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Oh, crap, I forgot to salt my hash. No, seriously, it’s a bit bland.
RT @kaaitkills: "you would think they'd demand yuengling over natty light bc that's what they deserve" -- i'd have to agree
RT @kaaitkills: the willard preacher is saying that the women of penn state are selling themselves short when it comes to beer
RT @DLeonhardt: "If you don’t believe in random sampling, the next time you have a blood test, tell the doctor to take it all.”
"Track information will show up in the output of dmesg."
RT @Accu_Jesse: Stations reporting snow in Pennsylvania this April 23rd include: Johnstown, Dubois, Bradford, and Meadville.
RT @birdchick: For all the people who ask me about a "Shazam" type app for birds's coming soon.
Apparently the Pirates won between the car and the house. What happened?
RT @MLBcathedrals: Lounge found inside the Astrodome in the 1960s. #Astros Fav photo!
RT @charlesapple: On this date 22 years ago, astronomers announced the discovery of the first two planets outside our solar system.
We have a dumb robin outside our garage.
ST&DW: Photo Tips for Mom: Querying keywords
ST&DW: Photo Tips for Mom: Applying keywords
ST&DW: One Shot image-by-image recap
"80 minutes of play, and we're where we started, tied 3-3." Hockey announcers' oscilloscopes are set to AC coupling.
The 2008 Standing Stone Vidal ice wine was just outstanding. Orange peel and burnt sugar, finish that went on and on. @SSVNY
Instead of adding photography books to my wishlist, I need to just buy two, and sell one later.
ST&DW: Photo Tips for Mom: The exposure triangle
Live every day like it’s Steve Blass Day. #BUCN
RT @0xabad1dea: “Ah, they found our router backdoor. Make it slightly more obfuscated and tell them it’s patched.”
RT @StatFact: If X has finite variance sigma^2, the variance of the mean of n samples from X is sigma^2/n.
I just turned 4,444^2 minutes (19,749,136) old!
RT @markknoller: Correction: The Russell Crowe movie about storms and floods is "Noah," not "NOAA." My bad. Sorry @NOAA.
I think hitting a home run instead of bunting might have been the right choice. #RaiseIt #BUCN
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