've just"got friendfeed,and i love it.I definately don't like facebook.What does it mean for twitter? - Paul Downing
Any investors want to predict the buyout price? - Kevin Pruett
am gonna wait for google wave... coz in facebook, i cant access the complete stream for a month ago, the site goes down very often while browsing, and privacy issues galore!! congratulations for friendfeed but its jus me!!! - Gtp19
Maybe we´re seeing here one of FriendFeeds biggest discusions ever. I´m sceptic about the future of FF as a standlone service... - Torsten Eckert
This is very good for FriendFeed as long as Facebook doesn't corrupt them. I would have preferred to see Google buy FF but I know with their focus on Wave I don't think it would have been a good fit. I like the Facebook platform, but they have done too many shady things in the past for me to trust them. - Adam Teece
all of the conversation is happening on FriendFeed and Twitter - nothing on Facebook. Think we'd scare away Facebook if everyone starts having lots of conversations there - like on Scoble's fan page? - Stuart Miniman
They can or don't have to fix FF's FB app now. - ydfeed
Ha Stuart - great point *Facebookers take cover* - Kimberle Kelly
What's next- Macy's buying Gimble's? - Thom Kennon
what do you think Robert? - courtney benson
All I can think of is now a lot of people can feel the pain the dedicated Pownce community felt, but at least you're not getting shut down, just yet. - Mike Lewis
I'm not a big facebook user, but my gut feeling is that like twitter buying summize, it will mark the end of major innovations. I hope I'm wrong. But they should totally go with the facefeed mashup name. - motownmutt
I dont see any potential for competition with twitter FB and Twitter serve different purposes as does FriendFeed - iluvblackwomen
Sorry but renaming Facebook to 'Facefeed' is utterly stupid. - Alex Knight
does making google reader more social has anything to do with this buyout??! - Gtp19
yeah this was good for facebook. bad for anyone who liked friendfeed. - Liz
FriendFeed is very good, a better way to use Twitter & etc. Knowing this, I still rarely use FF. Not going to start using Facebook more. - Nicole
Actually, this could be death for Twitter when you think about it. The people I know who are in FB are not likely to add TWO more nets to their lifestream. FriendFeed makes more sense for them. Maybe Twitter just stays as the dumb pipe it's become for many of us here. - Thom Kennon
Good for FB UI and search, questionable for the FF community and its independent spirit ... - Bo Stern
last comment 2 hours ago on FF by Paul Buchheit, FF CEO, was just " :)" #friendbook - Jacopo Gio
The main reason why I came to FF was because when I tried to treat FB the same as FF, i was talking to a wall. At least people interact here. At FB, it's all about the cheesy games/apps. - Matthew Horton from iPhone
Just like most acquisitions, it could be good and it could be bad. I trust that FriendFeed will live on as FriendFeed, only sharing their tech with Facebook. Possibly more integration between the two sites. If you were FF/FB, what would you do? - Nick Humphries
Please no. I don't like FaceBook... - Svartling
We need a Friendfeed alternative: - Marcos Marado from fftogo
Facebook must want real time soc-net search badly... - martin smith
The biggest thing here, at least within the Twitter context, is that this merger will combine 'verified' identity (in terms of Facebook user ID being slightly more 'real' than Twitter) with real time status updates. - Dan Patterson
I'm looking forward to what this brings to Facebook. I have enjoyed both networks but wondered when FriendFeed/Facebook would face-off and/or be absorbed by the other. I think FriendFeed's tech will improve the Facebook experience. - Jacob Sloan
FriendFeed + Twitter = disruptive. FriendFeed + Facebook = one more app for FB . Facebookers dont know the power of FriendFeed. I agree with : "" So FB failed to buy Twitter, - so they buy FF which is just a UI for twitter.. - Nick Halstead "" - Rocky
Most likely scenario is Facebook assimilates the FriendFeed guys, has them work on improving Facebook newsfeed/realtime/status, and lets FriendFeed die a slow unmaintained death. - Richard Akerman
Robert, it means all the time you invested building friends lists and updates there will go to Facebook :-) - Loic Le Meur
could someone start to develop a Frienfeed clon , please ? ASAP ! - Rocky
Seems bloody terrible from this users perspective. Good for Friendfeed the company though. - Quasar
Given Facebook's past, this could be really bad. Given FriendFeed's past, this could be really good. No real way to speculate without talking to the FF crew. - xero
Robert, do you know if Facebook is going to put on limits here at FF??? Oh crikey... so much for our citizen journalism here.... Admittedly I am bummed. Uber bummed. - Arleen Boyd
EndFeed. - Alex Schleber
your blog is the most important thing you can own on the web. these sites can come and go. it's a great social point but true friends you've made here you talk outside of ff, right? - Terry O'Fee from BuddyFeed
It's a good time to sell to Facebook, cause Google Wave is imminent and is going to destroy all of Facebook, Twitter and FriendFeed. I think FriendFeed employees might even go back to Google eventually as soon as their contracts with Facebook are up. - Charbax
Robert - wow. just wow I am stunned. Sorta sad actually. I love FF innovation and don't want to see that stop !!!!! - Susan Beebe
the free ride couldn't last forever. I know it sucks that things will change, but they've got a lot more sense than Twitter has about these things.. - Terry O'Fee from BuddyFeed
You must all assimilate to the new FaceFeed - Jonathan.Rivera
If you ignore all the crappy apps and just comment and post photos, your main feed on Facebook is fundamentally a pretty similar experience to FriendFeed - people post stuff, people comment on it. That is, at-least, the way my network tends to use Facebook. The main difference is that Facebook defaults to being very closed and private while FriendFeed defaults to being very open and... more... - Edward Coffey
edward - pretty much. it's FF for the layman. remember back in the day they used to have forums too? - Terry O'Fee
friendfeed is very cliquey. you have your group of people who usually gather round for conversations. now imagine some of this friendfeed stuff in facebook. done right it will help them a lot. - Terry O'Fee from BuddyFeed
I don't think I am liking this but FB does need to add the "edit" feature like on here. - Marika Dye
FriendFeed is Facebooks Summize. It’s All About Search. - paul mooney
FF acquisition is expected. But, as a user, I would be bumned, if FF would become a feature of FB. As, I tend to use Twitter as my social network and not FB. - Vasu Srinivasan
I would love it if Facebook integrated the FriendFeed features. I would love it if Facebook had FriendFeed's flexibility with Facebook's privacy control. It sucks that the world may lose FriendFeed, but it is great the Facebook will likely get better. - Andrew
Andrew, Facebook will get better - over time. There won't be any Vulcan website meld of FB and FF overnight. - Bill Sodeman
thank god someone understands that, andrew. it's like "i liked this band better before they went to a major label!" ;) - Terry O'Fee
Bill - But we can dream, can't we? :) I mean, what I love about Facebook is that I'm interacting with my friends as my friends, not as usernames and avatars. But I hate their bookmarklet, the weird delays when I post anything, the comment system, and I hate the Photo gallery tech. I love the FriendFeed community, but would love bringing the FriendFeed technology over to Facebook even more. If only Facebook could buy Flickr next... - Andrew
as long as fb start thinking in creative commons terms... one day .. - Terry O'Fee
they are both great services I think will be a good thing - Logan Lindquist
oh NO! I don't spend much time at FB (everybody there's too busy playing stupid games, at least in my little network), and besides it's more private unlike FF. And now they've gone and bought FF? And I just joined! I guess I won't be around here for long, since FF won't... - Dennis Jernberg
I don't like it... - Harry Mahardhika
No mention of Yahoo. Totally irrelevant these days. Sad. - Scott Schnaars
This deal makes sense! Now fb developers do not need to figure out how ff does it because they can just ask! - Garin Kilpatrick
One of my facebook accounts got closed up. Into this account I fed my friendfeed. And into friendfeed I fed for example my socialmedian shares, diggs, stumbles etc. - Wilhelm Bauer
Time for the next generation app. *Taps foot impatiently for Google Wave* - Karen Masullo
I don't think it's about getting Friendfeed it's self; but having the developers and the information about real-time search. - Chris Martin
Phil Glockner
Pin Stacks to the Windows 7 Taskbar -
I saw a skinner on deviantart working on some mods for this yesterday. They're slowly starting to move some of their work to 7 finally. There's a couple of nice themes already, but it should get really interesting when the most talented skinners start working on it. - Michael Fidler
Dobromir Hadzhiev
Brandon LeBlanc
I am off-the-wall excited to be able to tell everyone we've RTM'd! #windows
Awesome news - Windows 7 rocks. This is what Vista SHOULD have been (but then Vista is much better than the detractors would have you believe) - Colin Walker
Sally Walker
Have You Read - So You Want To Be A LinkedIn RockStar?
The 13 Most Overheard Phrases in an '80s Arcade -
The 13 Most Overheard Phrases in an '80s Arcade
Sweep the leg, Johnny! - Daniel J. Pritchett
Go into Hyperspace! - Iain Baker
WHERE IS MY GREY POUPON! - Tsali - A dude man
So girls will think this is cool right? - Steve C, Team Marina
Where's the beef? I'VE GOT YOUR BEEF RIGHT HERE! - FFing Enigma
To quote Dave Chappelle - "Girl you give me Pac-Man fever. Awa. Awa. Awa. Awa." - Bryan Zirkel
Sally Walker
@JoeBloggsalot totally agree with you about the Nokia 5800, I love mine, better than the iPhone I think!
I'm certainly impressed. - Colin Walker
Jesse Stay
That's a big asteroid. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Certainly makes you think! - Colin Walker
Sarah Perez
Stupid Galaga. I just played this about an hour ago. I actually made it through the first wave without getting killed. - Anika
love galaga - (jeff)isageek
Galaga rules - where's my Mame installation...... - Colin Walker
I just wish the aliens would stop killing me. And what are those tube sock medals in the corner? I thought they were bombs because everyone has always told me they were, but no one has bothered to tell me how to activated them. - Anika
Robert Scoble
How graffitti artists get their start (bad parenting): -
How graffitti artists get their start (bad parenting):
Look away for a couple of minutes and what do we discover Milan doing? Naughty boy. But we are ahead of him. Washable crayons rock. - Robert Scoble
It's a gift! - Jim Connolly
Nice I remember those days - Robert Burgin
One of my favorite wishes from a friend when my 1st son was born was, "May he be a wall writer". He is ... it is a gift. - Don Strickland
hey, good tip! although...I do appreciate kids going creative, even if re-painting costs a least they are creative;) - Sylwia Presley
Be sure he knows how much you love his work. - Don Strickland
I am convinced babies are cute so you don't do them harm. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Encourage creativity as much as you can - Schools start killing it off at a certain point. - PXLated
I did that on the bottom of my cabin bed, I got slapped upteen times when I was found out... still fun to look at it now though! - Chris Lloyd
Robert, why don't you see if you can join Twit, he only has two guests, Kevin Rose and Dwight Silverman - Stephen Pickering
Stephen it is too nice in HMB today. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I understand, its unbelievable here today too, like spring - Stephen Pickering
Ross Mayfield
"Someone once called me 'just a dreamer' That offended me, the 'just' part, being a dreamer is hard work."...
Mark Dykeman
Echo chamber: Social media strategists are talking to themselves | Feeds | -
Quote: We’re going to have to find our voices beyond the conversation we have with one another. Otherwise, it won’t be enough. - so true! - Colin Walker
Hutch Carpenter
FriendFeed’s Progress Out of the A-Listers’ Garage -
Reshared, good work. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Man - Not happy about dropping off YOUR radar ... but I may share the piece anyway :) - Charlie Anzman
Thanks Daniel - commented on your re-share. - Hutch Carpenter
Charlie - you're not off my radar! I see you all the time. - Hutch Carpenter
Just kidding man ... you're the bomb :) - Charlie Anzman
The "more active" (I can't stand calling it "popular", because that's not -really- what it is) users, I filter through others. If they post TONS of stuff, it can't all be good, and other people talking about it filters it for me. One of the best uses of FF's "friend of", imo. This way I only get the handful of Scoble et al posts a day that warrant further looks, for example, instead of drowning in all of them. - abacab
I'm seeing this trend myself. I'm slowly adding friends that are not even near the A-list. The quality of my reading has improved as a result. - Roberto Bonini
Roberto - Just wander over to the everyone tab. It's becoming more of a gold mine everyday! - Charlie Anzman
abacab: only one out of a hundred things I post here are my own. So, if you want to find interesting new people to follow who aren't Scoble my feed is a great place to start. Roberto: exactly. That's why I say you define yourself by who you follow. Follow smart people and you'll get smarter. Follow abusive people and you'll get more abusive. - Robert Scoble
thanks for taking this to the next level Hutch. I think it's an important progression/evolution for the site and as you say, one that is healthy for the FF ecosystem. - Morgan
I subscribe to every person on the new list. They are my FF A Listers. I also subscribe to Thomas Hawk and Scoble. - Russellreno
I'm a fan of Robert Scoble's FriendFeed stream. I may not do a lot of Likes, but he's got good stuff in there. And he gets good interactions on his posts, so that's interesting. But I am enjoying the broadening out of the experience here. - Hutch Carpenter
thanks to this post (i think) i'm getting a bunch of new subscribers - thanks hutch! i'm subscribing back. i like when i add a bunch of new folks - it's like a shiny new friendfeed. - Morgan
That's cool Morgan. I'm glad folks are finding you. - Hutch Carpenter
Good post, Hutch.. progression is happening as people get to know each other. I still like to check in on the "big dogs" (that's the name of my list), but I find more and more I enjoy FriendFeed for the fun, not for the technology/social intake. - Tim Hoeck
The Inspiration Behind Google Chrome Logo .. -
Cool and funny! :) - Svartling
Louis Gray
New Blog Post: As I Get Older, Some Online "Friending" Gets Creepier
@Jim, it could be worse. I didn't check to see if "barely legal" was taken. And maybe it's better that I have it than somebody else who would be linking to a darker place. - Louis Gray
I think that the fact, that someone at 31 is having problems with being followed online by a 14 year old geek - who is probably seeking a role-model - or by a 20 year old girl (isn't that what people used to call woman in saner times?), and instantly starts to worry about "people assuming things" is telling. When I was 10-14 I used to hang out with older people, learning from the collegues of my mother - usually mechanical engineers or such - or of my father - working in the computer industry. - Roland Hesz
@Roland... telling? Explain a bit for us. - Louis Gray
I think it is a sad thing that you have to worry about "what people will assume??" If a teenager can't follow adults, how in the heck will they find a normal, everyday role model? How will they learn something useful? Why don't we just wall off people of separate ages? Sorry, but this is just plain crazy. - Roland Hesz
I'm 36. I have friends and colleagues who are 20. Ay 18, one of my best friends - and a great mentor - was nearly 30. Don't worry about it. - Didi Chanoch
@Louis Gray telling that you have to worry about it. That's a problem I think. - Roland Hesz
Part of this is also that the perspective is changing as well. I've been at the same company for about 8 years, starting there when I was 23. I've always been the youngest, or one of the younger, people in a specific category. As I grow older, and the next generation starts to be in the peer group, it takes getting used to. (Not creepy per se, just new) - Louis Gray
@Jim problem is, that if a Hungarian teenager wants to learn about, say rocket science, he will have to look for a US engineer say. Given that it takes about 20 hours to fly to the US, or more, the offline bit is impossible. The online thing will work, and sometimes that's the only way. And a 20 years old is not a youngster. That's an adult :) - Roland Hesz
Louis, that tinyurl link is throwing 500 errors. - Duncan Riley
@Duncan it works perfectly for me. maybe try the full. - Roland Hesz
Roland, ended up going to Louis' site directly, but the tinyurl... here's a pic - Duncan Riley
@Jim I agree. I still think it's not about the age, it's about the 1) reason and context of contact 2) modified by age. What is perfectly normal with someone over 20 or your own age is weird with a teenager, and the other way around. But I would not say that "I won't contact people younger by X years". I will not in any circumstances welcome a kid on Second Life, but I will gladly talk with him or her about software development or music on twitter, msn, plurk, whatever. - Roland Hesz
@Duncan I see, well, I believed you, just tried to help, but then all is good :) - Roland Hesz
Michael Arrington just tweeted that TinyURL appears to be "completely hosed." - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
To find all relevant conversations, search for "creepier" and ignore the older stuff. - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
This is an ancient thread, but I just read the article. My life situation is strange (10-yr-old at college), and I wish that people would just value others based on who they are (not title, class, sex, race, age). I'm 41 and take ballet/jazz/hip-hop classes with people -29 yrs younger, and was at a springboard diving competition with a lady +64 yrs older. One relationship was with a lady +16 yrs older, but always with older women. My Facebook friends are 17-75 (avg 37). - Mitchell Tsai
ancient thread perhaps, but thanks to things like FF, I get to be alerted to it in all my business lately and it was very thought provoking. got my wheels-a-turnin. I might just write something on it soon. This is what I love about technologies like this and other aggregators - posts that normally might have escaped me are brought into the foreground for me to "munch" on and digest and... more... - Melissa Davis from twhirl
Melissa: I saw this article in Louis's monthly recap (July 2008) Have you read that yet? - Mitchell Tsai
But don't you seperate who you add on twitter for example compared to maybe Facebook. I hardly check who adds me on twitter, compared to Facebook which I only add people I've met in real life, and non of 'virtual friends' Mind you, so far I know... I don't have any kids following me or adding me 2 FF, FB or Twitter... To a great extent, its just how much of your life willing to put online for whole world to see. - Sebastiaan van den Akker
I think it is refreshing that someone actually thinks of this. So many just want the followers. Age wasn't really the focus to me, but it seems that was the stopping point for many. It was more about that weird feeling of when you know you've stepped into a maturity level that is not your own. And frankly, at some of the levels things can get dicey. And generally, that has some relationship to age (but not always). It is creepy. - Boo
Apologies for coming late to this discussion, but don't see a point having been made here tht I think needs to be made: wrt twitter, ffeed and (at least), following/subscribing is very much NOT the same as "friending" on other, more deliberately "social" social media e.g. facebook. I've never used the latter, so actually have trouble groking this issue. For me, subscribing/following says nothing about any desire for reciprocity; I'm just using a tool to make it easier to read your stuff. - Tegan Dowling
Oh, crud, sorry -- I see my point/issue *is* well-addressed over on the other thread, at Come on, Ffeed, get that de-duping stuff done! - Tegan Dowling
I'm 47 and my feelings on this issue are complicated. I do feel creepy when I find myself occasionally in situations surrounded by people 22-25 years my junior (in other words, 22-25-year-olds). Or more -- I felt totally gross when I innocently friended my 17-year-old niece on Facebook, only to find that I was apparently more than twice the age of her next-oldest friend. Eww! (con't on next rock) - Mitch Wagner
OTOH, it's wrong to judge people based on their age. And, as we get older, we have to work to keep our brains from becoming calcified, and one way to do that is to associate with people of *all* ages. I surround myself with people whom I consider peers, aged from early 20s to nearly 70, and I think that's good. When I find myself in a gathering that's much younger than me, I try to behave in a manner appropriate to my age -- which, I think, involves being a bit aloof and avuncular. (con't on next rock) - Mitch Wagner
That said: I like to go to clubs in Second Life, and when SL introduced voice, I was pleased to see a lot of people were using voice in one of my favorite clubs. I switched on voice myself -- only to discover that most of the people on voice appeared to be teen-agers. Ewwwww! I had no idea that they were teens -- I guess when we're clubbing in SL, we all behave a bit in an adolescent fashion. I never went back to that club again. - Mitch Wagner
Alexander van Elsas
The unlimited power of social media is bound by my human limitations -
Louis says: "Being Louis Gray or Robert Scoble probably isn’t that much different than being Alexander van Elsas." I responded "Ha ha Louis, I doubt it. I am still amazed at the incredible amounts of readings and interactions you (and Robert) are capable of handling. And have time for twins and your own blog. I have a lot of respect for that. You even had time to read this post ;-) The force is with you my friend!" - Alexander van Elsas
nothing wrong with long posts Alexander, it's just that rarely someone can make me read them with interest till the very end - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Dobromir I hope you made it to the end of this one then ;-). I'm interested to hear what you guys think about this metaphore of social media spam and how you end up dealing with it? ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
oh absolutely the hidden msg in the comment was that you're one of the blogers who keep me untill th eend of the post :-) ... - Dobromir Hadzhiev
SM spam I don't think it's all that bad, unlike mail spam it's up to us to decide how much we get, the beauty of rich topics sharer is it help gain interest in topics other than the my primary (tech) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Dobromir, I don't agree. I have very limited control over the amount of content I get to see on Friendfeed for example. The fast amount of content makes early adopters look for tech solutions that are mail-spam like. We are looking for trust filters, noise filters, friend filters, content filters, hide options, block options. Sounds familiar? That's what we did to try and get our inbox under control. But the problem isn't on the receiving end. Social Media aggregation is more fundamentally flawed. - Alexander van Elsas
indeed filters are necessity, but it just show people are starting to USE the web, the numbers of participant will only grow from now on, yes it has downsides, but the world is changing. Right now we're all learning how to deal with the change - Dobromir Hadzhiev
I'd rather not have filters, wouldn't use them if possible. I simply dive in and out every once in a while and accept that I can't see all the goodies ;-) I believe that the way things are shared and aggregated lead to an enormous amount of (abundant) content flowing in all directions. It's not very efficient imo. That is why an intended share is often much more valuable. - Alexander van Elsas
@Sachendra says on Twitter: @vanelsas takes a lot of courage to go against the flow, yours is one of the few voices I care about. I responded: @sachendra Thank you! But honestly, it doesn't feel like going against he flow, I always just try to look at things from a user perspective. - Alexander van Elsas
Alexander, the user perspective is something that tends to be missed. When I say user I mean non-early adopters. Granted this is my current bitchmeme, so good timing. As usual a fantastic post. - Rob Diana
Rob thank you. What is really weird about it is that this thinking is natural to anyone except early adopters it seems. We early adapters are willing to take the sh*t as it comes, which is weird. In the end we are too just users that need value ;-) Try explaining something like Friendfeed to you wife, I did. It takes her 10 sec or so to start laughing at me and put me with 2 feet on the ground again. I simply learned to look at it from that perspective too, it works just fine ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
Hmm, that almost sounded like I don't use services that my wife doesn't like ;-) The point is, if I can't explain the value of a service in 10 secs to someone not familiar with the service, that is already an indication that I'm not so sure it has all that value to myself - Alexander van Elsas
Sally Walker
Facebook To Blame For Knife Killing Spree? -
Should applications on things like Facebook mimic real world violence? Is it really all in the name of having fun? - Colin Walker from fftogo
Rob Diana
The Google Digg Purchase Would Mean Nothing to You. -
You're right, I feel the same way. Most people who have a problem with Digg actually have a problem with the community. I don't forsee Google doing anything about that. - Shey
Zero change unless Google gives them more resources to fix things up a bit - Mark Dykeman
I am thinking that Google would try to do something in the long run. In the short term (next 6 months), I do not see Google doing anything as it would be too risky to lose the current digg users. - Rob Diana
Sally Walker
New Blog Post: Official Launch - (V.2) - Are You A Writer, Blogger, Journalist Or Author? Join Our Team!
Louis Gray
Techmeme and TechCrunch's Detractors Prove It's Hard to be On Top -
Kiss up ;) - Jason Carreira
Jason, are you trying to (for once) agree with your wife? Kiss up ;) - Louis Gray
Nope, I didn't get to her comment until after I posted mine... - Jason Carreira
Gabe can take it, can't you Gabe? - Rex Hammock
BAHAHAHAHA! I hadn't even talked to him all day. Hilarious. - Cyndy
Will FriendFeed Forever Be a Niche Service? -
I looked at the title and I just knew it was one of Steven's posts! :) - Mark Dykeman
Liked the piece Steven. I think there's more mainstream potential than you do. Commented on the blog. - Hutch Carpenter
Steven!!! Funny, I just did a Qik video about comment duplication and Kevin Fox stuff and it hits on this big time. FriendFeed needs a new UI. I keep trying to spread it and I keep getting pushback I never got with Twitter. The people who run FriendFeed aren't delivering noise-reducing tools, either, and insist that the noise is good (duplication from one micro-node of friends to another). I don't think they've done research with real users. - Robert Scoble
FF should steal some ideas from Digg on commenting. It should also steal some of Digg's recommendation features. I think an interesting addition would be to have most popular threads and discussions for the global FF network, among other types of recommendations. - Charles Ju
Fragmentation and duplication are serious ills of FF - oh how I wish we could tag a conversation so we could have unified conversations around a topic; but just think how LONG the comment thread would Rich convo but too long?! - Susan Beebe
Robert, you "don't think" Kevin's done user research, or you asked him and he told you he didn't? Kevin, what do you say? - Jason Wehmhoener
Well, considering most people I talk to still wont use a feed reader, you may be right. I think part of the mainstream problem is that there are so many different services out there and friendfeed can potentially pull all of it together for them. For me, I want to be able to read blog posts, shared google reader items, digg articles, etc right here, I mean heck - there's an awful lot of screen real estate there to the right-hand side....let's have some AJAX-y fetching going on of the actual content. - Rob Neville
I think you're incorrect, Robert: mainstream people are not as interconnected as people are in early adopter communities. I think Kevin's got a point: let's say you remove the early adopter audience. Do you think one person's friends really cares what you, or me, or potentially 50 to 100 strangers think about something? They care about what they're friends are doing. Just look to real... more... - Mark Trapp
To my point, I really don't care that 500 other strangers shared a story, or that there were 80 comments with people I don't know talking about it. I care about the people I'm following. I want to have a discussion with people I care about, not strangers. I think the reshare and fragmentation facilitates that. If say, James Ferguson shared a story, I'm interested in that, because it... more... - Mark Trapp
well then we need a feature that locks out superconnectors who have, say, more than 50 friends. Or at least locks them out for, say, a day so that a micronode conversation can happen first. - Robert Scoble
I was watching Michael Arington's Stanford Startup School presentation and I think a good point he made was that after your site gets to critical mass, the comments start to become trolly and the community loses its close connection. I can foresee this being a huge problem for FF as it grows. - Charles Ju
Robert, maybe even if there was a way for the content producer to say "Do not allow friend of friend on this post." So, it becomes sorta like an on-demand private feed. You can still see it, but your like and your comment doesn't expose it to 15,000 other people. And of course, there'd be some visual indicator: could even use the lock icon like it does for full private feeds. - Mark Trapp
Mark: point taken...I suppose what I was getting at, although not articulating quite well now that I read it again is that I think the key for taking FF beyond us abnormal folks is to make it a one-stop-shop to remove the confusion of so many social interactivity services and feed readers, etc. I think FF has the capacity to do that with some tweaks. - Rob Neville
I agree with you Robert Neville; I apologize, my response was directed towards Robert Scoble. There's a few assumptions that I think we take for granted that's lost on most people: 1) privacy is an illusion, 2) we're all interconnected, 3) we spend an acceptably large amount of time online. No matter how true those sound to us, for most people, there's a lot of pushback. Which is why,... more... - Mark Trapp
I think Kevin (and FF as a whole) is correct in realizing the value of fragmented conversations. The issue here is that super-connectors with 20K subscribers are bound to expose those fragmented conversations (that otherwise would go unnoticed by the masses, as intended) quite often - all they need to do is 'Like' whatever random item that shows up in their feed. Not only that -... more... - Aviv
a more compelling UI would truly elevate FF...but then, that could be said about many Web apps - .LAG liked that
on the contrary, i would much rather have a service that is up and running all the time than a fancy prettified site that is virtually useless. the past few days, facebook has crashed my browser SO many times, the only time i go on is via phone. myspace? every since their overhaul i NEVER go there anymore - Mona Nomura
I actually like the FF interface in its current form. It's lightning fast ( damn facebook is getting irritatingly slower these days ) and its UI is simple much more Googlesque. It's quite unique that its social graph is not bi-directional (like many other social networks), and it gives me tons of useful links and is gradually becoming where i come for personalized information discovery.... more... - Krishna Gade
Friendfeed will go mainstream when the applications that fuel it go mainstream (which might be a while). Whoever mentioned that people don't even get feed readers was right. Even among tech-savvy types (non-web), concepts like RSS and Social Bookmarking are still completely foreign. - Steve Spalding
*sigh* niche tools are so important both digitally and in meatspace - why does everything need to become mainstream to be viewed as a success - the majority of businesses and products in the world would be considered niche and in aggregate far out weight the aggregate of what would be considered mainstream - no disrespect to you steve for writing this post but anytime i see "this will never be mainstream" sentiments i can't help but think that its a myopic view - mike "glemak" dunn
FF depends on a whole lot of users using open services like Twitter Flickr etc. I know no one outside of tech who uses them. Most people are locked into the privacy world view and wouldn't dream of openly sharing their stuff. FF is SV/tech niche only. Sadly......... - Sean Kelly
Louis Gray
The Talk About Rules for Social Following Is Getting Out of Hand -
I totally agree with your approach to friending people on FF. I am slow to friend new people unless they are personal friends, web acquaintances, or someone that consistently has something interesting to say. I see no problem with following people and not having them follow me or visa versa. For me FF is not only about communicating with friends, but is also about getting & sharing quality information with like minded people. My goal is to have a quality experience while keeping the noise to a minimum. - Jeff P. Henderson
Great post Louis! I do not auto follow people that follow me either. When someone follows me, I do take the time to look at their feed, likes and comments and judge if their interest are similar to mine. I try to review my subscribers (that I'm not subscribed to) weekly with the same criteria to see if I should be scribed to them. - Justin Korn
"The way I choose to follow people on FriendFeed was first, people I knew, or engaged with elsewhere, second, following people who engaged in my activity through comments and on the feeds of the others I followed, and third, friends that those I follow engaged with, and whom I shared interests." - Same here. I also look at activity on FriendFeed, if someone just signed up and added their twitter feed I don't really see a point in following (unless their twitters are extremely interesting). - John Duff
Louis, I still think you're the exception to the rule, maybe Scoble to, because you interact with people even if you don't follow them. I still think though that many in the so-called A-List don't care about their followers aside from bragging rights, which is why reciprocity isn't unreasonable as a mark of respect - Duncan Riley
@Duncan, appreciate it. I expect there's no "one right way" to engage. I just wanted to be sure people understood why I do what I do, and that if I don't have the automatic follow, it's no personal sleight. I expect to engage with everyone I can, when I can. It's for others to shoot me down if they think I'm tripping over my ego. So far, I hope, I'm safe. - Louis Gray
This is why I say you define yourself by who you follow. If you only follow people who use these tools as broadcast media, then you define yourself as a consumer and/or a fanboy/follower. If you follow only people who participate with you, then you are a participant. If you follow jerks, then you are most likely a jerk yourself (or will soon become one, because that's what you value). If you follow smart people, etc. etc. - Robert Scoble
my 2cents:1) immeadiate 'refriending' - whether its twitter, ff, fb, myspace or any of teh zillions of SNs out there - rewards the spammers and time wasters. 2) If I follow you because I think YOU"RE interesting, even if I comment on your feeds or blogs, I don' EXPECT that what i blog about will be interesting to you. 3) (value for money !!) I don't have the RESOURCES to follow back and read everybody - I have to discriminate somehow, regardless of how arbitrary it seems to you (or me) - martin english from twhirl
Question: what's the etiquette when you're ending a relationship (irl)? I defriended on some, but linkedin, facebook ,flickr seemed diffuse enough that you could easily ignore someone's status. Chat- definitely removed, and twitter definitely removed also. Is this super geeky of me? Ha - anna sauce
Sometimes, it's good to stop talking and just listen. In fact, if you're so busy forever talking you never listen, and listening is learning. It's all a balance. With FriendFeed you CAN do something quite successfully you can't do in "real life", and that's have a one-sided conversation. You talk, I listen or vice versa. It works well at times. I shall go shut up now, and read some more. - Ian May
Brian, I don't care how you use Twitter or Friendfeed, and nor should I. It's your business. There should be no rules, except those we impose on ourselves so we can manage the flow. I might have nothing better to do all day, except browse friendfeed; you might get two hours a week. How on earth then, can there be a "right" way or a "wrong" way. - Ian May
Steve Spalding
Tilted Twister - Lego NXT Rubik's Cube solver -
Tilted Twister - Lego NXT Rubik's Cube solver
Louis Gray
Trimming the Fat On RSS Feeds - You Could Lose 99%! -
Great post Jeff. I've actually exclusively been using FriendFeed as my RSS reader lately, relying on people sharing as well as imaginary friends I have setup (for feeds that don't typically make it onto FF). - Justin Korn
yeah i have found it to be a nice way to follow everything better. And now I spend so much time on friendfeed during the day it was an obvious choice to catch everything from all my great friends. :) - (jeff)isageek
I use FF as my main feed, then scan Google reader for anything I missed. Finally I get feeds delivered to my email account (generally in FeedBurner format) so I can keep a hard copy and search stories I'm interested in. Maybe it's a but excessive, but actually doesn't take me much time since all the feeds are automatically filed as they come in. - John Budnik
great post. I am relatively new to hyperconnectivity and I follow numerous spheres. Is it possible to follow up with a how to of getting up to speed with this method? I hover at around 150 subscriptions in order to trim noise but if I got into blogging and conversing that number would easily triple. Please share some tips for newbies and those interested in validating their ideas or adding new and relevant techniques. - Derick Valadao
i think sourcing from so-called services, newspapers, media organizations, and blogs you don't read often, is pretty important in terms of getting a more complete view of the world. If you only read the feeds of friends (lol) then aren't you basically saying, "Echo Chamber?" - .LAG liked that
Great post Jeff! - Corvida
Jeff, where can I find the Greasemonkey script mentioned in the article to jump from Google Reader right to FF? - Ansgar Wollnik
Ansgar it actually puts a tab that while you are on friendfeed it will open google reader but then you can go right back to friendfeed. here is a link to it - (jeff)isageek
Hey! You could always blog. I just gave you a new outlet. Nice start and looking forward to more. - Louis Gray
It's part of Louis' plan to own all blog content, everywhere - Jason Carreira
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