So very full of Qudoba. Going to finish ironing and look at my new craft book.
.@poisonivyism 's link to thinkgeek was awesome. I have very fond memories of mt playmobile. I still have the figure we named Colleen.
Really unimpressed with Google today. Why would you do a search for helvitica in the first place?
Cuddled babies at cousin's wedding shower. Very soft, warm, happy babies.
Grade. Grade. Grade. Stare in bemusement. Grade. Grade. Samoa. Grade. Grade. Thin mint. Thin Mint. Grade. Grade.
I am officially too old to shop at Aerie. Floor girl said "Aww, boo!" when she realized they didn't have my size.
Home from zoo and desperately want a nap. Also a bobcat to snuggle.
Grits for supper. Grits for breakfast. If only there were grits for lunch.
Job hunting: still frustrating
Okay, obsessing over and feeling guilty about social faux pas will not help me get anything accomplished today.
Missed a phone call because I forgot my ringer was turned down so low. And this was to meet someone who drove across town. Idiot I am.
Really cat? Was that really necessary?
I really think wine is doing wonders for my quality of life.
The problem with #randomcrap is that the feed often is more confusing than the tag
Okay, who crashed facebook?
I could go for something sweet. Or another mojito.
@sareliz And that was all the more reason to go in
Wondering if I need a cooling thing for my laptop
Hanging out in panera with the girls. Gonna steal kim's iphone
Ow. Headache. Just what I want on a busy social day
Someone get me off rate yourstudent on blogspot
Your own legs. I don't know how people feel about shaving other people's legs
Amazing how much more human you feel after shaving legs
Feeling guilty over placating various family members
The Catholic Church is mortified by Bersculloni's private behavior. Can we be mortified over the Church's private and public behavior?
@sareliz But you're always so happy when you come back.
@sareliz And now I ate five more. That is definitely all for the day.
@sareliz Mini. Maybe it was 10
.@sareliz @poisonivyism Ate 7 or so and feel slightly ill. Mission accomplished?
Should probably stop eating Reese's miniatures
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