Went to the Rockies game tonight!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
@gtandy3 no comment to the Indy rumor.
@gtandy3 nice! How are you liking it?
@gtandy3 what did you get?
Cutler makes Grossman look like Joe Montana!
Watching the bears & packers. Whatch u doin?
@gtandy3 thanks. I'll check it out.
Just loaded tweetdeck on my iPhone. Any other twitter apps I should get?
@gtandy3 Thanks Gavin. That's exactly what i did. It works great. Are you getting it?
@kevinthai Sweet...that's what I'll do
should i install snow leopard over leopard or should i wipe everything out first and then install snow leopard? Anyone??
My kid is fighting her nap time...sigh.
Anyone here on Foursquare?
Anyone else get awaken this morning from the noise of 12 helicopters hovering over the cemetery in Burbank? Geeezzz
@sugigrl I saw you running down the street the other night! Good for you! Let's get together soon!
Was that an earthquake? Or a big truck passing?
This quake was a 5.0 ...
Earthquake! ...again...
Google Calendar integrates tasks...FINALLY! https://login.yahoo.com/config...
@mariashriver Playground is nice but how about us being the 1st state to balance the budget?
My 3 month year old daughter can't find her finger to suck on so she sticks the whole fist in her mouth...good girl!
Should I follow Barbara Walters? Hmmm....NAH!
Pandora on my Blackerry Storm is being piped through my car stereo...bye bye radio.
Anyone got any good mothers day gift ideas? The flowers thing is tired out...
@Bonovan Your bed's on rollers? I've never heard of that before...How does that work? :)
@Bonovan it was only a 4.4
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