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CopyRights & Wrongs

CopyRights & Wrongs

For the discussion of Intellectual Propery, copyrights, trademarks, DMCA, etc
put it this way... the weather underground just betrayed Obama. Ayers wife runs the ACLU - NoahDavidSimon
ACLU: "Even the ACLU is blasting Obama for this. Imagine the insane over-the-top reaction if Bush decided to build a database of people's viewing habits?..... (Judicial Watch) - Days after directing Americans to report "fishy" speech opposing his controversial health care policies, President Obama plans to reverse a... more... - NoahDavidSimon
how is that for hope and change? our government is regressive. surveillance of US citizens and ethnic cleansing of Jews. lovely! @QueenOfSpain must be so proud. down with the twitter Alist for putting in this fascist. and they said the fact that he was in Reverend Wright's church for 20 years didn't matter? at least his Weather Underground friends are now stabbing this jerk in the back - NoahDavidSimon
Obama's Digital Tyranny #BigBrutha - NoahDavidSimon
Well, US government now knows all about me! I like to watch porn because I do not get enough Pussy! Maybe Obama Health care can help me get Laid more? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
you aren't a citizen... and if old people can be rejected as being too expensive... I sure as hell don't want your freaky troll problems spent on. then again I would like to see Obama help Bill Clinton. maybe you do have a point lol - NoahDavidSimon
What do you mean I am not a citizen of Obama's NWO? Are you preaching eugenics? is this Nuremberg? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
What is next? Are you going to recommend Castration for all the Horny Jews? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
This so called reversal is pointless since it was a lie any way from the fox network - RamirezG
ACLU works for FOX? ... lol! unlikely Obama's Digital Tyranny #BigBrutha - NoahDavidSimon
Obama, like my Cookies? LOL - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Igor you are the cookie monster. you destroy all totalitarian surveillance just by being you - NoahDavidSimon
I eat it up, Baby! LOL - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Pac Man the Troll! - NoahDavidSimon
American Civil Liberties Union: This group opposes virtually all post-9/11 national security measures enacted by U.S. government. It supports open borders, has rushed to the defense of suspected terrorists and their abettors, and appointed former New Left terrorist Bernardine Dohrn to its Advisory Board. this group is getting funding from George Soros... and even they are against this. what the hell is going on? who is running the show? at least Bush was upfront with what he was doing - NoahDavidSimon
Noah, do ACLU expose, so we can be educated. ACLU has the right concept, but if it is harming Liberty, something needs to be done to fix them! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
ACLU isn't what we thought it was when I was growing up. not interested in talking about them... just interesting that they are against Obama on this matter - NoahDavidSimon
GetSatisfaction is crashing. guess twitter is trying to censor there too! -
Any thoughts on the AP Fair Use debacle? -
There are lots of articles out there. this just seemed like a good starting point for discussion - exador23
“is it wrong to reshare in multiple rooms in ff? I do it a lot and I am wondering if I'm being bad. any social etiquette people want to give me any advice? I'm serious” -
I think the answer to that is now clear. People go to rooms to be ON TOPIC - exador23
doubtful. this room would be boring if we were so strict. I guess that is why no one ever posts here. ho hum.... is there a CopyRight on being boring... because I think you broke it. - NoahDavidSimon
you know how to unsubscribe - exador23
The latest attempt to limit home video recording -
The fantastic Prince, Radiohead, YouTube story -
Who has the rights to phone camera recordings of Prince doing a Radiohead song? - exador23
Border Control checking your iPod? -
"The deal would create a international regulator that could turn border guards and other public security personnel into copyright police. The security officials would be charged with checking laptops, iPods and even cellular phones for content that "infringes" on copyright laws, such as ripped CDs and movies." So much for warrants. - exador23
not going to happen. too many slippery slopes. it isn't practical for border security to be policing mp3s that could of been burned off a CD. I'm sure this is a bogus story. Sorry... if it is true I am very against it and if I'm wrong about this then those airport lines are going to be very long and that will kill business. With all the bomb scares... how would this help fight terrorism? It would hurt security. no this can't happen & if it does it will be a laughing stock law that will not be enforced. - NoahDavidSimon
tech industry lobby is bigger then hollywood and record industry influence. this would kill sales. I don't see this law happening. it would basically make travel impossible for tech loving people. your talking cream of the crop market. the guy with the laptop on the airplane has $$$$... he's not going to like this - NoahDavidSimon
I'm not so sure they won't pass a law just because it's difficult to enforce in full. And there's a history of people not knowing how evil legislation is until it's already passed - Patriot Act anyone? - exador23
MediaDefender to be investigated by FBI? -
There is a very bright beacon on the horizon. Direct Note Access will smear any old definition of what a copyright violation is. When you can move every single note of a Jimi Hendrix guitar solo in time and pitch, then copyrighting a song becomes like copyrighting a blank sheet of paper. -
There is a very bright beacon on the horizon.  Direct Note Access will smear any old definition of what a copyright violation is.  When you can move every single note of a Jimi Hendrix guitar solo in time and pitch, then copyrighting a song becomes like copyrighting a blank sheet of paper.
oops. still figuring out this friend feed thing. In a nutshell, I'll be able to take a Jimi Hendrix song - say Purple Haze, change every note so the melody is of say Green Acres. So who do I owe money to for my creative Green Haze song: Jimi's heirs? the songwriter for Green Acres? It's almost like copyrighting a blank page at that point, or copyrighting an individual note. Enter CONTEXT into the intellectual property rights debate. - exador23
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