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Jay Rosen
God, this is depressing. CJR's study of how 665 print magazines treat their web sites
Jake McKee
Now that the newest NetNewsWire beta syncs with Google Reader, I'm back, baby! NNW is back to being a solid use tool for me.
Dan Schawbel
OPINION: Are Trolls Ruining Social Media?
I'm dealing with that very issue with my community right now. Not completely, but we have to deal with trolls effectively. - Angela
Jay Rosen
Last point on this. "Give us the resources; we know what needs to be done." AOL agreed: the pros know. Result:
Possibly doomed to failure. It looks like a newspaper; seems organized like a newspaper. When will print people understand - the electronic medium is intolerant of navigational tricks smuggled from print? - Jason Pontin
Someone needs to tell professional journalists than "paying people real salaries" is not a business model but a cost item. - Jay Rosen
True, that. Also, don't we have a whole bunch of these sites, with established loyal, readerships and vigorous communities? - Jason Pontin
Chris Brogan
@GangwayAdv - I think is neato. I use that, Freshbooks, Batchblue, and Blue Sky Factory as cloud apps to run my business.
Robert Scoble
Seth Godin is the top social media blogger? Give me a break. He doesn't participate. Chris Brogan wins in my view. -
I think that Seth is the top marketer blogger. - Apostolos Papadopoulos from IM
although as you said he doesn't participate. - Apostolos Papadopoulos from IM
i think its based on a number of stats Scoble, rather than participation. But of course, i'm just pleased we're in the top 20 of the list :) - Zee.
Zee: stats are lies. - Robert Scoble
well they make me feel good :) - Zee.
Zee: Seth Godin is a great guy, great author, great speaker, very well known, etc. But no way is he the top social media blogger. - Robert Scoble
Agreed. Like Godin's insight but he isnt regular enough. Also really like Jeremiah! - Richard Zeidel
lol but what do u mean with the stats zee? - Apostolos Papadopoulos from IM
Often attributed to Mark Twain: "There are lies, damn lies and statistics." - That's So CAJ!
have you subscribed to us yet Scoble? Would love you to give us a chance for a couple of weeks. Think you'll be highly impressed - Zee.
Seth is good for those little sparks that get your own thinking going. But yeah, wouldn't put him in the top SM blogger category. - Virante
Richard: yeah, Jeremiah should be in top two or three yet. Zee: I'm following you here on friendfeed, is that what you mean? - Robert Scoble
sorry i mean at - check out our recent content, i'm sure you'll be impressed. - Zee.
Zee: what's the friendfeed URL? - Robert Scoble
If you turn off comments (engagement) and blog about engagement (with comments off) then you get lots of linketylinks (Google love) in. Helps with those stats :) - Laurel Papworth
@virante agree with you. I think Seth is more intellectual from Brogan and he is not social media blogger. And I don't say that Brogan isn't great! In fact, he is! - Apostolos Papadopoulos from IM
Love your post. I stopped following Seth a while ago for the same reason. He does not participate in the conversation. He writes posts high above from the mountain of Social Media Gods (SMG). - John Flynn and we have a group with content from all over here: (nearly 6000 members) - Zee.
The # of people he follows and learns from is an indicator as to his view of his role in the conversation...I mean monologue, - Kevin Murray
In fact, thinking about it, it is hard to pick between Brogan and Owyang. I should have named both. - Robert Scoble
Agreed. Great stuff, but Seth's not interested in conversation. Since that's the case, how can he possibly rate high in the social media space? - Leo Bottary
I think the behaviors of many people claiming to be the "best" of something will be monitored more closely now that FF is around ... I watch the number of people "these bloggers" subscribe to and watch for their participation ... - LPH™ and his dog P™
methinks that Seth is not blogging about Social Media, but about marketing. - Apostolos Papadopoulos from IM
Joel: the blog that made this list is using popularity ranking algorithms. Judging people by popularity will take you down a bad path. - Robert Scoble
Seth is like God. He disappears for a long time then pops up with the old miracle. He's a good helicopter view of what's going on whilst people like Scobles and Chris Brogran are the day to day practioneers. You need both. - Ross McMinn
Definitely Brogan is much better. I think Godin is miscategorized here. That said he's not conversing much in any space, just thinking out loud, which is great, but not so much social. - Bailey McCann
I think we need universal portable influence metric - something peer mediated - micro celebrities need community validation. - Richard Zeidel
I don't even know Chris Brogan - maybe I should.. - arnaldostream
what apostolos said. seth is marketing, not social media. - James
Arnaldo M Pereira: Check out Chris here ==> He's very active. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Exactly, Social Media and Seth Godin? WTF? And how come RWW team is not in the 1st three? - Sasha Kovaliov
lol +1 to Matthew - Bailey McCann
Good guy, but last I checked Seth doesn't even tweet! - Ryan Miller from Nambu
Ryan: we were on a radio show together and he told me he doesn't Tweet. I tried to get him on friendfeed and he didn't have any part of that. - Robert Scoble
Seth is tops in several areas....just not social media; not even close..I'm sure he would agree - Daniel Kenney
agreed scoble. - Ted Bradford II
Seth is definitely a top blogger..but because social media is about conversation, then you're right...others have a right to that honor. - Bill Reichart
Seth is a snake oil salesman, but Chris Brogan sees him as a role model. I've predicted that Chris will be the first to Tweet from the Lincoln bedroom in the White House. - paul mooney
Maybe they should call him the top social media spammer. He's broadcast-only. Woot for Chris Brogan though. - Dave Saunders
+1 with taryn930 - Apostolos Papadopoulos from IM
Seth Godin uses email primarily to respond to people - he doesnt believe in the other media and he has explained that in some of his interviews. Chris Brogan on the other hand uses social media channels extensively and in my opinion should rank higher as a social media exponent. - Mahesh Patwardhan
blogger or not.. moot question... is seth a good "social network" or "web2.0" (as much as i dislike that term!!!) media personality... *no* he's hardly a participant - he's more a "dictactor" - one way communication (mostly)... still worth reading i guess if you're into that sort of marketing guffy stuff (i'm only into technical stuff :) ... - simran
I like Chris Brogan and Perry Belcher too! - Vicki Z Lauter
I agree that Seth, smart as he is, is not representative of social media blogging. Having said that, what makes us so sure Chris Brogan, and I love Chris, Or Jeremiah, who I also love, are more engaged than Susie from Detroit? Because their numbers are higher hence the stats ranking. Why are their numbers higher? Because they're sort of viral. I often wonder how people become popular.... more... - Sheryl
Chris Brogan I know about and I follow on Twitter and FF, I just Googled Seth Godin, wasn't sure who he was.... - Mike Nencetti
I don't feel like I should weigh in or anything, but I wanted you to know I'm listening and I'm here. I really love what Seth does. I read him religiously. He's NOT a social media blogger. He writes about marketing. That said, he writes about the part of social media that matters to me: how humans can be more human. So, to me, he's still #1, because he's writing about humans, and that's... more... - Chris Brogan
see what I was tolding ya? 1) Seth is not a social media blogger 2) both Chris and Seth are the best on what they do ;-) - Apostolos Papadopoulos from IM
For the record, Wolverine is the best at what he does. I'm just a working schlub. - Chris Brogan
I like and respect what both Chris and Seth have to say tremendously. Not sure I care that much about who is the "top" blogger or whatever because either way I'm gonna keep reading their stuff and learning. - Miguel Rodriguez
I do appreciate that Chris is present here (hi Chris!) and feel that his participation in "the discussion" adds another dimension to his insights. I wonder sometimes why Seth limits his interaction. When he's on camera being interviewed, such as by @loic most recently, he seems quite comfortable.. why that comfort doesn't extend to places like FF and twitter I am still scratching my head over. - Miguel Rodriguez
Seth reminds me of Yoda, Chris reminds me of Obiwan. First one's cool, simple, philosophical, and ass-kicking. Second one's down to earth, practical, trained in highly useful Jedi stabs for day to day fights. Follow both, learn from both. - waraney rawung
How would you classify Gary Vaynerchuck in the Marketing/Social Media environments? - Owen Greaves
I watched a video of Seth essentially saying that much of social networking is superficial. - Angela
waraney - I think you nailed it :-) - PXLated
I had an interesting connection w/ Seth. Back when I was doing Biznik Live interviews, Seth's answer was to ask about our listener numbers. ("10k gets my attention"...Understandable from a guy who is #5 in Google out of 3 billion hits for "blog") However, when I sent him a video of Bizniks discussing Tribes, he liked that & agreed to an interview. It was an experimental brady-bunch style video interview on the importance of Tribes in business. Edited version: - Leif Hansen
@ChrisBrogan I bet being compared to ObiWan just made your day ;) I think I'm probably more like Luke -whiny guy with father-figure issues who gradually grows into his vocation through the grace/luck of the force and of friends and some serious hard knocks with his own dark side. Though I've got plenty of Solo juice flowing through my veins as well :) - Leif Hansen
I agree with Chris, but Chris and Jeremiah are still up there IMO, especially when it comes to Social Media specifically. - Jesse Stay
Apart from the fact Chris Brogan is hardly even here lol - Rob Sellen :o)
Is Gary V. on that list? - Jesse Stay
That's my point...shouldn't he be on the list? - Owen Greaves
But seriously, oranges are so much better than apples. Come on guys... - Leif Hansen
We know Scoble doesn't like lists. He really doesn't like those where it's easy to find holes in the lists. If this were written as "200 Social Media Blogs" with stats, and without rankings, it'd be easier. I was just surprised to see I was included at all. - Louis Gray
But Louis, You are a legend here :) - Owen Greaves
Great point about Godin not participating. In my niche there are some "experts" who have huge following numbers, but follow very few themselves. If you don't interact with your followers are you really participating in the conversation? - Richard Byrne
Godin doesn't need to participate... he has sneezers. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
@Rob Sellen - Yeah, I'm not really deep into FriendFeed. I use it, and try to stay on top, and I get that lots of people say it's a big next stage. This is where Seth and I agree and are somewhat alike: we both believe you don't have to be present at EVERY conversation at every touchpoint. He picks his places; I pick mine. I just find the velocity of the social web to be more my speed. He likes email. No foul. - Chris Brogan
Nothing wrong with that... ;o) .. just thought it odd for someone to say somone is the top social media blogger and not be in the social media sites itself... after all, that's exactly what scoble has said in the title here ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
concur - chris brogan is the man - mike "glemak" dunn
Why Mike, do you think that? what is it that Chris does that's so different to anyone else? - Rob Sellen :o)
Not a chance. And Seth doesn't make it as top marketing blogger either. - AJ Kohn
@Rob - oh, I'm in tons of social media sites. I just don't spend all 14 of my working hours in each one. I don't use Utterli, Plurk, Jaiku, Hyves, Orkut, Digg, Sphinn, and 300 other folks either. - Chris Brogan
like scoble you mean? or was that 7 hours lol? I never said you weren't in any, just that scoble posted that here... and you are not here as much, nor is seth.. so scoble to me was just replacing one for another, if that makes any sense? :o/ - Rob Sellen :o)
Woot woot "Seth Godin is the top social media blogger?" - nawwwwww.. he's the world's biggest liar.. hey after all he did write "all marketers are liars" !! He connectes with people because of his views and he also disconnects to people b'coz of that too.. As for interaction and collobrative particiaption.. hes got his nose still stuck n da air.. yeah Chris wins hands down ! - Peter Dawson
One thing I will say about Seth, ha can say a lot in few words... other times he says things that are a bit broad... but if it makes you think, that is the point. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
So Scoble chose FriendFeed. I've chosen Twitter. He also really loved the hell out of Facebook and used it up. I didn't. Which tools you use doesn't make you a better or worse social media person. How you get the job done counts the most to me. - Chris Brogan
I agree... just thought it odd in the context of friendfeed you know. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Agree Chris. Darth Maul's double-edged sabre is as useful as Yoda's tiny one. I'm a beginner at social media, and trying to keep in touch with what's new and what's useful. You, Scoble, Seth and many others have been very helpful for a rookie like me. - waraney rawung
What is a social media blogger, and why don't I get on this list? I've been doing this longer and better than any of you guys. Geez Louise what's a guy gotta do to get a little recognition. - Dave Winer
Which reminds me, a lot of early adopters in Indonesia are using FriendFeed, but they're not really into discussions in FF. On the contrary, geeks in Indonesia love and are very active in Twitter and Plurk (sometimes behaving differently in each site), with Facebook as their personal online central nerve. - waraney rawung
It's all subjective anyway. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
@DaveWiner - here here. You're who *I* read, anyhow. : ) - Chris Brogan
shouldn't that be "hear hear" sorry... lol. that's coming from a deaf bloke! ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
@Rob - Beats me... what do I know? : ) - Chris Brogan
I wouldn't even call Seth a top marketing blogger, jeez - Sally Church
lol... I see that alot, and wonder if it should really be hear hear... makes more sense that would. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I think it probably is. Like "hear hear" me? - Chris Brogan
yeah, what I was thinking...even if I can't "hear hear"" lol... . ah well. we learn sommat new everyday... - Rob Sellen :o)
Gotta run, Rob. Thanks for the chat hidden in Robert's rant. : ) - Chris Brogan
lol.. welcome mate.... hang on.. does Robert NOT rant? ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
The 'what tools you use' debate is interesting. While I agree that, as long as you get the job done, the tools don't matter, there's also the ability to understand new paradigms. It's difficult to talk about and grok something without really immersing yourself in it. I didn't get blogging until I really did it. Ditto Twitter. Certainly FriendFeed. They *are* different ... meaningful... more... - AJ Kohn
I really like the comment on social media being about connection vs. the technology that allows it to take place. That is one reason I enjoy friendfeed so much more than twitter & even facebook. Much easier to connect and join conversations with people. I find myself looking at stats of who I am listening to much less in here than twitter. The result, better conversations, more... more... - Kevin Murray
I think Seth is great at what he does, I'm just not sure "Social Media Blogger" is the right description. Perhaps evidence that that's not his focus is that a conversation of this magnitude can go on without his commenting/participating. For anyone interested, here's a post from my blog about something recent I have disagreed with Godin about: - Brian Broveleit
Chris Brogan rocks! - Morten Blaabjerg
thats ok long as it's not while sat in the corner on his own ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
lol - what's so impressive about @chrisbrogan is that he responds - or at least gives the impression that he does. He works like a maniac. And he _gets_ what _it_ is. This makes his posts small gems of insights, even the less revolutionary ones. - Morten Blaabjerg
lol "gives the impression that he does" - what does that even mean morten? - mike "glemak" dunn
Agreed that Chis walks the talk and puts out great stuff. - John Blossom
Seth Godin is practical and sees through the hype - something that most social media commentators are guilty of. - BLOGBloke
Social Networking/Media Sites Staying Relevant: (humor) - Kevin Murray
Seth may be an expert in his own realm. Social media is certainly not it, but I have heard Seth make some valuable points about how to not use social media. Obviously Chris is doing something right, as evidenced by showing up to speak him mind, and pay Seth some respect. You gotta respect guys like Chris, Robert, Dave, and Louis (who are the ones on the tip of my tongue right now) -... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Ditto Robert! What is it with the "online marketing copywriters" all wanting to act like they're the top social media bloggers now? Oh... that's right... social media is the hip thing! Thus they flock to it. I respect Seth for particular forms of copy writing, but lots of better social media bloggers... like Chris Brogan, like Leslie Poston, like you, and others. - Arleen Boyd
I agree Robert. (And thank you, Arleen *blushes*) Mahalo - Leslie Poston
Amen x heaps! Seth is a genius... but certainly doesn't spring to mind in the context of "top" in social media. Chris is for sure in my top 5!! - Mari Smith
Agreed. Seth stuff is good, but he does he even get social media? - Warren Whitlock
@glemak There are limits to one's attention span when you've got a lot around your ears (like Chris has) but it means a lot that you give the impression that you're listening and responding, even though you may not always be on your high marks. Noone can be. It's only human. But appearances still matter and are greatly appreciated. Chris is good at that too. - Morten Blaabjerg
gotcha - level of attention - mike "glemak" dunn
Thanks to those who mentioned me. Scoble is for sure one I looked up to and still do. - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah isnt the best at what he does - he's just the only one who does it! ;) - let's not be exclusionary - thank you to all the top minds for sharing. - Richard Zeidel
I think Chris Brogan is THE man. Many of the social media experts are now engaging only with those who are also 'experts' and not with the new comers or followers. Brogan, on the other hand, very rarely to missed a conversation. As for marketing bloggers, I still stand behind Kyle Lacy as the best one. - Gambit Fauri
Seth "gets" social media tools but he is not the top participant--where Chris is. I am dubious, however, of claims that Seth is not a conversationalist. Have you ever sent him an email? He personally takes time to respond to every email thoughtfully and quickly, which is more than I can say for a number of social media stars (or even myself). - Jeremy Floyd
Lately I have been reading more of Chris has to say, that said does it really matter who is the top? - Chet Woodside
Matthew: that is an interesting problem. I wish clicking "hide" were good enough for that. - Robert Scoble
Godin doesn't allow 2-way participation, thus negating the openness principle of social media (no replies on his blog, not on twitter). He's just repurposed the blog to act as a writing platform for material for his books. He's very tactic based and without a huge depth of substance, but that's what people like; though it's not necessarily good for them. - Aaron Shields
as a technologist, focused on emerging media yet appreciating the fine art of marketing - i learn little from seth (noise) and tons from chris (signal) - that's my experience of course, your mileage may vary ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Our flying Dutchman makes the Reich Museum look like a tourist trap. Should be on the top 5 things to do when you are in Amsterdam. Very bright, clear thinker. If you ever get fired for being "too open with your ideas" Chris you can work for me! - Chad Harris
Agreed, Brogan all the way. - Jim Gaudet
Chris Brogan is an active interlocutor in ways Godin isn't. Still, who is #1 isn't as important as who is providing content that you need. I respect Godin. Have read lot of his books. But still, Brogan is my fav. - Prof. Pamela Hood
Seth is a pure-play Social Media thought leader. Chris participates in the SM stream so he gets my respect for walking the walk and talking the talk. - Michael McDermott
I'll give props to Chris Brogan in this so-called "social media" space, insightful, valuable, interesting. And I will give a lifetime achievement award to Dave Winer, I was reading Scripting News BEFORE the word "blog" was coined by EvHead and MegNut. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Winer "teach" you how to blog Scoble? One thing that continues to exist that I wish would go away, but probably never will is this whole "leaderboard" mentality... is there some contest? <sigh> - .LAG liked that
Methinks Brogan is sending his cousins over here. :-) - BLOGBloke
In my view the better a Blogger is the more comments they will receive. Seth Godin does not even have comments enabled on his blog. - Garin Kilpatrick
Shows how "social" he is at the very least. I don't completely agree that a blogger needs to receive comments to be "better" - but you can't really be a "social" media blogger without being "social". - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Scott Meis
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Hyper Modern Writing
Can you make your passions a priority at your day job? I think it's an easier route to work-life balance.
Twitter Deletes Fake Kanye West Account After Kanye Freaks Out -
Twitter Deletes Fake Kanye West Account After Kanye Freaks Out
wow Kanye freaks out. The shock! - Jim #teamFFrank
Needs to grow up. - Pete Gilbert
Kanye is such a DIVA. Yes, I said it. - Justin Whitaker
I don't know what annoyed me more, the grammar or the CAPS ! - Toby Graham
140 character limit would be a blessing... - Aron Michalski
lol @ the endless kanye hate. Sure, being concerned that twitter would let someone continue to pose as him for such a long time is a sign of being the worst person in the world. - Richard Lawler
who cares - James Rowe
Ah... to be famous, egotistical, and self important... it must be nice. - Kris Kelley
"EVERYTHING THAT TWITTER OFFERS I NEED LESS OF." This made me think. he really doesn't need publicity and that is really why we all are on least to some extent. He has a point here. - Freddie Benjamin
if this is the first time he 'talked' to Ev/Biz et al about the 'fake' account, then Kanye is lame. if, however, this was just the last in a series of moves by Kanye to get Twitter to pull this fake account then that's another story. - MikeAmundsen
Wow, he loves the attention so much so that he pretends to hate it. - Tom Harrison
Yikes! - Michael Kinney
Biz Stone doesn't care about black people. - Dustin Sallings
QOTD: WHY? … BECAUSE MY CAPS LOCK KEY IS LOUD!!!!!!!!! - Melinda Roberts
to quote from "The Anchorman": LOUD NOISES!!! - Can Koklu
Newspapers report their woes because it is a story -
Barack Obama
Introducing the Office of Public Engagement: "This is your government" -
Bryan Person
Industry Voices: 'Managing Communities 2009' -
Wayne Sutton
about to be interviewed by fox 8 news out of Greensboro, NC about soical networking etiquette -
about to be interviewed by fox 8 news out of Greensboro, NC about soical networking etiquette
Jeremiah Owyang
This goes to show that the social graphs and profiles are not ready to be merged. (challenges of era of social colonization)
The new Goldrush apparently, and understandably so. - Angela
Jeremiah Owyang
I'm supposed to be following a Bible now with Social Media? - Jesse Stay
New and Old Testaments, I presume. - Angela
Y'all are going to hell on scholarship... - Ms_Krista
WordCampRDU TAKES OVER THE TRIANGLE June 13 w/Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress. DM @Ms_Krista for sponsorship opportunities!
More details please. - Angela
Thanks Angela! Visit for registration and sponsorship information. - Ms_Krista
Rob Diana
RSS Is Not Dead, It Has A Usability Problem -
Ron Sylvester
Back from PT. Range of motion today: 100 degrees -- 5 more degrees & I can peddle a bike. Time now to ice & rest.
God's speed Ron! - Angela
Jay Rosen
I got put on Twitter's official suggested users list last night. I asked them to take me off it today and they did.
Glenn Batuyong
Online Reputation Management DOES matter -
Ben Hwang
ConvergeSouth 2009. Mark you calendars. 10/8-10/11.
I LOVED it last year. Wouldn't miss it. Sat right behind Robert Scoble in the opening session. Thanks for the update. marking my calendar. - Angela
Kristi Hines
New Twitter users (and Facebook users not on Twitter) may find themselves wondering what the #tags and RT's are all about. This is a guide to Twitter lingo. -
Jeremiah Owyang
Here's a sneak preview of my blog redesign, note the Friendfeed integration in comments. Any feedback? Can you try different browsers?
Also, clicking on different pages will revert to the current version. If you want to see other posts with the new version, append "?theme=JeremiahOwyang" to the end of each URL. - Jeremiah Owyang
Love to hear your reaction.... - Jeremiah Owyang
Much cleaner, wider..makes font size look larger. A LOT easier on the eyes. I like it a lot! - Angela
Digging the way comments look like talk bubbles. - Hutch Carpenter
May not be a big deal...should you add Twitter to your "Connect" section? I know your latest tweet is showing right below. - Hutch Carpenter
I also like the display of your flickr feed - Angela
Also - any way to get "Tweet this" on the Share This Post options at the bottom of the post? - Hutch Carpenter
Just CW - WordPress is correct! - Mitch Canter
Hutch - Done. Thanks for the suggestion! - Mitch Canter
Hutch, Actually, I prefer the Twitter bug back on the connect bar. Some folks may not see it in the inventory and not realize that's one of my main ways to communicate. - Jeremiah Owyang
Very nice Jeremiah! - Allen Harkleroad
Does anyone else have feedback? - Jeremiah Owyang
Very nice! It works well in Firefox 3.08 here, although I also have Opera and Konqueror available to test it in. - Tyson Key
Thanks Jerome. Technically comments here wouldn't appear, only on the actual blog post items that flow into the FF river. - Jeremiah Owyang
I stumbled upon this today: Haven't got an invite yet but it seems like it can connect the microblogging comments to the blog. might be helpful. It's supported by disqus but I haven't seen it in action yet. - cathycracks
love the integration of social media in the new design. in the "connect with jeremiah" section, The FF icon is square instead of round like the other ones. this stands out for me. Also, might be nice to cluster the subscribe RSS call-to-action with subscribe with email. either move RSS to sidebar or move the email up. more consistent information flow. - cathycracks
Thanks Cathy. Mitch should be able to fix the rounded corner icon dealio - Jeremiah Owyang
Nice and clean new site. Great job. A couple of small suggestions. I actually missed the Connect with Jeremiah bar because its in the site header. Partly from banner burnout on other sites. Would move down to right column. Would agree with Nicholas about moving the counters and reader numbers higher up although you are so well known I'm not sure if its absolute people have to see the... more... - 8chocolate
Overall, it looks...well, "safe". I think the title is very light/thin in the font department, so it gets a little bit lost. - Steve Woodruff
I like the theme, it's strong without being overpowering. Blue is still a wise choice since you are primarily in the enterprise space. The new logo works beautifully. I think you have a winner in the overall banner. The body content, though, still needs some refinement. The two text links (vie a video and to 'designer challegenge' give the impression that we've jumped into the middle of the site. Especially since you have the latest Twitter entry in the bar above. Too many place to go without context. - Kit Seeborg
Do very many readers use the chronological list of archives? I would move the categories up and get rid of chrono, unless you see that people use them a lot. change "hit to enter search" to "search this site" or similar. And in the right column there should be a list or badges for your upcoming speaking gigs. I'd put the RSS feed and the Subscribe links together so people can choose either/or. That goes for RSS to jobs as well. The way your "connect" links is perfect. Do the same with "subscribe" options. - Kit Seeborg
Very helpful, thanks Chocolate. Steve. Kit, I know you're from design, and a friend of mine, I take your advice seriously, thanks! - Jeremiah Owyang
I'm on the fence about the length of the home page, especially since your articles are medium to long, and you get a lot of comments. Would be good if you could get readers into the site, with a 'read similar posts' or something. I'm interested to see how it looks with an image or video imbedded in this home page post. Overall, looking really really good! - Kit Seeborg
Oh, and I looked at it Camino and Safari, both look good. Although Camino doesn't list the Archives and Categories unless I click on the arrows. Maybe that's intentional - can't tell. If it is, you should do the same for Job listings. I would group Archives, Categories and Jobs together - move the subscribe box. - Kit Seeborg
The layout is great because of the way the different services are integrated. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Kit - there's a jQuery selector on the categories and archives. You have to click on them to show it - Jeremiah has a lot of stuff and we wanted to showcase it but keep it out of the way when people are more worried about current content. You can click on those arrows to expand the lists. - Mitch Canter
Jeremiah - that was my experience. I missed the Twitter icon on your Connect bar, was surprised about that. Then I realized your account was available via the latest tweet. Agree that Twitter should be on your Connect section. - Hutch Carpenter
Hutch. Done, Mitch put the twitter icon on the connect bar, THANK YOU! - Jeremiah Owyang
Robin Broitman
100+ Resources to Boost Your Social Media Savvy in 2009: Top Tips & Advice from the Experts -
This is an AMAZING list. Unbelievable! - Angela
Hutch Carpenter
Famous Twitter Users Get Hacked; Who’s to Blame? -
"You may recall Twitterrank, the application a few months ago that some initially thought might be a phishing scam, a claim that its developers quickly refuted. While we’re not blaming Twitterank, there are so many applications out there – lacking any form of secure authentication with Twitter – that there are just so many ways that these passwords might have been compromised. An outright scam, a disgruntled employee, or a prank meant to prove a point? Who knows." - Hutch Carpenter
Beau - that's right. They got a lot of users fast, then sold. For an app that let you know about @replies, right? A decent productivity purpose. I could see people getting caught on that. - Hutch Carpenter
Not Twply, not Twitterank - the 'hacking' was because Twitter was not rate limiting login attempts, so it was pretty easy to hack accounts using a dictionary attack. - James
James: Where did you read/hear that? Twitter says "These accounts were compromised by an individual who hacked into some of the tools our support team uses to help people do things like edit the email address associated with their Twitter account when they can't remember or get stuck." They don't mention the specific vulnerability or exploit. - Ken Sheppardson
There's an explanation on the forum where the guy who did it posted how he did it - - James
Nick Palffy
My 2009 Prediction on Social Media and Beyond - The Flight from Growth to Value -
A must read - Nick Palffy from Bookmarklet
Awesome! - Fuku
Badger Gravling
Do something new every three years -
That was a good read. Three years seems like an eternity in the online world though. I left a comment on the post. - Angela
Laura Norvig
Spare Me the Gordian Knot - My Brain Hurts -
"If social media services would stake their claim in one or two of the arenas (aggregation, microblogging, conversation) they would be able to hone the capacity of their features, fulfill a clear mission, and not tie their users brains into Gordian knots." - Laura Norvig
i like the way ff enables me to one-stop feed and read - although i do check t and fb for that which doesn't. - ernie yacub
David Harry
Using an Avatar for Personal Branding - Left The Box -
Mike Fruchter
What Happens to Our Social Profiles After We Die? -
My first post on - Mike Fruchter
Congratulations Mike. I wonder who tipped them off to you? - Louis Gray
Go Mike! - Hutch Carpenter
I believe they will meet you in heaven, along with spot, grandma, and your favorite goldfish. Don't worry. You'll all be together again. Nothing is ever wasted :-) - Todd Hoff
Goooo Mike! (reading now...) - Justin Korn
Yay, congratulations Mike!! :) - Mona Nomura
In they'll write 'dead' instead of 'subscriber' under your profile photo... - Emrah Özcan
@Louis, I've wondered the same thing :-) Mona, Justin, Hutch, Thanks!! - Mike Fruchter
If our web services last forever, any auto feeds we have setup will continue to produce content. - Mike Reynolds
Interesting post Mike. I still maintain the MySpace page for the great Dr. Art Davis (Bass player, Coltrane) After he passed, it was the way for his students, fans and friends to connect. - I would hope that others keep this in mind and leave a e-trail. Part of our new reality is that our social presence needs some tending to when we leave this plane. - michael sean wright
And... congratulations on the first post! - michael sean wright
Wonderful, thoughtful post. Something new to think about. - Mark Dykeman
Great post Mike. This is a topic that a lot of us that research the Millennial generation have been discussing. - Kevin Bondelli
Great stuff! I hate the idea of all those friend requests and blog comments I'll miss when I'm dead :) - Martin Bryant is taken, otherwise I would have posted an alpha invite link here - Ben Watson from twhirl
Nice. I wrote a post about this in german some months ago status dead - should blog more in english will try - Florian
Mike, Mark, thanks! This was a morbid subject. I'm glad it got a few people thinking, including myself. You guys have a great weekend. - Mike Fruchter
They hang around together as electrons in limbo. - Phil Boiarski
There should be a "will" part of every profile populated by the profile owner when the account is created - ayca
Congrats Mike on the Mashable gig - Noticed this morning and shared it in GReader. Keep rockin'! - Charlie Anzman
damn.. somehow this didn't pop out after my long weekend! Awesome post subject for your first Mashable :) This really is an eerie thing to look at, but it is something that everyone should think about. A friend from work passed, and to this day his profile lives on, sad but at the same time, sort of comforting. Very interesting idea, ayca! - Tim Hoeck
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