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.@RikerGoogling Ask Tasha
The Verizon website never remembers me, but at least it remembers that I like “Remember me” to be checked.
I haven’t seen anyone’s butt in my timeline this evening… so maybe those of you complaining should reëxamine who you follow?
Facebook, how about you just hide any stories with deliberately vague headlines that tell me what emotional response I’m supposed to have?
RT @NatureNews: Convictions overturned in L'Aquila trial, seismologists acquitted, more details shortly. Background here:
.@RikerGoogling Theta Alpha Two Seven Three Seven Blue
RT @ESPNJoshMoyer: Don't worry, though, fans. No way this breaks the NCAA record for most punts in a game. The record happens to be 77.
RT @JenLucPiquant: Physicist who inspired "Interstellar" spills the backstory—and the scene that makes him cringe
“At the center of every black hole is… a neutron star.” Sigh.
.@GarySzatkowski My portfolio is long underwear, short skirts.
The forest's secrets of the past -
The forest's secrets of the past
Consumer Reports' #1 "tech gift for $50 or less" is a cordless phone. You know, for your landline.
RT @jeremyscahill: So... Capt. Johnson just said they know you're a *real* journalist if you have a "$50,000 camera." Otherwise, "We may take you into custody"
RT @MLBcathedrals: Roberto Clemente on base in this rare color shot from the 1960 World Series at Forbes Field. #Pirates
Waiting for the ADA lawsuit against “keep moving” protest enforcement. #Ferguson
RT @FreedomofPress: By arresting reporters last night, the #Fergusion police violated a signed court agreement.
RT @Yassir_Lester: A cop just asked me my name and I said "it's Britney b*tch" I'm the hero y'all have been waiting for.
RT @amy_pfister: CNN: Officials say photographer arrested was not in "zone for journalists." Related: If you're covering #ferguson, the city is your zone.
So apparently a municipal ordinance against obstructing a sidewalk trumps the 1st Amendment right to assembly? #Ferguson
RT @neetzan: Getty photog Scott Olson, who snapped this incredible photo, was just arrested in #Ferguson
RT @PaulSzoldra: That comma is quite apt @CBSNews: JUST IN: President Obama to deliver remarks at 4pm ET on the situation in Ferguson, Iraq
RT @consumerist: Comcast Says Mobile Data Is Competitive, But It Costs $2k To Stream Breaking Bad Over LTE
RT @jwoodgett: Dear science funders & policy makers, I think I may have found your problem. Question from “The Scientist” survey:
RT @Swansontea: We have more than a dozen lab members if you count lasers. Lasers are people, too.
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