Am behind on email again... Had a great day of meetings. #LotsAccomplished but it's going to be a bit to catch up.
We rescued a kitten from alongside the road that had been left for dead. She was such a wonderful pet.
Will you be at Content Marketing World or DMA? Am doing a workshop on Integrated Content Marketing at each! Will I see you there? #SocBiz
time to go to sleep... someone's going to be tired tomorrow. #TooMuchCelebrating
Just had a chat with someone who is working thru hard times. Facing your fears is the only answer.
My head is swimming with numbers but it was a good exercise to justify my social content technology stack #ContentMarketing #SocBiz
Really excited to have the weekend to create business cases for my social content technology stack. #ContentStrategy #SocBiz
Here's my deck on Making a Social Business #mnsummit
Really,really pleased that @Randfish talked about Community and content. It's a natural transition to my topic up next #MNSummit
RT @AdamDince: Find what niche content is being shared, where it's being shared, who's sharing it, then identify gaps in opportunity - @randfish #MnSummit
RT @writerbrooke: Reveal the community behind your content and watch it soar. @randfish #mnsummit
RT @AdamDince: "Good enough" content often performs well when a community is behind it @randfish #mnsummit
RT @TheSteve_Slater: Content needs a community to thrive #mnsummit
Gr8 preso! RT @JasonMillerCA: Slides from my Welcome to the Funnel preso on SlideShare: #MnSummit #ContentistheWiz
RT @ro6erts: "The infographic is not dead. Poorly designed infographics are dead. Poorly designed anything is dead" via @jasonmillerCA #MnSummit
RT @NeerajT4: "The second biggest content marketing blunder is creating content without a community" by @randfish #mnsearch #mnsummit
RT @katykatztc: Curse Google for getting rid of authorship images. That's how I found my mustache wax. - @randfish #mnsummit
RT @DDWordNerd: Content without community won't survive. No content is so good it will become viral just because. via @randfish #MNSummit
I am thrilled to be reconnecting with old friends! :) RT @wtongen: @eric_mobley thar would be @cbensen
Selfie from the #mnsummit. What a great looking crowd! :)
oh!!! So looking forward to reconnecting. RT @jlysne: Hey @cbensen just noticed you are on the schedule at #MnSummit Hope to see you there!
Gorgeous day with @leeodden and Toprank team! #teambuilding at its best
RT @seobrien: Real time marketing: You have to know your tone, relevance, and timing. Not exactly real time. Via @seanwryan #socialatscale
Great real time! :) RT @Sprinklr: What does @cbensen of @Dell suggest for making your business #socialatscale?
Let's do it! #NoWarningsTho RT @EricTTung: @iSocialFanz @cbensen imagine the trouble the three of us could get into! #SMMW15!
RT @AaronStrout: Interesting... difference between "selling" and "helping" is only 2 letters -- @jaybaer via @EricTTung #socialatscale
come to reception 5:15 - 6? RT @KevinLCarrillo How long are you in town? Let's meet up for coffee if you're available
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