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Debian & BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone -
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Living with sid and GNOME - Part 2 -
@windigo thank you for your nice /. comments, much appreciated! :)
@windigo @nybill, one word, laggy! :D
CrunchBang 11 "Waldorf" Released -
Caravan Palace – Star Scat -
Updated Waldorf "Testing" images: 20130119 -
@sandersch, indeed I was, lots of monkeys!
@nybill it was good to talk with you too, we had a blast :)
@nybill we did say good night to everybody, but there was a lot of chatter going on, so possibly missed it. Happy New Year! :)
@jezra, in this land, the bagpipes are classified as a deadly weapon :P
New blog post: Not fit to serve -
Updated Waldorf testing images: 20121015 -
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