Kishore Balakrishnan
I started the Be Slightly Evil email list in order to respond to the increasing demand on my blog,, for morally dubious ideas for work, life and interpersonal relationships. Your afterlife and your ability to sleep at night are your problems. The demand started after I wrote the first of the Gervais Principle series of posts. On this list you will find cheap and slightly dirty tricks, reviews/extracts discussions of slightly evil books and doses of schadenfreude. On occasion I will also offer dubious, speculative, and potentially stupid answers to questions from readers. You can find past emails in the archives. It is my personal belief that a little bit of evil, coupled with a good sense of humor, is the best innoculation against the temptations of true evil. If you lack a sense of humor, or have over-developed capacities for moral outrage, please do NOT subscribe to this list. - Kishore Balakrishnan