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You can’t explain it. RT @Dave_Sutor: Big rocks go in, small rocks come out. Rt. 219 project.
RT @Pinboard: Internet startups: seamlessly losing all your data since [NaN]
RT @SavedYouAClick: Not my biggest fan. RT @fwd: Please Stop Saving Me A Click
RT @pourmecoffee: Learn the facts! A sharknado *watch* means conditions are favorable for a sharknado. *Warning* means an actual sharknado has been sighted.
RT @TWNDAI: Let us Go, Buccaneers.
RT @GroverNorquist: Its official. Samah and I are off to "Burning Man" this year. Scratch one from the Bucket List.
RT @TeaPartyCat: We fix kittens and dogs, but Congress always seems to exempt themselves. Time to #fixthehouse !!!
RT @andrewdupont: a kid in this coding class said “you use the hashtag key to add a comment” and i set myself on fire so that's basically why i'm on fire
RT @erinscafe: Also, fair warning: if the kiss cam finds me, I will kiss someone. I do not care if I know them or not.
RT @shelbygrad: One more reason to love East LA. selling tacos on the closed 5 freeway!! (great foto via @MrsAprilGC @EASTLA_NEWS
RT @LearnedLeague: Reg now open for new LLamas. If you'd like to refer, don't wait! If you'd like to join, contact your nearest LLama.
RT @balloon_knotty: If Joe Biden doesn't title his autobiography "Biden Time" I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
RT @RadioAstrology: We hope UK MP David Tredinnick supports multi-wavelength medical astrology e.g. Chandra observations are useful for predicting broken bones.
RT @GlennF: @BoobsRadley Fisherman’s Friendzone is a surprisingly futile product, as one cannot, despite best efforts, put the lozenge in one’s mouth.
I just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 3)' badge on @untappd!
RT @TweetsofOld: A gentleman here saw five rainbows at one time early Wednesday. The magnifying effects of two drinks of Kansas whiskey is surprising. KS1887
Common Raven, perched -
Common Raven, perched
Shelter, Mosquito Creek -
Shelter, Mosquito Creek
RT @jkottke: Yo would be perfect for defecting Soviet submarine captains: "Give me a Yo, Vasili. One Yo only, please."
RT @Neil_Irwin: Nationals broadcast just showed us the Nats fan of the day, "Art Vandelay" of Georgetown. Um, guys . . .
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