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Louis Gray
Eiffel 65 – Europop -
Wow, been a while since I've heard that one. - Jandy
Bought the mp3 on Amazon on 28 October 2011, along with a Helen Sventitsky song ("Ringed by Lovers") and a White Town song. - John E. Bredehoft
::bounce:: I'm now a "Senior Researcher" at MSR. I can't tell you how giddy this promotion makes me. Feeling very loved & supported at MSR.
Andrew Hyde
Jason Calacanis
A Tesla Model S Update Just arrived! can’t wait, i have serial #00000001!! -
Amazed, shocked and deeply concerned that a "democracy" chooses to "legislate" what should be "certain inalienable rights". -
Tobias Peggs
@arrington Conceptually, using the social web to get a "people version of page rank" is Then there's execution
Nova Spivack
@communicating The concept of streaming is old, but the notion that "The Web" is being replaced by "The Stream" is possibly new.
Nova Spivack
Cool: Silicon Angle published my "Welcome to the Stream" article, with illustrations (Stream = Next Phase of Web)
Nova Spivack
Larry Page on Real Time Google: We Have To Do It - ReadWriteWeb -
David Henderson
A. Prem Kumar
Here I attempt to map a customer's buying decision process to social apps. -
Great work again! - TrafficBug
Thank you TrafficBug! :) - A. Prem Kumar
A. Prem Kumar
My attempt at mapping the Social CRM solution architecture. Your inputs & feedback are welcome!
Would like your ideas on how to differentiate b/w integration types in the diagram. Structured vs Unstructured. Semantic, DB, XML, flat files, APIs, WebServices, etc. vs Text Analytics, NLP, Sentiment Analysis, etc.? Should I just mention these in the diagram? - A. Prem Kumar
Louis Gray
How fast would it take you to crank open your wallet for an Apple Tablet -
If it has both capacitive touch and wacom pen input, and priced at around $600, probably very fast. - Rodfather
don't need it. MacBook Pro and iPhone are good for now. - Thomas Hawk
Ditto, @Rodfather. But even if it were a device that was basically a 10"-screened iPhone, I would be highly interested. Sometimes I just want a little bit more screen real estate. I wouldn't always necessarily need full-blown OS X, but a full-blown OS X tablet would be cool as well. - Cheryl Jones
I won't wait at the store but I'll have one the first month. - Phil Boiarski
I would give them my wallet and firstborn immediately. Okay, maybe not quite, but I really want an Apple Tablet. - Alessandra Colaci
I really don't see Apple making a 10" slate though.. Who would they market to? It'd be a bit huge for a GPS/media player. 5-7" sounds more practical. Maybe 10" convertible tablet at around $800? - Rodfather
My wallet sits open, ready... the thought of doing photo touch-ups live on the image makes me go all funny in the pant area... - Johnny
No thanks. - Mona Nomura
$600 - yes. $800 - probably. $1000+ - screw it, I'll just get a netbook and hackintosh it if I really want OSX. - Andrew C (✔)
The only big thing about the iPhone is it has no external full size keyboard. If it had one I would ditch my travel laptop so fast. If I could get a larger portable device with the iPhone interface and an external keyboard, pants-a-dancin'. I too have though 'don't need one' but then again, I never thought having the whole computer in one funky coloured box, a stripped down mac mini... more... - Johnny
For $600 probably quickly. I'd like to see a tethering option to the iPhone so you don't get hit with two service plans. - Ernie Oporto from Nambu
Obviously faster than they can make one. I've been ready for a LOOOOONG time. ;) - Kevin C. Tofel
I still think you could get away with iTab software for note-taking, book-reading, classroom and schedule and payment sorts of things and still have a download to a full featured desktop or notebook for heavy lifting. It is part of the Apple lifestyle to sync all your media and this fits in the niche twixt phone and pc. - Phil Boiarski
Would I actually have a choice, if it had an affordable price tag? Probably the day I knew it was available for order. - MiniMage
Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds -
Jeremiah Owyang
Just finished interviewing folks at Facebook for my upcoming report on the future of the social web
future of social web report, I am interested - will this be a public report or for forrester clients? - Rajiv Doshi
Would love a copy! - Susan Beebe
Dr. Bott LLC | Zeiss Cinemizer, Video Glasses w/ iPod Dock connector, Black -
Gerd Leonhard
Reading: "Social Media Today"... talking about FREE ( )
Jeremiah Owyang
I know that many social media measurement and brand monitoring companies are aggregating twitter into their dashboards, and a few CRMs
Louis Gray
@michaelreuter I don't use Ping. I like Posty because it hits Twitter and Identica. I just never got into (so far)
Ping hits Twitter and Identica too, however, it doesn't matter which you use in the end. They both do the same thing (so far). - Justin Korn
I disagree. Posty, besides posting, allows favoring, tracking, replying, visualization of pictures/videos. Plus recently added notification of new updates received from your friends. - funkyboy from Posty
Posty does tracking? How? - Bwana ☠
David Henderson
Social Ad Summit 2008: Full Event in Video -
Eric Rice
Multi-touch smart desks in the classroom -
Louis Gray
Is Your Business Using Social Media? -
Wouldn't you say that it is the dialogue which sits central and that any side can take the initiative to start with the flow? - Zack Brandit
Jeff Jarvis
Louis Gray
Earth to @corvida. Come in @corvida. No auto-tweets since Oct. 2. No FriendFeeding since Sept. 28th. Wake up and tell us all is well.
I mean non "non auto-tweets". D'oh. Where is that Corvida? - Louis Gray
That's sweet of you to think of her, Louis - Sally Church
I e-mailed her and didn't get a response. I'm taking this ladyhunt public. - Louis Gray
"Corvidaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" - Sally Church
Good catch, I'm digging through her online-ness and can't see any recent updates--- brightkite, google shared items, nothin. - Eric Rice
Update, shows her computer listening to music 8 hours ago... before that, it was dark since September 28 - Eric Rice
Wow. I didn't notice the absence. - James Rishabh Mishra
Same here Louis, emailed her but got no response. - Rob Diana
Did you 'nudge' her on Twitter, in case it's a different email address/ access point? - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
I noticed she's been silent lately too. I was just looking on my twitter for her. But she had posted on her blog last month that she was going to kick back a bit. - Anika
Louis, why don't you know her mobile? : / (=Blame Louis!) But it's a great case for social media! : ) - Erhan Erdoğan
Last time I talked to her, she was in LURVE... no time for social media when you are dating. It's only the old married folks now. LOL - Cyndy
Cyndy, that isn't right. I am not old and married...well, maybe I am but that has nothing to do with it :P - Rob Diana
Yay! I have her on IM! Of course Louis already talked to her. Shocking, Louis got the scoop. - Rob Diana
Corvida is in my "Favorites" on the iPhone. Of course I called her on the way home. Are you in my "Favorites"? Should you be? :-) - Louis Gray
Damn you Louis, another list I have to try and get on. - Rob Diana
Lists...schmlists. It is nice to see folks reacting as communities ideally do. Watching out for each other. Win for everyone. :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
Glad to hear Corvida is doing well :) - Phil Glockner
YAY corvida!!! Louis, put me in your favorites 678-294-0900 - i don't have an iphone - do i have to do something special like stand on my head to transport my # into your favorites? p.s. i will prolly think you're a creditor so leave a message if i don't pick up. that goes for all-a-ya'll. (that's southern for moose.) - jeneane sessum
This isn't community behavior, this is "family" behavior... Good looking out Louis =) - Anthony Farrior
Andrew Hyde
working on stuff... exciting to see how many people want to come out!
Louis Gray
Brad Feld
Eric Rice
TouchSmart: HP Touchsmart IQ816 Adds Bigger Screen, Blu-ray, VESA Wall Mount -
TouchSmart: HP Touchsmart IQ816 Adds Bigger Screen, Blu-ray, VESA Wall Mount
Gerd Leonhard
Gerd Leonhard
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