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Cotton Rohrscheib

Cotton Rohrscheib

Full-blown ADHD who occasionally throws balls into the ceiling fan & microwaves things to see what will happen. Oh yeah, I do the whole Social Media thing too.
Re: Dietary Changes & Results from Bloodwork… -
"Same here Scott, sorry for the delayed response! I'm really digging what you are doing as well, glad we connected!! Keep fighting the good fight. :-)" - Cotton Rohrscheib Featured on KARK News - Featured on KARK News
I’m Doing a Medical Makeover w/ Hippocrates Health!
Dr. Amy makes house calls! Checkout Hippocrates Health! Stay tuned for exciting news!! @…
If someone uses the word "hullabaloo" in a debate they automatically win. #NewRules
RT @PzFeed: FAA ban over Ferguson, MO extended.
RT @RolfLarsen: Why new-style domain names are right for your business
RT @OpFerguson: @LukeMorris | He's not going to be "standing" long. Like all the other dictators he's going to bbe removed from power. | #ResistWithFerguson
RT @OpFerguson: Good morning Governor Nixon. We haven't been formally introduced yet, but we are Anonymous. And we are about to become your worst nightmare.
RT @archildrens: Dehydration occurs when fluids going in the body do not match fluids leaving the body. #100deadliestdays
RT @Neustar: 47% of companies who experienced a #DDoS attack and data breach reported the installation of a virus or #malware
RT @KATV_Weather: As expected, flash flood warnings for areas within the green boxes #arwx
RT @markmartin: Great race at Batesville Last night. Thanks to everyone for putting it on.
RT @neilgreathouse: “There are some people who do worthless things. But God doesn’t create any worthless people!” @rick_bezet @nlcconway
RT @HarryBates20: You learn honor from someone who shows honor. @rick_bezet @newlifechurchtv @NLCGLR #RedInk
RT @ChrisNagusKMOV: Wal Mart on West Florrissant has barricaded its doors with carts. Closed at 7. Worries about #ferguson curfew.
RT @kevintraps: That's not a purge. Just a street filled with hicks. STFU Twitter
RT @ryanvaughan: Downtown Memphis has lost electricity. That would be fun... NOT
If you think Ferguson, Missouri had chaos you should listen to Louisville, Kentucky police scanner right now. They are having a "purge" #fb
RT @Jenny31511: The only thing that scares me more than what's going on in Louisville are the people joking about it
RT @spinellis_pizza: SPINELLIS "The official pizza of the purge" after your night of anarchy stop by all 6 of our louisville locations...
If you are pronounced dead when your heart stops beating, why are you not considered alive when your heart starts beating?
Breaking News: a freight train hauling a bunch of liquid dumb-dumb has derailed near Ferguson, Missouri and it spilled all over everybody
RT @heatherparady: Whenever you see a successful person you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them. @VaibhavShah
RT @mrjawright: @cottonr while I am thinking of it: weekend before school. construction of a traffic circle at Favre & Donaghey. i blame you. :)
It was like the government was testing a "stupid bomb" on #ferguson and it hit everybody
And why are they just now releasing details about the robbery? #fb
Allegedly Mike Brown knocked a store owner in the head and stole some cigars. Had the store owner shot him it would have been different. #fb
RT @HustleChi2: Gonna be interesting to see what this strong arm robbery video looks like...they need to put that out IMMEDIATELY. #Ferguson
RT @RyanFamuliner: Again, #Ferguson's Darren Wilson is NOT the same Darren Wilson that's prez of Ethical Society of Police. That one works for STL City PD.
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