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Composers' Symposium

Composers' Symposium

Share your ORIGINAL works here and get feedback from fellow musicians and composers. Any level of experience is welcome. Let's learn from each other by being each others' audience.
Big Joe Silence
"REPLIKA packs two professional quality delays and a powerful diffusion algorithm into a sleek, streamlined interface. Simple to use with a resonant filter and classic phaser built in, REPLIKA is a versatile delay for anything from subtle slapback to warped sheets of noise. REPLIKA provides three distinct algorithms. Modern is a digital delay that delivers the crystal-clear repeats of high-end units. Vintage Digital delivers the charismatic grit of early studio delays. Diffusion delivers a fresh sound that rides the line between delay and reverb. A high-class resonant filter and classic phaser add subtle to drastic motion that can be sync’d to the beat for intense sound design. You can even adjust your signal’s placement in the mix with normal, wide, and ping pong stereo modes." - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
FREE! - Big Joe Silence
VST and AU versions, both 64 bit. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
PETITION: Publish Delia Derbyshire's music from the BBC Sound Archive! -
PETITION: Publish Delia Derbyshire's music from the BBC Sound Archive! -
sadly, NOTHING can get the University of Manchester to stop squatting on her post-BBC material. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
i'm gonna write a song called "Tiny Grass Is Dreaming". #Promise
piano, harmonica, acoustic guitar, lap steel, really dry and woody maracas wrapped in a cotton dish towel. - Big Joe Silence
maybe i can get my old silver-plated Czech ukulele pitch pipe in there somehow? :P - Big Joe Silence
IT'S GONNA HAPPEN! - Big Joe Silence
it IS happening! - Big Joe Silence
I envision a mix of Elton John and Walt Whitman. - Steve C, Team Marina
i have a beat and some ideas for a fuzz guitar part. imma go recruit a piano player now. - Big Joe Silence
anyone wanna play a tuba part? - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
▶ Arena - Brian Eno - Another Green World (22 January 2010) - YouTube -
▶ Arena - Brian Eno - Another Green World (22 January 2010) - YouTube
interview with Brian Eno about his music. - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
Big Joe Silence
Oil On Canvas - Honey, What's Up With The Meat? (from the album "Spoke Of Shadows", 2005)
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recorded autumn 2004 at The Crypt by Mark Cook. performed by: Joe Blair - guitar and electronics; Mark Cook - Warr Guitar, programming and electronics; Jason Spradlin - drums and percussion - Big Joe Silence
since almost no one here knows me by my real name, i guess i should mention that i'm the guitarist in this band. - Big Joe Silence
Very cool texturing. The "electronics" soundscape was contrasted well by the tight drum and bass groove. Not "drum n bass" just naming the instruments. - Josh Haley
this isn't my favourite track but it's the shortest. reckon i should put up the monster that ends the album? btw, it's out of print now so we made it a free download at Alonetone since we own the rights free and clear. - Big Joe Silence
bring it - Josh Haley
it's 20 minutes long...i mean it's like side 2 of Meddle. - Big Joe Silence
You worried about breaking Friendfeed? Bring it! - Josh Haley
i am, kinda. *brings it anyway* - Big Joe Silence
this may take a bit to upload. :P - Big Joe Silence
i think i found the file size limit! "could not upload" :P #FML - Big Joe Silence
:( Have you a posterous account? That would bring it in once posted there. - Josh Haley
not yet i don't. maybe this will make me do it. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
from early 2005. i wonder if we'll ever finish this new album? so much seems to get in the way. - Big Joe Silence
and by "so much" i mean my rotten health and everyone else's 15 other side-projects. :P - Big Joe Silence
progress. also looks like the new one may have been picked up by a label for release. we shall see. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
Oil On Canvas - She Disarmed Me With Her Legs (from the album "Spoke Of Shadows", 2005)
recorded autumn 2004 at The Crypt by Mark Cook. performed by: Joe Blair - guitar and electronics; Mark Cook - Warr Guitar, beats and electronics - Big Joe Silence
since almost no one here knows me by my real name, i guess i should mention that i'm the guitarist in this band. - Big Joe Silence
the link above can be streamed or you can "save as" and get the mp3 file. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
"Looking for some classic vintage drum machine sounds to play around with? We've got the funk you need, right here in this box. FunkBox is loaded with classic beatbox sounds and patterns from the seventies and eighties. Chock full of vintage retro vibe and old school mojo, it's perfect to sketch out beats, sample old classic sounds, or just jam along with." - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
Big Joe Silence
"No matter where you go, we all have something on common. Evidence is offered here in the form of The Lick. know you've heard it...maybe even played, sang or dreamt about it. The Lick reigns supreme. None can escape its influence. Enjoy!" - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
thanks to Rob Michael for bringing this particular compilation to my attention. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
"Ian is a composer, filmmaker, collagist, instrument builder, installation artist, live performer, radio and film programmer, light show projectionist, teacher and writer. Self-taught and self-funded, he has operated from his current hq in Brighton since 1991. His work encompasses over 70 experimental films, and the composition of electronic music with instruments he designs and builds himself. On occasions he performs live with his Hellitrons and Hellisizers, and exhibits his creations in galleries. For many years he has devised multi-projector light-show projections, and he is a curator and collector with a special interest in early electronic music, world's fairs and abstract film. He runs workshops, assembles themed programmes for film festivals, creates pieces for radio, and is working on his first book, An A-Z of Early British Electronic Music" - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
Big Joe Silence
a new tune is brewing. it's a slow and brooding one that smells of being lost in thought in a field on a mid-summer day...with an acoustic guitar and a synthesizer. :P
MY PROMISE TO YOU: no dubstep wobble bass. - Big Joe Silence
one element of note is a field recording of an automatic weapon live-fire range the Swiss have in the Alps. it echoes in the distance with gentle rustles of leaves and birds in the foreground. which unfortunately sounds more like sneaking commandos with knives drawn. or fortunately, considering the mood i was after: placid yet menacing with the stench of desperation clinging to your nostrils. - Big Joe Silence
IOW, a very down-tempo number with gentle acoustic guitar and a couple of punches to the face before the song ends. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
the strings for "Eleanor Rigby". just cos i think everyone familiar with the song should hear them.
BUMP for maʀtha. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
NEW rough mix of the demo i posted in with major changes to the arrangement and added bass part. still working out the lyrics/vocal parts.
i also zeroed out the mix and did it fresh to try to get the snare down and kick up. dunno if there will eventually be keys and/or synths. - Big Joe Silence
i think it came out well enough. - Big Joe Silence
This sounds a lot better. Much improved on the drums. I'd bring up the bass in the mix, but I always say that...I am a bass player after all... - scherbi: bottom dweller
Big Joe Silence
this is me and our youngest jamming out ideas for a song last weekend. it's a bit repetitive, but you can hear her bashing away on the 3/4 scale Yamaha acoustic and coaching me on my playing and making arrangement suggestions.
Home Taping Is Killing Music.jpg
she had a bit of red light fever at the beginning and got tongue-tied, but that evaporated soon. - Big Joe Silence
She's gonna make the next "wall of sound" music breakthrough with those production skills. Wonderful. - Steve C, Team Marina
i don't need my leg to perform and record music. maybe we can finish the tune up and make a good demo soon. - Big Joe Silence
It's reminding me of something. STP mixed with something more recent? - Melly
Stoned Tantrum Parents - Big Joe Silence
Hahaha! - Melly
This is awesome. - laura x
Though baby x thinks it needs drums. Of course. - laura x
i would agree. and bass. and some Wurli EP. perhaps a bit of MiniMoog (think early 70s Manfred Mann's Earth Band)? - Big Joe Silence
arrangement still in-progress. the bridge just took a really cool left turn, ears are happy here! - Big Joe Silence
in this case, "earwormy" = good! - Big Joe Silence
this is the next song i'll be working on. :D - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
i seem to have earwormed myself with my own tune. now i can't get it out of my head. :P
hopefully this means i'll get the bass part together and recorded tomorrow and figure out what the vocal will be. i can fiddle with the warbly Dr. Who/Space:1999 synth blurbles from the MiniBrute in-between times. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
rough mix of a work in progress that has been gestating since this post: back in late May.
still needs bass and another guitar and a synth part. might end up being a song with lyrics/vocals by the end. might end up being a demo for a later version. too early to tell. - Big Joe Silence
as always, comments and constructive criticisms welcome. - Big Joe Silence
I smell zeplin and some floyd in the ingredients. Approved. Thanks for sharing. I think it's going to lend itself to lyrics pretty easily - Steve C, Team Marina
I find the drums to be lifeless and flat sounding. The guitar sounds good though. - scherbi: bottom dweller
what would you do with the drum sound? or was it the playing? How would you remedy it? - Big Joe Silence
Both, to my ear. The snare was louder then the rest of the drums, so the balance there was off. The sound of the snare was perhaps just not to my taste...Maybe the room was too hard, I dunno. The playing was short on feel. Too rigid. Am I making any sense here? - scherbi: bottom dweller
ended up altering and extending the arrangement of this tune. spent this morning trying to figure out a bass part for it, but everything sounds like Roger Waters and a slightly inebriated John Deacon passed out in front of a football match on a Sunday afternoon. or maybe i'm just being too hard on myself, i dunno. - Big Joe Silence
OTOH, what if Roger Waters subbed for John Paul Jones on a Zeppelin tune? perhaps i should find out with this song! :D - Big Joe Silence
or perhaps throw in some late 70s David Vorhaus synths to drop the ink into the milk. - Big Joe Silence
vibraslap is the new cowbell. - Big Joe Silence
Kevin Johnson
Vi Hart video. Completely totally awesome! Worth the 30 minutes if you are into music theory. - Kevin Johnson from Bookmarklet
Big Joe Silence
pre "techno" track from Delia Derbyshire - circa 1963 - YouTube -
pre "techno" track from Delia Derbyshire - circa 1963 - YouTube
"this is a pre version of the track "Delia Derbyshire - Noah" or "Delia Derbyshire - Dance From Noah" ....i dunno. i made a long research and i did not found any serious informations. anyway, it is a very old tune" - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
1963. let that sink in for a moment. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
Absolute Genius with Dick & Dom S01E05 Derbyshire - YouTube -
Absolute Genius with Dick & Dom S01E05 Derbyshire - YouTube
"Episode 5: Delia Derbyshire" - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
Big Joe Silence
"Stuart Maconie's piece on Delia Derbyshire, from Inside Out West Midlands. Broadcast on 15/11/10." - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
Big Joe Silence
Incredible Sonovox - Kay Kyser - 1940 film "You'll Find Out" - YouTube -
Incredible Sonovox - Kay Kyser - 1940 film "You'll Find Out" - YouTube
"Amazing device that gives voice to musical instruments. The Sonovox consists of one or two loudspeakers placed on the throat that play the source sound. The performer whispers the words while the speakers stand in for the voice box. Used for the talking train in Disney's Dumbo and uncountable radio promos." - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
the less-slobbery and more intelligible precursor to the talkbox later used by electric guitarists in the 70s. BTW, this is not the film i was watching this morning, just an example of the Sonovox i found on YouTube. - Big Joe Silence
anyway, kinda awesome. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
"IVGI can deliver very soft and subtle saturation, that feels at home on the master buss. It is equally capable of very dense and dirty distortion effects to spice up single tracks. IVGI's base sound is comparable to the DESK mode in the upcoming big brother SDRR. Just as SDRR, IVGI reacts dynamically to the input signal. Even the modelled fluctuations react dynamically and also change depending on the drive setting, so that it doesn't get in the way of the SOUND. Stereo tracks benefit from it's modelled crosstalk behaviour. Just as its big brother SDRR, IVGI features a “Controlled Randomness”, which determines the internal drift and variance inside the unit. It contributes to the livelyness and realness of IVGI's saturation character. All internal processes are modulated to some extent to make this possible." - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
"IVGI gives you a sensible amount of controls to manipulate the character of the saturation itself. It offers a unique ASYM MIX knob to alter the symmetry of the signal without affecting the harmonic content much. Usually, asymmetry leads to an increase of even order harmonics. But in IVGI's case, dialing in the asymmetry makes the negative part of the signal “cleaner”. This way you can... more... - Big Joe Silence
"IVGI also lets you alter the frequency dependency of the saturation with the RESPONSE control." - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
i got bored and there was this fuzz box sitting here and...
i'm so very sorry. - Big Joe Silence
but not that sorry, apparently. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
"Doom metal is an extreme form of heavy metal music that typically uses slower tempos, low-tuned guitars and a much "thicker" or "heavier" sound than other metal genres. Both the music and the lyrics intend to evoke a sense of despair, dread, and impending doom. The genre is strongly influenced by the early work of Black Sabbath, who formed a prototype for doom metal with songs such as "Black Sabbath", "Electric Funeral" and "Into the Void". During the first half of the 1980s, a number of bands from England (Pagan Altar, Witchfinder General), the United States (Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Trouble) and Sweden (Candlemass, Count Raven) defined doom metal as a distinct genre." - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
Big Joe Silence
Happy birthday, Les Paul! One of the all-time greatest inventors, innovators, and players in music.
the electric guitar, multi-track recording, tape echo, electromechanical reverb, live audio looping, tape editing as arrangement tool...the hits kept coming. modern music as we know it would not exist without this man. - Big Joe Silence
rewatching the "Chasing Sound" documentary and extras. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
Under Pressure (A-Capella) - Only Vocals - YouTube -
Under Pressure (A-Capella) - Only Vocals - YouTube
"In the summer of 1981, the British band Queen was recording tracks for their tenth studio album, Hot Space, at Mountain Studios in Montreux, Switzerland. As it happened, David Bowie had scheduled time at the same studio to record the title song for the movie Cat People. Before long, Bowie stopped by the Queen sessions and joined in. The original idea was that he would add backup vocals on the song “Cool Cat.” “David came in one night and we were playing other people’s songs for fun, just jamming,” says Queen drummer Roger Taylor in Mark Blake’s book Is This the Real Life?: The Untold Story of Freddie Mercury and Queen. “In the end, David said, ‘This is stupid, why don’t we just write one?’” And so began a marathon session of nearly 24-hours–fueled, according to Blake, by wine and cocaine. Built around John Deacon’s distinctive bass line, the song was mostly written by Mercury and Bowie." - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
Big Joe Silence
"Use what talent you possess - the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best." -- Henry Van Dyke
Big Joe Silence
quick and ugly DADGAD ideas demo on crappy digital note recorder.
please excuse the close-miked unplugged electric guitar at 3am. :P - Big Joe Silence
noodlefest, dunno where i'm going with this. - Big Joe Silence
tune has developed and sucks a bit less. there's also a whole new section that's grown like spare limbs on a mutant salamander. - Big Joe Silence
one more-rewrite completed. demo currently bears only a passing resemblance to it. can't wait to demo it properly. maybe turn it into a song, maybe not. i am REALLY excited about this tune now! - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
"It's just a small word from a smaller island, but the ripples created by Jamaica's revolutionary experiments in sound are still being felt some 40 years later. This documentary flag-waves the influence of dub to such a degree you may be left wondering if there's any corner of the music world untouched by King Tubby's baby, and just what role it had in the invention of sliced bread. Except, of course, it's all true, minus the Sunblest." - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
Hip-hop latched onto its re-adaptation of recorded sound, disco ripped it off for effects and remixology, techno minimalists hailed its kindred postmodernist spirit and sense of space, crusties skinned up and nodded off. But for all Dub Echoes' testimony from the music's extended family - Brazilian rappers, London jungle and dubstep producers, Belgian mash-up auteurs - it's reggae's children who really nail the subject, and its malleability. - Big Joe Silence
UK dub producer Mad Professor explains "every object has its shadow, dub is the shadow of the tune"; stentorian Jamaican poet Mutabaruka says "it's where the engineer becomes the artist". The prospect of one man and his mixing desk may not sound like an enticing spectacle (though anyone who's witnessed live mixes in action could swear to the contrary). - Big Joe Silence
And it's perhaps this fear that is Dub Echoes' chief weakness - it's long on talking heads, short on twiddling fingers, just a few too-brief clips of "artist" in action, hindered by slow-motion film and one-camera takes. But the delight is in the detail: Bunny Lee offering a guided tour of his old master tapes, U-Roy reminiscing about all-night open-air dances, Lee Perry explaining just why he had to burn down his old Black Ark studio. - Big Joe Silence
Otherwise, it's a reminder that while Jamaica didn't wholly create the modern music world, its role in shaping it goes on, and on, and on. - Big Joe Silence
i've been meaning to sit down with this and give it my undivided attention. i think i may be adding this to my list of music documentary DVDs to get, along with "Mellodrama" and a few others. (already got "Moog" and "I Dream Of Wires" is due in June.) - Big Joe Silence
BUMP for the tape echo feedback. - Big Joe Silence
and now i am cruising the online used gear stores for vintage DDLs and analogue delays. :P - Big Joe Silence
i may have just bought a couple of early 1980s 8-bit DDLs, one of which is also a pitch transposer. 0_o - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
Bobby Owsinski's Big Picture Production Blog: In Appreciation Of Andy Johns -
Bobby Owsinski's Big Picture Production Blog: In Appreciation Of Andy Johns
"If you'e not heard the news, famed engineer/producer Andy Johns passed away over the weekend. Andy was instrumental in so many hits by rock icons from The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Van Halen to newer artists like Cinderella, Joe Satriani and Chicken Foot. He was a guy that definitely liked to have fun, but he was dead serious when it came to recording. In honor of his life, here's an interview I did with Andy for The Mixing Engineer's Handbook that contains so much of his wisdom." - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
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