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.@fakerapper @FastCoExist There's nothing lazy about tweeting about what's happening in Ferguson.
RT @KirstyNOTKristy: But Darren W-nvm RT @IsisPaperzZ: This is happening. A 16 y/o blk male going to jail 23 yrs for killing a police dog.
😐😶 RT @sayonical: That's the question Microsoft needs to answer: Why buy a windows phone today?
Free Ride sheds a light on the structural inequalities within the U.S. transportation system:
S/O to Rep. Charles Rangel for speaking truth in places that need to hear it most.
If that money isn't flowing to the creative community in a timely & transparent way, that’s a big problem. - @eldsjal
How to deregister your phone number from iMessage: #iOS
#truth 😂 RT @jdolcourt: And no, I don’t really enjoy Google’s Auto Awesome. I find the slapped-together GIF results creepy.
Interesting... RT @24k: Seattle will now celebrate "Indigenous People's Day" on Columbus Day
RT @lizasperling: Google Voice adds support for MMS messages — and it’s about time
RT @Slate: A federal judge has found that the policing of the Ferguson protests was unconstitutional:
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I hate Comcast & Netgear. Between the two I never have a consistent internet connection at home.
RT @ShaunKing: Again though, you CANNOT say Brown ran 35 feet away, charged full speed back at you, but was still found dead 35 feet away from the car.
RT @GodivaSlim: I'm not anti white, I'm anti wrong- Huey P. Newton
RT @DigUnDiv: Jack Dorsey @Twitter co-founder & St Louis native stands in solidarity with #Ferguson protestors
RT @samarthbhaskar: How many ice buckets do I have to pour over my head to raise awareness of racially charged police homicides in America?
Why I love Atlanta. They showed up and out today!
RT @thelibraicon: Atlanta showed up. I love y'all.
Moto 360 Shows Up at Best Buy for $249, Outs List of Features:
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