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Adam Helweh
All you iPhone users.... I was looking to see how much data I use each month and thought it might be cool to share it with you. How does your data usage compare each month? Mine is much lower than expected. BONUS: Minutes used included.
Screen shot 2010-06-04 at 4.43.46 PM.png
Screen shot 2010-06-04 at 4.43.03 PM.png
Mine was higher than expected. I'm doing about 2GB/month: - Cory OBrien
@Cory I really thought I was a heavy user. Maybe its because I am around wi-fi enough? Do you share a lot of video or something? This will all change when multi-tasking with iChat, Skype, & Pandora arrive. - Adam Helweh
Robert Scoble
I really, really, really love Bing. But I won't use it. Why do I love it? Competition for Google is a GOOD thing! Read why I won't use it:
I am using Google less and less and when I do it's from my iPhone's interface. - Robert Scoble
Or from a browser's interface. Google is "good enough" and it'll take more than "10% better" (which Bing is in places) to rewire my brain from Google to Bing. - Robert Scoble
There are some exceptions, though. Verticals. I could see using the video search. Or the travel features. They both are very nice. - Robert Scoble
And I will consider the "cash back" for shopping. But it's going to be tough to get me off of Google, how about you? - Robert Scoble
Agreed. Does not feel different enough. Google is safe for a few more years. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin: yeah, and I don't like the "look" of it. I think that's because Google is burned into my brain. It's going to be difficult to get that unburned. On the other hand, I can see the hundreds of millions of people on Hotmail trying it, if it's integrated well. - Robert Scoble
How much will the 'well, it's the search engine that came on my computer' play into it. My sister still uses MSN search - Johnny
And it is definitely a credible effort on all the searches I've tried so far. That's a HUGE difference from older search technologies Microsoft put together. - Robert Scoble
Vaibhav: I know that having a credible competitor will keep Google innovative for a lot longer than if there were never any competition from anyone else. Now Google has some fire underneath them. No longer can Google's executives ignore the main search experience, which hasn't seen much innovation for a while. - Robert Scoble
Bing has done a great job in its UI as well as for some other features (excerpt on results, image, map, videos, etc.). I'm still waiting for comments on how good their indexing/ranking is. I hope it'll be better than before. - Dave Fuentes
For that I love Bing, big time. - Robert Scoble
I'm just impressed the results are not the subpar crap from before. It's as good as Google down to even the minor computational stuff I've thrown at it. - Arawak
I have the same feeling as for the Google and competition. There is no silver bullet, and there shouldn't be one BIG and SMART and whatever else company. Wish there would be email solution better than Google Apps. Wanted to pay for Apple's MobileMe but I think almost nobody is using their Web mail. And they still do not do custom email domains. So, Google is a winner for now... though, I beg for competitors :-) - Olexiy Prokhorenko
You can't use things like "comfort" and "what you're used to" as reasons, kids that aren't used to anything, and are better at picking up new things will see Bing for what it really is. Now what that is, I still have no idea, we'll see how it performs the next time I need to find something I guess. - Colin
Does anyone know when Mahalo 2 will be released? - Edwin Khodabakchian
I think Bing's novelty as a fresh face will wear off soon, and there's really nothing earth shattering about it as a search engine. I definitely think competition with Google is a great thing, because it's competition between two entities like Microsoft and Google that could really drive innovation (hopefully in OS building someday?). But I guess framing "Bing" as a competitor is a... more... - Victor Barrera
From the little that I've tried it out, it seems to be work fine; not better than Google, but mostly on par. But, like you said, after years of using Google exclusively, I won't be switching search engines unless something that is clearly better comes out. - Antoniu
There was a time when AltaVista was the king and I couldn't have imagined to use something else... I don't see why I couldn't make a switch again. - Jemm
Found the T&C document for the cash-back: "You can participate in the Live Search cashback service if you are 18 years or older, reside in the United States..." and there I stopped reading. - Edward Coffey
Love the "I think that's because Google is burned into my brain" quote. This is [scary] true - Edwin Khodabakchian
Cashback service? What was that Edward? They payed people to use Live Search? - Colin
Also, the pr0n biz might feel the heat from the video search it's got. Just sayin'. ;) - Arawak
Did I just see Matt Cutts ( comparing results for Google with @bing? Hhhmmm that's interesting to follow. - Dave Fuentes
Google is more famous, and more common, so for now I will stick with google. Bing does have some interesting features though. They are worthy enough to look into, but google is still the one. At least for me it is. Bing will eventually evolve, and who knows, it could become the next big thing. - TheHenry
I think it is going to be baby steps. If MS get 2 to 3 % increase in market share that will be good enough for now. They have to keep improving though and yes Google needs competition. - Rohit Harshvardhan
Thanks Edward - Colin
hahah. Agreed @Diego - TheHenry
Simple vanity-searches on Bing for some of my friends and family who aren't famous but have active online presences actually put links to those presences in the first few results. Google prefers genealogy data of long-dead relatives, or the inactive, boiler-plate staff profile pages of university professors. - Edward Coffey
Its frustrating that because I'm in the UK, I can't test the service. Would like to put it through its paces. - Jim Connolly
That is pretty weak Tech News Blog, the whole point of the internet is that it doesn't have those boundaries. - Colin
Christopher and Edward: both search engines put my old blog up top. Really pisses me off, I wish they'd move it down. Google puts friendfeed up where it belongs, though, while Bing has my wife's friendfeed above mine. That's VERY weird. - Robert Scoble
Nice change of direction, i have tried it and the results have been good - Deepa
Andy: I can see it now - Thanks! On Friday, I just got a redirect page. - Jim Connolly
Over here, the domain is active, snow leopard and all, but the search results are just identical to Live Search (see query "hotel brussels" - ). None of the fancy stuff from the announcement video's is there. - Dirk Houbrechts
For me, the biggest issue is that '10% better' learning curve. Until a search engine is SIGNIFICANTLY better/different than Google, it's going to be hard to convince me to chance. - Cory OBrien
@stuart: I think it changes everyday. Soon snow leopard will be the thing of past (in more than one sense) ;) - Jemm
I see the same results that Live search gave( when I tried a week back) . I don't find the site "snippet" to be useful as well. - Krishnamoorthy
@Robert - what do you like bing to do that would make you swtich to it ? I understand core relevance improvements. but what else ? are there any potential directions that you think would make the user do a swtich... - Krishna Gade
@jemm It might be geographical as well. I don't see the Leopard, I was getting a Nebula and now a bunch of hot air baloons over Turkey. I'm located in The Bahamas. - Arawak
Krishna: real time search that's better than friendfeed would get me interested very quickly. Integrating real time feedback underneath business listings would be even better. Do those two and then you change the game. - Robert Scoble
Why would you need to rewire your brain? If I like a particular search engine's results, I'll just set my browser to use it as a default search. Do you actually go to the search engine's website and type your query into their search box? Gah. - Stuart Schram
Robert: Real time search for any search engine is at best difficult. Google as an example has server farms located all over the planet and the databases are not all updated simultaneously. Not all that long ago Google only updated once a month and it took a week. They do it a lot quicker and more frequently now but you can see the implications there for real time search. Plus the... more... - Gilbert Harding
Oh, and FWIW, if I have to choose between the two, I'd much rather a mapping website simply fail to work than get effed-up results from Google Maps that send us more than 3 miles deep into Deliverance country so that I get griefed for the next 15 minutes while everybody in the car wonders if we're going to be made to squeal like piggies. - Stuart Schram
I will hate the name until Armageddon - Bwana ☠
lmao @ Bwana :D - vijay
I liked quite a few features, but it just didn't feel quite as clean as Google, and it didn't produce results quite as good (for my handful of sample searches). The best thing to come out of this will probably that Google learns a few new tricks from Bing & does them better. - Gurpreet
Here's a question Robert, what makes this better than Yahoo search? - Bwana ☠
Completely agree. I see no reason to switch from Google but it's nice for Google to have someone to compete with. - John Munro
An incremental evolution of search isn't going to unseat Google. Google is more than "good enough", and even if Bing does turn out to be marginally better that's not enough to get a lot of switchers (and Google can easily clone Bing's features). MS needs a game changer and Bing doesn't seem to be it. And while I don't agree with Robert's enthusiasm for "real time" search, I do feel that... more... - Eric P
I like Bing pretty much but hey lets be honest its still half baked as with so many other MS products (unlike Windows Seven) - Abhishek Sharma
It's not a competitor for real if people don't use it, Robert... Be part of the solution, not part of the problem! =) - Andrew C (✔)
Scoble: I am really loving Bing as well. It with this Greasemonkey script ( that allows you to add Twitter to the side panel (I really hated Twitter at the very top of the search) is very usable. The problem is that I go to Google for Gmail, Reader, and Calendar among other things. But I might try changing the base search engine of my Firefox awesome bar to Bing and see how it works ( - Sweyn Venderbush
I don't think I'll be using 'Bing' as a verb any time soon. Google IS search. - Vince DeGeorge
I'm am finding it works as well as Google as a default provider in Chrome but I agree it will have to be a lot better than Google or have some unique extremely useful features before it will make any serious inroads. But it could creep up on Google search if Microsoft continues to press on all fronts (features, marketing, real time/speed of indexing) and if Google strays doing other stuff like Wave and neglects new search functionality. - Brian Sullivan
I switched to Bing about a week after it came out; I wanted to take it for a trial run to see if I could leave Google and Yahoo (I was using both of them.) Needless to say, I've stuck with Bing. I really like the picture homepage; I look forward to learning something new every day about some unique place or thing in the world. I also find its interface less straining on my eyes: it's a... more... - Wonkette
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I just used bing for the first time and I liked it fine enough. I just cant help typing in google. I don't even think about doing it. - Kelsey Groff
In my profession, Bing is just not a viable research tool. - Ralph Slatton
Simply wanted to say good weblog, that I learn it every now and then. - Yogi
Robert Scoble
New Twitter movement: unfollow everyone. Discuss why or why not this is a good thing:
@loic started this with a script he had built. He unfollowed everyone yesterday and now only is following 22 people. - Robert Scoble
@loic told me it feels like he took a bath. - Robert Scoble
@loic says that having a small number of people he intimately follows lets him build real relationships online again. - Robert Scoble
i just think people shouldnt take all of this so seriously. - Terry O'Fee
@loic says that if you try to follow thousands of people there's no way to see all the tweets. That is true. If I refresh as fast as I can I can't see all the Tweets coming into my account. - Robert Scoble
I have been actively unfollowing--not everyone--but anyone that seems not directly relevant or familiar to me on some level. Twitter has become a far richer experience since employing this technique - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Well how will you will you filter than or get to the things you like? A group of people you follow is in my experience one of the best information filters you can have. - rick
I'm now following just over 100 people anyway - VIVANO
there is more than one way to do twitter. both the @loic and @scobleizer way are right. - Peggy Dolane
Oh, I'm sure it's an annoying mess with about 400 items per minute that mean absolutely nothing to you - Dorian Muthig
i have some really good friends i talk to on a regular basis. some i have conversations with. some proper celebrities because i cant help myself. the rest i suss out. if all they can talk about is ff and twitter, i may unfollow myself. - Terry O'Fee
@loic and I see that there's something new happening. First, search like is totally changing our inbound. Second, using services like friendfeed lets you group and manage large numbers of followers, so you'll still have the inbound, especially as more and more people join both friendfeed and Twitter. - Robert Scoble
instead of unfollowing, I use FriendFeed to filter/group the tweeters according to their priority for me - Alexander Benker
I agree Robert- following folks sometimes can be a total waste of time and waste of twitter. Quality over quantity seems to be the new movement of late and I have to agree fro the most part-I am tired of getting spammed and DMed by spam which we all have to delete. But I have always followed quality- and that is why I am responding to your tweet dude. - DougFirebaugh
Sure when you have the amount of followers that you do and they will just listen it makes sense. But not for the average user of twitter. It's not about just being followed. I think you may have lost touch with the whole thing. You two are in the top 2%. Twitter is a completely different user experience than the other 98%. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
So are we calling this Follower Bankruptcy? - Mike Doeff
This one of the reasons to have track, so you can follow your real friends and still discover new people - Christian Burns
Robert, Twitter is a river of 140 char messages. Dive in when you feel like taking a bath. Get out when you had enough. Loic and you should stop whining about the drawbacks after you start following thousands of people ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
let's see robert unfollow everyone in friendfeed too. hah, that'll be the day. - Terry O'Fee
Reuben: I haven't decided to yet, but @loic sure makes a good case for it. - Robert Scoble
IMO, it's not a great idea. People will see this as a negative action toward them and unfollow you. If everybody were to unfollow everybody they know, twitter would become a meaningless array of nothingness. "If it ain't broke, don't unfollow it." - Zerhynn
I have never bought into the mass followers approach and find that I have to find at least 2 or 3 tweets interesting within a page or two, in anybody I would choose to follow. I am interested in connection with people with similar interests and I don't think it makes sense to just build up volume. - Kirti Vashee
There's certainly a buzz around this, we just talked about it on our podcast tonight. What sucks about unfollowing is losing the news-stream of information you're trying to capture--stuff you may not have notice/found. Maybe Twitter should implement groups, a'la tweetdeck? - Paul Salzman
Although I do agree that you do not need to follow thousands of people. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
interesting concept - guess that is what I use tweetdeck, friendfeed and socialmedian for to allow me to focus on issues because I carefully selected the people I follow after reviewing their sites I see merit in unfollowing everyone just as I see in using third party apps - it depends on the individuals preferences - Lionel Spearman
It's both good and bad. For one if your reduce the number of people you follow to a minimalistic amount you can build richer and more vibrant relationships with the select few. The bad however is that your world view is now much smaller than what it would have been. I'm actually thinking about unfollowing a mass of people to get back into a manageable range where I can read all of there tweets and then search for anything else. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Why is it a new movement when SM gurus start doing it? I follow those that have similar interest or to learn different point of views. I have no goal to have the most followers or the best twitter grade. Twitter is about the relationships you build. Friends are relationships that I have built over years of trust and loyalty. - Kyle
I would consider it, but I would have trouble shutting out that many. I am following 1000 and being followed by 1500 - Christian Burns
Having just decided to join the follow you movement I think unfollowing everyone is an unfriendly move, why not make a group for the 22 friends you really want to follow:) - Suzie Cheel
Then there are some who follow then unfollow and follow again. lol. - Carolyn Chan
One problem with not following everyone: only people you are following can send you direct messages on Twitter. That's one thing that's keeping me from running @loic's script. @loic points out, though, that most of my DM's are now spam. He's right. - Robert Scoble
I've been speaking about that for a weeks, and applying it, glad it's finally trickling to the a-listers. - Richard A.
So the question is, when will FF get DMs? - Christian Burns
you still have email, robert :P - Terry O'Fee
Not sure I agree. Even with a small "following" I get real nuggets via DMs. Besides - it is rude to mass unfollow :) - Rob La Gesse
I kind of wish I could limit my follows to 150 - Christian Burns
I have been thinking about this a lot. Recently I blogged about how opening up my Facebook to everyone who wanted to connect was not really resulting in meaningful relationships. We don't have the time to be engaged with that many people. We can put content out and discuss when they respond, but to actually use the medium in the way I used to when I had just a couple friends on there is no longer possible with so many people. Likewise, with Twitter. - AV Flox
I won't be sad or hurt if @Scobleizer unfollows me. Frankly, not all my tweets are that relevant to the guy. Just so long as he checks his @replies and answers me every blue moon, that still falls in the category of a good relationship on Twitter. @shelisrael has an unfollow/follow as you go motto described on his blog, it makes sense to me. - Phillip
It was my script. I'm the new guy at seesmic. I wrote it for loic today. if anyone wants it, I've got it. kick this movement into high stream. If you look at the first person in loic's follow list, its me now :-) - Zac Bowling
But Robert, I thought you couldn't check your DM's? I remember seeing quite a few tweets from you saying "DON'T DM ME - EMAIL ME INSTEAD" etc. - Brandon LeBlanc from twhirl
What a load of BS. Do the math. - Stephen Grant-Jones
Since I run much smaller number that Loic & Robert, my systematic subtractive technique works--if I had thousands of spamming DM--I would run Loic's script. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Brandon: I tried getting people to not send me DMs. Doesn't work. People were trying to do business with them (and still are). It's probably the single reason why I won't run the script. - Robert Scoble
I love the spontaneity and surprise of many friends. I would never give it up. I discover things every day that delight me. - John Kremer
Besides, if I really need to send Scoble a DM I can just call his Cell phone - Christian Burns
A lot of the conversations that are still happening are interesting but the relationships built are no longer as close as they were when I had only a couple of followers. It's funny that you tweeted about only having 150 followers on Friendfeed and that's more conducive to quality relationships. Isn't 150 the Dunbar number? Loic's movement is worth reflecting on. I've been making use of Tweetdeck again to scale down the groups. It's helped but Loic's solution is seductive. - AV Flox
This can be very short sighted. A great way to send the message, I don't want your business or money. - Sylvia Webb
it would almost be a good idea except for one thing - @reply can only be seen by followers. It would be great if this were not the case, and I can see the spam potential if it were, but limiting @reply to followers, if you;re not following anyone, means everyone is in a big room shouting over each other instead of conversing. - Brian Benz
New craze for newbies to twitter, following a small number of people and filter the rest for useful conversations. Quantity is not quality! - Carl Plant
i'm far more suspicious of those following me than i'm concerned about who I follow. I'm always looking to prune my Twitter follows and -- what can I say -- it's hard... lots of people in my twitterfeed tend to add value more often than not! - Andy Sternberg
Also, does this approach not create a new A-list in a different place? - Brian Benz
Just goes to prove that Steve Gillmor is always right, eventually you will see it his way :) - Christian Burns
Do what works for you. If it stops working for you then make a change. I don't think there is any reason for debate here. To each his/her own. - Katherine Druckman
@Robert it isn't possbile to say to people not to use DM. And if you feel like you should build up such a large crowd you follow or that follow you then accept the consequences. You get value because it lets you be an information hub and provides you overall sex appeal in the tech community. In return you will have to accept that people try to get access to you to get back some of that value for themselves or their products. - Alexander van Elsas
if it ain't broke. don't fix it. i wouldn't unfollow everyone but i do find myself filtering more. being open and keeping channels 2 way has allowed me to meet some amazing contacts interested in doing business in China. to unfollow people would be to cut off these channels for me. a lot of these contacts are via DM. everyone's got a different way of using twitter. - Christine Lu
Brian: why? Not sure what you're getting at there. - Robert Scoble
It's not necessary to see all the tweets. You can use Tweetdeck and other services to make sure you don't miss your favorites. I still love the nuggets I discover -- like this post -- that I would not discover if I stopped following so many people. - John Kremer
I can make it easy for @loic. Nuke the account and start over following the 22 people. - Christian Anderson
Am I wrong to say that if you use Twitter search @yourusername you can't see @replies from people NOT following you? I tried it and it seems to work for me. - Phillip
Christine: it's all broken, it's just that I have gotten used to routing around the fail whales and the stream flowing through Tweetdeck. I "media snack" and just sample from the stream flowing by. It doesn't bother me too much either way. I do find that friendfeed is a far better place and it's great to see more and more people discovering that. - Robert Scoble
Phillip: bing! Oh, by the way, I'm following everyone on this thread. :-) - Robert Scoble
Geez, Loic is like the drama queen of the web. - Orli Yakuel
Christian: actually that's probably what I would do if I was tired of a high-flow account: just start a new account with only a few friends and lock down the followers. Maybe that's the solution for true addicts like me. :-) - Robert Scoble
I'm unfollowing everyone on twitter and friendfeed who I don't know personally or isn't local. Sorry peeps, Twitter and friendfeed works best like that. Once I get everything clean, feel free to let me know you're still following me and I'll follow back. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Orli: oh, if you can't have some drama what fun is social media? ;-) - Robert Scoble
I have a simple, less radical set of rules: 1) use groups, 2) un-follow anyone who spams you with direct messages and 3) move questions/conversations to friendfeed. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Robert, stay as you are, please. - Orli Yakuel
Orli: don't worry, I'll always follow you. :-) - Robert Scoble
I too use FriendFeed's and TweetDeck's group functions to prioritize the tweets that comes in from my followees. - Vinko
52 pages, 1025 people I follow on twitter. Each one was added by me for a reason. No auto-follow. First person ever followed was Jason Calacanis over two years agao. - Christian Burns
My twitter name is @infoliberation. I find that Twitter is short and sweet and Friendfeed is for a much more robust conversation. I love the marriage of the two. I think Friendfeed is helped greatly by Twitter's jumping off point. What else can you say to that? - Phillip
damn...right when my followership just started taking off. :-( - Jason Salas from IM
I agree with Katherine, to each his own. I've got just a wee 2000 followers, but enjoy popping in to respond to whatever random tweet catches my eye or relevant tweets I've found through saved topic searches. Hey, I even got a new client today - so I'm doing just fine with how things are now. - Cheryl Allin
please people, let's try for tomorrow for a day on this where we dont talk about twitter or friendfeed. there's other stuff to talk about... - Terry O'Fee
Robert, come on... this is not what I'm worried about. I think that you really know most of your friends, or for at least trying to communicate with people you don't know. With Twitter you get to know new friends & content based on the same taste/interests - to follow only people you know, is like taking two steps back. (and thanks for following me!) - Orli Yakuel
Not sure why you would need to unfollow everyone to keep track of what your important people tweet. Just form a group of high-profile folks in TweetDeck and it'll do the same thing, plus you can still follow everyone else for when you want to jump in the stream. - Cory OBrien
i just unfollowed a couple of folks, it's true, we can live without twitter,facebook and friendfeed. How about for lent we give up facebook, twitter and friendfeed? - Dh'ennis Dömingö
Robert - Limiting followers = limiting DMs and replies and tweets you can see from others - In Loic's example 22 invitees (followers) that get to have a seat at the table while the rest of us can watch the action passively. TO me this would be as exciting as C-Span. :) - Brian Benz
I think everyone will find their own Twitter preferences. I'm following 606 right now. In a week or two I may clean out some of the driftwood - people who've gone silent or have switched to topics that aren't interesting, but then I'll add some new folks to make up for it. I don't catch every Tweet, but the stream keeps running. So long as it's populated with interesting folk, the Tweets that I do catch are more likely to be interesting as well. - Heidi Cool
Orli: I've decided that @loic is wrong. But he's also right. Twitter, you see, is really broken for interacting with large numbers of people. Friendfeed is much better. - Robert Scoble
I think Loic let things get out of control. Robert, considering how many followers you have, you seem to be able to manage your account better than anybody. If your truly are looking for a quality experience, you have to decide what works for you. I always thought it was about quality not quantity:-) - Michael Fidler
@loic I think its cool that you rebooted who you follow - Christian Burns
On Pownce I used to try to keep track of all posts (and followed fewer people) but Pownce was more indepth. On Twitter one can glean a lot from just a small percentage of what's there. - Heidi Cool
Robert, with that I agree: FriendFeed is better for long and real conversations. - Orli Yakuel
I agree groups in tweetdeck help you filter very well without missing some occasional random tweets. keeping up with your @replies is more critical than every single tweet. - Alistair (alpinefolk)
Robert - you should unfollow everyone and see what happens. make sure that script stores everyone you are following in a db in case you want to re-follow after the test. - Gerard
While I didn't unfollow everyone, I cut out a lot of who I was following. Might be rude, but it's not meant to be that way. i no longer have the time to follow so many people. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Gerard: it would cause too many messages to fly around. People get their feelings hurt if someone unfollows them. - Robert Scoble
If I unfollow people, then I'd be digitally talking to myself. I can do that IRL - Outsanity
My feelings wouldn't be hurt - I'd doubt if I'd even realize it - that's not what I'm using Twitter for - just silly to me. - Cheryl Allin
Outsanity: that's not true. Who you are following is your inbound. You can get inbound other places, like or - Robert Scoble
Twitter is what you want it to be. That's one of the fascinating things. My own view of it has changed a dozen times since I started. Everyone has their own philosophy about how to use it, and they are all valid. As for me, I'm simply not going to follow anybody who doesn't follow me, and I will follow anybody (as long as they are real) I just unfollowed loic. The World is flat. Will I miss out? Perhaps, but if I want to know what the 'important' people are thinking I can just go to their sites. - Stephen Pickering
Robert: You're currently "following" 69,188 people on Twitter. If one of those people has their feelings hurt because you unfollow them and they no longer have 1/70,000th of your attention, they have a screw loose. - Ken Sheppardson
Twhirl gives you inbound with saved searches, each search a tab stream. I love it. Create a saved search for keyword 'RT' and see what's hot or a saved search like 'chrisbrogan' and follow him and all who @ him. - Cheryl Allin
I say bite the bullet, clear things out, add some searches in Tweetdeck or one of the "track" services, and follow people manually as your real relationships warrant. You can alway run a script to just follow everybody later if you miss the noise. - Ken Sheppardson
Robert: I unfollowed according to three criteria 1. Does the person follow more than a thousand 2. Does the person respond 3. does the person tweet links and RT rather than content, the fourth is whether you're unlucky enough to tweet when I'm in unfollow mode. Result: A more social timeline. - Richard A.
Sounds like Loic needs to fix Twhirl to manage his followers better. He doesn't have to pay attention to every single one, but he does need a way to build relationships with those he wants to. Twhirl is horrible at this. - Jesse Stay
@Jesse Stay, I use twhirl and it's fine for what I do, but that's because I culled my follow list removing all those that aren't active conversationalists. - Richard A.
Reuben, My timeline is far more fun now as a result :-). Took a few experiments to find the right method though. - Richard A.
At a certain point if you had autofollow on you have no choice but to start over because a) you can follow the number of tweets and b) you will stress the Twitter servers out. - Jason Calacanis
Reuben. I don't use auto follow, For me to follow someone new I want to see how converstional they are first. That's when I might consider them on twitter. - Richard A.
Robert: Is this the flip side of what Jason and Michael were taking you to task on a few weeks back on GG? Is it time to do more meaningful *listening*? - Ken Sheppardson
Robert: I 'think' I was the first person with over 20k followers to do this. Though in my case, I totally reset my account - zero following / zero followers. it has been a universally great experience to me and massively increased the value of Twitter to me. - Jim Connolly
Ken: yes, I think this has a big part to do with addiction too. You keep trying to follow more and more until you snap. - Robert Scoble
An interesting idea, as I have found I have followers but a very select few who actually respond regularly, I wonder if it is matter of depersonalization, losing what it once represented as a means to an end. Certainly it could be a good idea, but many of those who I have found were those who had spoke on something of interest in the wide swath of sea that is twitter. So I will consider it, but am not sure if there will be follow through anytime soon. Though I guess it would depend also on how effective. - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa
As someone has probably already pointed out in a more eloquent fashion, Loic's company makes a Twitter client. Surely he should build tools into that client to make the overload problem more manageable and certainly not try to set a trend of "hey it's cool to unfollow lots of people now". That sort of sends the wrong message to people about your company and it's thinking. - Pete Gilbert
I don’t see how this is even an idea to be considered. If we unfollow everybody and everybody else unfollows the rest, then Twitter will become a very lonely place. Boring place with no use what so ever… I strongly disagree with this. - Spyros Papaspyropoulos
This the Loic Le Meur trend he catch big head, because he is personnal friend of Sarkozy , the small napoleon - Yann from twhirl
agreed @peter, it's nonsense, companywise, to promote that kind of message when you try to spread your twitter tool.Anyway, I think it's more a trend problem, the 2009 fashion is to unfollow everyone and @loic cannot do unfashioned thing because this is how he builds his reputation and his company notoriety.Dommage... - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
There is no point being on twitter if your purpose is to broadcast. For broadcasting blogs and other platforms are more interesting. If you take dialogue away from twitter you undermine the most active members of the community because they will feel people are using the site too passively. Why do you think social networks fail, lack of involvment. At least by reducing the number of people you follow you increase engagement on a per person basis. It becomes personal once more. - Richard A.
@ J-C verde, as you said is dommage, Loic catch the big head , i guess when he will realize that will be too late - Yann from twhirl
It's beginning to feel like the @1938media technique--in reverse--sans personality shift. Loic will now certainly be the topic of many blog posts in the next day or two. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Spyros: totally wrong. We'd still be here at friendfeed and would still show us other people. - Robert Scoble
@Robert and what is the criteria to detect people in such a huge stream? Come on, this is a network thing: you follow someone because someone else you share interest with has followed him, much more than picking up in twitter "all" stream... - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
Jean: I am very adept at scrolling through a huge list of names and telling you something about most of them. Friendfeed is where I spend most of my time, though. - Robert Scoble
GREAT idea Loic, way to prove your software really can't handle the numbers. This is a weird move from a very smart man. - Jim Connolly
Understand, Robert, but I think that setting up filters (like you did) is a better way than unfollowing people, which seems to be a "2009 trend" with no real reason, even more when you promote a twitter tool.You barely say "my tool suck, so I can't do anything but unfollow you'.Bad move, IMO. - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
I think Loic displayed a certain degree of immaturity in handling twitter as a tool. It is as overdone to follow everyone as it is to unfollow radically. Inspired by the debate, I felt a bit like Moses today ( ;-) ), and subsequently assembled bloggi's Ten Commandments of Twitter: - Mark Jacobs
Jean: agreed. I like friendfeed as an answer a lot more. Just open up a list and put the people you want to really follow in there and keep everyone else out. - Robert Scoble
for the one devellop a twitter tool like Twhirl , i admit is a strange behavior, maybe is normal he is french - Yann from twhirl
@yann I'm also french and I don't understand too. - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
As Twitter's user numbers have INCREASED it's usability (to me) has DECREASED. Is it just me? - Jim Connolly
I can understand Loic's reasons, but I don't agree with it. I don't personally know 95% of the people I follow on twitter. It is however neither relevant nor important for that to be a pre-requisite to starting an interesting conversation. I don't auto follow people and i only pay attention to whoever I want to irrespective of the number of people i am subscribed to. Moreover, a large number of people have occasional sparks of interestingness. So if one can learn to ignore; the more the better. - Parth Awasthi
@Jim_Connolly It is the old law of decreasing returns when new media trivialize. But usually, I am pretty untouched by it since (having been around since February 2007 in twitter) I only follow some 350 people to this day. So I get a good result from my circle of followees. Also, I try to give by helping out new twitter users who have questions. - Mark Jacobs
@Parth_Awasthi I think, lioc created a big mess by first auto following, and now seeing no other way out than to unfollow. Somehow, it makes me giggle a bit :-) - Mark Jacobs
You guys have way too much free time on your hands with this nonsense. - Wayne Schulz
Too much drama. It's funny how many social networks bemoan lack of users and with Twitter, the opposite problem is the subject of complaints - "there's too many bots and DMs! oh my!" Bleh. - Eric Gonzalez
hey guy don't confuse is only one Guy got the big head this is not a trend - Yann from twhirl
I really don't share opinion about Loic putting this on a personal way. This is a strategy mistake (company-wise), a trend mistake (2009-ish fashion)...But not a big head problem. Loic had thousands reasons to have a huge head issue before and did not, so I don't see why it would be the case now - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
this become a hot topic, maybe to much for that - Yann from twhirl
at always promote himself as rock Star , finally he catch the big head - Yann from twhirl
Robert Scoble: What about the people that are using only Twitter? What about the ones that don't use FriendFeed? Ok, we might be crazy having many many accounts on most of all social platforms, but other only use one or two. By unfollowing everyone, there is no Twitter as Mark Fletcher said. - Spyros Papaspyropoulos
I'd agree with someone earlier Loic wants to keep his followers but follow less bet he wouldn't have started that policy at the beginning otherwise he would have a few k followers at most! If he had real balls then he would delete his account like @jimconnolly did and start fresh but he wont as he still wants to 'use' the big following he has, talk about one way! - roger byrne
don't have to start unfollowing anyone as i didn't start following everyone in the first place.. never really understood the auto-following of twitterers i started following.. you've got twittersearch to find people with common interests.. - Johannan Edelman
@scobleizer @loic So much as issues matter, people also matter. Unfollowing people because there is an alternative way to search for issues or interests is limiting the scope to generate them in the first place. Following more people signals belongingness and interests or issues heard. On the other hand, small followings signals selfishness and is the same as 'greed is good'. - Moses Kpetigo
Interesting: so would @loic also encourage all his followers to stop following him? so he could stick with his few twitter fellows? If I remember, he was the one all about numbers and authority. It seems like, once you've reached enough, you're safe ppl will follow you no matter what, you have good "authority" and then you can unfollow all the mass and become a Twitter snob? It sounds too much like a strategy to me. In which he succeed, no doubt. Will he lose credibility? I wonder. - May
I like Robert's snack analogy: I consider Twitter as a news source roughly tuned to my general interests via who I decided to follow. In this respect I could follow lots of people, since it makes sure that each time I go to Twitter, I will find something interesting to me. I know I won't be able to read everything, but I don't care, it's just like in a book store I know I can't read all the books, but I like to sample in the sci-fi shelves - Antoine Bertier
@loic is becoming way too elitist lately. i didn't hear him complaining when he was following thousands of people to promote seesmic! - Alensa
@antoine Exactly right imho most have never claimed and quite the opposite actually specified they don't/can't read every tweet but when they are on they are on and dip into the party! Loics party just got real small! ;) - roger byrne
while is useful, twitter puts you on the front of the wave not searching to catch up afterwards - Mark Parssey
i constantly wonder how you keep up with sooooo many followers. doesn't it drive you nuts???? - Francisco Kemeny
My twitterverse contains people I pay attention to, people that I have so I can search and some that I just follow for a moment and then remove. - Josef Finsel from twhirl
Human attention spans (and time) are limited. Twitter and IMing are a large 'experiment' , still a work in progress--the jury is out! - JimmyJet
If you have so many followers that you have to unfollow because you didn't follow based on what the people were saying, but instead followed to up your "network", then Twitter probably isn't the venue for you. Check out MySpace and do that... - Nicki Laycoax
*yawn* what's new here? nothing. @fidlr and others started the twexpire type experiments (look up the script if you care) long ago; not loic or scoble. i specified the #egosphere vs. #cognosphere usage scenarios long ago. @JimmyJet and @DidierLahely sum it up well. In another sense, all of this is IRC and Usenet for dummies. - michael silverton
it's a good exercise to see how much you really miss the tweets of those you unfollow. And also see how many of them will remain followers after you unfollow. - Mihai Secasiu
I'd argue that having 23k followers is 'doing it wrong' & you should unfollow and start over. I follow 329 right now and the signal-to-noise ratio is manageable. It's a mix of people I know intimately, casually and professionally, and that's where I have the conversations and relationship-building. Next is a handful of news and interesting/high # of followers people. Then, a few individuals with similar numbers as me I found interesting, which has allowed for Twitter-specific relationship-building. - Laura Hall
I agree with @Johannan Edelman I have never used the autofollow function and have felt those I do follow provide value to me. - Jill Howard Allen
As an additional note, if I were to increase my activity and wanted to manage those relationships, I'd start doing filtered lists. - Laura Hall
Groups/filteting seems to be a more sensible and positive sltuion to the "too many followers" problem. eh. - Doug Haslam from twhirl
It's nice that people find what works for them, but there is no "doin' it wrong" There is only "doin it with clue" or "doin it clueless" ... if one doesn't know WHY one is doin' it, no life coach, guru, or A-lister can help. Form your own experiments and execute them. You need no approval or permission from any seeming authority figure. Look up #cognosophere and #egosophere if you care. P.S. PeopleBrowsr breaks ALL these assumptions; it's a completely new kind of literacy beyond Twitter and Friendfeed. - michael silverton
Loic forgot how he use Twitter for promte seesmic ...... why not unfollow him too ?? - Yann from twhirl
I guess I just like to see what people are up to. Isn't that what it was all about before the marketing types took over? Now it's about "getting value" and "managing relationships". I joined so I could tell people what I was having for lunch. - Shawn Farner
I like being in your Twitter stream, I like the idea that thought leaders and influential people like yourself occasionally get to read my updates. You know, once in a blue moon I come up with a great idea, and it's cool to know that in turn this might just inspire Scoble, or Fry for that matter, too. - Terje Fjelde
On the other hand I hate reading about strangers "spending the entire day in bed" or "being bored," so I only follow people who add quality updates on my own account - Terje Fjelde
the main issue comes from the fact Twitter does not help users follow and decide efficiently on new followers. Robert if you are interested we have created a new service called if you are interested i ll drop you an invite - Ouriel Ohayon
Twitter has provide me a way to build a network of people and experts very quickly in fields where I previously did not have contacts or experience. To blanket unfollow would be like cutting my nose off in spite of my face. - Stephen Terlizzi
How will this help...what will it do? - John Flynn
ouriel: sure, send it to - Robert Scoble
robert: you ll get it in a few days, just after we migrated servers. i am sure you ll love it :) - Ouriel Ohayon
That's not new. Loic didn't start a trend. I've only bee using these services since May and I've done it on several occasions and not just on Twitter. Several people have. - Anika
I did that for a while on my first (now private/personal) account, and found myself going to 5-6 follower's Twitter pages to read the news (ala RSS reader days) a couple of times a day. Now that I have a public account, I creeped up to 75-100 again but am consciously rotating folks in and out of my "Top 50." My Twitterstream is like a living, breathing being, I guess! But by intensely following different people at different times, I learn something new and can move on. It's quality, not quantity. - travelninja
Robert - the idea of reducing who you actively follow and relying more on search notifications is the premise of this post: "2009 Prediction: As Social Connections Reduce, Keyword Tracking Increases" - Hutch Carpenter
Chris: on friendfeed just stick the people you want to rarely follow into a list, or do what I did: put the people you REALLY want to follow into a list and read that everyday. That way you'll still have the massive inflows somewhere else when you want those too. - Robert Scoble
Chris: there is something to that, by the way. But you've only touched the surface of the breakage that happened the past month. Go deeper there and you will find the truth. - Robert Scoble
Chris - Lists have answered this quandary for me. The bacon memes are fun, but I didn't want them filling up my main feed. And during the day, I have a professional need to focus on the world of e2.0. Lists really do serve the purpose Loic set out to accomplish. - Hutch Carpenter
unfollow everyone on twitter, FB and every other social network. UK scientists sez that these SN sites actually rewires the nueural network within the brain and thereby making an individual more selfish and self centered. Thus cause pyschological damage to themselves.. :(- (p.s Link will follow- I just heard it this AM on FM while communting to work !!) - Peter Dawson
Chris: even the petty ones are deeper if you dig beyond the ego damage. - Robert Scoble
Bad thing, and if you do it, you will confirm that you A-listers only exploited social media as your broadcasting tool for your own political agenda and not as a true conversation. - Prokofy Neva
I got over the ego damage quickly cause # of followers never did matter. But what remains? Twitter has harmed its community. This is an easy mistake to make and it's one that comes out of @ev and @biz's arrogance. They rarely use their own tools, by the way. Look at @ev's account and tell me he's really a great Twitterer that talks with tons of people. He does not. - Robert Scoble
What's even funnier is that the guy who actually came up with the idea for Twitter, @noah, is not one of the suggested followers while other people on the team are. I should write a book about how funny this all is. - Robert Scoble
@loic seems to have quit over inane DM spam thanking for following, etc. Is there no way to stop automated use of the tools? - Prokofy Neva
Prokofy: that's not really a good reason to follow everyone. But there are plenty of other good reasons, so I keep doing it. @Ryo you're off the rails. Get back on track. You're close to the track, but not on it. - Robert Scoble
BS meme! the unfollowers just want to blast their mouths off and not listen to what others have to say - DC Crowley
Prokofy: no. Twitter's DM feature really sucks. It always has. I just use it because everyone else wants to. - Robert Scoble
Twitter's DM is a reinvention of a wheel named EMAILS. - directeur
directeur: only done in the most lame way possible. - Robert Scoble
Much like the FF comment system is a reinvention of vBulletin/phpBB, done in the most lame way possible. - Ken Sheppardson
Lame? I like it. - coldbrew
Everything is a reinvention of Usenet or E-mail, or N. Just like everything on the Internet is a repost of a repost. - Sam Levine
Let's play this out...if everyone unfollowed a significant % of those whom they don't care about...then it would INCREASE the ability to communicate with those they do care about without all the noise. I'm sure we would all agree this is a good thing. However, if we were to unfollow EVERYONE...are we little more than individual broadcasters that never allow for a two way dialogue? This would dramatically change the landscape of Twitter because a profound hierarchy would emerge: "follows" and "follow-nots" - Drew Sams
Drew, I've been writing about that topic for a while now, but especially in recent weeks with the influx of new twitter users who don't attempt to converse yet. - Richard A.
Don't you think it has incremental feature improvements each time though, Levine? - coldbrew
Depending on how you use FF, it is much like IRC combined w/ Usenet - coldbrew
Richard: most new twitter accounts I'm seeing lately are bots. Not real users and provably so. Real users display random behavior. The new accounts do not. Humans are never consistent. - Robert Scoble
Maybe they had a falling out and Noah is no longer welcome? - Tony C
Richard, thanks for sharing...this has been a topic I'm really interested in. I'll head over to your blog and check out what you've written. Cheers! - Drew Sams
One way in which the FF comment system is lame: comments on Scoble threads move so fast that in the time I've typed this, there will probably be five other new comments. Yet FF will chose to hide some of them and instead say "20x more comments". When I click on that, the thread expands into 5+ pages of comments, and I have to scroll down and try to remember what I saw last. Lack of read/unread status and/or visible (non-mouseover) timestamps are pretty significant time sinks/inefficiencies. - Ken Sheppardson
Enough off-topic. I think this is ironic on a number of levels: - coldbrew
A way to think about Loic. There are a lot of gamers who follow huge numbers, then unfollow massively to look A-List. Loic is A-List. But even so, ask yourself what *you've* gotten from Loic. If you can't answer that question, your unfollow decision should be clear. - Hutch Carpenter
Matthew: Workin' on it :-) Coldbrew: Who appointed you guy who gets to decide what's off-/on-topic? ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Sheppardson, not sure. Just using the convention of looking at the post title. Do you have another metric by which to judge objectively?\ - coldbrew
There's the 1st piece of irony, DeVries, " There are tools to filter and refine your communication with Twitter and Friendfeed." Le Meur's company, Seesmic, makes one of them, but it can't do its job ;-) - coldbrew
coldbrew: I'd explain, but that'd be off topic :-P - Ken Sheppardson
2nd piece of irony comes from the fact that Scoble is disseminating it, but he seems to be keeping a very objective stance, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with Le Meur's justifications for his actions. - coldbrew
Scoble, of course, is "well known" for following so many people all over the ecoshpere [edit: and that is ironic to me] - coldbrew
I find the trend puzzling especially (as @Jim Connolly pointed out) when it's someone like Loic who actually built a tool to help bring method to this madness. Robert, you make it seem so easy and I am in awe as to how you manage to respond to thousands of your followers, both here and on Twitter. It's obvious that not everyone can do it, it's probably getting overwhelming for some. - MiaD
Matthew: TOTALLY agree with you. I probably wasn't the clearest in my comment above. While I choose to unfollow bots and spammers, I prefer to use tools like Tweetdeck and others to filter conversations. The second half of my comment is what I think will happen if we go the nuclear route: Social media will just become a marketplace where ideas are broadcasted but never sharpened through the dialogue process...I don't want another place where ideas and products are hawked at me without my ability to dialogue - Drew Sams
Well played, Sheppardson. - coldbrew
Anyway, promiscuity in public isn't good? - coldbrew
Unfollowing enmasse isn't good business. GKawasaki "gets" Twitter. @Loic either doesn't get it or doesn't know what 2 do with it. I unfollowed him back. - Now Voyager
first the morons were all bout braggin bout how many followers they had, now they realize "oh shit, I can't figure out who said what and when" so now they get to un-follow & that is news. Give me a fucking break, follow or don't follow for the right reasons.In reality at the most people can have 300 odd relationships with people and sustain it beyond that it is just Hello and good bye and that's about it. - Baba
"I unfollowed him back" Oh did ya' now? - coldbrew
This is like watching a movie about a young passionate teen as he slogs his way the the world, making mistakes, and learning right before your eyes. - coldbrew
If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Unfollowing is always an option, but why do it without criteria??? - Jorge Martins Rosa
I could clean up a little, but I like following several hundred. I started in 2006 by following the broadcasters and some of the people that followed them and that they followed. I've slowly increased the number I follow since then. Some days I add about a dozen and unfollow about eight. I like to slowly see what people are saying, participate a little and really meet people. I can manage following hundreds. - Bill
this is you invite people in you're house and studently you kick everybody out without reasons, i remenber when L L M always ask to be followed on twitter . anyway i also kick out from every where and delete my seemsic account .................... some french people when they become famous they got big head - Yann from twhirl
Not sure I agree with @loic but have been thinking the same. The relity is you can only carry relevant conversations with a limited number of people. - RicardoSilva
I think you should do it. Just look at that number. 69,394. It does no good to follow that many people. Wipe the slate clean. - techky
I really think Twitter should have group and thread (at least one level) - Jeremy Chone
I found the original mail on the twitter-dev list:So I have kind of weird request. My boss, who is following 24,386 people (and has 22,752 followers) came to me and wanted me to hack something to wipe out all the people he follows so he can start clean again for various reasons. I'm curious if there is any tools internally at twitter that could help with this maybe because this seems to... more... - Daniel W. Crompton
It's insanely easy to "follow" lots of people. With groups and search in Tweetdeck (sorry @loic) and filters plus tag-focusing services like Twitterfall, I can now focus attention on a "slice" (i.e., a window pane or dialog box). It is very rare that I look at an unfiltered stream. I am almost always looking at a refined view of the entire stream. It kind of reminds me of the Matrix. The "operators" were able to see small nuances in the unadulterated feed. - Lorin Olsen
Nevertheless, I am intrigued by reducing the number of people I follow. I want to have "intimate" conversations and not just blast tones into an echo chamber. In fairness, that is one of the reasons I am doing more in Friendfeed. - Lorin Olsen
@Hutch is quite correct in saying "ask yourself what *you've* gotten from Loic. If you can't answer that question, your unfollow decision should be clear." Exactly!! that should be the criteria for everyone, A-list or not. I've unfollowed some "A-listers" who are focused on things which don't tickle my fancy. Nothing personal of course, the goal is to get focused. - Eric Gonzalez
By the way, I don't mind an unfollow, but what's up with the "tell me why I should follow you back?" business. Doesn't that seem odd? - Eric Gonzalez
what is this twitter of which you speak? - mike "glemak" dunn
Mike, I assume you are not following anybody so you don't need not to take any action. The proposed procedures only concern people who follow somebody else on this thing called Twitter. :-) - Tapio Kulmala
is there an auto unfollow ? - Antoine Bertier
Antoine, No. There was once a rumor that they have tested auto-unfollow in their lab. The performance testing results were alarming. They noticed that they should get rid of 90% of their servers in 2 weeks. The CFO decided that they could not afford that kind of capital losses. - Tapio Kulmala
I just went through my follows on Twitter and removed a bunch of people I'd never heard of before. I forgot I had signed up with when Scoble mentioned it and it's all turned off now anyway. We'll see later if my own followers suddenly will now go away cause they're using the same type of tools. - Paul Wade
People feel slighted when unfollowed - decidedly unsocial. And with tools like Tweetdeck and peoplebrowsr allowing you to create groups (i.e. 'core people', or 'people I know' etc), there's no reason why you can't continue to follow loads of people and focus in on the ones who matter to you. It's social to follow back, and helps build relationships, but that doesn't mean you can't focus on the people who matter to you - there are tools. - Tom Beardshaw
I even had someone I'd met (and we'd made friends on Facebook) unfollow me then add me to a "<name>monitor" twitter account, saying "this is the account I use to keep track of a wider network" - which pretty much tells you they're not paying any attention to you at all. I promptly unfollowed him. Social is multidirectional relationships - I don't like one way relationships - they're bad for your health! I follow everyone who follows me unless they're trying to sell me something - Tom Beardshaw
loic did a reverse feldman trick - henry michel from twhirl
So that's what happened--Loic unfollowed and then refollowed me.;-) Someone constantly keeps doing that on my FB acct., too. I must say, the more followers I get lately who are trying to tell me about how to use social media and internet marketing to get rich, the more this option sounds good. Way too many spammers lately, or just folks who aren't bothering to find out about who you really are and how to have a conversation. Ugh. - Cathryn Hrudicka
Loic method may have been extreme, but I understand where it is coming from, at a certain number, its hard to follow who you are interested in and maybe starting over again is the way to go.. I actually created a second twitter account just for companies and organizations, because I was noticing they were taking over my original account. - Kim Landwehr
Well - Loic simply has one big problem: He doesn´t use Tweetdeck and the Group feature! LOL - Dieter Schwarz
OMG huston we have a problum - Victor Lee Squire
I've already noticed a drop in my followers number. Doesn't matter to me though. - Paul Wade
Drop in follower, but any increase in participation. That's why I unfollowed so many. - Richard A.
With tools such as TweetDeck I can setup groups and searches for those tweets I care about the most. Makes number of following irrelevant. - Robert J Taylor
I give me a chance. follow them for bit see if there interact post anything of value reply to my tweets . If not its just pointless. - John Cusick
That may work for the twitter elite, but for users like me, it defeats the point of twitter, which is to build community by networking. - Kelly
My comment is ...I have no comment :)) - SRivera
I semi regularly prune for my following list for relevance (for multiple values of relevance) - Alec Clews
Terrible idea unless you want to experience true hermit status through the rate of being unfollowed prior to deleting your account. - Roney Smith
Loic Le Merde is a pompous French whiny assehole LooooooooooooooooooooooooL - Yann from twhirl
I have always kept a limited number of people I follow. The noise level has been very manageable. T is only one of the conduits for info. - Dave Ploch
thats retarded - tommy payne from twhirl
Like Dave, I'm careful about who I follow in the first place, and I've only had to unfollow a couple of people who got out of hand. - Julie Barrett from twhirl
I'm a careful user, and this realm showed me how people can react rapidly to certain things. I've been unfollowed more than I did unfollow. Note that I'm a curious type of guy and love discovering things in everyone. I think that can be a good thing for those whose critical to the point of stopping everything second to witness being too much analyzing those to unfollow. Else, why be that critical to the point of massive cleaning? Is digital managing difficult and tiring for some? Reminds me: GReader refresh - Zu from AOD
I got 0 value out of following @loic, so I lost nothing. I also unfollowed. - Mike Lewis
I can do the same thing via a Favorite list in FriendFeed. - Bill Bittner
my god the annoying post that never ends!! :P hahah - Terry O'Fee
Time, there is not enough time to follow everyone. It has to be narrowed at some point to still be productive in your business. I do not mind visiting a stream and subscribing..just like I do not mind unsubscribing. Just doing a total following everyone or not following anyone is absurd. - Brian McClure
At the moment this post has close to 400 likes plus comments. Which provokes the thought: rank Friendfeed posts by likes plus comments (for the total life of Friendfeed). Might be interesting. - Sean McBride
I deleted 700+ people just two weeks ago and it was the most FUN I have had on Twitter in 6 months. - Daniel Zarick
the one unfollow everyone help him to promote is business and push all follower to create a buzz , and decide when he have acheive is target , just take himself as Guru but in fact that will return straight on his face , he will kick out by the community ..... - Yann from twhirl
[∞][twitter needs to make an second time line to US [...] so, we got one to friends and other to network ][ I have 2 accounts to do this] - dbalieiro
Similar to the concept of declaring e-mail bankruptcy. - David Pappas
Then it becomes a broadcast, not an exchange. How about unfollow everyone that doesn't add value to your life. - Martha
Wow, that is interesting timing. Is it spring cleaning time for everyone or what? - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
At least once a week I go through several pages of twitter stream and take a look at everyone on it. I end up unfollowing at least five or six people. I still have hundreds, but it's much less than I would otherwise. - Sandra Fernandez
as for me, good reasons for unfollowing are ppl following you then unfollowing you immediately, or people not posting in ages, or people where after a while you see having absolutely no exchange on any subject or no common interest. I try to keep my following list clear under these criteria to avoid a bloated following list - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
i prune my list every few weeks and add and delete, keeps it fresher - susan mernit
I only follow a few people anyway. The "follow everyone you don't know" thing always seemed crazy to me. - TranceMist
I have no plans of unfollowing any of the people I follow. My setup fits my marketing strategy just fine.. Don't need to jump on the bandwagon. That's the beauty of twitter... do what works for you!! - Jim Turner
The best tool I've found for getting the most out of twitter is Tweetdeck. Set up groups to stay on top of the conversations generated by the folks you're the closest to. - Jim Turner
I do a combination of things. I've always been selective about who I follow; if anyone gets to noisy I unfollow them; I filter it through my FriendFeed; I have specific lists set-up in Friend-Feed (even one for "chatter"); I grab the rss feeds for the Friend-Feed lists I want to focus on and have those directly imported into the RSS feed section of my email client (Thunderbird at the moment.) My email feeds have folders and message filtering rules set-up to move everything to the appropriate sub-folders. - Gail Guy
... I can then quickly identify and scan my favorites, but best of all, I can use my email client functions to "tag" a message a certain color or "star" it as a favorite -- making it easy to find and review at a later time. - Gail Guy
I think this is brilliant. Curbs the spammers, takes away some incentive from the fakes and keeps Twitter honest. More of my thoughts - Chris Leonard
As soon as I got Tweetdeck I started following by subject instead of by the person. - Carl Pruitt
Cory OBrien
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It's giving away free magazines. What's not to like? - Cory OBrien
Robert Scoble
If you had $3,000 in your pocket, which would you buy? Canon 5D MKII or Apple 17-inch MacBookPro. Discuss here:
Neither - MiniMage
We are arguing about that on the CES bus. Geeks! - Robert Scoble
Canon 5D MKII hands down. - Andrew Hyde
pro for sho - Bradley Will
Canon camera. I need a great camera more than a Mac - Keith - @tsudo
5d Mk II - Scott Loftesness
5D MKII, since I've already got a Mac Pro. ;) - Cory OBrien
Have a Nikon D300 and my old MBP is on the fritz, so this woud be a slam dunk for me - Gregg Gallagher
17 inch MBP because I love it. Then I'd buy a cheap 40D. I get more use out of a laptop than I do a camera. - Michael Yurechko
Apple 17-inch MacBookPro with a matte screen. - Arturo Puente
People who get a good cannon keep them forever, I go through a macbook every few years - Michael Struening
Macbook Pro. Only because I'm a Nikon fan. D300 is definitely my choice of camera ;) - Tamar Weinberg
mac - David Banes from IM
Would have to be the MacBookPro - Jason Townsend
The Canon. A solid peice of hardware and I'm after a camera - Mo Kargas
5D MKII of course. - Jeremy Franklin
The Canon. I'd have so much more fun with a zippy camera than a Big Mac. - Mike Neumann
Probably the computer. I'm happy with the first gen 5D I'm about to buy and as awesome as the camera is, the MBP doesn't need another $5K in lenses. - Derrick
Neither, you need at least twice that for glass & equipment to get the "rig" you should want for a Canon MKII - sorry, 3K isn't enough for that toy; and spending 3K on disposable technology (Mac equipment) isn't a wise investment. - No Name
MBP....i miss my macs! - Brian Bufalo
5D MKII hands down. I can hold onto the memory cards until I get to a desktop :) - Austin
Without question: 5D mark II - Rodney L.
MBP - it's a means of production for me, once i make some extra cash with it I can always buy the 5D ;-) - Warren
I already have a 5D MKII but I would take another one in a heartbeat, or a couple of nice L glass - Bill Pennington
5D Mark II..... no doubt. - Albert K
Canon, without a doubt. - Brad Butner
Definitely the MacBook Pro...but then again I'm not a photographer. - Charlie Flowers
Canon - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
Neither, I'd use it to buy food for a year. - Will Higgins™
Considering I can make quicker cash with my Photography work I would say the Canon 5D MKII and then I would buy the Apple 17 inch MacBook Pro with some of my earnings! - Patrick Greer
5D Mark II. And then throw the remaining towards some new glass. - Andy Hannon
2k into the bank, 1k for computer upgrades and other stuff. - Grant Bierman
5D Mk II everytime ... unless I don't have a Mac at that particular time ... - Stephen Taylor
I would go for the Macbookpro - Troy Malone
5D MKII...already have a MacBookPro and I'm willing to ditch my Nikon gear! - Dan Shust
Canon 5D MKII since I already have the 15" MBP. - Alan Le
I don't need either one--but I think the Canon would have much better resale value--so given the choices: Canon. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Canon 5D MKII - for sure! - I really want one.... :( - Brad
MBP - not a photographer - Matt Faulkner
A 50D and a fast lens. ;-) - D. Lambert
I've already got the 15" unibody so I'd go for the 5Dmkii - Sparky, lurking
If I didn't have a laptop, then I would get the 17" MBP. If I already had a lappy, then get the camera... - William Sellers
Well, I recently moved from a 30D to a 5DMII because it was a huge upgrade for my "system". With a 2 year old Macbook Pro still serving me well for my needs, it's an easy decision. Additionally, I can't see using a 17" notebook over a 15 for portability sake, I'd just as well get an iMac and keep using my Macbook Pro for mobile use. - Ryan
Aren't you in Vegas? I think there are a few other options in front of you.. - LA Snark
5D!! - Wil
The camera. I have a new macbook already. - Jim Williams
The 5D is more than a $3k investment. It's $3k upfront but thousands in lenses, flashes and other gear over the years. - Michael Yurechko
Canon 5DMIII... - Greg Kamer
MacBookPro 17-inch. I am a Nikon guy. So, Canon 5D MKII if I had $7K for all the lenses, too. - Chintan Zaveri
The camera! I already have the 15" MBpro. 17" is just too big. - Sherry Main
My 1 yr-old MacBook doesn't thrill me; it sits on the desk unused, and I just couldn't pay more than $200 for a camera, unless I was dreadfully rich. - MiniMage
5DMKII - sell some images on istockphoto, and then buy an MSI Wind and install OSX. It is faster than my 15" MBP! - Darren Mak
Definitely the 5D MkII - Christopher Chan
$3,000 worth of NOODLZ - Bwana ☠
100 shares of CRM ;D - barl0w
What would I do with a Mac? - drsPIX
canon 5d. already have a 15 mbp - Kiran Patchigolla
5D MK II You can always get the Mac later. - Yu Yu Din
I'd pay my bills and buy some groceries. - ::Kristen::
What's an Apple 17-inch MacBookPro and why would a person need one? - Michael Krigsman
Mac book pro - Randy
MacBook Pro because I have neither a mac or digital SLR and the Mac does many things where as the canon does one thing well/ - BRҰANSAҰS
Canon 5D MKII - Mαηsòór
I'll take the MacBook Pro - Rob
MacBookPro...or a Martin 12 and use the difference to buy a copy of logic pro for my 15" macbook pro - Armen Chakmakjian
I'll go for the MacBook. My heart beats nikon so.... - studio_juan
5D MKII - do you want to lug around that 17" beast? - nicholas einstein
MBP - already have a nice Canon - but my Mac sits firmly on my desk - shaun mclane
MacBook Pro, but I would need another $1200 for the 8GB of RAM. - Shawn Hickman
5D MKII. Even though I already have one. - Kathleen McGivney
Neither. Maybe 3 coins :). I have a Macbook Pro which I don't use often comparing to my PC. I am not into the consumer electronic stuff, only got a digital cam last year :). - dexin
Canon. Can't believe Apple ditched the matte screen on the 17" - FCP users and photographers don't want a glossy screen - the idea of the 17" is the ability to use it out in the field for photo/video editing. - Peter Clayton
So limiting, Robert! If I could pick whatever I wanted, I'd get one of those sweet Asus multi-touch netbooks coming out - and then use the rest to buy Yahoo! stock. :P - Shawn Farner
MB 13'' and the external cinema display. MBP17 is huge to carry out - Jean-Charles VERDIE
canon - jtothea
17" MBP FTW! You should create a poll on Robert, then we can see graphed results! - Joseph
Craigslist in Cincinnati - 5D for 1200: - D. Lambert
Wow, what a great argument! 82 comments in 17 minutes! - Robert Scoble
Camera. Droooooooooool. - Alix May
Well part of it would have to go towards fixing my car, Then the rest would go towards buying a second camera body to be my main and at least one lens if not two. Then the rest would go towards bills. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Robert: Apple products plus awesome SLR cameras...response is a given :) - Mo Kargas
the camera is nice - especially all the HD video. friend of mine in the movie post-production business reckons this sort of Camera will KILL the movie camera business in a few years time. especially at the low-budget movie (<$30 million) of the movie business. RED already making big inroads. much cheaper than an ARRI. - Scot Mcphee
The MK II as I already have the MBP 17 inch...older but it works. - Semipro
Canon 5D is the winner for me. Great digital photography is the gift that keeps on giving.... ;-) - John Uppendahl
Well.... Given that I have 4 PC desktops, 2 PC laptops, and 1 iMac, all of which are operational and regularly used, AND that I suck at photography, I'm going for what's behind door #3: A whopping big HDTV -- which will get hooked up to the living room PC, of course. ;-) - Joanmarie
17" Mac. Already have a camera. . . - Scott Whitney
Nikon D3 - Bill Sanders
Macbook Pro for me. Would be my first Mac. - Jim Bednarz
Nikon D3 - ThePicMan
MacBook Pro. Don't need such a super-duper crazy camera. Not a real photographer. But a very real Mac geek. - Louis Gray
5D for sure! - Daniel Pourasghar
I'd go the MacBook - but I'd also load it up with the full 8gb of RAM I see as an option (and not many people mentioning). Sadly, a nice 17" MBP setup it just over NZ$10k :( - Mark Derricutt
MacBook Pro. Hands down. I'm a computer engineer, not a photographer. - Logan Leger
well since I've already got a Canon 5D Mark II... hmmmm... - Thomas Hawk
I'll buy neither. What I would rather do is try to buy one share of BRK-B if it gets to that price. :) - imabonehead
The 17" Mac Book Pro, I already have a 5D MkII ;-) - Jeff P. Henderson
I'd buy the camera, I have always loved photography and wanted to learn. - R. Ferguson
The Canon, all the way man!! - Finding The View
Apple! I don't like the fact of the hd video recorder on the 5D and I want the Sony alpha! - Brandy Lea
Canon. 15" MBP is the largest I'll go. - rønin
I would take the cash and build an ultimate gaming PC !!! :D - ralphsaunders
When you buy an inexpensive camera, you really sacrifice quality, and that lack of quality endures (you want to keep your photos forever, right?). When you buy an inexpensive computer, that's not the case (I don't need a unibody case :) - David Andrzejewski
Canon 5D - easy answer! - Susan Beebe
Ouch, this one hurts. I suppose I can't opt for a Nikon equivalent to the Canon? If this is the choice, I'd opt for the MacBook Pro. But if I had 3K, I'd buy myself the Nikon D300 - Karoli
The Canon. A 17" laptop is too big unless you plan to use it as a desktop. - Hartley Spurlock
Mac for sure.I have a first generation Macbook and I need a new one. Kaya Singer - Kaya
I'd pay off my credit card. For all that stuff I, like, already bought. - Jandy
the Camera for sure - Tai
5d Mark II - jho
None - a super-gaming rig. :) - carrotmadman6
Definitely a Canon 5D. - Maria Colacurcio
5D Mark II - Hands down. - Seagate
I would save it until I had between $8-15K for a CO2 laser cutting machine. I like my macs small, and while full frame sounds nice, I know I'm not nearly hungry enough to go pro in photography, so 40D suits me just fine. - Jason Wehmhoener
That's a tough one because I have been wanting to get my first Mac (have to start somewhere, right?!) but am a hard core Canon fan/user. So if push came to shove, I would have to go with the Canon. - Laura Zickus
Mmm, CO2 lasers. - Mo Kargas
That would be either a trip to another continent or a Fujitsu LifeBook P1630, but it would not be either of the options in the question. I seriously cannot understand $3k for a camera, unless you're going to make that money back in a month or two WITH said camera. - MiniMage
Neither, I would invest in the stock market. - DGentry
I'd prefer a D300, however no matter what brand I'd take the camera in a second over the MBP. Save up another $500 and get a Windows Notebook as well. - Kenton
The Canon 5D MKII for sure. Cameras bring me a lot more joy than flashy computers. Though a 17-inch MacBookPro would be nice to edit those new photos on too ;-) - Ian Holton from twhirl
Probably the Mac. I would never carry around a DSLR. Too big. - Rodfather
Neither. The new full frame format with HD Movies (wow! Woopee *rolls eyes*) is crap - only 3.9 FPS?! Who are they kidding?! - Adam
Seeing my Macbook Pro is 5 months old. I would buy neither...but I would buy a MacPro with more RAM. - Ryan
I take a cruise with Lindsay - big ass stateroom. - iTad
Neither, I'd get a Canon Rebel XTi and build a new gaming PC, anything left over would go toward the new home NOC - xero
I would take my lover to Italy :) - Maryam Scoble
The Canon 5D, I find the photographic process calming, a welcome diversion from the ones and zeros. - cornedbeefgents
Awwww :) - Mo Kargas
Nikon D700 - Rod Bauer from twhirl
There's one in every crowd. - Rod Bauer from twhirl
If I had the $3,000, Canon 5D and a larger donation here Pros: it's more portable, takes better pictures, and connects to my more compact 15" Macbook Pro. Of course, it doesn't work with my Nikon lenses, so... - Lee Dale
Canon 5D MKII only cause I have a Macbook Pro. If I didnt it would be the Macbook. - Bob Maltais
Nah. Patrick's college fund. 5D Mark 2 or the Macbook isn't all that exciting. - Joshua Hayworth
cannon.I kill computers, so not worth spending 3 grand on one. Plus I have a (beat up) macbook pro already. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
The MacBook of course. - Rob Fahrni
mac - Vishy
5D, but I wish it had XLR audio. - Gus
the new MBP, without a doubt ... my current ones needs a refresh (I'm accepting donations btw) ;-) - Jeffrey Canton
Since I'll be getting the new MBP anyway, I'll take the 5D. BTW, is anyone keeping score? - Brad Kligerman
Blatant self-promotion, but if Robert used it would keep score for us... I wrote it to suck down inline multiple choice selections so no ne would even have to leave ff - James Ostheimer
Robert, you're asking the question that's been pondering in my mind from some time (albeit it used to be with the 15" and Cinema display v. 5D/a900/D700 -cannot make my mind-). I want to be able to make a decision before March. I think I'll be going for the Mac, since I might relocate in part of the world where carrying an expensive piece of art around my neck might be more dangerous than here, in JPN. - Paul Papadimitriou
I'd go for a MBP, mine needs an upgrade and I just bought a 50D not long ago which is just fine for me. - Andrew Trinh from Nambu
I need cash! :) - Randy
Some of us are Nikon people. Some of us are not Mac people. I'll just take the 3 Gs. - Eric - Final Countdown
Nikon D700 + 50mm 1.4 prime lens! - Guillaume Lemoine
More lenses. My camera is fine, and this Thinkpad is a good 'un. - Paula W
Seems like Apple design the 17-inch MacBookPro just can use in 3years.the battery can only use in 1000 times,1time per 1day,3years.But Canon 5D can take more beatuful pics for me,and can stand by me more than 3years.if i really have 3000dollers,i real do this.kick off 17-inch MacbookPro. - jedorstar from twhirl
Lenses, like Paula sez. - Rob Kramer
Buy half and half :) - Michael Forian
Wow, I came late to this convo. Well, for what it's worth at this point, I'd probably get the lappytop, sell my old MBP and then use THAT money to buy a cheaper camera. :D - Jonathan Hardesty
Macbook I think. I have a 40D but REALLY want the 5D. Which do you think you could get your hands on first? - Andrew Smith
The 5D. The MacBookPro can wait. - Chris Nixon
5D, I have enough laptops as it is. - Amit Morson
The $2800 MBP becomes a lot more compelling when converted to 2080€. - Brad Kligerman
I'm a Nikon guy but the 5D MKII has me seriously considering a switch - Bryan Thatcher from twhirl
As I don't like Macs and into my photography the choice out of the two is simple. :-) But I've rather spend the money on say the Nikon D3 and if you gave me an extra grand or 2 then I'd go for the Nikon D3X. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes from twhirl
Without though, the Canon 5D MKII. First up, you don't want to trust another "first gen" Apple product. And with the unimpressive lineup yesterday, maybe the 15" laptops are coming out real soon now, with similar features, and all quirks ironed out - Colin Charles from twhirl
MAC!!! - Orli Yakuel
5D over the MAC Pro. - Robert Miller
MacBookPro - just bought myself a nice camera with a fracking big lens! - Joel Hammond-Turner
Canon. I have a laptop and rarely use it - well not as a laptop. It sits on a desk as a permenant fixture. - Ian May
Canon 5D mk 2 :) - Joe Dawson
Camera, I never liked the 17". It's too heavy for a "portable" - Melissa dela Merced from twhirl
neither, a big ass HDTV :) - Terry O'Fee
If you have good lenses to take advantage of the MKII (extra $3000 needed here), go for the camera! - Joao Pedro
I would buy a Apple 17-inch macbook of course.! I don't have an apple and I would really like one. I have a camera thats good enough for me. - @LarsenTweet
nor this neither that! i will send money to help people in Gaza or at least I'll send 1000 $. - خیزران
canon 5d mk ii based on the videos I've seen - i mean just look at these - planetMitch
The Canon, surely. No use for a laptop that big. - Ryan Sholin
5D over here too - Simon Wicks
Macbook Pro 17! - Greg
The camera. Already have three computers but have no camera. - Martha
I am not pro enough to need the 5D, I am actually looking at a D60 or D90. But the 17 Macbook is something I can use :) - TheSleepyGeek
I'd buy the Nikon D700 - David Parmet from twhirl
neither - cash is still king - viki saigal
its the lens, not the body - spring for L glass - @jessewright
MacBookPro - Stewart Rogers
New MacBookPro 17". I would probably get more use out of it than the Canon. But my, oh my, ya'll, the Canon sure is sweet. - Matthew Freeman
I have the glass. I have the Mac, I'd get the 5DMKII - stretta from twhirl
5D - I don't need a macbook. I'm happy with my PC and laptop - they cover my my needs perfectly. - Roberto Bonini
Donate it to @armano. - Jim Mitchem
given my current status .. I am happy with my Canon XTi so I would go for the MacBook Pro. - Kapil
5D, but that's cuz I've been saving up for one. A new MBP would def. be on the list of future purchases (current computer is 3 years old) - Michael
Canon 5d Mk II, far more useful than the new laptop. More fun. One encourages you to sit around, the other encourages you to go out :-) - Richard A.
Canon!! - Ivana from twhirl
I would buy the Mac, get a cheaper camera with the money I have left, and edit and enhance my videos using my Mac. - Shevonne
I'd go the Mac route. I'm looking to buy one anyway and I've already got a camera. Might not be as fancy as the Canon do-dad, but I'll manage. - James Ferguson
Wow 202 comments! How did I miss this thread? :) - AJ Batac
The 17" MBP as my current 12" PB is on it's last legs and needs replacing - need rather than want for me - Sally Church
The Canon... even though I already have a 5D and actually need a new laptop - Shawn Duffy from twhirl
Macbookpro - Roger Kondrat
I'd say the MacBook... you can do more with it. - Jim J
EOS 5D - Julien Guyard
Canon, since the MBP that I'd want would actually cost $5823. Not $3000. - Ben Hwang from twhirl
This would be much more enjoyable if there was some kind of poll widget along side comments. - Michael Leggett
Would be easier to see at a glance. - Richard A.
I'd by the largest HD display I could... - Clay Newton
Canon 5D MKII. huh.. no: a powerful Linux box - Thierry R. Andriamirado
The MacBookPro, I have a Canon 30d but I do not have a MacBook - Bob Gannon
I wouldn't want a 17'' monster of a MacBookPro and therefore would go for the Canon 5D MKII - Donald Townsend
5D, the 17-inch MacBook Pro is very big. Harder to find bags for it and its less portable. - seanb
bank it, put in matress, done need either of those things, we need smarter devices that tell us the likelyhood of use-longevitiy in them, "i'm a camera you bought last year, you used me 9 times, i collect dust, owner- please resist replacing me unless you really really really need to, and the data suggests you don't.." - Dan Rockwell from twhirl
Not enough to buy what I want with the Canon, and I wouldn't be caught dead spending $3000 on a laptop. What a waste! - Paul Puri
Neither. A $3000 laptop is not worth it just because of its branding. - Spencer
ohh.. I can't choose. I want both of them... But if i choose, first canon, second mac... İ have canon 40 d and 15'' mac book pro. And i don't like mac's new screen. It's like mirror... - devletsah
Spencer: as a recent PC to Mac switcher, it's more than brand. Much more. - Ryan
I'd buy a netbook for the other three members of my family and put the remaining $2000 toward bills or savings. :) - Steve Lowe
Agree with Aaron, love my 13" Macbook and really want the 5D MKII - Kyle
Definitely the Mac. - John Clifton
Is this thing still going? I can't remember if I replied to this yet, but I say it depends on what will benefit you the most. Robert, you are a photo-maniac. I know that you have a few cameras laying around the house, but I don't know how many Macs you have. You have to remember that a 17" laptop sounds great on paper, but I know that you do a lot of traveling as well, so it might now suite your means. Then again, I would never keep $3,000 dollars in my pocket ;) - Michael Forian
of course the mac - doesn´t matter what the second option is... - Dieter Schwarz
I would buy the Canon 5D MKII but being a Nikonian I would end up buying the MacBook Pro and feel no remorse :) - Carlos Lorenzo
MacBook Pro. I need a laptop really bad. - Nick Humphries
The camera. 17-inch laptops are fricking ridiculous. - Andru Edwards
camera and a box of junior mints - Morgan
I'd definitely go for a MB Pro. My Rebel XTi and Panasonic GS180 video cam is doing me just fine. - emon hassan
Forget the Mac, keep your current camera, and buy better lenses. - Michael Krigsman
17 inch laptop is useless in term of mobility so I would go with the Canon - Hadar Weiss
A Sony a900. :) - Jeff Jones
Neither. I'd start with the Bonobo Pro Ubuntu Laptop for under $2000 and use the $1000 to max it out. - Gail Gardner
Impressive amount of comments here, this has to be the highest ever now right? - Joe Dawson
I'm sorry, can you repeat the question: did you say a "camera", a "computer" or a "shark with laser beams"? - Micah
save the money for tougher times. as much as I'd like the Canon, it's going to be just an expensive toy for me. and my three year old Inspiron works just fine for the most things I do on it. - Franci Penov from twhirl
5Dm2 because I already have the new MBP 15" 2.8Ghz. Mostly b/c the cam is more revolutionary than the 17", even though the 17" battery life is enticing. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Wow, 250 comments - OMG ...FF is really growing ...YEAH !!! - Susan Beebe
Yeah, this week has produced several >100 comment threads in my feed. - xero
Not the 5D, but some body+the best lenses, that actually lasts longer. Laptops are out of date in months and often die within 18, cameras and lenses last a lot longer - Iphigenie
I would buy a Apple 17-inch MacBookPro, only cause I already have a SLR, so I dont need the Canon 5D MKII. - Colide81 (James)
I would not spend it, id rather invest 3000 dollars with 10 shares of google - Kyle Weller
then just buy lenses - you probably already have a computer that can do everything you need - Iphigenie
Exxon-Mobile. Oh wait, what was the question again? - Erik S
Neither- new hardware for the pending Win7 beta drop. :) - Randy Holloway from twhirl
both! - jortai
@Ryan I am a Mac user, have been for a while. It's just my opinion, but $2800 for a piece of hardware in which you can the same or better specs on a PC, is quite a bit of branding. - Spencer
Using the MacBook Pro 17 inch now (love it!)- and I am quite happy with my Canon Powershot G9, so I'll just take the cash and pay down some of my debt--thanks! - Kelly W.
Canon 5D MKII then buy the 15" MacBook Pro later. - John Wang
I would buy a new fast lens for my old 5D (around $1000) and save the rest. - Alexander Arsky
Nikon E90 *and* a 15" Macbook. :) I bend rules. - Daniel Miessler
Nikon E90 like Daniel :P - Molly Song ;)
Canon 5d MKII, i'm not a mac person so that was easy. - Squid
I've been back and forth on this since the 17" was announced. I am very likely to upgrade to the 5DMKII this year. But I want a more powerful laptop to work on the huge files it creates. Chicken? Egg? Confused. - Jeremy Brooks
Canon 5D MKII for sure. MBP 15 is still chugging along after 2 years. And the 5D is still doing great after 1 year, but I would really like the new 5D. - Johnny Sewell
5D Mark II , without a doubt! - americanm
Caonon 5D all the way - John Uppendahl
Robert Scoble
I want to download Windows 7. I don't care about the legalities of doing so. Where should I go for the quickest download?
And, yes, I know this will get me a TON of hate mail. So you can just save the effort right now. - Robert Scoble
Same Here. I have a messed up Linux Distro ready to be written over - Tyler (Chacha)
A few searches for 'windows 7 beta torrent' would probably turn up something. I've also heard that there's a RapidDownload of it, as well. Not that I condone this sort of thing, of course... - Akiva
Don't Worry Robert, I won't email you :) - Tyler (Chacha)
I don't mean this with any disrespect Scoble, but don't you feel this will hurt your reputation? Disregarding the legality? I'm sure you can get the beta in weeks. - Matthew Arevalo - Patrick Jordan
I've been checking Connect to see if I can get access to it, but I think they would have sent me email, if I'd had any chance at all. - MiniMage
Who wants to wait. I want to try it out NOW. Thats the idea behind all of the Realtime Web - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
I'd try Pirate Bay. They're usually the best source for 'questionable' material like a copy of Windows 7. - Cory OBrien
People arn't going to wait for their media, they are going to want it as soon as its available. The Windows 7 Distro just happens to be .. media - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
Matthew: probably. But it is beta and I will buy a copy when it's out. Plus I bet they'll give me a copy if I asked. It's just that I want it tonight. - Robert Scoble
^^^ those are the ones that i keep seeing. havent tried either though. - Carlos Ayala
Just pretend it fell off a truck: - Cory OBrien
Robert, Post Tomorrow where you go it so we know it isn't Virus infected - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
I must caution; While you may disregard the legalities, you can not disregard the security implications. There are tons of phony "Windows 7" torrents out there that are viruses. I suppose this would not matter if you run the system in a VM. If the file is a virus or malicious code, then you can just delete the VM. Just a word of caution. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Probably a torrent. Look to PirateBay, MiniNova, et al. Any torrent site will probably have a good, fast torrent since it's new and popular. - Logan Leger
If you have a Rapidshare premium account, you could get it at - The Comic Project
steve: if you want to see my email, just ask. It's really boring. Can you answer some of it while I let you surf my computer? :-) - Robert Scoble
Being a developper myself, I am against piracy. I am for opensource, but also for paying propreitary code. I'm sure Robert would pay if it's available NOW. But I don't understand the impatience. --Only my opinion. - directeur
Covering up Linux with windows? I think that is against the law or something. :D - MarkCarras
Its a messed up version that I can't configure my dual screens on - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
Robert, yeah I may have come off as a bit of a security nut. The primary reason is because I am one. Shouldn't you be able to swing a copy since you worked at MS? - Steven (optionshiftk)
I'm sure one of your former Channel 9 colleagues would be happy to give you a copy. - Chris Poirier
directeur: I need to be up to date on Windows 7 now that it is getting enough praise. - Robert Scoble
and am sure, Microsoft wants you to download it and write some good stuff about it.. Microsoft surely is getting into Apple's way of marketing, leaks and stuff ;) - Karthik Kastury
I agree with you Directeur, I am maybe not as much of a geek as Scoble, but I wouldn't in his position result to software piracy. Maybe ring up Paul T. and surf on his machine a bit remotely :P - Matthew Arevalo
steve: this is a beta machine. I assume it'll be hacked. I don't have a need to care very much about security on it. - Robert Scoble
Search mininova for 'windows 7 vm' either of the torrents from dec 13 or dec 30 work. - Joel Tanner
To everyone talking bout getting it from Microsoft, Robert already said he wants to do it tonight, hence why he wants to download it - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
Forget about your email; I want to read your contacts list. Do you still have Bill Gates' email address? ;) - MiniMage
I find nothing wrong with it. I have to use TPB all the time when labels send me promos so full of DRM garbage that I have to DL the cd to review it. Nothing morally wrong with doing a DL for a review in my not so humble opinion. - MarkCarras
Ok, that makes sense. It is a good idea to isolate. Too bad MS doesn't offer a legal alternative, besides the dev kit. - Steven (optionshiftk)
But I really do hope you can post what torrent you are using Robert, I'd like to know its not a virus :) - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
Or if one has a machine that is totally wiped just for situations just like this. DL it on a Linux machine and run it on the project box. Problem solved. - MarkCarras
Truthfully, I'm almost surprised you haven't attended one of the MDC events yet. You'd (probably) already have the Win7 beta! - Chris Poirier
Thanks for reminding me Scoble. I have a copy of the latest build sitting on my PC. I'm planning on trying it out on both the PC and in VMware Fusion. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Usenet for sure.. & the NZB file for this little jewel.. - Mardee Thompson
You really don't know where to look for? Come on! - Dileepa Prabhakar
Oh come on, Robert! All you need to do is as k your MS peeps and they'll drive down to ur place and install it on ur comp too! - Asfaq
Robert, if you'll write good stuff about it you can pirate software I write any time - that's the hidden price on all my software. :-) - Jesse Stay
if you get an email with an attachment called "windows7.exe", *don't* click on it ;-) - Karim
when I want to acquire things, I like pizzatorrent. do I get any sort of finder's fee if I assist in your acquisition? - Chris Brakebill
Robert, I've been using Windows 7 for a few weeks now and considering it's a "pre-beta" it's incredibly stable and quick. There should be a public beta out soon. However, if you can't wait DM me on Twitter and I'll help you out. paulshadwell. - Paul Shadwell
those links look good, if you want to remove the 30 day limit try - Mike Chelen
Cory OBrien
15 Minimalist Web Designs For Design Inspiration -
"Love the minimalism trend! Very user friendly, and looks great when done well." - Cory OBrien
Robert Scoble
Why @techcrunch is playing hardball with PR: Could be that several CEOs have told me that Twitter is getting them more hits than TechCrunch.
And these same CEOs tell me that FriendFeed is coming up fast and is #3. They tell me all other blogs bring far less than these three sources. - Robert Scoble
Whoever breaks news first on Twitter gets the credit now, they tell me. - Robert Scoble
Thanks God! At last truth happened - directeur
Twitter news sources now validated by mainstream? - Andrew Long
When you want the exclusive news like TC wants, it's a perfect storm that Mike posted. Now he gets exactly what he wants. Great power play move. - Rex
Watch out directeur, I'm going to break your news (he just showed me something which is most cool). - Robert Scoble
I wonder if we'll start to see embargos on news that gets sent to popular twitter users before they tweet it... - Cory OBrien
Cory: I'm holding directeur's news until he Tweets it himself. - Robert Scoble
interesting - in my post just now i said exactly what you just said - let me add your twitter comment to my post - - Allen Stern
TechCrunch is a PR Bot, you'll get differend points of view from Twitter - paul mooney
Also, it's a little unfair to compare Twitter to individual blogs, b/c Twitter is an aggregator of all different writers and their communities. To compare apples to apples, you'd have to look at Twitter compared to every blog as one. - Cory OBrien
techcrunch built it's popular blog on the good old journalistic standby of being first and being prolific, not on deep thorough analysis. If your job is to be first then embargo's are just an impediment and risk someone else being first. Startups need to realize that being covered on techcrunch is much less important than good technology and a solid business model, that will get everyone talking about you in this ocean of mediocre technology plays, businesses need business model and strategy to win - karl
Haven't we all seen this coming? I remember this being talked about a year ago. With more users, it will only become more obvious. - Shawn Kirsch
I wonder when Friendfeed will move ahead of Twitter. Within a year? - Sean McBride
Mike's entire business model is built on controversy. We get at least one a week. He's good at what he does, but if he pisses off too many people, he may regret it. - David Semeria
Robert, thanks a lot! :) You knew how I could ninja-kill people, and you respected the samuraï in me! I appreciate this :) - directeur
Mike's been pissed off ever since he found that his particular brand of BS doesn't wash in Europe. @karl +1 I'm invested in one such. Never been on TC, no desire to go there and have our servers crushed for a day to the detriment of customers. - Dennis Howlett
What if Twitter assigned authority to users based on several factors, then you could watch news break and be able to tell if it was coming from reliable sources. - Kelly Johns
Doesn't the use of twitter democratize weather an item is newsworthy or not? Newsworthy items rise through the system organically and are editorialized by the many and not the few. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Old School: PR embargos, mass distribution, voicemails and Word docs; New School: Concise writing, great multimedia content, and open doors (transparency) and - Jason Kintzler
@Kelly Johns That's an intriguing thought. - Shawn Kirsch
Will one source replace another, or will all sources complement each other? TechCrunch still has a wide readership. So does the Wall Street Journal. - Ed Moltzen
Why? Attention seeking. Why else. - Michael Krigsman
@Dennis Howlett word, yeah, it's an illusion that somehow your biz will take off if it get's coverage on techcrunch. You will get a lot of feedback via techcrunch comments, and some traffic but that will not sustain a business. A business model that creates value and attracts new customers is the winning formula and plenty of people want to write about that :-) - karl
it's a great way of getting news out a lot quicker than the normal blog, usually because it's easier to write a couple of sentences than an actual well written blog. people like their news fast, simple and easy these days. also, i don't like this "i twittered first! this is my story!" BS. isn't the whole point of twitter and friendfeed to get the news out there, not for the ego? - Terry O'Fee
As Richard mentions, the point of an embargo is to give a journalist time to prepare, ideally as recognition of their expertise and authority in the field. PR firms who send mass embargoed releases to writers with whom they don't have a relationship miss the point, but of course they're also missing the point when they spam and pester. As Twitter - or even RSS - becomes more common and people can get a direct line to news they want, this won't be an issue. And outlets like TechCrunch will lose relevance. - David B. Thomas
this does remind me of - digg for news - Susan Beebe
Interesting take, but I'd be surprised if that's it. Arrington just wants more exclusives, plain and simple. Exclusives drive more traffic, and there's not a huge amount of value in writing up every story when 20 other sites are doing the same thing. Even if they lose 50% of incoming stories, but get a 10% rise in exclusives, it will more than compensate for any loss.... - Duncan Riley
Duncan: TechCrunch is going to lose more and more exclusives to Twitter and FriendFeed, based on what startup CEO's are telling me. You probably are right, though, that TechCrunch will win some by doing this. - Robert Scoble
Getting TC'd is only about 15k hits over three days. Really not that big a deal, it's more for the general pr. - Alex Wilhelm
Cory OBrien
Holiday Gift Guide: The 8 Best Green Gadget Gifts : CleanTec -
"Here are a few more gift guides to check out, including green ones:" - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien
Magazines: Get One Year of PC Magazine Free -
Magazines: Get One Year of PC Magazine Free
Publisher Ziff Davis has printed the last edition of PC Magazine and announced it would go online-only, but fans can get a free one-year "subscription" emailed to them every month at, along with a few other mag titles. - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien
Get PC Magazine (Digital Edition) Free For One Year -
Get PC Magazine (Digital Edition) Free For One Year
The print edition of PC Magazine will be discontinued from January 2009 as the magazine publishers have decided to go 100% digital. That means you will still be able buy a copy of PC Magazine like before but the mode of delivery will change - the monthly issue will land in your email inbox instead of the mailbox. - Cory OBrien
Robert Scoble
Does bug you? If I were @ev I would block this ad network from Twitter. Discuss:
Twitter should make sure it is only one to build systemic monetization schemes on its service. But either way I don't like it when people "Amway" their friends. - Robert Scoble
That's pretty rude towards Amway, RS! So, tell Twitter to start monetizing already. - jamesdkirk
I haven't seen it in action yet and don't want to try it in fear that I will loose all my followers. - Sweyn Venderbush
I'm not a fan. and they will get unfollowed if I see it in my stream - Erin @queenofspain
should we not let the twitter market work it out? Is there a major difference between twitter ads and ads on a blog? - jason keath
Does it violate their terms of service or something? I don't see how they can block it if not. Sure, it's annoying, and if I start seeing folks I follow using it heavily, I'll probably stop following. - Ken Sheppardson
Wow, I was going to blog about this in a few days. I think Twitter might want to block magpie and instead do this themselves! - AJ Kohn
Social Media is about sharing interesting things with people who find those things interesting, not about soapboxing crap and spamming others with random junk. Magpie is a service that doesn't understand that, and though it attempts (poorly) at doing some level of justice to spamming, it's still spam/ads and unwelcomed in my book. - No Name
James: I was in Amway for a while. They totally try to get you to sell stuff to your friends. The comparison is very apt. - Robert Scoble
should Twitter create it's "magpie" rather than let magpie run riot? - Jansen Lu
I suspect this is happening already Robert. Everyone is gaming the system. - Mark Taylor
No, that was the training organization you belonged to. I was in for a while too. Amway products ARE top notch. And we all make recommendations ALL THE TIME to our friends. Plus you and I and others with online presence put ads on their blogs/sites/feeds. Is it any different? I don't really think so. - jamesdkirk
A while back I made a post that concluded that twitter is good for exactly one spam ( because you can drop anyone who uses their influence to start spamming. (And, yes I think magpie tweets are spam). I dont know if twitter should block it, but I will avoid folks using it. - Sean Reiser
It's close to what we have planned, but we think we have a better offering. Magpie bugs people, but I'd like to think won't. ;) - Andy A.
(warning, I talk about my company in this comment) - I believe our company has a better option ( Instead of having full SMS ads come from you to all your followers, our ad network inserts 40 character (or less) tagline ads at the end of messages. We don't integrate with Twitter at this time but instead offer a full micro-blog + mobile ad network. And I agree with Jason that the market will determine whether Magpie is viable and popular. If people like it, more power to them. - Doug
I've offered up this for @ev and my fellow tweeters: #tweetrocket - Jason Kintzler
Amway, er, Quixtar's products are fine. The marketing and distribution scheme is sleazy. - Robert Scoble
agree wholheartedly, Robert. Twitter is largely not a place for this type of marketing. I do not want ads in my Tweetstream. - Stephen Collins from twhirl
Robert, I'd love to tell you about OXY FRESH!!!!! KIDDING! But srsly, an Aunt of mine got sucked in to Oxy Fresh, another MLM scheme I think :) - Richard Walker
Nice intro, Doug ;) - jamesdkirk
yep, it sure does. Especially when those that I tend to click on their links more often have it enabled. Clicking on ads rather than a genuine recommendation from them is going against the grain of whay makes Twitter, friendfeed... all the SM tools useful. - Wendy Peters from twhirl
OK, I'll fess up. I've set up Magpie here. I've had it running about two weeks. I've had just one comment about it, and that wasn't really adversarial, and one person ask what it was, and they wanted to join. I've checked and it's sent out just 3 tweets since Friday, so not excessive. I'm monitoring it closely though, and if I got major objections, and/or lots of unfollows I'd review my participation. - Ian May
I'm not advocating one distribution system over another, but I find it interesting that a fellow who makes his living telling us all about the "latest thing" in order to inform us and let us know why we should like a service would compare this service with one that at base levels just uses social interaction to distribute its products - jamesdkirk
to those using magpie and claiming no negative vocal response I ask, have you monitored your unfollows? I know a lot of people will simply just unfollow you without saying anything, it's what I do. - Chris Pugh
but still, doesn't it all come down to "unfollowing" if you don't like what I'm sending in my stream? (presuming I was using this service?) Let's not forget that, folks! - jamesdkirk
I say "more power to them!" If people like what they do, it will succeed. If they don't, the people who sell their tweets will find they have no audience. Advertising runs our media-centric economy. As long as the market is free to opt out by unfollowing, Twitter will become what its users want it to be. - Kenneth LeFebvre will help out there CP. - jamesdkirk
dunno, Robert -- be-a-magpie says "scobelizer" is worth up to €22,816.42 per month. (presumably emphasis on the "up to") though one wonders if having your tweets BOOT CUT JEANS NOW ON SALE AT THE GAP constantly interrupted by BEN & JERRY'S VANILLA, NOW IN ORGANIC advertising will just make them TRY THE POPCORN SHRIMP PLATTER AT RED LOBSTER annoying. - Karim
@jamesdkirk that's exactly it ... the service pays by follower count, so the self defeating fact is simple. use magpie, get unfollowed, lose all your followers, stop using the service, start rebuilding your twitter network ... repeat? sounds stupid to me - No Name from twhirl
@Chris I've had a few people unfollow me, and a few more follow me since I've started using it. I haven't noticed a sudden increase in unfollows, just normal turnover, when folks realize that they don't find my inane drivel very interesting after all... - Ian May
I'd do this if I were Twitter since they could insert ads at an appropriate rate for each users (based on tweets/hour) and type (based on keyword filtering). Only Twitter would be best at ensuring the ad load wasn't too high. And face it folks, they have to make money someway. It's this, subscriptions or banner ad mania. - AJ Kohn
@Scobleizer None of the people I follow use it. I threatened to un-follow if anyone signed up ;-) - Joseph McLaughlin
Perhaps a service like magpie could work out a deal with Twitter of some kind? - Ian May
I'd agree with AJ Kohn. I like the service they provide, and would deal with "tasteful" insertions. It or something similar will happen. And it WILL HAPPEN here on FF before long as well. Wait and see. - jamesdkirk
one more thing - If I want to be advertised at - I'll follow one or all of the spam bots that follow me. heh - No Name from twhirl
If you are using magpie, your SNR inverts. It needs serious tweaking. Here's @geekmommy's post/discussion on #magpie: - Zena Weist
Is there an ad network where I can be paid to *refrain* from saying how much certain products suck? heh. - Karim
*thinking out loud* Could this be why Bezos invested ... does he see a massive new affiliate network via tweets? - AJ Kohn
it doesnt affect me as I have yet to see it in use. it seems everyone is looking out for retaining their 'Tribe' rather than making a quick nickel at their expense. . - timduke
One of my Twitter friends says he's unfollowed two people already after seeing their Magpie ads. - Michael Perlman
I think the difference between bloggers having ads on their blogs & using magpie is that an ad on a blog page is passive. Readers can choose to read them or not. It doesn't generate a text message or chirp or enter any life stream or feed. Personally, I think services like magpie somewhat "sully the stream" and make it less organic; more disingenuous. [disclosure - I am blogger w/ads in my sidebar - but don't use twitter to spam my readers/followers] - faryl
I also think it's a trust & etiquette issue. If I were John Chow (no offense to John) my readers might expect that - I'd be practicing what I preach. But as someone whose blog is about using social media to connect in positive ways, I don't know that it would be appropriate. Bottom line, if I have to think about "would this be ok to do", I probably should opt NOT do it. Maybe as twitter evolves and there are more filtering tools out there. But not now. I agree with geekmommy's post (thanks @Zena Weist) - faryl
Robert, I see this slightly different than Amway. With Amway you're directly approaching friends, which would be the equivalent of "DM"'ing all your friends a magpie. With this, you're simply putting an ad up above your house for all your friends to choose to look at or not. - Jesse Stay
this service caused us to write the only bad review to date - of over 100 reviews on --- - Sociosophy Reviews from twhirl
Not one person has complained about my magpie tweets to me. Maybe I'm not worth the time? - bill giltner
Wow, I touched a nerve here. Will write a blog about my thoughts. Be back later. - Robert Scoble
@bill giltner - do you use qwitter? after people become aware of what this service does, that might be something to consider using. - Sociosophy Reviews
Sociosophy, Bill, SocialToo does what Qwitter does too - tracks both people that followed and unfollowed you and sends in a batch daily. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
yes it does, well at least my experience with socialtoo has shown that as I received an email today telling me who followed and who unfollowed. - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa from IM
@jesse_stay thanks for the tip! we'll have a look soon - Sociosophy Reviews from twhirl
Personally, I don't mind it. It makes Twitter into a real business tool. - Daniel Brusilovsky
Sociosophy I have to disclose my bias - I am the developer of SocialToo, so if it gives you any troubles let me know. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
We should be able to handpick ads we want to share with our friends, that's the most natural way to do it. - TunisianGuy
Social Media is not about having ads shoved at you without permission. If I see magpie in my stream, I will unfollow - Sylvia Webb
in a related question... how do you feel about a service like @breakingnewson inserting ads with magpie ... let's face it, it would be better then the tweet-a-thon begging they seem to do... an they are more a service then a person tweeting - Sean Reiser
Sorry, but I'm posting that link again ( it's packed with interesting discussion. Another teaser quote (from RMS---YES Richard M. Stallman, that 'RMS') "Well, Geoff forwarded me a copy of the DEC message, and I eat my words. I sure would have minded it! Nobody should be allowed to send a message with a header that long, no matter what it is about." - Micah
Thanks, Robert for starting the discussion. These are very intersting views, positive and negative. Thank you all for the feedback. We've silently introduced a number of changes to Magpie yesterday to give tweeps more control over their magpie-tweets. You can now hand-select ads, put up your own disclaimer (other than #magpie) and control the tweet/ad-ratio better. I'm looking forward to reading your blog post and to getting more feedback in the comments. Thanks again. (I'm the CEO of Magpie & Friends Ltd.) - Jan Schulz-Hofen
TechCrunch just wrote about this issue here: called it "PayPerPost for Twitter." - Robert Scoble
As of now, i haven't found Magpie to be that intrusive, probably because not many people I follow have subscribed for the service or there have been very few ads from Magpie. I might unfollow them if the ads starts becoming too frequent. I think the right way for Magpie to go is enabling only handpicked ads which users can share with their friends like any other info they want to share. However, if the same service was introduced by Twitter, I wouldn't mind at all. - Devakishor
@Jan It's great to see you here on FriendFeed joining in on this discussion. I've actually been very impressed with your service so far and the amount of consideration you've put into listening to users' feedback and adapting the service. As others have mentioned, I don't see serving ads in Twitter being much different than serving them in a blog. However, I do love the addition of your two latest features, as I think that puts even more control into the hands of the users, which is what we're all after. - Mike Templeton
@miketempleton thanks for your feedback. you one of the folks who mentioned that feature earlier on uservoice. it took us some time to implement, now let's see who people will like it. - Jan Schulz-Hofen
It's simple! If I see magpie in my stream, I will unfollow. - netvista
lain, you should just make a filter by keyword - tweets with specified keywords in the stream don't show - Jesse Stay from twhirl
As many people as I know who are having a hard time right now - or who would make a nice bit of change for doing, essentially, nothing - very few of them are actually desperate enough to do it. I'd love to have an extra $1700 a month, and I could easily double my follow count by following bots. Yet I'd never do this, not for 10x that. And I'm dumbfounded as to why anyone would want to monetize their personal conversations. "Brought to you by Carl's Jr." - Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Robert, I've never had more comments on a post (or more hits) than I did on my anti-magpie post. - it's still getting hits and comments. Honestly? I don't think it's viable. - Lucretia Pruitt
Its interesting to see how many out there are trying to monetize Twitter 'externally'. This is one but then there is also Tapulous with Tweetsville on the iphone - I paid $4 to them :) - Mrinal Desai
+1 for no ads by followers. I'm un-subscribing anyone who wants to monetize their twitter feed. There is already too much noise on twitter. If you think your content is monetizable, write a blog for Pete's sake! - Shivanand Velmurugan
I don't have a problem with people wanting to monetize their twitter accounts. I don't have a problem with selling ads in the network. My problem is that even if Magpie alternates 1 ad per 5 tweets, what if I follow 5 twits with Magpie. How often am I going to see an ad? The idea is pretty smart actually, but I think it needs a lot of work yet. - Jason Brett
It definitely bugs me!: Wrong medium, poorly formatted message, and it's (in most cases) paying people for things that they shouldn't be paid for (conversations with friends). If everyone was just broadcasting on Twitter, it would be a different story, but ads have no place in conversation (as seen by the anti-advertising backlash on forums) so they have no place on Twitter either, at least in this format. - Cory OBrien
PayPerPost destroyed blog valuations without adequate warning. Before loosing a Twitter account you spend time building it's best to take a wait and see approach. They are paying you because of your accounts value - will they reimburse you in the event the account is terminated? Just a thought. - Robert MacEwan
Magpie success will depend on the creative of the 'advert' - a cuckold tweet is likely to induce 'interesting' relationships. - zeroinfluencer
How is paid content different from any other advertising such as Adwords? Part of the visible site includes non-paid content, and some displays paid content. As long as they are accurately labeled, the reader can make an informed decision. - Mike Chelen
Cory OBrien
10 Bad-Ass Martial Arts Movie Villains | Bamboo -
10 Bad-Ass Martial Arts Movie Villains | Bamboo
Good list of martial arts villains. - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien
The Read Green Initiative -
The Read Green Initiative
Free Magazines, and it's good for the environment? Sign me up! - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien
Enterprise Microsharing Apps: Read All About Em | Pistachio -
Enterprise Microsharing Apps: Read All About Em | Pistachio
A research report on the 19* applications vying to bring Twitteresque networking and communications inside the enterprise. Great rundown if you're looking to bring microsharing into the enterprise environment. - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien
The story behind The Ad Feed | The Ad Feed -
The story behind The Ad Feed | The Ad Feed
A great list of advertising related sites, and the history of The Ad Feed, an ad site aggregator. - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien
Great 'connections' page that lists all of Mike Smith's social media websites. - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien
How To Handle Unemployment | The Art of Manliness -
How To Handle Unemployment | The Art of Manliness
Very helpful information. Just remember to keep your head up. - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien
YouTube - Off The Rails -
YouTube - Off The Rails
Darcy Prendergast - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien
A Disaster Guide for the Beijing Summer Olympics -
"I like the use of the torch as a rating symbol of the danger. Very appropriate!" - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien
12 Future Apps For Your iPhone -
"Just jot that note down in your iPho.... Oh." - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien
WordPress 2.5 Demo Site -
"Looks like it's getting hacked. Expected, but too bad." - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien!!! -
"Tough call, though I think in this case, the Spider edges out the Super. Tearing skin open to reveal an "S" would go against the man of steel idea." - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien
"Shouldn't this be Sexy Christmas and a Happy New...oh, just forget it. Who even looked at the title of this pic anyways?" - Cory OBrien
Cory OBrien
1000 hp doesn't matter when you're out of gas -
"I see a MasterCard commercial in there somewhere." - Cory OBrien
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