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Get the Best Free Online Educational Games for Kids. Interactive Lesson Plan for school children. Learning and teaching games for kids
Learn about the four seasons of the year with this interactive learning game
Learn about Personal Hygiene in this interactive science game
Teach your child how to use a computer keyboard with this fun Learn Keyboarding Game for Preschool. Checkout more Educational Science Games for Kids.
Fun Animal Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids. Play this Jigsaw Puzzle and learn about animals. Check out our collection of Animal Games for Kids to teach more about animals.
Use this Human Body lesson plan to teach kids about body parts and their functions. To make learning easier, play more Learning and Teaching games for Primary Kids.
This is a lesson on plant growth followed by educational activities. Kids have fun as they learn, while parents get great help in teaching science.
Teach Frog Life Cycle to Grade 1. Learning and teaching games for Primary Kids
Teach kids all about Farm Animals, their babies and their homes, with this Interactive Farm Animals Game. Check out our collection of more Educational Games and Lessons for Kids
Learn about Food Chain, Food Web and Food Energy in this lesson plan. Kids Science Game for First Grade.
Test your child's knowledge about animals with this Animal Quiz Game. Your child can learn animal names and spellings while playing this learning game.
Learn about Animals' Homes and their babies with this Animal Maze Game. Check out our collection of Animal Games for Kids to teach more about animals.
Use this Educational science game to teach body parts and their functions. Children learn about different parts of the body through interactive animations, quizzes and puzzle games.
Indulge your kids in world of colors where they can paint many themes. For more educational coloring games visit
This game is inspired by classic minesweeper game. The objective of the game to clear a pumpkin field without detonating any of the rotten pumpkins.
It's a fun-filled online teaching aid for parents and teachers. Kids learn to observe, concentrate and think logically when taught the fun way.
It's an attractive multiplayer game for kids ! They not only learn the numbers while moving up the board, but also have fun competing with the computer as a play pal.
It's a game of logic, speed and skill. All the children can enjoy this fun-filled game, while parents are happy to observe the improvement in logical reasoning of their kids.
Kids learn their colors with this Fun Learning Game. Check our collection of Math Games, Language Games, Science Games, Puzzle Games, and Fun Games for more Kids Games.
Fun Games for kids featuring free online arcade games. For more kids games visit
This is a fun game for kids.Children enjoy collecting fruits and develop their eye-hand coordination while having fun.
Play this addictive fun game to improve your child motor skill. To play more skill games visit
Play Fun Fishing Game. Catch as many fishes as you can before time runs out. For more Fun Games
Play Free Online Fun Games for kids. Kids indulge them selves in cookie baking competition.
It's a fun-filled educational game, ideal for home-schooling as well as preschool and kindergarten kinds-working on shapes and alphabets.
This is an interesting game of colors and color-combinations. It makes the kids not only more imaginative but also adventurous with colors online as well as offline
It's a preschool memory and fun game for young kids. They have an adventurous time while hunting and memorizing objects.
Play Free Brain Teaser Number Puzzles Games. Online Interactive Brain Teasers, Math Puzzles & Logical Games for Kids.
It's a fabulous multiplayer game for children. Suitable for preschool, kindergarten, homeschool, first grade and second grade children.
This is game to teach US Map.
It's an interesting game of concentration and memory for young learners. The shuffler is not only a lot of fun, but also a great concentration booster.
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