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Comcast Q&A

Comcast Q&A

Got Comcast Questions? We'll try to get you answers. Need a direct line? The local office is usually best, but if that isn't working, Twitter @ComcastCares or write to
Beau Liening
If I were to purchase my own cable modem, which one should I get?
Look here for Comcast approved modems. - Cory Brown
If I were you I would get the net gear wifi with a Motorola surfboard. I have had both and find it to be worth the purchase as opposed to paying a monthly charge u will have payed for it in half a year or close to it I've been with Comcast for two yrs and have saved quite a bit of money. If you have d4 modem capabilities you will have to get a d4 modem and wireless router - Josh D. from iPhone
David Henderson
how do I track my monthly bandwidth usage?
Cory Brown
Comcast is changing the way they manage traffic to a "protocol-agnostic" method. -
It appears that P2P will finally get the "Kick Me" sign off its back. They will now target based on bandwidth usage. "...when a subscriber uses an average of 70 percent or more of his or her provisioned upstream or downstream bandwidth over a particular 15-minute period, that user will be in an Extended High Consumption State" only if the node they share, with other subscribers, is also experiencing high consumption. Your packets then get a assigned a downgraded priority level. "Typically, a user whose traffic is in a BE state during actual congestion may find that a webpage loads sluggishly, a peer-to-peer upload takes somewhat longer to complete, or a VoIP call sounds choppy.” Servers will also be used to monitor traffic. Can we expect a bandwidth usage monitor app? Can we be notified when our packets are downgraded? - Cory Brown
Walter Neary
Local ‘tweeter’ leads Comcast to Twitter: Alburquerque executive Scott Westerman helps Comcast improve image through online networks -
Walter Neary
Comcast Announces More Than 1,000 HD Choices Available -
Walter Neary
Walter Neary
Comcast Provides Highly Anticipated Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates On Demand -
Walter Neary
Comcast to beef up its Fancast entertainment site -
Walter Neary
CNET perspective on the bandwidth announcement titled 'Comcast's usage cap: Is the sky really falling?' -
Walter Neary
Update on Comcast's Plans for Phone Service and More -
Walter Neary
Trade Magazine Reports on Integration of TV and the Internet -
Jay Deragon
Comcast: The New Dot-Com Mogul? -
"The cable television provider continues its dot-com shopping ways, snapping up in a deal reportedly worth $125 million. It's the company's latest purchase, just weeks after buying the domain from Disney (NYSE: DIS). Other Comcast online buys include video-sharing site Ziddio and ticket seller Fandango." - Jay Deragon from Bookmarklet
Walter Neary
Profile of Comcast Twitter Efforts -
Lots has been written about this subject already, but this seemed like a nice profile to share. - Walter Neary
Scott Westerman
Helpful information on Comcast P2P policy and the FCC -
Some useful detail on how Comcast manages our network. Clears up many misconceptions. - Scott Westerman
Jay Deragon
Comcast ups customer service ante through Twitter | Community -
"Cable giant Comcast usually gets a bad rep for customer service (even I complained about it), but I have to say I am impressed with their latest efforts through an unlikely source: Twitter. Last night, while watching the incredible Celtics-Lakers game, I was trying to get some videos and podcasts uploaded to our site, but my Comcast internet connection was running terribly slow. A traceroute showed that the hop after my router was taking a whopping 1374ms to respond. Not good to say the least. So, I complained about it on my Twitter feed." - Jay Deragon
They need to up my download speeds. :) - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
+1 @l0ckergn0me - Joe Perrin
Jay Deragon
AT&T believes Internet metering is “inevitable” - Internet -
"According to AT&T, the largest Internet service provider (ISP) in the United States, recent data-capping pilot schemes launched by the likes of Time Warner Cable and Comcast are indicative of the “inevitable” shift towards online metering that unbalanced Net use is causing." - Jay Deragon
1 step forward, 2 steps back. - Joe Perrin
Walter Neary
New York Times: Griping Online? Comcast Hears You and Talks Back -
Walter Neary
Rock The Vote And Comcast Announce Partnership To Encourage Voter Registration -
"The actual Rock the Vote site is" - Walter Neary
Walter Neary
Dark Knight .. on Comcast -
OK, maybe this is not serious enough for this room .. but .. hey, the new Batman movie sounds cooooooool ... the Gotham web site is fun. - Walter Neary
Jay Deragon
Jack Myers: Comcast, NBC, Universal McCann Embrace New Business Models, say Leaders - The Huffington Post -
"Victor, who joined Comcast six months ago from Boston Consulting Group, acknowledged Comcast is not moving quickly enough to adopt new business models and address changing marketplace realities. "More people are going online for entertainment and watching more video online," Victor said in a separate interview with JackMyers Media Business Report. "We need to make the online experience integral and additive to the experience on TV as opposed to a substitute. The multi-channel video industry needs to think through with programmers the best models for enhancing the consumer experience and sharing in the revenues." "One of the things the new landscape demands is you must have a customer relationship," insists Martin. "It is no longer enough to have a passive relationship with audiences. Digital media know who their customers and audiences are. But," she warned, "one of the most disruptive implications of the digital space is the pricing toward free model." Using Craig's List as an example, Martin explaine" - Jay Deragon from Bookmarklet
Brandon LeBlanc
I am having issues with my CableCard PC, HD channels, and Windows Media Center. I went to record "When We Left Earth" on Discovery HD and it was suppose to come on at 9pm PDT and for some reason it recorded some different show. This continues to happen. Any ideas?
I guess no one has :-( - Brandon LeBlanc
Hey Brandon, I think this site is meant for sharing links... I will forward your query to our e-service folks. Huge apologies for us not noticing your post earlier. - Walter Neary
Sorry for the delay. I read this a few times yesterday and did not get to it. I have not had this issue occur, but I wonder if it is the guide data or channel mapping. Did it record a different Discovery program? Or a program from a different channel? - Frank Eliason
I've noticed several instances where the on screen guide and what's showing have no basis in reality. This occurs weekly. - Paul W. Swansen
Paul I have noticed that at times. That is bad guide data. What is different here is that we are talking about the Tivo and Windows Media so it is 2 different sources. The data is provided to them through other vendors. I am guessing that it may be a channel mapping issue, but for that it had to recording a different channel during that time. - Frank Eliason
I'm noticing it on our HD DVR box. I do remember when doing some contract work for Comcast in the Big Box Retailers, (Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA) that the third party software for the cable cards wasn't very reliable. I was told at the time from my Comcast sources that people should opt for the set top box instead of the cable cards due to the reliability issues. - Paul W. Swansen
The guide for Windows Media Center would show "When We Left Earth" and I went to record it as well as watch it. However what was on the Discovery Channel was certainly NOT "When We Left Earth". I think it was some "Equator" show talking about areas near the equator of Earth. My CableCard PC has ROCKED thanks to Comcast and I've had no issues until recently. I certainly can recommend users buy CableCard PCs and recommend they use Comcast because of my great experience. - Brandon LeBlanc
I am also aware that this "room" may be used for links but when it says Comcast Q&A I assume I can ask a question and hope to have a answer - like a Q&A :-) - Brandon LeBlanc
:P but of course you are right. Brandon. I misread your query as a service request but it's led to an interesting discussion 'bout the guide etc... - Walter Neary
So that is the guide data for Window Media Center. Now the question is the cause. What day and time were you recording? The Discovery Channel website allow you to view prior days, so we can look to see if the guide is off by time, or just incorrect. I will also see if I can find the source for the Windows Media Guide data - Frank Eliason
Frank, I attempted to record the showings of "When We Left Earth" on Sunday June 8th at 9pm and 10pm. Too bad I don't have On-Demand HD via Windows Media Center and my CableCard PC because then it wouldn't matter as I'd just watch it there (hint hint) ;-) - Brandon LeBlanc
Frank, did you ever find out anything on this? I am still having the issue. - Brandon LeBlanc
I did not see any other reports on this, and I was unable to determine who provides the guide data for Windows Media Center. I did not see specific complaints to this show, but I did to others. My recommendation is to check for show times. Just as a way to validate and it is easy while you are on the computer - Frank Eliason
Yeah I checked with the Comcast TV planner and something just isn't right with my CableCard PC and recording some shows on certain channels. I'd be interested in chatting with someone at Comcast regarding CableCard if there are any experts around. - Brandon LeBlanc
The feed should be coming from the program you are using and not the cable card. I can get you in touch with the right person. Send me an email at - Frank Eliason
Jay Deragon
Experience: The Blog: Social Media Disasters (or How Not Having a Social Media Strategy Can Hurt) -
"Remember when the Web was young--really young--and some companies actually debated if they really needed a Web site? For a brief period, there was a question if investing in a Web site was really necessary, given that many thought all this Web stuff was for geeks and kids." - Jay Deragon from Bookmarklet
Jay Deragon
Broadband Evolved: The Conversational Web -- Choosing the Next President of the United States -
"Let’s face it -- a majority of Americans have long paid attention to politics purely in the superficial sense – where “sound-bites” have been spoon fed by a monolithic mass media to a supposedly disinterested mass market – and where substantive dialog about difficult issues has been drowned by a lowest common denominator designed to make it easy for people to choose." - Jay Deragon
Jay Deragon
Charging by the Byte to Curb Internet Traffic - -
"Some people use the Internet simply to check e-mail and look up phone numbers. Others are online all day, downloading big video and music files. For years, both kinds of Web surfers have paid the same price for access. But now three of the country’s largest Internet service providers are threatening to clamp down on their most active subscribers by placing monthly limits on their online activity." - Jay Deragon
Jay Deragon
Should “Tony the Tiger” Use Twitter? -
"And finally there is the example of Comcast and Frank Eliason from Comcast Customer Outreach who uses it as a touch point to assist customers." - Jay Deragon
Yes there are brands using Twitter successfully. That Kelloggs is aware of twitter and considering using twitter is a step in the right direction. - Paul W. Swansen
Jay Deragon
Business 3.0 and social e-commerce -
"Over the last ten months, Business 3.0 has been developing a business portal for social networks. This portal is a breakthrough for the business world because now businesses, large and small, are able to sell products on multiple social networks reaching over 220 million customers." - Jay Deragon
Scott Westerman
An example of @comcastcares in action -
Mark Casem is a member of Frank Eliason's elite group of "special agents" @comcastcares. I had the honor of drinking beer with the team in Philly (Yuengling pitchers at Mace's Crossing) this week. They, like me, are Type-A techno-geeks - that's a compliment - with a passion for service and a tenacity to find and fix root causes. In many ways, they mirror the thousands of front-line Comcast customer care people across the country. I know because I have a couple of hundred just like em on my team in the Southwest. It's great to see the impact that the @comcastcares team is having on individual customers and on our effort to raise the customer service bar. - Scott Westerman
Jay Deragon
MediaPost Publications - Coming To A Social Network Near You: Self-Service Widgets - 06/10/2008 -
"Over the last two years, widgets have surged in popularity because--unlike pop-ups--their presence is controlled entirely by the users themselves and they are generally used to complement social networking and blogging experiences." - Jay Deragon
Jay Deragon
A Relationship Economy....What Say You? -
"Businesses stumble, unable to read market dynamics, to generate deep insight into customer needs, or to provide motivating solutions that reduce problems in existing markets and/or the creation of new markets. Without know-how to drive market insight into product strategy, organizations mimic competition, or develop technology without clear problem-solving value for the end user or the creation of new value that provides differential." - Jay Deragon
Jay Deragon
Can You Leverage Clowds? | socialutions -
"Technology in of itself is no longer a proprietary competitive advantage. What you do with it is. The “clowd” is a collaborative space of free ideas enabled by free technology. This is a major paradigm shift for traditional thinking and a significant competitive differential for businesses that get it. Start thinking of what to do with the “clowd” but don’t make the mistake of thinking alone. Your strategic advantages lie within the Socialutions “clowd” and not within silos of thoughts, Get it?" - Jay Deragon
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