Seeing with New Lenses, Doing Small Experiments, and Inspiring Talks -
Define Your Personal Brand or the Market Will -
Tencent Focuses On Free Calling With New Standalone WeChat VoIP Apps #messaging
Modernizing Medicine is raising a $20M round for cloud health records
Chobani Launches Food Incubator to Disrupt Industry c: @skinnyjeans
Every step you take: Who owns our mobile health data?
"Getting in Early, Inventing How it's Done"
"The Mirror and the Meme: A 600-Year History of the Selfie"
Quirky and @GE are powering forward in the smart home space, fleshing out an ecosystem of connected products
From the archives: The Pursuit of What's Next
"Want a More Effective Content Strategy? Listen Better"
Brian Eno: "Everything good proceeds from enthusiasm" "some people are more ready to make use of the opportunity"
Mozilla updates Firefox with Forget button and DuckDuckGo search, rolls out sponsored tiles to new tab page
"Cultural Adventures In Payment Systems – Part I"
"Concept of Identity is Shifting"
On LinkedIn, a Reference List You Didn’t Write
"Why we Lie, How to Tell, and More"
My pleasure @HilzFuld a solid program. Thank you for organizing. Only sorry I could not spend time with everyone.
"The new Office for iPhone is everything it should have been on day one"
"Long Term Implications of "the Audience is Always Right""
"LivingSocial Lays Off 400, Eyes Changes to Amazon Relationship | Re/code" #businessstrategy
"Measure What Matters Most: A Marketer’s Guide" via @adamsinger
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