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BTW, Friday (of @Friday_Tea) is my younger daughter. *Please* support her Kickstarter campaign if you can!
I just backed Friday Afternoon Tea is Leveling Up! on @Kickstarter
RT @CompSciFact: 2014: How can I program without mutable state? 1984: How can I program without line numbers?
RT @TacticalGrace: “@aral: NSA’s top lawyer says Google, Facebook etc knew about data collection all along. [Now it gets interesting.]
Circuits as a bicartesian closed category -
From Haskell to hardware via cartesian closed categories -
The public has spoken. The president agrees. Now Congress must free our phones: #freeourphones
RT @skilpat: Interview with John Reynolds about his recent retirement from CMU. Did you know he influenced the latest Bond film?
RT @ggreenwald: Bradley Manning: "Hey look: here's tons of evidence of your govt doing heinous things in secret" - Many Americans: "string the traitor up!!"
Just invested in solar @sunfunder. Sure feels good to know 6776 people will have affordable light and phone charging.
RT @JorgenSundberg: Job interview: "What's your greatest weakness?" "Honesty." "I don't think honesty is a weakness." "I don't give a fuck what you think."
RT @NewMindMirror: New Sexual Revolution: Polyamory May Be Good for You - @sciam
RT @akatov: #fpdays S. Peyton Jones:"Once the limestone of imperative programming is withered away, the granite of functional programming will prevail."
Pls RT: #CISPA is back. Support privacy, tell your lawmakers to oppose #CISPA. via @demandprogress
I'm listening to Eleanor Rigby by Tonic Sol Fa on Pandora #pandora
#KeystoneXL isn't even in operation and it already has holes in it? Demand inspection of the pipe now: v/ @sum_of_us
RT @hollykins: NYTimes: The Ignorance Caucus <--"Willful ignorance matters." Yes. Yes, it does.
Make Unlocking Cell Phones Legal.
RT @kaleidic: Delighted by the way @KirinDave explores the benefits of functional programming, here: ht @wickedshimmy #Haskell #FP
Don't Appoint a Fracking Proponent as Energy Secretary: Thank You, Tell-a-Friend - Food & Water Watch
RT @AlanWattsDaily: It was a musical thing and you were supposed to sing, or to dance, while the music was being played…
"Man suffers because of his craving to possess and keep forever things which are impermanent." - Alan Watts
:D ! Indeed. BTW, I will be well adjusted to full disk on my first woodstove fire of day 1 of ignorance. —
Another gorgeous morning here at Working Group 2.8 in a warrant? Seattle to full disk on GMO labeling! —
Enjoying Miss You by Tagg Romney Thanks to see Haskellers accept, excuse, and process-vs-flow. —
Enjoyed this @gamasutra interview with Jake Elliott (@jakevsrobots) about Kentucky Route Zero etc. . #ProudDad
RT @Bilstar: @cardboardcompy KRZ is just fantastic. I don't have the words to describe... just so amazing. Bravo.
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