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laura x
HarperCollins Puts Cap on “E-Book” Checkouts, Upsets Local Libraries | KCRG-TV9 | Cedar Rapids, Iowa News, Sports, and Weather | Local News -
HarperCollins Puts Cap on “E-Book” Checkouts, Upsets Local Libraries | KCRG-TV9 | Cedar Rapids, Iowa News, Sports, and Weather | Local News
I was on the television last night. Wish I'd had the foresight to mention Wisconsin while I was at it. - laura x from Bookmarklet
You were awesome! The eyebrows! I was giggling. And they would have just edited out any WI mention anyway. - Steele Lawman
Shanon was like "We will defeat you with numbers!" - Steele Lawman
"...but the company did not return our calls." Nicely done. - conlibro
Very nice--the only mild grump I might have is with the other librarian's "26 is too low" (paraphrased) which suggests that some other number might be peachy-keen. I don't watch TV news, but that strikes me as being better than most TV news clips I've seen--and, Laura, you were great. - Walt Crawford
While I usually dread my one and only business law class, I do relish the opportunity to expose a roomful of impressionable future lawyers to my favorite court case ever: Mayo v. Satan.
Dang, I was always certain that they were on the same side. - Steele Lawman
"Civil rights action against Satan and his servants who allegedly placed deliberate obstacles in plaintiff's path and caused his downfall..." - conlibro
Aww. I have been wanting to read her book. - laura x
Yeah, I've only ever known her as the girl who "kinda wasted my precious time." Be fun to get to know her. - conlibro
Hi gang- I've got a prof who's really into Booth and Co.'s "The Craft of Research." It's a decent intro to research text, but I don't like their take on the Interwebs- it's all 'distrust' and 'caution' instead of "be smart and critical." Before I go hunting, does anyone have a favorite guide that speaks well and smartly of Internet research?
I have poked into that book, but not read it. It has had a few recent edition updates: if you aren't sure you have the most current edition, you might double-check that. - Steele Lawman
I do, yeah. And, granted, 2008 is pretty much pre-modern wikipedia and pre-google scholar, so I know that the heavy language is a product of the age. - conlibro
Right, those things existed, Joan, but they were in no way useful yet. - lris
Alright gang- I finally have a need that outweighs my profound introversion. First, introduction: name is brian conlan, I work with mollyw across the river from Iris-ish and I've been lurking here since library school. Second, need: I'm on a search committee for a new Instructional Technologist in our IT dept. and we have 2 candidates coming...
to campus. The library has 1/2 an hour with these candidates and I'm on the hunt for brilliant, telling questions that will a) show the candidates how with it we are and b) help us decide if we like said candidates. Since this list is full of brilliant, telling people, does anyone have any suggestions? - conlibro
Oh, and Lawson- I'm looking at you since you're working the night shift too... and the bear looks like he has much to add. - conlibro
Dude, that was FREAKY seeing that come up on the screen. - Steele Lawman
You're referring to Lawrence Welk, I presume. - conlibro
Hiya Brian. :-) I have no brilliance to offer, just welcome. - lris
Hi Brian--is there a link to the job description you could share with us? Is this more systems or more public focused? - Hedgehog
Since I'm on the spot and have no good actual answer, I'll think aloud a little bit. First, I'd worry more about part B than part A, as good questions will make you look good. As for those good questions... I'm trying to think of things that have gone well and poorly here. I'd ask something about collaboration, either specifically with librarians or generally with non-faculty/non-IT... more... - Steele Lawman
Give me an example of when you had to say No to a coworker. - Hedgehog
Oooh, here's something. In the library, we have to teach with technology, too, but we feel that when we focus too much on skills and mechanics, we lose liberal arts students' attention, since they respond more to discussion and ambiguity. If we are seen solely as technicians, we become disposable and ignore-able. Do you sense that kind of tension in instructional technology, and if so, how do you address it in your teaching and work with college constituencies. - Steele Lawman
Hey Abigal! It's a bit of both, in essence, but very faculty-focused as far as the public is concerned. The only description I can find is a word doc. Let me googleize it and post a link. - conlibro
Rochelle- brilliant! I will ask all of those. Here's the job description: - conlibro
Steve- I got distracted trying to answer that question myself. I will definitely incorporate these ideas. I'm interested to see how the tension plays out here- this position will be very faculty-centered, but is also ultimately in charge of the help desk, so student interaction will be key as well. - conlibro
You could also ask how they anticipate helping students on the help desk will inform their work with faculty and vice-versa. - Steele Lawman
Oh, and if they like snow. I mean LOVE snow. And temperatures below zero. - Steele Lawman
Maybe something about the differences (and similarities) of _instructional_ technology and more standard-issue IT. Also possibly (depending on their background) what other areas of campus they'd expect to find folks whose responsibilities and skill sets overlap with theirs, and where they might expect to find some complementary skills that they'd want to leverage? (Obviously, the fact... more... - N. Ansi
We had an applicant from Micronesia- Pohnpei, I think it was. I was worried about the transition... in February. - conlibro
I wish I had been minimally qualified for this position. I would have made a run at it. This is exactly the kind of role I've been trying to carve out for myself in a public library. - Julian
Julian- the position is actually in the IT dept., but the vision is that we'll be working fairly closely together. We are, of course, still accepting appliations, nudge, nudge. - conlibro
n.ansi: I hope that will be on their radar. I don't want to overwhelm them with too much pedagogy out of the gate but it will be a good way to get them talking. Thanks! - conlibro
The desire for the candidate to have the MLS (or other comparable/applicable graduate degree(s)) is usually something I see as a strict requirement -- especially in academia. Thus, in practice, a barrier for me, no matter how positively I spin it (and I can spin positively). I've never supervised people, either. Just the occasional server. This position does look like it's been posted for a while... - Julian
*waves* - maʀtha
Right... advice for interview questions. Maybe something that will identify the candidates' desire to be a partner in the academic mission of the college. As was mentioned above, something that will set the candidates apart from a (possibly common perceptual) role of nothing more than setting up projectors and laptops, or installing/updating software. Being a more valuable part of the whole, not just a service. - Julian
Like theoatmeal link. Unfortunately, I think we've got about 3 of those 6 questions on our standard interviewing list of Qs. Maybe we should rethink some of those. So Conlibro, tell us about your strengths and weaknesses... - Joe
Whoa. I go away for a day, and not only does Brian delurk, but he introduces himself with reference to ME and IRIS, which means I am now *associated with Iris* and therefore famous. Swoon. Plus, um, glad I haven't been saying nasty things about you, Mr. Conlan, as I had no idea you were in here :) - Molly Westerman
Possible question: "In your work you'll be interacting directly with faculty. How might you help us to convince them of the value of integrating library resources and technologies into their courses?" - steven bell
Heh. If I were the applicant, Steven, I'd say "isn't that YOUR job in the library to do that?" - Steele Lawman
Just got back from interview #1 wherein nearly all of these questions came into play! Thank you everybody, this has been an incredible conversation. The candidate didn't flinch at the more pedagogical questions and spoke well about collaboration. This is looking hopeful. - conlibro
Oh good, Brian! - Steele Lawman
Steve and Steven- now that I've got my hooks into the candidates, maybe I can turn whoever gets the post into a library/IT double agent. In fact, if it were up to me, I'd add "Double Agent duties as assigned" to the job description! - conlibro
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