RT @mfeathers: The is a very dangerous piece of legislation [California Phone "Kill Switch" Bill] https://t.co/g57P4fDT2X
Video for my BayHac 2014 Denotational Design talk starts at https://t.co/lNnLocMr8e . See comment for slides. Thanks to @zmanian.
RT @mjsottile: This is awesome - very well written. I am very glad someone wrote this. "Letter to a young Haskell enthusiast". http://comonad.com/reader...
Say what?! @SpeakerBoehner gave $20 billion to @ExxonMobil, cut $ from @epa to fight #climatechange? https://secure3.convio.net/engage...
"I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief." - Gerry Spence
RT @JPBarlow: Am I high, or is the New York Times calling for an end to marijuana prohibition in the United States. http://www.nytimes.com/interac...
RT @dailyzen: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” —T. S. Eliot
RT @dailyzen: "Much of activity is designed to make permanent those experiences and joys which are only lovable because they are changing." -Alan Watts
Had a great time at @LambdaJam! Slides etc for my workshop, "Denotational Design: from meanings to programs": https://t.co/aD5h9Epx20
RT @headinthebox: @smaldini @RxJava Stephane, for purity we are trying to avoid using the term FRP in the context of Rx see http://conal.net/blog.... /cc @conal
RT @AlanWattsDaily: It was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing, or to dance, while the music was being played. http://www.youtube.com/watch...
RT @AlanWattsDaily: It was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing, or to dance, while the music was being played. http://t.co/7gPEB6o4lb
RT @reiddraper: The Denotational Design workshop at @LambdaJam by @conal was the best 'how to design programs' talk I've seen in several years
RT @FridayTea: Hey gang, tell your friends to take advantage of the 25% off our #Batman infusers and #Gryffindor house blend ONLY UNTIL MIDNIGHT! Please RT
Power cord recovered.
Power cord and podium both gone by the time I reached the solarium. Maybe someone from our #lambdajam group picked them up?
My answer to When is it acceptable to create an infinite loop? http://www.quora.com/Compute...
Or other info extractions (e.g., (>0)). But must the language (here arithmetic) describe these uses/actions/extractions?
RT @dobesv: 40 Most Bloodcurdling Chinese Mistranslations Ever! Warning: You Will Laugh To Death! - Seenox http://www.seenox.com/2014...
RT @planet_haskell: Robert Harper: Parallelism and Concurrency, Revisited: To my delight, I still get compliments on and criticism... http://existentialtype.wordpress.com/2014...
RT @lmorchard: "Alpha male" sounds like everyone would be better waiting until the beta and production releases come around.
RT @gnaternies: I love Kentucky Route Zero so much it makes me tear up
RT @doridoidea: Finally got around to playing the third act of Kentucky Route Zero, which continues to be a perfect game aimed directly at my heart.
As I understand & use the terms, a "strict language" adds strictness to abstraction (lambda), while a "non-strict language" doesn't.
RT @franklinchen: @headinthebox @conal @scheidegger I'm just dreaming, but mathematics "textbooks" today should be executable and interactive for exploration.
Same reason we often generalize beyond initial goal in inductive proofs. (Dick Kieburtz's observation on (continuous-time) FRP.)
Lazy functional programming: Move sampling (data pruning) from middle to end, to preserve sound & simple composition.
RT @headinthebox: @franklinchen @conal @scheidegger Amazing how sloppy most mathematics texts are. If they only would make everything *type check* as a start.
"Continuous" space/time == resolution-independence. Resolution assumption/restriction thwarts reuse, like other samplings & finitizations.
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