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RT @jeremyscahill: So... Capt. Johnson just said they know you're a *real* journalist if you have a "$50,000 camera." Otherwise, "We may take you into custody"
RT @MLBcathedrals: Roberto Clemente on base in this rare color shot from the 1960 World Series at Forbes Field. #Pirates
Waiting for the ADA lawsuit against “keep moving” protest enforcement. #Ferguson
RT @FreedomofPress: By arresting reporters last night, the #Fergusion police violated a signed court agreement.
RT @Yassir_Lester: A cop just asked me my name and I said "it's Britney b*tch" I'm the hero y'all have been waiting for.
RT @amy_pfister: CNN: Officials say photographer arrested was not in "zone for journalists." Related: If you're covering #ferguson, the city is your zone.
So apparently a municipal ordinance against obstructing a sidewalk trumps the 1st Amendment right to assembly? #Ferguson
RT @neetzan: Getty photog Scott Olson, who snapped this incredible photo, was just arrested in #Ferguson
RT @PaulSzoldra: That comma is quite apt @CBSNews: JUST IN: President Obama to deliver remarks at 4pm ET on the situation in Ferguson, Iraq
RT @consumerist: Comcast Says Mobile Data Is Competitive, But It Costs $2k To Stream Breaking Bad Over LTE
RT @jwoodgett: Dear science funders & policy makers, I think I may have found your problem. Question from “The Scientist” survey:
RT @Swansontea: We have more than a dozen lab members if you count lasers. Lasers are people, too.
RT @JebBoone: More and more foreign news outlets sending their war correspondents to cover #Ferguson
RT @NaniCoolJ: The reporter is asking for the officer who pointed the gun at him's name, and they're refusing to give him the name.
RT @RaeBeta: Watching a livestream while a cop is POINTING A GUN AT AND THREATENING the journalist recording it. #Ferguson
ST&DW: Canadian Rockies gear recap, volume 2
RT @DJGalloEtc: This is what happens when you do nothing at the deadline, Pirates. YOU RUIN CHILDHOODS!
RT @rtjr: Cmon, time for someone to tie this up so we can lose in even more depressing fashion
RT @ProPublica: Pro-troop charity says it took photos w/o permission b/c it doesn’t have $$ to fly photographers worldwide.
I have no interest in boxing, but man...
RT @voxdotcom: How we'd cover Ferguson if it happened in another country
RT @FergusonTwpPD: Ferguson Township Police is in PA and not the agency involved in the shooting incident. @stlcountypd is who you want to contact.
RT @WesleyLowery: Officers slammed me into a fountain soda machine because I was confused about which door they were asking me to walk out of
RT @MattBors: They're letting black people in Ferguson train rifles on the cops like the Bundy Ranch people, right? @jbouie
RT @Mornacale: Dear Tigers announcers, another thing that has happened in Pittsburgh besides Hurdle "changing the culture" is good players on the team.
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